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Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck: Toy Shopping on Sunday

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck: Toy Shopping on Sunday

Jennifer Garner and her husband, Ben Affleck, hold hands as they go out together on Sunday (December 11) in Brentwood, Calif.

The actors, both 39, are expecting their third child together soon! Ben and Jen are already the proud parents of Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 2.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Garner

While out and about, Ben and Jen stopped at Starbucks for a warm drink and did a little shopping at a local toy store.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing an Isabella Oliver Maternity coat. Ben is wearing an Inhabit sweater.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck out and about in Brentwood…

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jennifer garner ben affleck toy store 01
jennifer garner ben affleck toy store 02
jennifer garner ben affleck toy store 03
jennifer garner ben affleck toy store 04
jennifer garner ben affleck toy store 05
jennifer garner ben affleck toy store 06
jennifer garner ben affleck toy store 07
jennifer garner ben affleck toy store 08
jennifer garner ben affleck toy store 09
jennifer garner ben affleck toy store 10
jennifer garner ben affleck toy store 11
jennifer garner ben affleck toy store 12
jennifer garner ben affleck toy store 13
jennifer garner ben affleck toy store 14
jennifer garner ben affleck toy store 15
jennifer garner ben affleck toy store 16
jennifer garner ben affleck toy store 17
jennifer garner ben affleck toy store 18
jennifer garner ben affleck toy store 19
jennifer garner ben affleck toy store 20
jennifer garner ben affleck toy store 21
jennifer garner ben affleck toy store 22

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  • Real Thing

    Hollywood’s most beautiful successful family next to Brad and Angie. I love Jennifer Garner she is the perfect mother and wife for Ben. Notice how happy he is and how his career as a writer, director soared once he married Garner. Ben is now happy at home and it reflects in his work, these two are compatible in every way that counts. Garner completes Ben.

  • James Goldman

    The world’s most beautiful upgrade for sure.

  • mar

    Two great looking A-Listers.

  • erica

    They look so good together I can’t imagine him with anyone else but back then he drank heavily so that explains that silly phase .He came to his senses soon enough.

  • Yar

    @Real Thing: They are both pretty good actors as well and neither one of them has to go begging to television or commercials for work since they are always employed in Hollywood. They are a fabulous pair.

  • ha ha

    Compared to this wonderful lady, can’t believe he was with jho! o well prob great s e x

  • red Suxx

    Poor desperate aging JLO must weep buckets when she sees photos like this she must realize that she never had a chance for marriage with Ben.

  • mar

    good lord, what an ugly family. ben’s wig is so 1970s and jennifer garner just looks like a typical middle-american white trash. a big yawn. jared, more brangelina and enough of these snoozes.

  • aisl

    @red Suxx:

    LMAO, why would Jennifer Lopez be envious of that pasty irrelevant loser Ben Affleck with his gross hair and his fat hillbilly wife Garner? Let’s see, she’s nearly 2X as rich as him:

    Jennifer Lopez net worth = $110 millon
    Ben Affleck net worth = $65 million

    Affleck and Garner are so boring. All they do is walk around crappy Brentwood with their sloppy clothes, meanwhile Jennifer Lopez actually works, lives a glamorous lifestyle and is a jet setter. When is the last time that white trash jennifer garner has left Brentwood let alone traveled the globe like Jennifer Lopez does? Who outside of the gossip world even knows that nobody Jennifer Garner? J LO is famous, that fat homely looking Garner isn’t.

    Jennifer lives a better life. Is rich, has her young boyfriend and actually works. She doesn’t care about this boring loser couple.

  • mimi

    So Ben finally sold out to his wife’s famewh*ring ways. Why else would Jennifer Garner be caught by the paps in the most unlikely places if she is not calling them.

  • Marc Jacobs

    Doesn’t this sloppy looking ho ever get tired of calling the paps? I’m sick of looking at them, YUCK!!

  • Jealous idiots fail

    @aisl: JLO is a pathetic, old butt hanging slag who has to pay boys young enough to be her ugly son to sleep with her. She has been box office poison since Ben dumped her and could only work on Idol to bring herself back from the dead. JLO is and will forever be a loser who can’t keep a man interested in her for more than a few years, even that 90 pound crack head husband of hers had enough. And if the Garners are trash then JLO and her ilk are POOR-HOE-REEK-(garbage)CANS! Long live the beautiful Affleck family.

  • mimi

    And the manipulative hag even got dress for the occasion but still fails in the style department. Ben is only keeping up appearances to have a movie and directing career.

  • mimi

    At least JLo is keeping it real while Garner pretends to be sweet but she’s a bitch in real life. Her bitchiness has been blogged about in the past. And also dumb too. She talks like a 12-yr old.

  • Not so Bliss

    The depressed eyes of a defeated man yearning to be free that doesn’t have the courage to run.

