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Cassie: 'King of Hearts' Sneak Peek!

Cassie: 'King of Hearts' Sneak Peek!

Check out the trailer for Cassie‘s upcoming “King of Hearts” video!

“I shot it with Chris Sims and he has done a lot of rock videos in the past so I wanted to try something different, something just different from me,” the 25-year-old singer shared on BET’s 106 & Park. “We shot it in [the] Palisades on your way to Malibu, beautiful mansion. It was great, a lot of fun.”

Mentor Diddy shared that Cassie‘s “swag is impeccable. To me, she’s definitely one of the baddest in the game.”

“Trust me,” he added. “On this album, she’s gonna show y’all what she got just like she did on the last album.”

Cassie – ‘King of Hearts’ Sneak Peek
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  • cjohn


  • DarkEmpress

    Wow! Well that’s a whole new level of raunchiness displayed by a female artist. She put her implants to work right away.

  • Not so Bliss

    Uh TACKY.

  • Weber from Brazil

    I used to love her back in Me & U era
    but now all I see is such a Rihanna wannabe… she seems lost and this tacky outfit reminds me a lot of Rated R photoshoots
    anyway… I hope she’ll be more original and get back to basics


    Daddy bought her a new pair of tits.

    I mean Diddy

  • Anabell

    Is she Diddy’s new personal toy? Like JLow? Excuse me but lol

  • A

    Sick of female “singers” (“artists”) with little to no clothes on. What would shock me now is someone with actual clothes on! And who is not ghetto, trashy or vulgar and who don’t need to sell a sexual image.



    SANTA!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  • marq

    I might venture to say she appears a great deal more noble than your falsi majestatis

  • marq

    cf. the women in “Shaka Zulu”.

  • hey777

    everyone immediately thinks to become popular they need to wear a stupid looking outfit that covers less then half their body. cover up! that is not cute or sexy. that is the world we live in now, and the example given to lil girls. a shame.

  • gglover128

    Diddy is going to mess up her career just like he messed up B5′s career

  • Frankie

    Sorry Diddy, but it’s not your girl’s “swag” that’s keeping anyone interested in this common piece of ghetto trash, Pop singers (though I use the title ‘singer’ very loosely), out-skanking each other in music videos is the equivalent of playing strip poker. These women seem to lose a layer with every video. Clearly it’s not about the music. With advances in digital music technology they don’t even have to sing these days. What’s the difference between one of these pop tarts and an actual stripper? Same as asking what is Cassie actually wearing in this video: PRACTICALLY NOTHING. Yet society are tuned to respect and admire the former, and look down on the latter. At least there’s a dignity about stripping- most women do this for the income and survival. Pop singers will whore themselves out in this undignified manner and claim it’s “all about the music”, and that they’ve “been wanting to do this their whole lives”. What- wanting to be naked on camera? Yet if a woman walked around like this in real life, she’s labelled a tramp. The double standards are ridiculous.
    If this is “only entertainment”, as some people will argue, then it belongs in the sealed off section of a video store with all the other cheap smut.

  • hahahateit

    this’ not about artism and music anymore. LOL


  • marq

    Cultural warfare. You prudes are brainwashed by the billion-dollar CNN, MSNBC, NBC psyops they ran for years, programming your insipid lack of taste. It is part of the elite’s eugenics. It is part of genocide.

    You obviously embrace your Stockholm syndrome. You are like John Ashcroft covering the breast of the partially nude statues of the Spirit of Justice in the Great Hall Justice. Your lack of taste is anathema to beauty itself and the great history of Art, particularly. As desire equates to life, you are more likened as death.

  • Sarah89

    trying waaayyy too hard to get noticed.. !!

  • Little Red Riding Hood

    im glad nearly all the comments are negative cause this girl has no singing voice and has always sung about sex just to sell her music whether shes with diddy or anyone else her music is still going to fail she is a whore as we all know from her leaking her own slutty photos and blaming it on someone else and having naked photos shot while shes sitting on diddys fully dressed knee , also i know alot of you think she has a pretty face but to me and not out of jealousy her face looks like a bulldog so i really hope she doesn’t get far with this new album i sure as hell wouldn’t waste money on buying it and also shes a worse roll model for children then rihanna is and that says ALOT!

  • marq

    Most particularly, I blame the MPAA, through “movie ratings”, for creating so many long-since-culturally-sterile, dead-souled zombies.

    But why belabor this? What an exercise in futility, preachin’ to zombies.

    Nevertheless, as far as protecting the kids goes, that’s blather. Disney and Trent Lott conspired to rig copyright into perpetuity, giving Disney endless copyright on already public domain material and Disney practically owns a monopoly now on children’s programming, anyway. The copyright bills now before congress will effectively end the Internet as we know it, once the pitiful bought-and-paid-for congress rams them through.

  • Brandon

    Sad little tramp

  • WoWza

    sorry Cassie n Diddy but being practically naked on camera won’t make cassie relevant. How disgusting!

  • A.

    The message that she’s trying to send here is : I can’t sing but i have nice body

  • Whoa

    Wow. There is a reason why her career never took off. Her performance that was on 106 and Park on BET years ago was BEYOND awful. She didn’t even sing and looked completely lost on stage. Now this mess of a video screams desperation. You can tell she even feels uncomfortable in the video. Have some self respect girl, this is beyond trashy. It’s not sexy at all.

  • Please No

    This is her actually trying to sing proves how crap she really is make me lol

  • sean

    Women run the world with their hooters and vagina. Nuff said

  • njomac

    @A: ADELE!!!

  • Jasper

    she’s looks GREAT. how about THAT people

  • fsf

    so much jealousy around.
    cassie is going to SLAY all the chicks in the game right now.