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Kate Bosworth Shops with Michael Polish's Daughter

Kate Bosworth Shops with Michael Polish's Daughter

Kate Bosworth holds the hand of her boyfriend Michael Polish‘s daughter Jasper as the trio go for a stroll during an afternoon of shopping on Saturday (December 10) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old actress later linked arms with Jasper as they headed home after finishing up with their Christmas shopping for the day.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

Earlier in the weekend, Kate and Michael brought her pup for a visit with the vet.

FYI: Kate is wearing a Vanessa Bruno dress and booties, carrying a Derek Lam bag, and accessorizing with Jewelmint jewelry.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth shopping with Michael & Jasper Polish

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kate bosworth shops with michael polish daughter 05
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Credit: David Tonnessen; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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102 Responses to “Kate Bosworth Shops with Michael Polish's Daughter”

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  1. 76
    Try again Says:

    @Ulrica yeah I don’t think so or are you that girl or someone looking for exposure?! He was also link to another girl who lives in Hongry or some crap and that was a bust too nice try though with the Swedish part for me he is still Single maybe she was a one night thing.

  2. 77
    Ulrica Says:

    @Try again:
    LOL, that’s OK, no one has to believe anything. I just wanted to share the little piece of info that I heard.
    And btw, to the people who don’t think that it’s Eija with Kate in those other pics; it’s DEFINITELY her. I’m 100% sure.

  3. 78
    Try again Says:

    @Ulrica that’s okay, Askars since the break up as been linked to a couple of women even famous ones. But he has been really busy filming so maybe he more focus on that right now. I am sure he will start sporting some new lover soon.

  4. 79
    ladybug Says:

    @Ulrica: I’m going to sound like the thread police, but… There’s still an ongoing Alex thread you could have posted that little tidbit of gossip on, this has nothing to do with KB. Now that they’re no longer together there really isn’t a reason to post only about him on her threads.

  5. 80
    La nouvelle icône fashion Says:

    @mforman: lol, Since when shopping with your daughter is famewh0ring her?!
    You are desperate to find (or make up) something wrong with their lifes. You’re a bitter person.

  6. 81
    really ugly new gf Says:

    LOL she is really ugly….she looks like a trans!!!
    and yes…it’s 100% Eija with bonesworth in those other pic (unfortunately!)

  7. 82
    Jamie Says:

    Ya right, like anyone believes that “new gf” info. Way to try and stir up the pot on a Bonesworth thread. Next in line!

  8. 83
    mforman Says:

    @#80–La Nouvelle icone fashion—Are you serious, this was a complete famewhore pap set up, it became not just a regular shopping trip when each store they were at was known and wherever they were the paps just amazingly knew. The best part of this famewhore day was KB cradling Jasper’s hands, what is she two years old, come on.

    Also how interesting that the paps found them in that crowd, isn’t that just amazing, but you are right, I am making it up. Oh by the way, where are their packages, if it was just a cute little family outing, just for them, then they wouldn’t have brought along someone to carry their packages; if they had any packages, I mean, they don’t seem to take any lugguage with them, when they go away, if they are really going away, it is like they have their photo taken at the airport and then leave the airport, so I think the two of them are working on being the biggest famewhores possible.

    I am far from a bitter person, I have never pretended to like her or how she makes women (who have a hard enough time in HW), and have true talent, without this creature doing the things she does.

    Her reputation didn’t happen overnight, and I certainly didn’t create it.

    She will use this girl for as long as she can and what makes it worse is that MP is just as big a famewhore as the creature.

    The saddest part is that I do not have to make up anything about their lifes, they do it all on their own. That is why she is known as a pariah and that is a nice word and the both of them have nothing, I mean nothing lined up, what does that say.

  9. 84
    Hawking!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    Since when has Alex got a new GF ?????i have not seen that plastic women before……………maybe this women and alex have had a brief encounter or a one night stand……….because as far as I am aware…………Alex has been fiming non stop since like the summer………..don’t think Alex would want a committed GF with his beaming career, think trueblood and producing and filming his new movie the vanguard next year………………………..

  10. 85
    ladybug Says:

    It’s been over 24 since JJ posted something on KB, I’m worried.

  11. 86
    La nouvelle icône fashion Says:

    For a model, Eija is so so so ugly, she’s using her dad’s name.

    IKR! eat chips during the waiting time! keep your hate levels!