  • lauren

    they look so cute!…. they give me hope…

  • Thelma

    Ben looks rough…..not hating, just saying

  • WhatATool

    WTH!! they are so white trash

  • p124

    i like jenn garner, i’m actually re-watching alias right now, but wow, they look toe-d up. ben used to be super hot when he was dating jlo, and jenn garner, she wouldn’t be in hollywood movies if she didn’t marry him. she is a TV star, not anything more than that. one thing that grosses me out is the fact that he gets her pregnant like not too long after seraphina…like a freaking baby factory. her body was banging on alias…now she’s just bleh….

  • Ariel

    Such a great couple and they also make beautiful babies. Kudos to the most awesome family in Hollyweid.

  • Mona

    It is nice to see him being more affectionate with her.

  • Chloe

    LMAO, Ben looks like a wannabe Rachael Zoe’s husband. Stop it. They do look a bit trailer trash.

  • OMG

    Wow, Ben can’t afford to go get a proper haircut or what? I’m sorry but you’re in the public eye and you need to groom up. I am sick of seeing Jennifer and her boring pictures. I don’t hate them but they’re such eye sores!

  • B

    Seriously if you don’t know by now that Ben’s haircut is for his film you’ve been living under a rock. You know who else is bored of you seeing her boring pictures? Ben and Jen! They’ve talked about in numerous articles the lengths that they went to prevent their pictures being taken but the harder they tried to fight it the more aggressive the paps got so they’ve just tried to make their peace with it. Honestly if you don’t want to see pics of them, stop clicking on the articles! JJ doesn’t care whether you love them or hate them, the people who get the most clicks get the most posts. Why do you think there are so many posts about random “celebs” no one has heard of? Because people will click on it just to figure out who it is and then whine about why space is being given to a no name! Same for controversial celebs like Leann Rimes or Gisele B., doesn’t matter what the post is about people will start fights about the sanctity of marriage, raising other people’s kids, etc. Every time you click to post why you hate someone is another reason for JJ to keep posting!

  • Jack

    Dave buddy, her hair isn’t oily, its wet becuase she just showered. You can actually tell that its water and not oil.

  • julie

    i think they are a lovely couple, brangelina, is my favorite, ben and jen 2nd and matt and his wife, these are real men with families, poor j-lo will always be out there trashing around, that gets old after awhile.

  • Lily

    I agree with 100% They are just typical white trash. They both look so trashy, and boring toguether it hurts my eyes lol..

  • Deborah

    Ben has the wife of his dreams, Jennifer Garner Affleck.

  • james

    Jen Garner is a wonderful wife, Ben is very content and happy.

    Jen Lopez has gone through SO many men, SO many husbands, She is a used up w****. That w**** cannot keep a husband to save her life. She goes from man to man to man to man. Her private parts are SO used up, and trashed.

  • lisa

    I bet the Afflecks are having a beautiful boy this time. They are such a lovely family.

  • lee

    Ben made an outstanding upgrade from the emotionally unstable JLo.
    She is so used up. With her plastic face.

  • Ariel

    Lopez and Affleck are ancient history, they were how many years ago (almost ten right?) Let’s celebrate the real couple (Jen G and Ben Affleck). Anything else is pure fantasy. This couple rocks and rolls.

    Please don’t try to turn this into another Jen, Brad and Angie triangle. Lord knowns we don’t need another one of those. Let’s move on folks, nothing to see here. But I just gotta say it: BEN AND JEN ROCK! !!!!! and I don’t just mean a cradle (get it)?

  • Adrian

    Nice couple. Wish them more kids!

  • annd

    @aisl: u are a sad person. Why to compare their lives? I mean, its so ridiculous… GET A LIFE, ok. jennifer garner its so pretty, nice and deserves nothing but respect. You dont know her or what she does with her husband. And jennifer lopez is also pretty, have kids, a life that u ALSO dont know anything about it.

  • Noisettes

    Look at her, how sloppy she is!! Ok we understand she is a hands on mom, but God’s shake, can’t she just give herself for 15 minutes to get dress before she runs outside. She could again dress simple but with style.. Her hair, her jeans, her shoes, ıııhhhh ugly!! If Ben ever cheats on her, I wouldn’t be sorry for her…

  • jenn

    @Ariel: #36
    Yeah, they ancient history. Ben couldn’t get away from her fast enough.

  • lafamepoma

    He did well changing one Jennifer to this one

  • me

    @Jack: She showers lol…doesn’t look like it…they both look desparate for attention. Angelina Jolie Brad pitt not…Angie actually has talent and so does Pitt. These two are desparate to get on the good side of the public…so they parade their kids on a daily basis to get the image of the good mom and now after he ignored her for years is all lovey dovey….I wonder what’s up with his cheating something is up.

  • e

    JG& BA are actors in on and off screen, they can play well actors in public eyes in they want to…
    I don’t hate them or anything negative about JG, JG want to be famous and stay relevant JG has to “sacrifice” her private life a bit or more…
    since she pregnant rumor or confirmed it is a boy (if it is a third girl, probably they keep it secret until a baby is born same case with Sera) BA seemed over the moon and will not leave JG for another women…
    JG is now in driver seat… BA doesn’t have to hire divorce lawyer for now…

  • ימי הולדת

    Congratulations on their soon to be third child ! its amazing that they are a still together in holliwood its rare .