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Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom & Flynn Visit Mapua

Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom & Flynn Visit Mapua

Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, and their cutie pie son Flynn spend time together in New Zealand on Saturday (December 10).

The happy family went shopping for hats in Mapua and went for a walk with Orlando‘s mom, Sonia, in Nelson.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

Earlier in the weekend, Orly went shirtless after taking a morning swim in Mapua. He’s in town to continue work on The Hobbit.

Flynn will celebrate his first birthday next month – can you believe he’s already almost a year old?

FYI: Miranda is wearing the DL1961 Waxed Emma legging.

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Credit: Grey Wasp/Blue Wasp; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • @51

    Actually, the photographer mentioned that the tip came from the car rental agency.
    So I guess that next you will claim that Miranda not only pays JJ to host pics of her, but that the rental agency is also on her payroll?
    And you wonder why people call you idiotic?
    So pathetic!

  • Streetcar Named Desire

    Can we get back to what is important here; the family outing. Its nice to see parents who are celebrities looking after their kids and spending as much times as they do with them. Orlando is shooting the Hobbit and will still take time off to spend with Flynn and see him grow up. Miranda still working for VS and still spending time with him and even flying out to see Orlando. Families spending time together even though they have a hectic schedule. That is what is important!

    You can have your opinions and whatever because otherwise JJ wouldn’t have given you the option to comment but how about we try and keep it civil and reasonable?

  • ha

    From Twitter……
    “Orlando Bloom arriving at Nelson Airport today – brought to you by our friends at Corporate Class Cars”
    Miranda didn’t have to tip anyone off. But that won’t stop you haters from claiming that she did. That’s why we mock you like we do. You never admit when you are wrong, you just keep spreading lies. You earn every insult thrown your way.

  • Esther

    Must be stalking them jj, because seriously New Zealand. We are on the edge of the world and you guys came to our we little country. Hope you enjoy ;)

  • Esther

    @Monique: I know ah! Our summer is being wonderful lately! to the exception of today (rain) woosh it’s been hot!

  • Monique

    @Esther: ugh our summer has been terrrrrible! sunny one day then the next rain and wind i hate it so much!!

  • hey smile please

    I perfer to see Miranda when she’s only with baby Flynn. She looks much much happier without Orlando. I don’t know but it seems he only brings misery to her. She used to be all smiles. Maybe she feels sick of living in the spotlight all the time, but unfortunately Orlando enjoys doing pap set ups.

  • awwwww

    I love thisi little family!

  • wow!

    Look at the crowd of people that showed up to meet Miranda at the VS store opening!
    She’s a popular girl, isn’t she!

  • Mari

    @ha ha:
    Is it because you are stalking them yourself and JJ beats you in competition? And you are not even getting paid for such a “devotion?” Wow, BTW. The case is clinical, I suppose. *shrug.*

  • Nice Comment

    @Streetcar Named Desire: Now that is the best, most sensible comment I’ve ever heard here. Good on you!

  • chipmunk

    miranda a better model than Christy Turlington? are you 10? if so I’ll let that pass. Miranda’s 3 Vogue covers to Christy’s 70+ Vogue covers says what? Miranda can only hope to be as prolific and iconic as Christy.

  • :(

    Looks like she HATES him. Poor Orlando . hahahahahahahaha

  • sara

    Such a beautiful family!

  • http://justjared foolish chipmunks

    for all u think that kerr hates orlando bloom!! she wears his ring, he doesnt, she comes to visit him all the time, not him, she is the one who always mention him interviews not him, remember one thing, it is she who needs him not him, whoever will he be with naturally will get as famous as miranda, got it ?? she was the one unknown before 2007 and not orlando!! orlando is a hollywood star and does not need any introduction, she is a what ummm lets say a panty model… strutting here and there, to get her profile going!!!! so dont dare say that kerr doesnt like orlando!!! she is in his life until he wants, its not her decision alone… she has become a top model of the year,how…. the credit goes to none other than……………………… ORLANDO BLOOM!!!!!!

  • http://justjared foolish chipmunks

    @@51: sorry fool, but as u know he is being paid, so he wont open the source, kerr…. orry for exposing u!!!

  • @66

    There is a quote from twitter that the tip came from the car rental agency. I see that just as #53 said, you idiots continue to ignore facts.
    And you wonder why you morons are the laughing stock of the fandom.

