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Kate Bosworth Shops with Michael Polish's Daughter

Kate Bosworth Shops with Michael Polish's Daughter

Kate Bosworth holds the hand of her boyfriend Michael Polish‘s daughter Jasper as the trio go for a stroll during an afternoon of shopping on Saturday (December 10) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old actress later linked arms with Jasper as they headed home after finishing up with their Christmas shopping for the day.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Earlier in the weekend, Kate and Michael brought her pup for a visit with the vet.

FYI: Kate is wearing a Vanessa Bruno dress and booties, carrying a Derek Lam bag, and accessorizing with Jewelmint jewelry.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth shopping with Michael & Jasper Polish

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Credit: David Tonnessen; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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102 Responses to “Kate Bosworth Shops with Michael Polish's Daughter”

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  1. 26
    Kelly Says:

    It is legal in UK with parents consent ( cough Victoria Beckham Cough)

  2. 27
    boynamedsue Says:

    yeah, whatkindofjerk gives his daugter boy’s name? Stupid molish!

  3. 28
    Hawking!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    wow kate!!!!!!!!!!!! you hawked out alexander skarsgard sister Eija and also his brother Bill, you pretend you were so close with the family and alex was madly in love with you ! that went straight down the drain HA HA……………….
    now your hawking out MP daughter Jasper!!!!!!!! going shopping,, pretending the family loves you, i hope they do!!! that poor girl Jasper probably has no idea the cameras are there yet you do !!!!!!!!! glad to see her daddy enjoys the famewhoring as well……………………………………
    how many times have these two C listers been papped in a week??

  4. 29
    Liv. Says:

    Jasper is a cute girl. How awful to have KB as your “step-mom”. I hope for the sake of this poor child that MP and KB do not stay together for long.

  5. 30
    Stina Says:

    I wish Kate and OB would have stayed togehter. They both love the paps. I wonder why Orlando and Miranda amewh*re with their son all the time. They should not allow the paps to take pics of the kid.

  6. 31
    Kate B. Says:

    The new Mrs. Polish and Mr. Polish with his kid. What a happy family.

  7. 32
    Mjforlife Says:

    Poor kid…oh well at least she has a better body than her “stepmother” …

  8. 33
    Liv. Says:

    @Hawking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: C-listers? Molish is D-list at best. LOL

  9. 34
    call me crazy but..... Says:

    Yeah, I called my dog Jasper. He was the scruffiest darn thing, a beardie/shepherd cross and, unfortunately got the ugly from both parents rather than the pretty. But what he lacked in looks he made up for in personality. What I’m saying is it’s a boy’s name or a scruffy dog’s name, is what I’m saying. Not one for a pretty girl with a charming smile.

  10. 35
    OMG... Says:

    ANOTHER Kate Bonesworth post???

  11. 36
    brenda dubois Says:

    i’m usually not one to believe she calls the paps on herself all the time but this? eh. does she get her photo taken with family members of her significant others just to show how serious they are or something? no one really cares.

  12. 37
    lafamepoma Says:

    So Kate, you can be a mother now, maybe you will gain some pounds, oh no! what a horror! Even the girl has got more musculate than kate. There’s something that is creeping me, how she forgot so fast Alex? I mean in a little time she found a man. My mind says that she and Alex never had “something” more than friends.

  13. 38
    Jeannie Says:

    I was waiting for the ‘family’ pics. Jasper is a cute girl. I feel for her having that as a step mom.

  14. 39
    wow Says:

    the fact that JJ can name all the fancy **** she is wearing shows how staged this is! Cmon Jewelmint jewelry? reali? Guys she is as fake as can be.

  15. 40
    mforman Says:

    Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!First let us not say anything bad about Jasper, she was named by her parents and it is better than some of the other ones out there.

    @#19—All we can hope for is that she changes her sheets in between, but I am sorry to say she doesn’t look like the type that does. It is like she doesn’t exist or have a purpose if there isn’t a man for her to cling to. I just cannot figure out a woman like that. He like bo ho chic, must wear that, must look like a happy family out for the day, must wear that, he is an indie director, so must wear designere duds and my hair in a completley unflattering updo. I think you are right, she has no individual personality, absorbs the guys personality and then when they dump her she squeezes him out and absorbs the next.

    Now this teenage girl is going to be thrown into this media joke. KB is sitting on Cloud 9, she never had a child to use, unless you count the times we saw her carrying around or spending time with godchildren; oh that’s right we were just told she was a goldmother, but how do we we really know. Yeah, KB is just the influence I would want around my children.

    JJ is really going crazy with himself, next week, will start the nail salon, hair dresser, lunch and fake business meeting

    It is so funny how she is really establishing herself and him as these “so called life partners,” maybe her and RB thought this was the way to noticed. I mean really look at how she is holding onto Jasper’s hands, they are just walking, not crossing a freeway, and the stans want to know why we write the things we do.

  16. 41
    ladybug Says:

    @Kate B.: Oh, I’m pretty sure the ‘life partners’ aren’t married, not yet. I can’t imagine her not pimping out that wedding should it happen.

  17. 42
    ladybug Says:

    @wow: I think he updated the post to include the clothing and jewelry info, I don’t it was there in the initial post. Kate has to make sure they’re mentioned, she has to earn her JMint salary somehow.
    @BlueCrushed, well no shopping bags that we see, perhaps some minion is carrying them, trailing behind discreetly out of camera range. Or perhaps they’re getting so used to free swag they forget they have to pay for stuff like mere mortals do and so are just window shopping.

  18. 43
    La nouvelle icône fashion Says:

    Good for Kate, Michael seems a serious man that acts acording to his age, not like he’s in his twenties if you know what I mean.
    Some comments here are so ridiculous and stupid… haters:
    If you don’t like her ==> DON’T CLICK, DON’T COMMENT AND GET A LIFE.

  19. 44
    La nouvelle icône fashion Says:

    If you don’t like her ==> DON’T CLICK, DON’T COMMENT AND GET A LIFE.

  20. 45
    La nouvelle icône fashion Says:


  21. 46
    Hawking!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:


    Xmas is soon so this time of year its all about giving receiving and being nice. I felt like being nice and giving molish the c- list status very generous of me lol
    otherwise after Christmas he can go back down a few ranks to unemployed director z- list status lol lol lol including unemployed Kate .

  22. 47
    une belle petite Says:

    Well done! Kate the GREAT is on the front page again where she belongs. Thank you for all your kind effort. You fans give her the importance she deserves. She seems to get the most hits and what’s not to like. She’s stunning as always and so lean and slender, like a fresh air in the country of the most obese people in the world. No wonder she’s that admired and envied ;)

  23. 48
    Sofia Says:

    @Hawking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: What did Kate and Eija do together? Shopping?

  24. 49
    PRPro Says:

    @une belle petite:
    Oh yes. We all envy her and eat fries. Of course any comments not positive or stan-like mean we are jealous of her man and career. Now, lets back it up a minute into the land of reality. Kate doesn’t really have a career and is floundering. Polish is hanging on as tightly as she is to a fame that is rapidly diminishing. All these pap outings? Like no-one sees straight through that? Puh-lease. Many people disliked her before both Orlando and Askars, though stans find that impossible to swallow. There’s just something thoroughly unlikeable and desperate about Kate.

  25. 50
    larsson Says:

    @une belle petite:
    Lean and slender?! ROFLMAO! She’s a friggin skeleton covered with skin!

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