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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: 'Ripple Effect' Benefit!

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: 'Ripple Effect' Benefit!

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev step out in style for “The Ripple Effect” at the Sunset Luxe Hotel on Saturday (December 10) in Los Angeles.

The event benefited The Water Project, which provides clean drinking water and sanitation solutions to African villages in need.

Ian also celebrated his 33rd birthday late last week! “Happy Birthday to my favorite Vampire @iansomerhalder . It’s 1111, and your birthday, Make A Wish,” Nina wrote on her Twitter account. Aww!

Also pictured inside and attending: Emmy Rossum and Krysten Ritter (in Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti).

FYI: Nina is wearing Monique Lhuillier paired with Brian Atwood shoes. She and Krysten also rocked Neil Lane jewelry. Emmy also wore Brian Atwood shoes and a Naven dress!

20+ pictures inside of Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev at “The Ripple Effect”…

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ian somerhalder nina dobrev ripple 01
ian somerhalder nina dobrev ripple 02
ian somerhalder nina dobrev ripple 03
ian somerhalder nina dobrev ripple 04
ian somerhalder nina dobrev ripple 05
ian somerhalder nina dobrev ripple 06
ian somerhalder nina dobrev ripple 07
ian somerhalder nina dobrev ripple 08
ian somerhalder nina dobrev ripple 09
ian somerhalder nina dobrev ripple 10
ian somerhalder nina dobrev ripple 11
ian somerhalder nina dobrev ripple 12
ian somerhalder nina dobrev ripple 13
ian somerhalder nina dobrev ripple 14
ian somerhalder nina dobrev ripple 15
ian somerhalder nina dobrev ripple 16
ian somerhalder nina dobrev ripple 17
ian somerhalder nina dobrev ripple 18
ian somerhalder nina dobrev ripple 19
ian somerhalder nina dobrev ripple 20

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  • Jack

    WTF is wrong with his face?

  • El

    What is with that constant sneer on his face? Maybe the bearding is getting to him!

  • Muffy

    Umm.. there are no other pictures :) But I’ve seen them elsewhere and Emmy looked AMAZING!! Flawless makeup.

  • mata

    ian is good looking

  • lold

    He looks like an idiot with that smirk to be honest.

  • Hollywood

    lan’s face looking weird…

  • Sue

    Hot couple! =)

  • nika

    i dont understand way you critic ian? you are would look better in photo if you smile many times?i dont believe that yes

  • Lilly

    Emmy is perfection!

  • Bart

    More women should look like Emmy. Women don’t understand that looking like hookers isn’t attractive. Men don’t want that!!! Emmy is one of the classiest girls in the industry. You should take a few cues from her.

  • Datherine

    The Ian haters/AKA his secret admirers have come out in full flock .

  • pretty

    i agree with everyone saying he looks odd with that smirk he always pulls, to me he looks creepy i dont get why noone is honest with him and tells him to smile normally way better looking, but as for nina a stunning beauty like always

  • Cher

    Nina’s shoes are wrong for that dress. They totally ruined that beautiful dress.

  • dakdak

    first thing i noticed in this post is Nina’s shoes…

    amazing Monique Lhuillier ensemble but the shoes.. like seriously.. Nina is such a pretty girl but there is always something odd about her style on red carpets and events.. who ever is the stylist on TVD should dress her on everything else.

  • Sarah89

    Ian Somerhalder. <3 Love the dress Nina is wearing but she wore the wrong shoes imo.

  • skarsgard hairline

    they’re cool

  • Tiny

    Staged romances are always so obvious. Notice he’s losing his hair too – yikes.

  • Sam

    emmy’s face is ok, but someone should have told her, her hair is a mess. Bride of Frankenstein comes to mind.

