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Jared Padalecki & Genevieve Cortese: Kiss Kiss!

Jared Padalecki & Genevieve Cortese: Kiss Kiss!

Jared Padalecki and his wife, Genevieve, share a sweet kiss on Thursday (December 8) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The happy couple shared a smooch while waiting at a crosswalk – and although they both looked a little embarrassed when they noticed photographers nearby, they laughed it off and kept going!

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Jared and Genevieve are expecting their first child together next year – a baby boy!

10+ pictures inside of Jared Padalecki and Genevieve sharing a sweet moment while out in Vancouver…

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jared padalecki genevieve kiss 01
jared padalecki genevieve kiss 02
jared padalecki genevieve kiss 03
jared padalecki genevieve kiss 04
jared padalecki genevieve kiss 05
jared padalecki genevieve kiss 06
jared padalecki genevieve kiss 07
jared padalecki genevieve kiss 08
jared padalecki genevieve kiss 09
jared padalecki genevieve kiss 10
jared padalecki genevieve kiss 11
jared padalecki genevieve kiss 12
jared padalecki genevieve kiss 13
jared padalecki genevieve kiss 14

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  • Rini

    What a lucky woman!

  • Regina

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is the perfect Hollywood couple. Ugh, so perfect.

  • Melissa

    Wow, fake much?

  • Beta

    She is so ugly for him. He deserves a better woman.

  • UC

    subtle the aren’t

  • SAM

    Genevieve is a beautiful Italian Flemish woman and I hope she gives her baby a beautiful Italian Flemish name.

  • ren

    who are they?

  • Paige

    They are absolutely adorable! <3

  • ashley

    They really are adorable. For as lucky as she is to have him, he’s equally as lucky, as she’s both beautiful and kind.

  • VeryTransparent

    Wow I remember when Jared used to say how he wan’t Hollywood, and hated being pap’d sadly those days seems to be gone, he’s just your typical sell out now. If y’all start to question the ratings drop and not winning the People’s Choice Award this would be one of the reasons, some of us do pay attention and realized what a bill of goods they sold to us. Sad man I really used to HAVE a lot of respect for Jared and Jensen, between their coattail riding friends, Jareds lame tweeting, their disgusting bodyguard and their stage 5 clinging wive’s that respect is gone! Jared in particular really needs to take a look at getting new representation if he want’s to continue having a acting career after Supernatural, cuz Spilo is a CLUELESS MORON who is going to advise right out of a future career!!!!

  • Dina

    Grade F PR stunt. I can never expect much from you, can I, Jared?

  • Cute couple!!!!

    Just “noticed” the paps! Oh really?

    What celeb gives such a great spread of PDA photos to a pap sitting on their doorstep, unless they were expecting him to be there and it was a deliberate set up?

    So they are either Kardasian-level desperate for fame, or his show is about to be cancelled and he needs more work.

  • Kimberly

    Jared and Genevieve are the sweetest, most down to earth and funny people. They are a beautiful couple and I know that they are going to be great parents to what is sure to be a cutie of baby.
    Not alot of pictures of Jared or genevieve are seen other then supernatural set pics unless jared post pic on twitter or if fans take pics and post them. But pap pics are NOT common.
    Jared and Genevieve are IMO two of the greatest and most lovable person.
    PS if you are not following Jared on twitter then follow him b/c his tweets are so fun and entertaining, follow him @jarpad.
    Awesome Couple love ya Jared and Genevieve

  • San Brown

    Fake, fake, fake. Interesting how the same pap is the only one to get pictures of the couple and he is good buddies with their supposed bodyguard. Sorry, but no way is that a real couple. Come on Jared, you’re a much better actor than this crap role you’re trying to sell.

  • Sara

    OMG!!! They’re FREAKING PICTURES PEOPLE!!! How pathetic do you have to be to show such venom over someone having their picture taken?? Get over it and remove the stick out of your ass.

  • -.-

    love her uggs.

  • kevin

    @Sara: Yeah you think stage this is ship@Regina: They are Hollywood to the bone

  • Jedaqia

    What the hell with some people? No true fan would be so venomous to Jared & his wife. & don’t tell me you’re a fan. You’re not. Kindly leave the SPN fandom. & stop leaving the same kind of comment using different username. That is just stupid.

  • Sarah

    There are some people who need to grow up and stop behaving like spiteful children you only make yourselves look stupid.
    Jared and Genevieve are a lovely couple who are walking down a street nothing they have to justify or excuse . And they are about as unhollywood has you can find.
    Good luck to them and their impending baby boy .

  • Lucy

    Lovely pictures lovely couple who are worth 1000 times more than some of the fools that have commented on here .These two are about has unhollywood as you can get and they can walk down a street without justifying it .
    Good Luck to them I adore Jared and has pleased has anything to see him happy.

  • Evelyn

    Adorable couple! I’m so jealous of her, Jared is gorgeous!

  • esp

    Jared is so handsome, sexy, adorable and sweet, he deserves all the best! I’m happy for him and his wife.

  • Ash

    kissing or fAking your ‘wife’ on the street doesn’t make you straight.That’s not hating,that’s the truth.

  • bsdetector

    OMG THEY ARE SO IN LOVE!!! OMG THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!! OMG THEY ARE SO PERFECT TOGETHER!!! OMG I AM SO JEALOUS!!! ← there are the most mindless retarded comments you can write here. please pick one for you, the so called “true fans”. they suit you well.

  • trina

    What an adorable couple.

  • Luysa

    I just love this guys and God bless

  • Luysa

    I love this guys,God bless

  • lol

    fck hollywood

  • Julio

    I love how they never block the shoot

  • greenstuff2

    The following has been tweeted by @OLTV a few min. ago on twitter – now it’s gone… hmmm… just a joke gone wrong? …or what was that, anyone else noticed? O.o *is confused*
    “You got that right. Punkd pays Cliff for the tips. It looks like punkd was waiting on Jared’s doorstep. He knows where they live, (I do …”

  • http://soniasoniama soniama

    jared gen and baby family happy.
    beautiul couple!
    simple cute much cute
    baby will be beautiful

  • alice

    cute :D

  • hollymolly

    jesus f christ, that’s one ugly beard.

  • denise

    that chick is sooo damn ugly he coulda done much much better and at least having a boy it has a chance of looking good like him

  • rachel

    @its fake but I don’t blame jared it’s his attention whore uggmo wife she’s so desperate to be noticed she probably called the photographer herself before they left

  • hulala

    @rachel: Gee, that’s a stretch

  • vr


  • CabbitNinja

    People need to stop being so petty. It honestly makes me feel bad for the actors/actresses that have to put up with this high school crap. Get a life, even if he was single he would never be with any of you.

  • naughtynaughty

    @CabbitNinja: yes he won’t be really with us but some of us still want to be his beard, just like GC.

  • Rebekah Nielsen Kielty

    Genevieve, you are so beautiful!! You look so happy with your new little man. When my son was born I remember thinking….. “Wow … He’s perfect!” I think I said to my husband like….”we did this!”
    He is gorgeous! As if anyone would think you two would create anything less!!!

  • http://erinhaflewis ez

    He derserves so much better.