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LeAnn Rimes: Give Everything in Life All You've Got!

LeAnn Rimes: Give Everything in Life All You've Got!

LeAnn Rimes gives husband Eddie Cibrian‘s son, Jake, a lift while doing some holiday shopping on Sunday (December 11) in Malibu, Calif.

The day before, the 29-year-old singer helped Eddie and his ex-wife, Brandi Glanville, support their older son, Mason, at his soccer game.

“Give everything in life all you’ve got. You are strong, stronger than you know. Take risks in everything you do cause you’ll regret the risks you don’t take, all because of the fear that holds you back. That ‘fear’ is really only an illusion. Love everyone, have empathy and don’t judge. THIS is what I try to live by. Just a thought for the day!” LeAnn tweeted.

FYI: Eddie is wearing a Burton men’s “Truckstop” beanie.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian shopping with the boys…

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65 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes: Give Everything in Life All You've Got!”

  1. 1
    bash Says:

    I have no respect for these people.

  2. 2
    SheNeedsToBeStopped Says:

    Famewhoring with other people’s kids makes me vomit in my mouth. These poor babies think they are just going shopping for the HOLIDAYS and they are not even aware that their stepmom is using them to promote her nonexistent career. This sh_t has to ends. Kids deserve PRIVACY and PROTECTION, a–holes

  3. 3
    SheNeedsToBeStopped Says:

    Also I am so sick of celebrities saying one day we’ll will explain to the kids what happened. Do your kids live in a bubble? No. Don’t you think they go to school with kids who parents read about you or they come in contact with random school officials or whoever who knows that you and daddy cheated? That reason alone is why they needed to protected!

  4. 4
    tpass Says:

    Who makes children color coordinate with what they’re wearing, but a desperate woman?

  5. 5
    kyle Says:

    oh boy, so he took risk in cheating on her husband and stole another girl’s. she’s a damn good risk-taker

  6. 6
    kyle Says:

    oh boy, so she took risk in cheating on her husband and stole another girl’s. she’s a damn good risk-taker

  7. 7
    Bell Says:

    UglyBrandi strikes again with another pap session to show off her “bonus boys” and how much they love her. Cracks me up how Mason wants nothing to do with the homewrecking ****. Jake is still too young and doesn’t realize he is being used for photo ops. Cannot wait for karma to wipe that smug grin off her grinch face.

  8. 8
    kyle Says:

    she’s so eloquent — for a homewrecker — wise words to live by for someone i don’t even know has a conscience

  9. 9
    domo Says:

    Why are LeAnn & Eddie ALWAYS the ones papped with the kids? Brandi rarely is papped with the boys and she has them the same amount of time. OH, gee, maybe its because she doesn’t call the paps or purposely go to places where they hide and wait when she is with her children? That is a real mother. LeAnn & Eddie are disgusting. And, who is that fat chick with Leann with the bad hair in pictures?

  10. 10
    Carol Says:

    The kids are happy, they are happy, that’s all that really matters. You haters really need to get a life. She isn’t a “homewrecker”! That home was obviously wrecked before she came along. Merry Christmas to everyone, even the jealous & haters.

  11. 11
    domo Says:

    Bell, hate to break it to you, but that is ugly Leann using the boy for a photo op.

  12. 12
    Carol Says:

    You don’t know these people so quit with the negativity. You haters stalk the pages to make degrading comments about Eddie and LeAnn Cibrian every chance you get. You must be miserable creatures! LOL

  13. 13
    Bell Says:

    @domo: I know it is Leanne. That is my new nickname for her since she wants to skin Brandi and wear her. She is now UglyBrandi. Brandi glanville is gorgeous and Leanne is an ugly grinch who isn’t good enough to lick Brandi’s feet.

  14. 14
    betty Says:

    .@love the shoes That’s the correct term Eddie sons since Leann has no kids with him.She is one with the problem she wants to be their MOTHER. Little Jake has no problem because he is to young to know what’s going on but Mason does. When you do the right thing you don’t care about the judgement of others and all that BS she spouts is just BS. When your motives are sincere your actions show it and Leann is nothing but a phony. All she does is talk the talk.

  15. 15
    betty Says:

    .@love the shoes That’s the correct term Eddie sons since Leann has no kids with him.She is one with the problem she wants to be their MOTHER. Little Jake has no problem because he is to young to know what’s going on but Mason does. When you do the right thing you don’t care about the judgement of others and all that BS she spouts is just BS. When your motives are sincere your actions show it and Leann is nothing but a phony. All she does is talk the talk.