  • Anahi

    Looks like the honeymoon is over, Nina left alone and there is no pic of them together, Good for her she deserves better, Ian looked fine but to much makeup, I didn’t love Nina’s dress, and she looked very tired or sick IDK :(

  • Mandy

    @Anahi: Right, except they’ve always been a very private couple and whenever they pose together on the red carpet, gossip sites start speculating insanely. The only reason they got caught is because someone took a picture of them kissing at the ISF party and posted it online.

    Nina looks sick because she’s still recovering from having her wisdom teeth taken out, and I’m sorry, how could she possibly do better than someone who is the ultimate humanitarian, a man who is practically the male version of herself, and someone who she has undeniable chemistry with?

  • molly

    Awwww, look that girls! Nina, Emmy, Ariel… Such lovely women. And also Ian, he is pretty hot. And he is soooo inspiring, loving that amazing man.

  • Patricia

    I don´t buy they are doing this just to keep privacy, just an excuse.

    Ian should have left with her and he didn´t.

    Their relationship was always a combination of, sexual chemistry, great friendship and enjoy each others company, and let´s face it, not bad for the show or their careers, both are nominated for the PCA.

    They never comfirmed their relationship, because never was a serious one, but they let people think that they are a couple,

    Sadly I do think that the honeymoon is over too.

    But the truth will always come out somehow, and we wiil know it sooner than later.

  • Patricia


    They didn´t pose together and you have articles talking about them anyway, this article just an example.

    And just looking the pictures you see Ian sitting with Julie, Kevin and other people and no Nina, so they were not sitting together either after all???

    In the last ISF foundation yes we saw the kiss pic but we saw them posing together, but well there were a lot of fans there and they did what people expected, and why not in this event? what is wrong with just posing together as a normal couple?? because they are not. Pretty sure that they ended whatever they had recently.

    Just wait their pubilicits to do their job and let us know that they are not together. Next year.

  • molly

    @Patricia: I can’t understand why people still don’t wanna understand that they’re couple, real one. What should they do? They should be hand in hand everywhere? They should make out in front of cameras? Well, I really don’t agree you. They support each other, what’s wrong with that? Their way is sooo perfect for me.
    And also I think that photo which they’re kissing changed something. They didn’t like that. They’re trying stay away from each other. Just for measure.

  • Patricia


    One question, what´s wrong with being natural? I don´t need them to be hand in hand everywhere, in fact I respect those who keep their relationship private, and don´t talk about it, but those couples don´t hide at the same time, because they are mature and responsible.

    I see, oh don´t be close to me because people will talk and after the kiss let´s stay apart, yes right, if that´s true I don´t see future regarding their relationship.

    What they are doing is playing games, if they don´t want people to talk about them as a couple, well say we are not a couple period.

    But let´s wait until someone comes along and want to date another people, then they will rush and say something about it.

    I am pretty sure that Ian or Nina in the future they won´t hide when they have a real relationship.

    Sad to say those words because I reallly liked them but as time goes by I have a very different perspective.

  • molly

    @Patricia: Yeah that’s your perspective, that’s right. I just don’t agree you and I think I won’t. I think they’re just so natural. I love their way, I love the way they’re being together. They’re my favourite couple in celebrities. And that’s my opinion.

  • Patricia


    And I respect your opinion too.

    Just I don´t see them as I did before, disappointed maybe it´s not the right word but kinda, but it´s dangerous to “ship” celebrities couples because we just know what they want us to know. We just see pictures and we have enough but I want to see the whole picture, and for me something is off, odd whatever you wanna call it.

    Let´s be honest we do know nothing about them.

  • Not impressed

    Here is me thinking this was Kat Graham event yet there no mention of her. SMH

  • xxyyzz

    Patricia, I feel the same way like you do ;) I wish them both well but I’m not blind to their faults and sometimes childish and immature behavior.

    Like the poster from previous page wrote, honeymoon phase is over and reality is starting to set in. I like Ian but he is way too flirty for a man in a relationship. I know some fans believe Ian and Nina are in serious and committed relationship but that’s not how Ian has been behaving for the last year or so. He is immature and no woman with proper self respect would accept to play these games, celeb or not.

