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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Pool Party!

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Pool Party!

Justin Bieber goes shirtless while soaking up the sun poolside with bikini-clad girlfriend Selena Gomez in Los Cabos, Mexico on Wednesday (December 7).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Selena Gomez

The happy couple posed as they playfully took pictures of each other with a digital camera and their iPhones.

Selena is currently working on a new fragrance. Be sure to check out her photo shoot for the perfume!

15+ pictures inside of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez‘s pool party…

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selena gomez justin bieber pool party 01
selena gomez justin bieber pool party 02
selena gomez justin bieber pool party 03
selena gomez justin bieber pool party 04
selena gomez justin bieber pool party 05
selena gomez justin bieber pool party 06
selena gomez justin bieber pool party 07
selena gomez justin bieber pool party 08
selena gomez justin bieber pool party 09
selena gomez justin bieber pool party 10
selena gomez justin bieber pool party 11
selena gomez justin bieber pool party 12
selena gomez justin bieber pool party 13
selena gomez justin bieber pool party 14
selena gomez justin bieber pool party 15

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  • Abby

    I loooooveee them both!!!!

  • jade

    OH MY EYES!! This looks like kiddie porn!

  • http://j lohan#1

    Selena hot

  • Jasmine

    Selena sure does love the attention. She’s posing for the paps.

  • J

    Damn Biebs got to tap that last night! Lucky SOB!

  • A

    Nice push up Selena.

  • oh lawd

    I think I threw up a little


    He’s so gross and I hate myself for saying this… but he’s got surprisingly nice big feet.

  • Gossipgirl

    @jade: Seriously! It looks like two children playing grown up romance. Don’t they go to school or whatever, or are chaperoned!? Very creepy.

  • Wine

    Wow! Two very beautiful young people. what a gorgeous couple.

  • Geezer

    She’s 18…I doubt when you were 18 you were chaperoned. Don’t tell me you’ve lost touch with your younger self and forgot that 18 is a full a s s grown adult. If you have kids, I feel sorry for them. You’re gonna baby them so much. Cut the umbilical cord!

  • Luiza

    She has a hot body and Bieber looks a lesbian girl. I wonder what the hell is Selena doing with this guy… shes too hot for him.

    And yeah I am sure that they know paparazzis was there.



  • Geezer


    She’s 18…I doubt when you were 18 you were chaperoned. Don’t tell me you’ve lost touch with your younger self and forgot that 18 is a full a s s grown adult. If you have kids, I feel sorry for them. You’re gonna baby them so much. Cut the umbilical cord!

  • http://@miss_nora Nora xo

    Oh no she didn’t O.o!!

  • aly

    i don’t understand how their parents let them travel the world together. hes 17 years old and goes on vacations alone with his girlfriend? they just grow up way too fast and don’t get time to actually mature and grow up

  • lapiungfm

    boober is gay

  • dina


    its all for publicity

  • Ka simply

    Yah party

  • Tiffany

    EWWWW SELENA GOMEZ have STRETCH MARKS on her left hip EWWWWWW so gross and BIEBER looks like a lesbo LOL

  • TRP

    Looks like a 13 year old and his Hot 18 year old Babysitter. LOL, this is so awkward. I wonder if Selena can go to jail for molestation, because this is against the law!

  • urbigfatass

    Canadians don’t last long in the Mexican sun lol yawn

  • WAlterBisho[

    Selena poses for the paps – that’s clear otherwise she would not bend over justin to take something from the table next to him – she could’ve asked him to pass whatever she wanted on to her but she didn’t

  • Funny face

    17 year olds can’t go on vacation by themselves but can command a sold out audience, perform on live television that’s broadcast to millions all around the world, make 34 million last year. Yeah, these aren’t normal teenagers nor will they ever be one. The audience need to know that. They need to stop comparing Beiber to normal 17 year olds because Beiber will never be a normal 17 year old. He will never be a normal person because normal people aren’t celebrities.

  • l0nely-girl

    Child P0orn! My eyes, it burns!

  • Debbie

    hahaha he’s drinking a pacifico mexican beer!

