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Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom & Flynn Visit Mapua

Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom & Flynn Visit Mapua

Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, and their cutie pie son Flynn spend time together in New Zealand on Saturday (December 10).

The happy family went shopping for hats in Mapua and went for a walk with Orlando‘s mom, Sonia, in Nelson.

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Earlier in the weekend, Orly went shirtless after taking a morning swim in Mapua. He’s in town to continue work on The Hobbit.

Flynn will celebrate his first birthday next month – can you believe he’s already almost a year old?

FYI: Miranda is wearing the DL1961 Waxed Emma legging.

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127 Responses to “Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom & Flynn Visit Mapua”

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  1. 26
    jo Says:

    they’re too cute together.

  2. 27
    La nouvelle icône fashion Says:

    aww, I’m dying with all this cuteness! Bless them :)

  3. 28
    oy2 Says:

    Miranda definitely doesn’t look happy in that pic.

  4. 29
    Header Says:

    Miranda is looking at Orlando as if she was a little girl. Poor Orlando, now he has to raise two children all by himself.

  5. 30
    deke Says:

    Miranda looks upset. Orlando seems like a good dad.

  6. 31
    dea Says:

    No, she doesn’t look happy.

  7. 32
    Dieter Says:

    Miranda is upset because Orlanda is lazy and blaming her for being not lasy. He needs to get his act together. What are you thinking comparing Miranda to Christy Turlington or so: Miranda is a way better model then their ever was !!!

  8. 33
    @curious delphite Says:

    Not had a hit since LOTR?? Do you not consider the Pirates franchise to be a hit?
    And Miranda has been popular for YEARS.
    The only thing “laughable” here are your hairbrained theories.

  9. 34
    @deiter Says:

    There you go again calling Orlando lazy. Where do you get that ridiculous idea?

  10. 35
    @dea Says:

    It’s summer in NZ. Orlando is walking around wet and without a shirt. That alone tells you how warm it is.
    And now you are insulting his mother? After allowing one of your members to post that she wished that Flynn would get sick?
    Why don’t you go back to your pathetic little hater site so you can insult people all you want. No one there has the brains to question you.

  11. 36
    julie Says:

    Flynn star shines so bright when he’s in the pic his parents are just supporting actors.

  12. 37
    zuzu Says:

    @aww: I think male babies start walking later than females

  13. 38
    huh Says:

    Miranda doesn’t look upset in these pics. Her experssion is more like ‘that hat? You like that hat? Really? oh, OK’.

  14. 39
    dea Says:

    @@dea: I guess the only biased opinion that matters is yours. Brainless.

  15. 40
    Unbelievable Says:

    I view Just Jared simply because I like too, but I must say I have never seen such a division of opinions when it comes to actor Orlando Bloom, and his wife, model Miranda Kerr. If people don’t like them or the pictures, why can’t they post their opinions just as the people who do like them? Such hatred is totally unnecessary, and all of you on both sides of the fence should be ashamed of yourselves.

  16. 41
    zoe Says:

    Miranda looks beautiful but kinda pissed off (well with an annoying hubby i don’t blame her this)!
    Flynn looks absolutely cute!
    Orlando…fugly and useless as always.
    I just wish Miranda ditches him as fast as possible. She’s too perfect for this superstar wannabe.

  17. 42
    um Says:

    I guess Orlando is trying to figure out why Miranda can’t treat(or love) him the way he treats(loves) her. He seems to be a supportive husband to me. Well I’m not saying Miranda is a bad wife either. It happenes all the time Orlando, when you were the one who fell in love first, has a less successful career and probably less popular, you are always the inferior one in marriage. Because apparently she has options, you certainly don’t have any. Miranda is still a nice woman, at least she stays with him even if she’s not that willing to do so.

  18. 43
    @zoe and um Says:

    People should marry each other because they love each other’s company. If they don’t think they’ll make a good team against the world they shouldn’t get married. It shouldn’t be an issue if one of them has a less successful career than the other.

    If Miranda would agree to marry a guy, then “ditch” him or treat him indifferently, because he’s not as popular as her, then she’s not admirable at all. I’m surprised you think so highly of her and still think she would behave like that.

  19. 44
    @44 Says:

    Ha! I always have a feeling that Bloom forced her to marry him. She looks so much happier without him around. Poor girl. Obviously he’s so not a nice person his fans believe to be.

  20. 45
    @dea Says:

    The problem that you are your lot don’t just have opinions. You make up lies to base your opinions on, and stoop so low as to wish harm on a baby. If you think that is just ‘having an opinion’, you are even more pathetic than I thought.

  21. 46
    @unbelievable Says:

    The can post all of the opinions that they want. And it’s our right to comment on those opinions and to point out their lies.

  22. 47
    @zoe and um Says:

    LOL! Miranda is popular for a model. But she is no where near as famous or successful as Orlando. Why you keep trying to post this idiocy is beyond me.

  23. 48
    @45 Says:

    “forced” her to marry him?
    Now how in the world could a man “force” a woman to marry him? So incredibly STUPID.

  24. 49
    Unbelievable Says:

    @@dea: You are a very rude and immature person.

  25. 50
    Call the paps off Says:

    I wonder where the photographer got his initial tip? Hmmmmm. Mrs. Bloom, perhaps?

    Orlando’s been in NZ for over a month and had 2 fan photos during that time. She’s been there one weekend and look what we get. And it’s not because she’s soooooo popular so don’t even try that line.

    PJ better put a clamp on it or Miranda will never stop. Have you noticed how often she has JJ work “the Hobbit” into stories about her? Not a coincidence.

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