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Blake Lively: Apple Store Grand Central Opening!

Blake Lively: Apple Store Grand Central Opening!

Blake Lively attends the grand opening of the Apple Store Grand Central on Friday (December 9) in New York City.

The 24-year-old actress checked out some gadgets, along with celebs including Brooke Shields, Michael J. Fox, Jane Krakowski, and late night funnyman Jimmy Fallon.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Blake Lively

Earlier in the week, Blake was spotted leaving beau Ryan Reynolds‘ apartment in Boston after enjoying a romantic weekend in Connecticut.

10+ pictures inside of Blake Lively and more at the Apple Store Grand Central opening…

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blake lively apple grand central 02
blake lively apple grand central 03
blake lively apple grand central 04
blake lively apple grand central 05
blake lively apple grand central 06
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blake lively apple grand central 08
blake lively apple grand central 09
blake lively apple grand central 10

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  • http://j lohan#1

    Lame…. Apple bribing c-list celebs to show up at their store

  • kelly n

    nice to see she’s back to shamelessly showing up for random sh*t. I feel like all of these “sightings” are her main source of income…
    (can’t be the actual acting, lol)

  • Creed

    Holy Moly that woman is ugly, talentless too
    Look at the second pic,

  • rich


  • towanda

    she ‘ll buy another iphone to take pictures of herself. lol

  • G.

    Blake is so ugly.

  • G.

    Blake is so ugly.


    she reminds me of that ugly horse sarah jessica parker

  • mwannir
  • Hmmm…

    Wow, what an ugly face! That creepy smile makes it even worse! YUCK! Drag queen!

  • Nano

    She used to be kinda cute… What happened?

  • Nano

    She used to be kinda cute. What happened?

  • elena

    she has a good body but I’ve never found her cute, even with her nose operation, new teeth and heavy makeup, still looks avarage

  • Chace

    The same 3 haters with pseudonyms arise from their basements to cuss at Blake yet again.
    Wishing you three a rotten Xmas

  • Philly

    She looks like Gisele!
    She actually resembles Gis’ sister Rafaella

  • @Chace

    It’s funny
    You would have thot that Leo fan that tails Blake, y’know #11, would have other things to do on a Friday night now shes not with her hero but there u go!!!!!!

  • jo

    have you seen Blake Lively kissing Ryan Reynolds???
    here the pics!

  • @15 @17

    Leave them be
    Hmmm and others are actually part of the Refaeli flock/followers
    Just ignore em and have a great weekend
    Michael J Fox might be C-List according to some of you but he’s done more with his life than u ever would from ur computers

  • liz

    Aw Jimmy Fallon is adorable

  • @17

    And what exactly does `thot` mean? LOL! Apparently you also don`t have anything better to do on a Friday night so look who`s talking? LOL! Leo fans or not this ugly and talentless `actress` is not liked or respected. Deal with it on a Friday night or a Wednesday morning!
    @Chase: 3 haters? Really? Whatever helps you get through these posts… LOL!

  • Hmmm…

    Look, it`s the ( only ) 2 Lively fans posting here.
    Basement? Right! And I thought we are living in the 21st century when people can go online and post whenever and wherever they are… But of course if you don`t like someone you must live in a basement…

  • Chace

    Thot is street slang for thought
    Or was that a slam at #17
    This – according to you – ‘ugly’ and ‘talentless’ actress is clearly liked by some Elle mag, Peoples choice awards, British BAFTA necomwers. etc
    Her three stalkers/haters on JJ dont represent the feelings of US of A
    Hell they don’t represnt New York district
    But whatever ‘thot’ gets you through the day

    #19 I should follow your advice actually

  • @23

    Oh, so we are supposed to be impressed by all those `prestigious` titles? LOL! Her movies bomb at the box office all the time and she is just ugly and overrated. But her ( apparently ) one and only fan clearly works her case. How cute! LOL! `stalkers` and `haters`. Don`t you have anything new or original?
    And to use your own logic her one and only fan here on JJ doesn`t represent the feelings of the US of A… Go to other websites and see posts and comments about her. Let me guess! That`s also the `three haters only`. LOL!

  • @24

    Whose this ‘we ‘ you keep talking about you mean you?
    And all her movies bomb yep shes ONLY been in the Green Lantern everything else has been a flop. Sarc/Off
    Not even going to list the critcally acclaimed ones shes done only to say – TwatT
    Well if these websites u follow are representatives of ALL our feelings then Vanessa Hudgens should be the biggest star in the world

    I dont speak for the others here
    But you’re right its not 3 but obviously the 1 hater but who clearly follows Blake’s career devotedly

    Anyway I’m out and you’re off!

  • Jackie

    Blake is beautiful

  • livvyloo

    She always looks like she needs a shower. Just something short of pulled together and grimy.

  • @25

    `critically acclaimed`? LOL! She didn`t even bother to go to the premiere of her latest flop… If she is such a great and `critically acclaimed` actress why doesn`t she get major roles? She is a GG `actress` nothing more. She couldn`t act to save her life.
    Her career is based on PR, her fake boobs and still ugly nose. `Leaked` photos, leaked appearances with her boyfriends…etc. What a `talent` indeed! LOL! Is that the career I apparently follow devotedly? LOL!
    It`s clearly only one fan who keeps posting here. Impressive given the fact what a `critically acclaimed` talent we have here… Maybe a surgically enhanced one but not one with acting talent, class or charisma. OVERRATED!