  16. 16
    Randy Says:

    Lesson for everyone–be very careful who we bring into our lives. Brandy’s boys are very lucky to have her as their mother. It’s a shame their despicable dishonest father brought a psychotic evil Leann Rimes into all their lives. Now he is stuck with her because he can’t bring home his own money. The majority of the public dislike Leann and Eddie-just look at any poll, the failure of their projects, and the negative comments and articles. Their own evil natures brought on the negative backlash.

  17. 17
    pyrochick Says:

    LeeAnn is such a has-been that she has to USE the boys, her STEP-SON’S for a photo op with the paps. Otherwise, everyone will forget her. Boo-hoo! She is an ugly home-wrecker-***** who should hook up with Lindsay Lohan since they are both losers and go to an island and drop off the face of the earth. LeeAnn is a has-been and can’t sing worth anything. She sounds like a dying dog when she sings. Stop using twitter and Brandi’s sons to keep your name out there. For all of the time you are on twitter, it just proves that you have no real life. You spend too much time of twitter trying to talk about yourself. UGLY *****! You look like a donkey! Hee-Haw!

  18. 18
    The Other Carol Says:

    The little boys are precious. However, the oldest looks miserable. I guess he’s old enough to realize what’s going on. But don’t worry sweetie….your dad will dump the “bonus” mom soon enough.

  19. 19
    Alicia Says:

    She may be a train wreck, but I’d take Lindsey Lohan over LeAnn Rimes any day. At least Lindsey doesn’t use innocent children for personal gain.

  20. 20
    betty Says:

    @Carol If Leann thought she did nothing wrong why is she telling people not to judge her.She claims to have learned.a lot. But her life lessons have just begun. All that talk about happiness is just pretense if she was as happy and secure as she claimed she wouldn’t try so hard to convince others. Her life is no bed of roses she has problems like the rest of us. She has to support a husband and his kids continually buy him perks to keep him from straying and has a problem with his ex.She is paying dearly to keep scumbag around.

  21. 21
    Hannah Says:

    I’m pretty sure that after reading all the pro-Brandi comments in the article about yesterday’s soccer game (because we all know that LeAnn and her fan base of 10 are constantly reading any and every article written about her), LeAnn broke away from Twitter long enough to call the paps and have them meet her at the mall. She’s such a sad sack.

  22. 22
    kami Says:

    i feel really sorry for this woman. she tries way too hard to prove she’s pretty, happy, a great wife, and a great step mom. she’s running scared that hubby is going to cheat on her the same way he cheated with her.

  23. 23
    Claire Says:

    I really despise this woman, but I have even less respect for Eddie. They’re his kids and yet he lets his wife pimp them out left, right and centre for her own personal gain. Not surprising though considering how consistently bashed LeAnn is in all forms of media without a peep of support coming from Eddie! What I don’t get is how she thinks it helps her image when we all know exactly how manipulated these photo-ops are.

  24. 24
    Sandra Says:

    She’s always laughing out loud at everything like a little girl. I doubt she enjoys being with those kids.

  25. 25
    Dobbi Says:

    In her case it’a Take everything in life you want.

  26. 26
    Sara Says:

    I think he only married her because he got caught and loved the publicity that followed. I’ll be he misses Brandy since she’s easy
    on the eyes compared to this casino singer. LeAnn needs to realize she needs to go hide under a rock for a while. Some say her hubby looks miserable. He’s the type of man that will never be satisfied and will always live with regrets. No one cares for these two human beings.

  27. 27
    Mari Says:

    What I really don’t get is, that a couple of month ago EC wanted to sue his ex for not putting the boys in her show. So why is he allowed to push the boys in front of every camera with his new wife. And SOME of the shots are CLEARLY staged?

    I mean even if people were getting over them cheating it kinda makes them really look bad to try to throw a bad light on BG, when in fact they are doing the same things in regards to the boys.

  28. 28
    Dobbi Says:

    @speak now leann that’s funny coming from the queen of twitter.

  29. 29
    Love the shoes Says:

    @betty: You have no idea what the term means so don’t try and converse in adult terms until you learn the lingo chile! STEP SONS! Are exactly what they are so live with it.