  • Anahi

    @Patricia, @xxyyzz Agree with you , It is a shame because, I used to love them as a couple,but I think this game, they are playing It’s getting old, Like we are ,we are not together , they’re just playing with the fans, I don’t get why a photo together will be soo bad, and I do think Nina could do better, she could have a person who really respect her. I respect everyone who thinks different from me, I’m just sayin what I think :)

  • Patricia


    Exactly it´s getting old, two mature people in a mature relationship don´t behave like that. And there are celebrities couples who hardly know about them but don´t hide. They go to events together and if you wanna say I don´t wanna talk about my relatinship is fine, but you don´t hide.

    I do think that neither Ian nor Nina are ready for a serious relationship (let´s not forget that Nina is young too) and furthermore you are in this business which is harder and it´s almost impossible to find a relationship that last, you have to be mature and really love someone and give a s*** what people say. And that´s not Ian and NIna´s case.

    Probably many journalists know this, but well they know publicists and is all about favours, but sooner or later we will know it, because at the end Nina and Ian have to live their lifes, the “problem” is us, because we want the best for them and wish that what they have is real and hopefully strong to last a little bit, but right now I even doubt that they have a relationship, and even I am pretty sure that they didn´t spend the weekend together.

    And when we know for sure, probably it will be very painful for many (including me) but I prefer to know the truth (and I will never ship a real celebrity couple that´s for sure)

  • xxyyzz

    @Patricia Good post and ITA!

    So I’m not the only the one who thinks that things between Ian and Nina haven’t been good for some time now? It seems to me they may have started to fight about little things and most likely even bigger ones now. I have no clue why I get this hunch, probably a combo of all things I hear and read about these two.

    Nina is a cute girl but she’s not a confident and mature woman yet. She and Ian can talk about her being sexy, confident and all that jazz but she’s still a girl. Wearing sex gown, lots of makeup, bling and high heels will give Nina an appearance of a young woman but inside she is 19 y/o girl cause she behaves like one.

    Good luck to both Nina and Ian cause they’re gonna need it for sure!

  • Kgg

    I love that everyone on this thread thinks they are such an expert when it comes to Ian and Nina as a couple. They are beautiful, kind, world changing people who support each other’s causes like Nina did at this event. She purposely stayed in the background and let Ian and Bonnie shine as it was their event. Nina did not have to be there, but she was. To me, that speaks of a deep respect and regard and yes, even love.

    So what if they choose to not put their relationship on display for all you people to rip apart. It is THEIR relationship, not anyone else’s, so they can do what THEY want to do. It’s not our place to judge.

  • xxyyzz

    LOL what’s your problem? Posts have been rather polite and respectful compared to ONTD. I don’t worship celebs so I’m not blind to their faults.

    Nina had to come because this was more or less TVD related event. Not in name but media outlets came over to make soundbites which will be used in January after hiatus. That’s how these things works. Sponsors and media won’t be there out of goodness of their hearts. So I don’t see coming to this party as a big sign of respect and love.

    NIna behaved like all other celebrity guests – had her pic taken at the red carpet, talked to media, had her pic taken in the inside. Actually if Ian and Nina had their picture taken, I bet you that more outlets would have been bought pics from this event. That way more people would have been exposed to Water Project.

    Nina and Ian are celebs and of course they’re going to be criticized, judged or ripped apart by folks. Not every single fan wears rose colored glasses like some stans in Nian fandom. And while this game has been very subtle, it’s still a PR game. Not famewhory or selling out but keeping this appearance of suspense is doing more for them than coming out and saying – We’re a couple.

    Besides if Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz can talk about their secret wedding and now marriage, Ian and Nina sure as hell can do the same in same manner.

  • Kgg


    You said your piece, and I have every right to my opinion. I’m not the one being harsh here. It is just your opinion that you’re spouting and doesn’t make it the gospel. You are being judgmental in everything you say. Every Hollywood relationship is different.