  12. 87
    BlueCrushed Says:

    @La nouvelle icône fashion:

    Again, your lack of class is once again evident by making uncalled for nasty remarks about Alex’s family. Shows exactly the kind of people that could possibly be fans of KB.

  13. 88
    Rachel() Says:

    @Yuck: It’s bad when you manage to out-skeeze and out-famewhore Leann Rhymes! This girl’s mom should sue for child exploitation.

  14. 89
    capri Says:

    I adore KB and she looks so happy with Michael and his daughter. BTW, how gorgeous was that Tom Ford fashion spread in InSyle?! I hope Alex is happy too. In fact, I don’t wish bad things on anybody. Life’s too short to spend time and energy ragging on people.

  15. 90
    ladybug Says:

    @Rachel(): I’ll try replying again since my earlier comment got delete (I wonder whose feelings I hurt, a LAR stan or someone who though I wasn’t being mean enough to KB?)
    It’s possible that Jasper’s mom didn’t know that they’d be papped, after all this probably not the first time that she’s been out and about with KB and MP, but it’s the first time she’s been papped. If Jasper keeps getting papped we can go on the presumption that all parties involved are ok with it.
    As for comparisons with LAR, well, KB is definitely using Jasper as a photo prop. However, if famewh****** other people’s children was a Nobel Prize awarding field, LAR would be in contention for a Nobel, while KB would still be at the high school science fair level. KB’s got a lot of work to do to reach LAR level.

  16. 91
    Jamie Says:

    No kidding right?! LAR is a nutjob for sure. KB is on her way it seems. After posting that picture of that poor girl wearing her tacky @ss jewelry, now she’s trotting her out in public holding hands. What is this, middle school!?! Who holds hands with some woman when they’re a teenager?! Nobody does unless someone tells them to!!! KB cut her head off in the junkmint photo, but it’s clear she’s got her on full display this time around, and her creeper dad doesn’t seem to mind. Poor kid!

  17. 92
    Rachel() Says:

    @ladybug: This is a more screwed up move than any of Rhymes’ though. LR is technically their stepmom. She has a while before Eddie starts cheating hardcore on her and she’s ripped from the children’s lives. Kate is just some chick Jasper’s dad is nailing. She’s probably already ******** around on Molish. It’s extremely irresponsible to have your daughter spend time with such an unstable attention-*****.

  18. 93
    Denial much Says:

    For those of you who are still in denial about what she is, I was lead to this site by this link.

    tara gothe
    Kate Bosworth Shops with Michael Polish’s Daughter wearing @vanessabruno … -daughter/ via @JustJared

  19. 94
    WOW Says:


    Andrew Karigan
    Hi Kate… I hope that all is going well. We enjoyed our Alitalia flight from Rome to LA with you and Michael back in July. Please send Michael my best regards and tell him to email me. My sister, Nadine Barber, told me that she and her husband ran into you and Michael at a recent event in LA and that you both looked great. Take care and continued sucess, Andrew Karigan
    Like · Comment · December 12 at 6:08pm ·

  20. 95
    WOW Says:

    Kate Bosworth
    Hi everyone! I’ve been away in Italy, but now I’m back and ready to do a shoot tomorrow with Cher Coulter. Can’t wait to reunite!
    Like · · Share · July 20 at 3:47pm ·

  21. 96
    ladybug Says:

    @WOW: So, MP was with her in Italy during filming of the Coiro movie? But why hide him until the great reveal at CM at the end of July?

  22. 97
    BS Says:

    @Wow I bet it is planned. People saw her around a couple of times and eating alone in LA afterwards if she was hot and heavy with the hobbit why not have him around. I say it’s planned why did this guy put it on FB this guy knows people that knows her and him if he wants to reconnect why do it on there. I call it BS she trying to show that she was already with him sorry not buying it and there were also pictures of her in Italy the hobbit was no where in sight. Don’t drink the kool aid.

  23. 98
    WOW Says:



  24. 99
    ladybug Says:

    @BS: That’s been asked before, why hide MB? But KB can go out and about without being papped, if she choses to (she’s not been papped in a week and I’m pretty sure she’s probably left her house in that time). And they had to have been together for at least a little bit before the great reveal, they were already wearing the ‘life partner’ rings when they were at CM. Unless this entire relationship is performance art.

  25. 100
    Jamie Says:

    This just confirms more of what lots of people already believe, that she was with MP long before July. She was filming at the beginning of July, so there was no 4th of July breakup, because she was already in Italy by then. She’s been with MP since probably about April or May.

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