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Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Big Fans of Lana Del Rey!

Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Big Fans of Lana Del Rey!

Kate Bosworth and her pup visit a local veterinarian’s office on Friday (December 9) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 28-year-old actress brought along her beau, director Michael Polish, for moral support for her and her pooch.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

The night before, Kate and Michael hit up the Mulberry Spring/Summer 2012 Dinner, where the two were spotted hugging and laughing together. At the bash, guests were entertained by singer Lana Del Rey.

“We’re big fans, we’ve been following her for a while,” Kate said about Lana. “Check out her video for “Video Games.” It’s amazing,” Michael added.

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  • Jeannie

    They are also big fans of famewh00ring.

  • Kelly

    I’m getting Rachel Bilson vibes from these pics…

  • Kelly

    I’m getting Rachel Bilson vibes from her…

  • WOW !

    The whole paragraph reads like a commercial. Kate you are such a loser!

  • WOW!

    the whole paragraph reads like a commercial. Kate, you are such a loser!

  • ladybug

    Poor dog.
    My fuzzballs have a vet visit tomorrow, can I too get a totally useless JJ post?

  • Actually…

    Only on Just Jared can you find shuch breaking news!

  • This chick

    So we know Alex is in LA and so does she. So she is still playing the game I am going to make him jealous so from now on we will see her everyday doing jack sh*t while walking next to hobbit where peeking through her glasses to see if Alex is anywhere around. This chick her sh*t so weak and the dude is fugly and the dog is trying to make a break for it. Someone save the dog please. MP loves the attention so let him stay and rot.

  • new trailer

    Guess who has a new trailer out today. Guess who is still trying to steal someone’s esle thunder.

  • BlueCrushed

    She’s back to her regularly scheduled famewhoring with the willing life partner in tow.

  • BlueCrushed

    She’s back to her regularly scheduled famewhoring with the willing life partner in tow.

    Molish is sooo Swedish with his scarf.

  • ladybug

    @This chick @new trailer: I’m sure the timing of her sudden upswing in pap shots (after a break of nearly 3 weeks) is just a coincidence. Totally.
    I used to think that MP was a bit perplexed by this pap attention to KB, but now think he’s along for the ride.

  • Macy

    I’ve always been convinced he’s been along for the ride. He probably thinks he’ll start to get bigger budgets for his movies or something stupid.

    I feel sorry for her dog. That poor thing looks depressed. Her sweater is stupid with those knobs on it. I see those sweaters all the time….on small children. Haha!

  • Macy

    OMG JJ blocked out kn obs. *rolls eyes*

  • Jamie

    I see her free mulberry bag is fully on display. Only for the freebies, hey Bosworth?

  • Jamie

    @new trailer:
    Pretty much. It’s like when she had her little b*obies on display in Mexico the same day the Melancholia trailer came out. Same as the National Enquirer piece came out on his b’day or whatever it was, maybe the Melancholia screening. Either way it’s all timed to coincide with this stuff.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: JJ also blocks out flipping the bird (or did this summer).
    Her casual outfits leave something to be desired, it’s as if she’s dressing like the college freshman she never was.
    As for MP, perhaps he’s into for more exposure, or perhaps he likes the swag bags they get when they go to the parties.

  • ladybug

    The blocked out phrase is f.l.i.p.p.i.n.g the b.i.r.d.
    I think JJ’s naughty word/phrase filter needs to be fine tuned.
    I’m surprised there’s no mention of TackyMint.

  • Shannon

    “OMG We’re SOOOOOOOO cool because we’ve known about Lana longer than any of you peons!”


    This chick seriously makes me question everything I like. She just taints everything.

  • BlueCrushed


    “She just taints everything.”

    She really does. She ICKS everything up. Btw, if she’s such a big fan of Lana why is this the first time she’s mentioning it?