    Nina did not have to be there, btw and it was NOT a TVD event so she could have stayed in Atlanta if she wanted to and no one would have said anything.

    As far as their relationship, they do not need to villify or publicize anything as it is their relationship as I stated earlier. Yet you compare them to Daniel Craig and Rachel Weiscz who didn’t talk about their dating relationship before they got married. So what does that have to do with Nina and Ian.

    And no, I’m not one of those crazy fans that think they are perfect. Just trying to understand where you are coming from. How much do you actually know about them? Are you just talking in general? Or, you think you know more than you actually do? ONTD is one of the worst sites on the internet…..when I want to know the truth, that is the last place I would go to.

  • truth

    Some of you’s crack me up, there relationship
    was fake from the start. Ian cheated on Meg with Nina
    that’s why it was all hush hush.. does not take much to figure
    that out… I will say they did date but it over and they are just friends know, of course they will show up to events to suport there co-stars bc that what friends do.. If you go back to the video when Nina was on red carpet for Emmy’s when the girl from E news ask her about her and Ian relationship she said she could not talk about it or say much about it. HMMM if your in love with someone why not tell the world?? The whole thing was stage and FAKE… Both of them have over a million followers on Twitter and for what?? To keep every one thiken they re this in love couple?? It sad how much they play there fans, if they new the truth I wonder how many people would still follow them.

    Not haten just sayen..

  • xxyyzz

    LOL chill out girl! Nina and Ian don’t give a damn that your panties are in a twist because of our comments. This is a gossip blog just like ONTD, Celebitchy, Lainey, Perez Hilton, DListed etc. Only this one is celeb friendly because JJ works with publicists. All of this has been approved beforehand. I mentioned ONTD because posts over there are rude all the time and this thread has been quite OK.

    FYI I think that 2 people can be committed to each other without a piece of paper. Aren’t Daniel and Rachel a perfect example? Each a star on their own, both private, not in candids all the time. Before the marriage they didn’t talk about the relationship and now both of them have addressed the matter in their latest interviews. That’s what 2 grown-up, mature people do when they are in serious and committed relationship. They know that public and their fans are not stupid and don’t take them for granted. Ian and Nina could do the same – say we’re a couple, have their picture taken and go on with their lives and career. It would benefit both of them in so many ways.

    Why I wouldn’t be allowed to state my opinion like everyone else? Because it’s not part of the gospel that Nian stans keep spreading everywhere? You don’t know them either and yet you post like Ian and NIna are your BFFs or family members. *eyeroll* Well I’ll rather speak my mind and be perceived as harsh than ignore common sense and instincts. In the end, we’ll see who was right after all. ;)

  • Patricia

    It´s obvious that JJ works with publicits, they say please say this and all will benefit from it, for a period of time, then publicits will spread rumours that they broke up, but they won´t do it in a abvious way, it will start not posing together and knowing less and less from them, until one day, Nina or Ian will start dating another people and of course they will say we never comfirmed the relationship, we are good friends. Now they want or need fans (People Choice Awards hello!!), like I said many times, for now Ian and Nina are a package, you have to see Twitter they both have similar number of fans.

    I wouldn´t go to any site to know about them, because all is fake, you have the haters and the ones who love them, and who knows who is writing, I just have an opinion from what I see, which is not much by the way.

    But I learned a lesson, never ship a celebrity couple LOL because the reality is not a fairy tale. What Nina and Ian are doing is not the excepction, it happens all the time in this business when a couple has fans.

  • nika

    i dont agree nina and ian are good people and i dont believe that their relationship is for publicist and business they love each and other open your eyes and you can see love between them sorry but i cant agree with this opinion

  • Not impressed

    Her name is Kat Graham

  • Melissa

    @not impressed that’s when you know fans can’t tell the difference from fact or fiction when they refer to a REAL person by their character name SMH @Kgg

  • Avry

    chill out. they aren’t broken up. lol..this thread is laughable..