  • @25

    `critically acclaimed`? LOL! By who? Plastic surgeons? Clearly that`s her `talent` not acting. Her movies bomb at the box office unless she has only a supporting role. Always a supporting role from such a `critically acclaimed` actress! That`s how far a horse face, fake boobs and no talent takes you.
    One hater and clearly only one fan posting here. How come if she is such a popular and critically acclaimed actress? Where is her fanbase? LOL!

  • noelle

    shes not very pretty in real life but man they make her look soo good on GG, dont they? :)

  • Wading

    You’re right Jimmy Fallons great real funny

    I think @Chace chose those awards cos they are voted for by the public, whom are 2 haters claim ALL hate her

    @Philly yeah the joke on Twitter was that she kinda looks like Gisele and Leo’s love child

  • shadows

    See if Flakey all showing up all covered up; she’s absolutely looking like a *piain-jane-spoiled-vaniila*. So thats why for most of the time if not all the time; she tends to show up on the red carpet *half-naked*,

  • @Philly

    Except Gisele is a NATURAL beauty.
    Plus, she has that Brazilian “je ne sais quoi”

    I sort of think that Blake is a stoner. When I see her in candids sometimes she has this weird droopy mouth, lazy eye thing going on that my big bro gets whenever he smokes a joint….

  • moresy

    Yah Im not used seeing her showing off her fake b00bies… coz if she’ll rely on her face & talent; there’s definitely nothing much in there news worthy.

  • @28

    Obviously as you claim to know all her movements and career startegies
    Shes clearly important to a loser like tu claiming to speak for everyone
    And what movie was released that flopped?
    Only Penn has had a movie out this year
    I dont think shes had any relases till 2012. I maybe wrong
    You need to up yer game stalker!

    Interesting you say that now, when Gisele first came out all the talk was of her alleged nose/boob jobs in Brazilian papers. Shes still a great success though and kudos to her

  • True?

    Off topic but – Is it true Penn’s movie – Margin Call – is gonna be nominated at the Globes?

    Oh and LOL at the one Blake hater posting repeatedly to insist everyone hates her. Kinda like the Miranda Kerr obsessive

  • Valo

    Blake Lively is merely a product of nepotism (her brother got her an agent, her parents are directors and acting coaches), and incessant pushing by a publicist.

    The truth is, if her publicist hadn’t pushed her on us, then I may have been a fan.
    But with the overexposure, trashy style, and using her relationship with Gosling, RyRey and DiCaprio to get ahead, I really do not respect Blake.

  • @35

    No, I don`t follow her and I don`t know her `career moves` and she is not `important` to me. I`m entitled to have an opinion and post it here. It`s not a fan site so all kinds of opinions are allowed. I`m not a fan of many celebrities but I know about their lives and careers. Big deal! Does that make me a loser? Really? According to who? `a loser like tu`? I bet `tu` is also some sort of slang, right?
    But I give you credit for fighting for one of the most overrated celebs in Hollywood. It`s cute and also pathetic but keep going… But get used to the idea that negative comments are always going to be around. You can call those `haters` or `losers` it`s not going to change the fact that she can`t act to save her life and she has an ugly face. She is overrated and a PR princess.

  • Rona

    She’s chasing every event out in town to get papped around and stay in the publics eye at watever cost.. unless ofcourse she insures she can get papped (supposedly sneaking) out of R.Reynold’s apartment, hey did I mention (sneaking out with a GIANT PILLOW – last) ‘rite sneaking!!LOL LOL!! She took Ryan ALREADY to meet the family for THANKSGIVING! (did i mention at her own sister’s B&B?!) LOL.. Went beyond creative with his birthday present (enormous balloon arrangement on that poor lil cute puppy!) (did i mention posing for the paps with a big wide grin?!) all these trips back and forth on the train for a nite over at Ryan’s…? how DESPERATE can this woman be?! Now seriously Reynolds needs to step up or get off his high horse and do her something in return, c’mon at least for the publics eyes!! oh sorry, forgot he’s (doin’ her) in return! LOL… No one can blame the guy looking at those (uhumm leaked photos) + the almost NOT there outfits.. anyone wud…. No woman that is that desperate with both a man or publicity wud last in a relationship for more than a few months or land a career or a role thats worth mentioning.. this girl needs a WAKE UP CALL.. someone poke her 4 me.

  • Tamara

    She looks like CRAP especially fully covered up!! look at picture number 2!! ewwwwww! please call the SMILE POLICE!! she should be fined everytime she decides to smile with that strange looking mouth..She should also be made illegal to walk around with clothes unless she’s half or Fully naked, only cuz thats all she’s got.. her assests.. Honestly, anytime on a bad day, just look at urself in a mirror and remember Blake Lively’s face, the comparsion alone can give u such a confidence boost that will last u forever.. the girl looks like a LOBSTOR! and its TRUE she’s not missing an event, from shoes, to clothes, to gadgets.. LMAO!! oh please take a picture, my bf is not around to flaunt me! sincerely Blake Ugly.. xx

  • Maya

    judging by those photos she’s very unflaterring.. one wonders why she hasnt yet done anything about her weird lips when she’s done all the work on everything else.
    @Tamara: SMILE POLICE? LOL…
    sincerely, Blake Ugly!!!! LOOOOOOL…. ur hilarious!
    is she really seeing Ryan Reynolds? jeez what does he see in her?! she must be goooooooooooooooooooooooood……………………..!

  • jamie

    She looks fine, but her jacket is hideous.

  • Bella

    A new i phone or perhaps I pad for better quality nude photos, all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

  • Jade

    I’ve never understood how people can “not like someone” without even knowing them.