  • ladybug

    @Shannon: So, despite the endorsement of Bolish this is a singer I should listen to?
    @BlueCrushed: “Btw, if she’s such a big fan of Lana why is this the first time she’s mentioning it?” Hater! :)

  • Macy

    According to her wiki page, she had that admission revoked. Haha! Moron. Better actors than her have gone to universities, and STILL made their movies. Polish probably does like the swag. I mean, who wouldn’t like expensive things for free? I’m sure that’s why she goes to all this stuff, so she can get it and brag that she has it. I can’t imagine she would get him higher profile studio stuff, but he may not be thinking with the right head.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: I’d read that she didn’t go because she wanted to focus on her film career, and then admission was revoked because she kept deferring enrollment. But, as you said, many other actors have been able to combine their careers and college. As well as other students who have other things going on outside class (athletes, etc.). And even if she didn’t go immediately because she was actually working, it’s not like she seemed to be doing much the last few years. Could have taken classes at any of the multitude of higher learning institutions in the LA area. Could have taken art classes, psych classes, etc.
    As for the swag, of course they’re not going to turn it down.
    I love how HW gives free things to people who don’t actually need them.

  • Macy

    Yes, the only people who can actually afford that stuff don’t have to pay for it.
    What year was she granted acceptance, do we know? I can’t remember if it said. Was she especially busy over the next few years? How long does someone have to defer that before it gets revoked? I mean, she isn’t filming 12 months out of the year. She could have even taken classes part time in between projects. A class here or there would have even kept her enrollment status open. Like I said, moron. Who gives up something that prestegious?

  • Shannon

    @ladybug: I like her, but her songs can tend to be a tad* melodramatic. Worth a listen, though.

  • Nouvelle icône

    I like Kate. These days is strange to see women in celeb sites fully clothed and with little make-up. Maybe she’s not the best actress ever, but she is classy and a natural beauty.
    Is my opinion. (She still has that doggy! :-) )

  • fox mulder

    didnt know it was so popular out there. Hollywood men SMH.

  • tweet

    @Kelly: What does Rachel Bilson have to do with her? Bilson’s actually cute and tolerable, so I don’t care how much she is posted here. Bosworth is ugly and annoying.

  • taryn

    Kate is great. Love her!

  • Meatball

    LOL! Someone on the other thread said that we would soon see paparazzi pics of Kate going to the vet! Well, they were indeed right :)

  • Meatball

    LOL! Someone on the other thread said that we would soon see paparazzi pics of Kate going to the vet! Well, they were indeed right :)

  • Meatball

    Oh and btw, what fck is she wearing??? It looks like she has two extra nipples sticking out on her sweater ( Fugly as hell.

  • Gigi

    Half the time she looks homeless.

  • ladybug

    @ladybug: Per Wikipedia, she says she was accepted in late 2000, so perhaps for the 2000-01 academic year. So it was back when she was starting to get roles. But yes, she could have gone for a semester and if role came up she could have worked out something, she’d hardly be the first person they’d do that for.
    Perhaps actually attending a class on a real campus would give her fashion ideas!
    So, we can check off the vet visit. Perhaps a salon visit this weekend? Or a lunch with ‘friends’? Or another party with free swag?

  • Jack

    Wow, you guys are still obsessed with her. You’re the sad ones, why are you still following her every move? Why do you seem to care so much about her even when you claim you don’t? Just leave the fameho alone and she’ll disappear maybe. You’re the ones who give these posts so many hits so JJ will keep posting her.

  • mforman

    Seriously, where do start with this post.

    I must pat myself on the back, because I knew the vet visit was going to be first, next is the hair and nail salon and then surprise, surprise, who knows what we will get next.

    I do not really get any Rachel B. feeling in these photos, but I love how the creature is looking all over the parking lot to see were the paps are and then when she finds one, she starts posing.

    MP and his scarve and outfit that he has been wearing for two days, is disgusting and second since when did he and the creature become such huge fans of Lana Del Rey, this is probably the only time they will mention her name.

    MP is having the time of his life, he pretty much was unknown before Big Sur and now he can say he is attached at the hip with his life partner, watch soon, her, him and that Kat Coirio will annonce something new. He loves the famewhoring just as much as her. How can you not want just even a little privacy; but these two just want to be written about and photographed.

    She only got into Princeton because of daddy, she defferred too many times and that was the end of that. Just like the nonesense of her family being American Rolalty, seriously what a joke. She just loves hersef.;

    Since she has nothing going on at all and knows AS is back in LA filming, lucky us we will be forced to see her stalking him and showing up at things that she doesn’t beong going to; hoping that their names willl be associated. My goodness she really is disgusting.

  • http://justjared Mjforlife

    How did she loose her fashion sense?

