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LeAnn Rimes: Give Everything in Life All You've Got!

LeAnn Rimes: Give Everything in Life All You've Got!

LeAnn Rimes gives husband Eddie Cibrian‘s son, Jake, a lift while doing some holiday shopping on Sunday (December 11) in Malibu, Calif.

The day before, the 29-year-old singer helped Eddie and his ex-wife, Brandi Glanville, support their older son, Mason, at his soccer game.

“Give everything in life all you’ve got. You are strong, stronger than you know. Take risks in everything you do cause you’ll regret the risks you don’t take, all because of the fear that holds you back. That ‘fear’ is really only an illusion. Love everyone, have empathy and don’t judge. THIS is what I try to live by. Just a thought for the day!” LeAnn tweeted.

FYI: Eddie is wearing a Burton men’s “Truckstop” beanie.

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian shopping with the boys…

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  • Go Ask Alice

    I agree with LeAnn’s nice little thoughts of the day there.

    I too try to live by these rules.

    What rules of life, little thoughts of the day , I would to share with all of you and LeAnn which I DO live by are:

    Ye’ reap what ye’ sow, so whatever you good or bad, back at ‘cha.
    Do unto others as you want them to do to do because good or bad you do to others, well, it will come back at’cha.
    I don’t married men.
    “If they cheat with you, then they will cheat on you.” by Dr. Phil
    Karma is a bitoch.
    We make choices , good and bad, and we have to live with the results of those choices , good or bad. if it is a bad choice, then see if you can right it. Make ammends for it. It you cannot, then own up to it and own it. Let the wrong choice go.
    It is never too late to make it right and yet still live with the wrong choice because what is done is done.

    These are some of mine. Thanks for letting me share.

  • Lily

    Well said, Alice.

  • mwannir
  • JL

    @Go Ask Alice Don’t forget “you can catch more flies with honey”. Even though Leann prefers manure.

  • Kara C.

    The fact that I just posted a quote from James Goldsmith and my post contained no obscene language, not was it attacking anyone and is being moderated is proof of what I have always expected. JJ is being paid by Leann. This site is a joke. Allowing her to control the content of your site is a disgrace.

  • Kara C.

    I will post the quote again. “When a man marries his mistress, he creates a job vacancy”.. I guess Leann Rimes is the only one allowed to post quotes. Maybe is I slip JJ a twenty, I can too.

  • Jace

    Kara C. I agree. They take out posts that offend poor wewe. $ talks.

  • Jane

    Anyone want to place bets on whether or not Wewe is able to have children of her own? She is too d***ed thin and narcissistic that she wouldn’t dare put on one ounce to care for a baby. It will ruin her perfect body that she loves so much. Therefore she uses her bonus boys as instant kids. No fuss, no breast feeding, no late night diaper changes. The boys are grown up enough to semi take care of themselves. That is why she is too bloody happy about being a bonus mom. It’s a “Bonus” for her not to have given birth to these kids and she reaps the benefits of “raising” them almost as if they were her own. Self- centered B****!

  • Mela

    Leann Rimes is such a bad person.

    I find the extent of Leann tweets about the children very bizarre. She tweets more than the children’s own biological parents. And how defensive and entitled she gets with her excuses when she is criticized for exploiting the children on twitter and the internet is very creepy and off-puting. She is very possessive over these boys who she has only lived with maybe a couple years, and given the circumstances and bad blood, it is pretty sick.

    Does anyone else find it really strange how Leann has made herself over into a clone of his ex-wife? Leann seems very unstable, something is not right with her. Brandi clearly despises the two but she seems to be feeling more confident and seems to realize that she is better off without Eddie and that Eddie is now Leann’s problem.

    Karma will pay Leann back ten fold and I have a feeling when Eddie dumps Leann in a few years it will absolutely destroy her and bring her to her knees. I bet her life will implode, Leann has all her eggs in one basket with this guy. It’s going to be ugly, mark my words. Maybe then Brandi can give Leann a few tips on behaving with grace when Eddie Cibrian throws you under the bus and stabs you in the back.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Thanks Lily, Kara and JL.
    Good little rules you all have too which are nice to live by.

  • Jane

    @Mela: I agree. I just wish that damned Karma would pay her back NOW. She’s been like this far too long. She is getting worse ans worse by the week and will stop at nothing to get her way.

  • betty

    @Jane Leann is pathetic being childless is also part of her insecurities and she knows Eddie probably doesn’t want anymore.I think she would if she could. Leann is aware that Brandi is #1mom in kids lives and she does photo opting and tweeting about kids to give impression she is equal to Brandi because she still is the outsider. Leann can’t manipulate Mason like Jake.Brandi tweeted Jake is a ham and likes to take pictures that’s
    why hes always smiling. Leann didn’t have a normal childhood and was emancipated as a teenager now she is trying to create something she never had a family. Only thing wrong with that is the kids belong another mother and when Eddie gone so are the kids. It strange Leann does not have a relationship with her step mom but wants acceptance in Brandi kids lives. Her father cheated also that’s why she has serious issues.

  • http://deleted Ellen

    Sad thing about LR’s Titter site is that the only people who post there are either other stepmoms who fel the need to club together or the odd friend / hanger on. No posts there from genuine fans about her music or performances unlike other musicians who are on Twitter. The majority of posters to Brandi’s site are from fans of the RHOBH and this number is growing.

  • Jane

    @Ellen: Very true. Leann doesn’t have a huge fan base. If she did, she would be selling out stadiums like Taylor Swift. It is funny however that she insists that she is loved and admired just as much as those stars. I wonder if she even packs the casinos she sings at? At the same rate, she acts as if those casinos have loads and loads of over the top admiring fans. Hmmmm…how stupid does she think we are? Brandi is growing popularity. Granted…she has had issues, but nothing compared to Leann’s.

  • Alyssa

    Yep, the oldest son looks like Dad, Eddie and the little tike looks like Mom, Brandi. good looking parents and adorable looking kids. The older son does seem to keep more clear from LeAnn and probably knows the score, if not now, he will soon. Littlest tike is precious and while clearly is comfortable with LeAnn but we saw the pics at the soccer game, he prefers his mommy, as he should. LeAnn needs to enjoy playing stepmom while she can or pop one out of her own because I am thinking this marriage isn’t lasting past the 5 or 6 year mark, way best the time where the kids will understand the real deal and HATE HER.