  30. 30
    Emilee Says:

    Leann is an obviously immature human being and a complete hypocrite and so is her husband. She is judged because of her behavior and her pimping out the children of someone else for her own personal gain and to further her own agenda. The photo ops on this site in particular, are so obviously staged it is tragic. For the person saying Brandi shouldn’t talk about her life on Twitter,, get your head out of you a55. Leann uses Twitter, her “army”, her money and connections and PR machine to slag that poor woman constantly. She passive aggressively derides her every chance she gets and she is not respectful of her role as step-mother at all. She says one thing and then behaves in the completely opposite way. Her “overbearing” nature is so obvious as is her clear incapacity to learn,,because, despite the fact that she has lost so many of her fans and both she and her husband have careers that are careening toward being too far gone to salvage, the crap fest continues.She gets to be a bully and Brandi is supposed to just take it? What kind of a person takes the side of a huge bully who is obviously off her rocker as indicated by her relentless failed attempts to sway public opinion. People have affairs, it happens. It is the aftermath of this one that has caused the backlash against her and Eddie. People aren’t jealous of them. They have NO respect from the public any more and they just keep making it worse. Anyone with eyes can see who the villain, or villains are in this scenario. I don’t care if Brandi has “issues”., Leann’s actually seems to have a pathological desire to take over her life and seems totally disconnected from reality. I don’t know how two people who exhibit such hateful behavior can expect to have anything but “haters”. They are either extremely naive, extremely arrogant, or both, to think that their actions are going to win people’s affections which is clearly what they are attempting to do.

  31. 31
    Jace Says:

    this is a bogus site.

  32. 32
    risa Says:

    Another scoop by J J. Lucky you had a photographer at the mall the same time these two pieces of **** were there. Really JJ you need to stop this $ exchange with LR. The woman is absolutely crazy & you are encouraging/ taking advantage of her. Now what in the world is she wearing & why does she always laugh like a hyenna. She looks like a combo of the grinch & wicked witch of the “south”.LR & EC are two shallow human beings who use children as props. LR needs professional help she is losing het grip on reality. She has made a life for herself based on lies. Just crazy…..EC is a low life scum bag

  33. 33
    Val Says:

    Like attracts like and Leann’s circle is as nasty as she is.

  34. 34
    SouthernGal Says:

    I cannot stand this chic. Enough already with the staged photo ops with Brandi’s kids. No amount of photos will ever makeup for your black heart. You are evil to your soul. Using innocent kids to keep you relevent is classless. LeAnn you are going to lose everything! Hateful B*tch!

  35. 35
    hey777 Says:

    didnt this hoe steal a husband! she is the TRUE definition of a homewrecker!! yuck!… i cant believe i use to like her. and the husband fell for this ***** evil seductions!

  36. 36
    Kara C. Says:

    Poor pathetic fool. She probably doesn’t even have a pre-nup with him. I think that she’s truly, madly in love with him, totally insecure with the relationship (with good reason) and he’s going to take advantage of her open purse for as long as he can. An experienced liar and cheater like him can certainly find ways to do it and despite her conjoined twin impersonations with the ridiculous clinging, she can’t watch him 24/7 forever. Really it’s much better for her if he stays unemployed because she still has to travel to the low rent casino’s, small town rec centers and hot dog eating contests to perform and she can make him come with her since he has nothing better to do. If he got a job, who knows what mischief old dimples could get into? How humiliating to marry someone who everyone knows is only with you because you worship the ground he walks on, pay his bills and for his PR and to know that despite the fact you married him, he called you a “speed bump”. I wonder how she will handle it when he moves on with a nice big chunk of her change and she is left with only the faded memories of photo ops past? Let the stalking ensue again. Oh, and why is she making yet another album. Didn’t the one she just put out tank big time?

  37. 37
    betty Says:

    @lovetheshoes I know exactly what it means “chile”and it does’t mean mother what Leann would like to be.Leann tried to upstage Brandi at the soccer game and got upstaged.All that PDA with Eddie shows how needy she is.That was the only way she could get attention.Desperate much.Those photos showed the reality of the situation not the phony picture Leann tries to present. If Leann did it for Brandi benefit it was in vain she didn’t even acknowledge their presence and little Jake sat with his mother. Leann needs stop competing with the mother because their loyalty will always be with their mother.

  38. 38
    betty Says:

    @lovetheshoes I know exactly what it means “chile”and it does’t mean mother what Leann would like to be.Leann tried to upstage Brandi at the soccer game and got upstaged.All that PDA with Eddie shows how needy she is.That was the only way she could get attention.Desperate much.Those photos showed the reality of the situation not the phony picture Leann tries to present. If Leann did it for Brandi benefit it was in vain she didn’t even acknowledge their presence and little Jake sat with his mother. Leann needs stop competing with the mother because their loyalty will always be with their mother.