  • mforman

    Once again, JJ puts the famewhore up top, where the threads that get over 100 posts go, with her having ony 36 posts.

    Has JJ been receiving some kind of bounces, or what.

    JJ stop already it looks ridiculous!!!!!!!

    I am surprised your brother isn’t telling you to back off.

  • facts

    Rachel Bilson is being mentioned becoz of the blatant & rottening mediawh0ring style & tactics thats all there is.

  • tweet

    @facts: I don’t quite see the connection. I can see why Jared would like to post about Rachel, she’s pretty, adorable, and most people like her. She also actually has style where as I don’t see how anybody finds Bosworth to be a fashion icon. Everything she wears makes up look 5 times as ugly. That sweater is already hideous, but if she would have maybe put on a pair of jeans that fit her and some nicer shoes it would look better. And I can’t even start with her hair, BARF.

  • Bella

    Kate is a darling of the fashion world. Also, she’s been getting great reviews for AHD and it’s far from the first time critics have appreciated her performance. The vet is probably in the middle of HW where people (parking attendants, etc.) are paid to call in sightings to paparazzi. People at JJ are ignorant if they believe the celebs make the calls. Maybe the Kardashians and some other reality people. I’m a bit worried about Lila. Kate’s had to take her to the vet several times and Lila has left with a bandage around her front leg. Hope she’s well.
    @mforman: What did “daddy” have to do with getting her into Princeton? He didn’t go there and doesn’t have any connection to it. You just flat out refuse to give her any credit she well deserves. Maybe she got into Princeton because she was a great student who managed to juggle studies and work at a young age. That’s something to admire. Not that many young people are so disciplined.

  • Nina damone

    Maybe Kate should have stuck to university most students would fight for a place at Princeton she might have had a more productive and rewarding career , with what ever she was going to study. instead of continuing with her rubbish acting on screen and only being known for who she dates

  • Curious Cat

    Does anyone know where I can find a pic of Kate’s parents?

  • Are you kidding?


    Another Happy Day is a flop. It only made $10,429 at the box office.
    I doubt that even covered the makeup they needed to make Kate look presentable. Her movie career is over. The minute Alex dumped her, her Hollywood train ended. She’s hanging on this two bit director for all it’s worth because that movie (Big Sur) is her last chance and probably his too. She’s a has been that never really was. She just doesn’t comprehend it yet.

  • Actually…

    @Bella: I think that it’s more implying that Kate’s dad had connections and money that at the very least *helped* get her in. Even having any blood relatives that went to ANY of the Ivy League schools will greatly help you get in. Money, sports, and/or connections will help you get into any university, but in general the Ivy League schools are most famous for fudging grades and test scores in the application process. That’s mostly from my, my family (some members who have gone to Ivy League schools), my classmates’, and my friends’ experiences. I know it is very true in sports (the area I’m most familiar with), but from what I’ve heard it’s just as bad if you have money or connections.

  • Actually…

    @Bella: The dog is *probably* fine. My cat has a kidney problem and needs to have her blood drawn every time she goes to the vet too. She’s had the problem for over five years now and is still going strong. You would never know something was wrong with her after we changed her diet, but they still like to check her levels to make sure nothing has changed. Because the dog looks healthy (other then the fact it had a test done), I would assume it’s something simple like getting its thyroid or other hormone levels checked. Either way, I do hope it is well.

  • Lisa Larson Says…

    Kate is nothing more than a “professional beard”.

  • kiki

    Emma Rodriguez @Roxyfull 16 mins Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    My sis just saw Kate Bosworth and said “She looks super skinny and non celebrity!” Hahaha!

  • Bella

    I don’t know why anyone would assume her dad has connections to Princeton or any Ivy League school considering he went to the University of GA. Some just want to believe Kate got in through connections rather than earning her way in but it’s not true. I know athletes get passes sometimes but not anybody else. Kate’s parents are comfortable but not rich. Anyhow, I don’t think it’s possible to buy admission to Princeton.
    @Actually: I hope you’re right about the dog. I love animals and it would be upsetting if something was seriously wrong with Lila. My cat was diabetic. I hope the kidney problem your cat had has cleared up.

  • future297

    She’s the sister of Paltrow.
    They’re two average women and overrated celebrities.

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