  • http://justjared foolish chipmunks

    @@66: facts, what facts? is there a science class going on?u fools take the chipmunk as a serious business dont u?? poor car rental agency, being blamed for nothing, chipmunk will do everything but will give blame to others? in USA she hires taxis, strange!!!

  • poor babe

    @:(: There’s no reason she would fall in love with a man who is actually a lot weaker than her in everything…you know…considering their intelligence, career, popularity, looks, education, etc. Any beautiful young ladies with successful career on their own surely won’t get his appeal. Orlando Bloom is only attractive to some brainless also desperate fameseekers like Kate Bosworth. Miranda could have chosen a better match.

  • He’s so hot!

    Miranda chose the man she wanted. Orlando chose the woman he wanted. It’s time to just get over it! Honestly, it’s not worth getting all upset about.

    For those wondering why the paps suddenly showed interest when Miranda and Flynn got there well hey – Miranda and Flynn got there! There seems to be A LOT of interest in this family. Not so much in some of the other actors that no one has ever heard of. Don’t believe me? Ask your friends that don’t live on the computer all day every day stalking people. They probably have no idea who these other actors are. Trust me on this. Orlando has been in 6 blockbuster movies and has millions of fans (and lots of haters that can’t wait to click on his pictures too!) so his photos are always a hit!

  • ta

    You see?
    ‘Very’ Foolish Chipmunks is a perfect example of hater denial.
    When faced with facts, they simply ignore them, or twist them until they are unrecognizeable.
    “Laughing stocks” is right! LOL!
    BTW, the car rental agency supplied cars for all of the cast and crew for the shoot. Did you expect everyone to use taxis for their entire stay? Or just Orlando and Miranda? Or were ALL of the cast and crew involved in this fiendish plot??? Maybe it was Luke Evans! Maybe he was tired of people mistaking him for Orlando if they noticed him at all? Or maybe he called the paps to follow Orlando and Miranda so he could sneak in his boyfriend without anyone noticing? You know. Since he is back in the closet with his beard. Ian should rip him a new one for that fiasco.

  • @72

    You know, I try to have patience with people who have difficulty with written English, but this is just ridiculous. TOTALLY incomprehensible jibberish.
    And the very little that was understandable is vulgar and ignorant.
    Are you the best that the haters have to represent them? If so, no wonder that your sites are ghost lands.

  • sanda


  • @74

    Facts? Haterz don’t need no stinkin’ facts! They just get in the way.
    And since a lot of these hater posts are just copy/pasted directly from delphidiot posts, we KNOW that the idea of facts never even crossed their tiny little pea brained minds.

  • xploxite

    He’s the most beautiful baby boy I’ve ever seen.

  • http://justjared @ 72 and 74

    very nice of you to confess, this is really good

  • @76

    Yeah, I guess that they did confess.
    Confessed that they are aware of how idiotic you pathetic haters can be.
    But of course, we can ALL confess to having that knowledge.
    Even the haters themselves. LOL!

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    @57 WHAT are you talking about if any thing Miranda should be thanking Orlando for helping her get her name out. And i like to see Orlando with Flynn more. If Orlando liked the spotlight he would of called the paps weeks ago when he got there. Its only when Miranda got there the pics came out. I think she likes the spotlight more.

  • http://justjared @77

    @@76: ugh, bring sth new! plz, from 4 years we r hearing the same statements… haters,delphis, delphidots blah blah blah *YAAAAAWWNNNN* tired, OH wait, u r chipmunks u cant invent more…. this is ur limit….. seriously u try to be really smart, bringing facts and theories, to make that sphere look genuine innocent, but as time passes every one has started to notice her ugly being and her melodrama nature…. u cant deny this FACT!!!
    p.s: if u say us haters, i have one thing to say WE DONT CARE AND WE DONT GIVE A DAMN, she deserves to be hated so we do that, this is a FACT too.

  • @79

    You’ve just said your opponents bring facts that support their views. But apparently these facts don’t affect your opinion. Is that right?

  • @79

    She deserves to be hated…WHY??
    You’d do better hating your English teacher.

  • @79

    The hater mantra.