  39. 39
    Grace Says:

    I think it’s great that Leann chose to gift the world this Christmas season by wearing a hat that almost covers up her eye slits. Unfortunately we are still being subjected to her forced Joker like smile. Perhaps they could consider this photo op as her audition for that character in the next Batman? Maybe next year she’ll show even more consideration and wear a balaclava. She just tries so hard doesn’t she? These paid for posts must be costing her a bundle .I bet that JJ has a nice big fat check in his stocking this year.

  40. 40
    JL Says:

    Kids love horses, they probably fed horsey a sugar cube and that’s why she’s happy.

  41. 41
    risa Says:

    What an ugly wicked deranged woman and a sack of **** man with no scruples. Everyone should boycott the advertisers on this site since JJ is obviously getting paid to post these pictures. You have posted pictures & flufff pieces of these to nobodies for three straight days. Bit much JJ. Does she show u the $?

  42. 42
    Joanne Says:

    Who on earth are the people who kiss this psycho’s butt on Twitter? Seriously, even if I was a huge fan of a celebrity, I wouldn’t harass others on their behalf. I guess they are who give Leann her validation. A small group of sycophants who reinforce her narcissistic behavior. I have never understood people who back up bullies. I guess they need her appreciation as much as she needs their validation. How twisted.

  43. 43
    Guy Says:

    In other words, “Gve everything in life all you’ve got especially when it comes to adulatory and being a home wrecker”. Sorry, just don’t like this woman cause first she cheats the she tells people she shouldn’t feel ashamed for destroying a marriage. I mean, I really don’t care what most celebrities do but it really makes me angry to think that some of them think that they can do whatever they want because they have money and fame. Give me a break…

  44. 44
    Londongirl Says:

    People need to remember that Leann Rimes did not ‘steal’ Eddie Cibrian but rather picked him up from where Brandi Glanville had dumped him!

  45. 45
    risa Says:

    @Londongirl: perfect. Should include pile of ****.

  46. 46
    jj Says:

    2 words: Who. Cares.

  47. 47
    marie Says:

    The kids look happy! They all look happy. Let them be.

  48. 48
    betty Says:

    @London Girl You are correct Leann picked him up after Brandi dumped him for being a liar and cheating with Leann and another.Probably one of the best moves Brandi made.because she has moved on

  49. 49
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    Kara and Emilie, I totally agree.

    I won’t add or repeat your posts, but everyone, go back and reread their posts.

  50. 50
    Jane Says:

    @marie: We’ll let these scum of the earth alone when they quit posting pictures of themselves and calling JJ X17 and the Huffington Post for stupid, staged photo ops like this. If you put yourself out there, you are fodder for praise from the A$$ kissers and criticism from sane people like myself. She is ASKING for this…not us. She wants to be loved, people to be jealous of her and brag from here to Kingdom Come that she is perfect and she has the ultimate husband. She is like that woman in Fatal Attraction, “I WILL not be ignored”. She will do anything, say anything use anything or anyone to get her name in the headlines. Lordy, they need to put her name in the dictionary as a prime example of “loser”.

  51. 51
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    I agree with LeAnn’s nice little thoughts of the day there.

    I too try to live by these rules.

    What rules of life, little thoughts of the day , I would to share with all of you and LeAnn which I DO live by are:

    Ye’ reap what ye’ sow, so whatever you good or bad, back at ‘cha.
    Do unto others as you want them to do to do because good or bad you do to others, well, it will come back at’cha.
    I don’t married men.
    “If they cheat with you, then they will cheat on you.” by Dr. Phil
    Karma is a bitoch.
    We make choices , good and bad, and we have to live with the results of those choices , good or bad. if it is a bad choice, then see if you can right it. Make ammends for it. It you cannot, then own up to it and own it. Let the wrong choice go.
    It is never too late to make it right and yet still live with the wrong choice because what is done is done.

    These are some of mine. Thanks for letting me share.

  52. 52
    Lily Says:

    Well said, Alice.

  53. 53
    mwannir Says:

  54. 54
    JL Says:

    @Go Ask Alice Don’t forget “you can catch more flies with honey”. Even though Leann prefers manure.

  55. 55
    Kara C. Says:

    The fact that I just posted a quote from James Goldsmith and my post contained no obscene language, not was it attacking anyone and is being moderated is proof of what I have always expected. JJ is being paid by Leann. This site is a joke. Allowing her to control the content of your site is a disgrace.