  • debbie

    hahaha he’s drinking a Pacifico mexican beer

  • sammyy

    @Jasmine: not so much posing for the paps as posing for her boyfriend. a little disturbing, but they’re young and i did that shit when i was 17.

  • Creed

    LMFAO!! That swimsuit Selena is wearing is from Victorias Secret
    . It is the BOMBSHELL PUSH UP which is suppossed to make your boobs 2CUPS bigger!!! hahahhahahah

  • Lucas

    you’re an IDIOT, a homophobic idiot.

  • 1234

    Selena annoys me

  • Sean

    Yummy!!! I’d break her in half

  • jp

    @aly: Selena’s parents tagged along, sily girl.

  • lc

    I couldn’t care less about them or their music but I don’t think this is gross.. they’re just 2 teens in love having a good time.. theres’s no need to hate on that

  • marq

    Why does she love him?

    Apparently a whole lot of us love him. And her.

  • NotFoolingMe

    gosh! remember when she used to date the J.Bro when they where relevant? now shes dating Justin Bieber cuz her career cant stand on its own!

  • James

    Selena Gomez is looking super fine. I’m so jealous of Justin Bieber.

  • Esther

    @Gossipgirl: That silly, I’m turning 20 but I look 17, it doesn’t matter how young you look, you have the right to act your age or older if you want too. and plus they are on holiday give them a break. And they are not being chaperoned they have bodyguards because they got some crazy stupid as fans.

  • Enna

    Ewwwww! Not a pleasant sight! These kids want too much attention. The girl is obviously doing it for a show.. Especially trying to squeeze up her chest & that conscious effort of the perfect bend (posingly) on top of the boy. Such a shame to act that way for a young girl. Like she wants to be treated like a bimbo

  • Keilee

    Oh grow up!every woman i know has stretch marks on her hips. Its called puberty. when, or even if, it ever happens to you youll get them too.and on your breasts. ooooh the horror. please, grow up you imbecile

  • Sharon

    I, too, have wondered about these two travelling around the world together. While they may have bodyguards, and are certainly just acting like typical teenagers, I hope there are parents around somewhere. No matter how much money they can each command, they’re still too young to be without parents to watch over them. Teenagers are not particularly known for their good judgement.

  • Karih

    Selena is 19 years old, not 18 and she is still acting like a child. And Bieber looks like a 13 years old … girl.

  • mel

    @Karih: a child that wears a push up bra. I see your point.

  • camillus

    Bieber girl is a joke, I think even thou they have money, they don’t have talent, who cares if he can sell out a auditorium, he can’t sing and he looks like a girl, maybe she is the dominant one using a strap on him, he’d enjoy it. Both are pre-package hacks that would not be relevant if they didn’t have people shoving their images down are throat.. God I wish they’d go away…..DOUCHE’S

  • yajaira

    people here are sooooooooooooooo dramatic, what’s wrong with this pics? u have u’re minds so freaking sick, i have seen 13 years girls doing a lot worse things than this, so pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee GET A LIFE AND STOP BEING SO JEALOUS

  • karac

    @yajaira: Jealous of what exactly? Not dating Justin Bieber LOLLLL. When Bieber is out of the spotlight, Selena Gomez will date the next trendy guy, that’s what she always does… fact!

  • John

    That’s why so many young singers eventually screwed out their own life once they reach in certain age. They growing up with non-parental control spotlight environment, less time on books and educate, only enjoy the fame and attention.Im just saying.

  • A

    it’s not their age that is the problem. Selena is like 19 but she looks to be 13!! and he looks to be 10!

  • http://nicole Jeny

    Happy Couple????? God, guys!!!!They’re just kids…..they’re two little teenagers. What kind of relationship can they have??? Both of them suck…just looks very funny

  • janiece

    ummm correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t most “normal” 18 year olds go off to college WITHOUT parental supervision? How is this any different? Selena is 19! People should lighten up and stop being so judgmental. I see nothing wrong with this. Justin isn’t a normal teenage so “normal standards” don’t apply to him. Where was all this negativity when Vanessa H. and Zac were photographed at the beach all over each other? They were teenagers at the time.