  • http://justjared @81,82 and 83

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  • @83

    Actually, it’s more than one person. And yes, there more to thi world than English. But this is an English language site. I don’t think that a little coherance is too much to ask. There are a lot of people who post here whose native tongue is not English, but they at least make some kind of effort to be understandable. You don’t even try. That is the problem.

  • @83

    An illiterate calling other people fools and saying that “u don’t know anything”. That’s rich!

  • @86

    RANT! RANT!! RANT!! RANT!! RANT!!!!!!
    With every post you prove your ignorance and insanity.
    You REALLY need to get a life. Stalking a total stranger across the internet is just not healthy.

  • @86

    I think you would not make sense in any language.

  • hmmm

    The posts from the idiot with the language issues keep getting deleted. Since she was just ridiculous, and not vulgar, we must assume that she, is just covering her tracks. That’s the latest ploy from the haters. They report the posts that make them look like the pathetic creatures that they are. *rolleyes*

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    this is just the same at cabbage patch blog, i wrote her, but it got deleted because she is scared of critisim, all she wants is lie , from her fellow apes, she cant accept the truth, and we can see that, delete this as well but the truth wont change…..
    @88 dont give ur status to me pathetic and idiots, u all chipmunks are the whole sole owners of that title,thats not ploy, just truth!! suits u.. chpmunks!

  • http://justjared what??

    @hmmm: what are you trying to say?

  • @89

    So you think that people should allow idiotic, hateful posts on their own blogs? Tell that to your fellow delphidiots, mean girls and chocoholics who censor or ban anyone who disagrees with them. Just ONE MORE EXAMPLE of hater hypocrisy. Thanks for pointing that out.
    BTW, the only ‘truth’ in your posts is their proof of your own imbalance.

  • 85

    @89 Definition from planet Earth of illiterate (noun): “A person who has had some schooling but does not meet minimum standards of literacy”.
    I think I used a correct term.
    I don’t need medical help. You need to read a few thousands of books.

  • http://justjared @ 91

    I’m sorry but I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person
    BASELESS arguements. NO COMMENTS!!

  • http://justjared @92

    Fools are measured by your own intelligence. so a fool to you could be very intelligent to another person. Also whoever appears to be be a fool to you might be able to do practical things you could only dream of, so please do suffer fools because to some people You might be the fool

  • @89

    So I can get an LJ account and post anything I want on those sites without being deleted?
    I can call them on their hypocrisy and ignorance and they will welcome me with open arms?
    Well, OK then.
    Maybe I will start with Chocolover’s new Luke Evans site. You know how she is just one of the people who claim to hate Miranda because they think that she lies? Yet here Choco is, creating a site dedicated to a man who lies EVERY SINGLE DAY. He was out and proud just a few years ago. Now he is bearding to make it bigger in the business. Doesn’t that make him a liar? Come on Choco, explain that one away.

  • 85

    @94 I admit I’m particularly intolerant of people who rape languages on the computer or out of it, but I’m aware that not everybody has had the luck of getting a proper education, so that’s not what bothers me. What gets on my nerves is that you were defending that “way” of writing as if it were something to be proud of, and calling other people fools and ignorant for reasons far less serious such as liking a model.
    Also I think that intelligence doesn’t depend on education, but you’re using nothing but childish insults to defend your points of view, which doesn’t speak well of you either.

  • http://justjared @95

    phew, that is silliest question, but i must say that that u are the most foolish person i have met on this site, calling choco evans? what the f*ck, LOLS!! u mean to say she will only welcome people who will pose to love her, and those will hate her have no right to live on this earth! mabey i have to apply the nationality for planet of apes then, so i can be part of ur community too, and dont ask me silly questions, because i dont understand the concepts of chipmunk kingdom….
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  • Wow

    I’ve seen some incredibly dense and ignorant people on this site, but I must say that the ‘person’ posting at #’s 97/98 (and all of her other posts) takes the proverbial cake.
    Not only is she incoherant, she is ignorant and idiotic. In other words, a prime example of a hater.
    She sounds just like the girl that posted that she wished that an innocent baby would get sick. Nienna? Or Mobt? I don’t remember now. Maybe those two are the same person anyway, because they both have the same language issues. Issues (un)surprisingly similar to this troll.

  • http://justjared @WOW

    My Mom said never talk to strangers and well, since you’re really strange…. I guess that means I can’t talk to you!