  56. 56
    Kara C. Says:

    I will post the quote again. “When a man marries his mistress, he creates a job vacancy”.. I guess Leann Rimes is the only one allowed to post quotes. Maybe is I slip JJ a twenty, I can too.

  57. 57
    Jace Says:

    Kara C. I agree. They take out posts that offend poor wewe. $ talks.

  58. 58
    Jane Says:

    Anyone want to place bets on whether or not Wewe is able to have children of her own? She is too d***ed thin and narcissistic that she wouldn’t dare put on one ounce to care for a baby. It will ruin her perfect body that she loves so much. Therefore she uses her bonus boys as instant kids. No fuss, no breast feeding, no late night diaper changes. The boys are grown up enough to semi take care of themselves. That is why she is too bloody happy about being a bonus mom. It’s a “Bonus” for her not to have given birth to these kids and she reaps the benefits of “raising” them almost as if they were her own. Self- centered B****!

  59. 59
    Mela Says:

    Leann Rimes is such a bad person.

    I find the extent of Leann tweets about the children very bizarre. She tweets more than the children’s own biological parents. And how defensive and entitled she gets with her excuses when she is criticized for exploiting the children on twitter and the internet is very creepy and off-puting. She is very possessive over these boys who she has only lived with maybe a couple years, and given the circumstances and bad blood, it is pretty sick.

    Does anyone else find it really strange how Leann has made herself over into a clone of his ex-wife? Leann seems very unstable, something is not right with her. Brandi clearly despises the two but she seems to be feeling more confident and seems to realize that she is better off without Eddie and that Eddie is now Leann’s problem.

    Karma will pay Leann back ten fold and I have a feeling when Eddie dumps Leann in a few years it will absolutely destroy her and bring her to her knees. I bet her life will implode, Leann has all her eggs in one basket with this guy. It’s going to be ugly, mark my words. Maybe then Brandi can give Leann a few tips on behaving with grace when Eddie Cibrian throws you under the bus and stabs you in the back.

  60. 60
    Go Ask Alice Says:

    Thanks Lily, Kara and JL.
    Good little rules you all have too which are nice to live by.

  61. 61
    Jane Says:

    @Mela: I agree. I just wish that damned Karma would pay her back NOW. She’s been like this far too long. She is getting worse ans worse by the week and will stop at nothing to get her way.

  62. 62
    betty Says:

    @Jane Leann is pathetic being childless is also part of her insecurities and she knows Eddie probably doesn’t want anymore.I think she would if she could. Leann is aware that Brandi is #1mom in kids lives and she does photo opting and tweeting about kids to give impression she is equal to Brandi because she still is the outsider. Leann can’t manipulate Mason like Jake.Brandi tweeted Jake is a ham and likes to take pictures that’s
    why hes always smiling. Leann didn’t have a normal childhood and was emancipated as a teenager now she is trying to create something she never had a family. Only thing wrong with that is the kids belong another mother and when Eddie gone so are the kids. It strange Leann does not have a relationship with her step mom but wants acceptance in Brandi kids lives. Her father cheated also that’s why she has serious issues.

  63. 63
    Ellen Says:

    Sad thing about LR’s Titter site is that the only people who post there are either other stepmoms who fel the need to club together or the odd friend / hanger on. No posts there from genuine fans about her music or performances unlike other musicians who are on Twitter. The majority of posters to Brandi’s site are from fans of the RHOBH and this number is growing.

  64. 64
    Jane Says:

    @Ellen: Very true. Leann doesn’t have a huge fan base. If she did, she would be selling out stadiums like Taylor Swift. It is funny however that she insists that she is loved and admired just as much as those stars. I wonder if she even packs the casinos she sings at? At the same rate, she acts as if those casinos have loads and loads of over the top admiring fans. Hmmmm…how stupid does she think we are? Brandi is growing popularity. Granted…she has had issues, but nothing compared to Leann’s.

  65. 65
    Alyssa Says:

    Yep, the oldest son looks like Dad, Eddie and the little tike looks like Mom, Brandi. good looking parents and adorable looking kids. The older son does seem to keep more clear from LeAnn and probably knows the score, if not now, he will soon. Littlest tike is precious and while clearly is comfortable with LeAnn but we saw the pics at the soccer game, he prefers his mommy, as he should. LeAnn needs to enjoy playing stepmom while she can or pop one out of her own because I am thinking this marriage isn’t lasting past the 5 or 6 year mark, way best the time where the kids will understand the real deal and HATE HER.

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