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Freida Pinto: I Enjoy Movies Like '300' and 'Gladiator'!

Freida Pinto: I Enjoy Movies Like '300' and 'Gladiator'!

Freida Pinto smiles as she touches down at LAX airport on Saturday (December 10) in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old Immortals actress is back in the U.S. after spending time in Europe, where she attended the Chanel Paris-Bombay Show at the Grand Palais in Paris, France.

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Freida recently spoke with the Wall Street Journal about how she’d like to play a variety of roles, not just parts in more independent features.

“I still enjoy films like 300 and Gladiator, and actually when I watch the films I see myself fitting into some of those roles; I feel, why not? Why not be part of something like that as well,” she said.

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  • Ruchi Singh

    Its only racist Indians who make negative comments about freida.

  • Sarah

    Beautiful Woman. Love her.

  • It’s True..

    I love her outfit !!

  • Monica

    She’s so pretttty, simplistic beauty!!

  • Nicole Besnier

    Freida Pinto cannot act to save her dear life. I am so sorry but just because she seems to be a forienger peole are not telling the truth about her acting , which is god-awful. I watch bollywood movies and the actresses are not ugly , not untalented and they are not famewhores like Freida Pinto , who took off from Slumdog Millionare after her seriosuly small and forgettable role. Ever heard of Aishwarya Rai ? What a wonderful actress and very beautiful too. She is great at dancing too. Watch the movie Devdas and see that bolywood movies are not bad. The other actress in that movie is beautiful too. To Ruchi Singh , just because someone is not a fan of Freida doesn’t make them racist , I am not indian and I don’t really like or admire her. I think she is just as untalented as some of the other famewhore starlets we have today in movies.

  • Sanjay Leela

    kaamwali bai!

  • Sanjay Leela

    kaamwali bai!

  • Rani Kalyana

    who is she ? so ugly looks like some maid

  • Maya Gongris

    Oh my god THIS is Freida Pinto? She looks so ordinary and avg. I can’t belive all these dumb americans thinks she is real , pure , raw indian beauty. She looks like any girl found roaming in the streets of Kerla,Goa,Mumbai. Geez you guys need to get out more if you think she is the true beauty from india.

  • Om Puris

    she looks like maid servant

  • Kiran Joshi

    @Om Puris: so true , she is not good looking or even a good actress

  • Ram Sharma

    Guys be careful , that mega obessed fan of Freida will be coming for you.@Maya Gongris:

  • Kulprett Singh

    So sick if people who think indians hate freida for her dark skin. That not true. We have dark actresses like Bipasha Basu and Deepkia Poudone and they are gorgeous and well liked by indians. Freida is not liked in India because she is spreading rumors about indians and their desire to be lighter.Go be the pity party for freida then , cry ,laugh, cheer over her.I don’t care anymore. My girlfriend , freinds, family are all dark and I never call them ugly , maid , or anything like that. Few people call freida maid and you claim all indians to be like this? what childish behaviour from you guys.Besides maid can be light or dark , I have seen maids who look like white people in india.

  • rala matala

    @Kulprett Singh: so true Kulpreet , Freida looks like some bai from india why is there a hude fuss over her? enough of this bai JJ!

  • Jay Bhagria

    @Sanjay Leela: I swear I saw this girl cleaning beds at some motel in tanga.

  • Bakshi Patel

    this is what happens when you cast some no talent in a movie that wins oscars. they are average but get called beautiful , they can’t act but get praise from critics and more movie offers. freida pinto has been overexposed. she has nothing special about her. any of those indian actresss could beat her at her game , they are all beautiful , can act and if they were to come here , all of those people fawning over freida will fawn over them. she is beneath those women. she isn’t even comparable to their toe nails. i agree with kulpreet and nicole. they are the only ones telling the truth here.

  • Sammy

    @Nicole Besnier:
    I’ve always thought the same thing! Frieda is dull and predictable in the roles she’s played…she’s gotten hype because of her ‘exotic’ looks, NOT acting! and Devdas is one of my favorite movies–Aishwarya Rai’s best role in my opinion.

  • StraightUp

    The very first gratingly predictable accusations people who are fans of this girl make about anyone who doesn’t particularly care for her is that the non-fans are jealous, racist, or both. Hmm. Maybe it’s more like the people she hasn’t put under her spell can see straight through her.

    She’s attractive. But so what? Lots of actresses are. The real issue is that she lacks in raw acting TALENT, which is actually what I think pisses people off. It has nothing to do with her skin color. It’s that she hasn’t done anything to WARRANT the kinds of doors that have been opening for her since Slumdog. She simply isn’t legit and hasn’t shown even a DROP of real talent in any of her movie roles so far. I’ll give her credit for one thing, though: She’s smart enough to have found herself a shark for an agent.

    Her tall tales of having to “struggle” as an actress in India prior to getting noticed in Hollywood make me laugh out loud. She’s so deluded. Does she have ANY idea of what it REALLY means to struggle as an artist? No, clearly she’s got her head up her princess-y ass and thinks that “struggling” through a handful of auditions for a couple of years means you’ve paid your dues as an aspiring actor. She has no training, no talent — and evidently, no modesty, either.

    Oh Freida, enjoy the fruits you’re being fed off your golden platter before they go to rot. Because they will, sweetie. It’s only a matter of time before Hollywood wakes up and realizes that you’re not that profitable.