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Madonna: Get Ready for a Brand New Era!

Madonna: Get Ready for a Brand New Era!

Madonna and her kids, Lourdes, David, and Mercy, leave The Kabbalah Centre on Saturday (December 10) in New York City.

“Fresh News From The Madonna Team: Madonna is currently filming the video to her brand new single with M.I.A & Nicki Minaj, which is directed by Megaforce. Later this week, she will create her new album’s photoshoot with Mert & Marcus! Get ready for a brand new Madonna era and stay tuned for more exclusive updates,” a new post on her Facebook page reads.

Nicki recently gushed about kissing Madonna while working on the video. Check out what she had to tweet in case you missed it!

10+ pictures inside of Madonna and her kids leaving The Kabbalah Centre in NYC…

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  • Buzzy

    Woo-hoo! Can’t wait, Madonna was, is and always be the Queen of Pop Music.

  • sorella

    Poor Madonna, must be hurting her giant ego to think that nobody is as excited about Madonna as Madonna herself.

  • Not so Bliss

    Doesn’t she have hip surgery scheduled around Super Bowl weekend?

  • Saskia

    The geriatric era? This woman is not aging gracefully at all and seems to be desperately jealous of the new “it” girls. Kind of sad to see her sink to low blows and snarky comments when they get brought up in her interviews. She’s not the Queen Bee anymore but her massive ego isn’t ready to let go. Unfortunately the public has already dethroned her.

  • guy

    The public has dethroned her?? Who’s the one with a massive ego here? Speak for yourself and leave the rest of us out it.
    Aging gracefully? Are there rules for aging? Do you have to die when you reach the age of 50?
    Her last tour was the highest grossing for a solo artist EVER. People still want to see her and anticipate her return. She IS the Queen. Even if she never makes another record again. I applaud this woman for still doing what she wants and still working hard for what she wants. I pity you for not being able to see past the controversy. And these IT girls you refer too? They became IT by being heavily influenced by Madonna


    I love Madonna completely and I am looking forward to her new album, BUT I am put off by her new collaborations, I hate hip hop and rap music so I may have to be slightly drunk to enjoy this new record, but saying that she has never disappointed me so far, so bring it on!!

  • Lars

    Lady Gaga dethroned her.

  • hey777

    since this might be her last album i hope is AWESOME!but i wish instead of her using popular artist like nicki, she should had used good artist.

  • hey777

    sorry for double post: but i love madonna! and lady gaga is TRASH TRASH TRASH CRAP!! compared to madonna. this generation of kids just dont know what real music is because they were born in the worst era of music, and hopefully madonna can change that with her new album. i find it refreshing to see madonna coming back after having to put up with gagas crap music and many others.

  • blah


  • JTimothyJ

    Madonna is still current and still going. Her new album might be good it might be bad, just having to wait and see. Stop with the ageist comments, if you didn’t know she was 53 people wouldn’t make the comments. Judge her on artistic integrety not her age.

  • gglover128

    I don’t get you Gaga fans how do you come on here and diss Madonna when ,she is a huge inspiration on Gaga if not for Madonna then Lady Gaga would not exist.

  • Dannah

    Madonna is the ambitious blonde who did everything to be where she is now.

  • Paulie


    Please don’t call Lady Gaga names. It’s not nice.

  • Jove

    “Masterpiece” is good.. tho not sure I look at – Mona Lisa – for Beauty!

  • Peapo

    would it kill her to carry one of the children. I have never seen her out with her adopted children.They are always walking, playing, smiling and hugging nannies or bodyguards. I think Madonna adopted those poor children and than got bored with them just like an oufit. The only child she seems to give any attention to is Lourdes.

  • Trin

    @blah: You mean, Lady Xerox, Lady Copy Paste who constantly recycles Madonna’s whole career and even pretends she had the same life as her.

  • Trin

    It’s the Gaga fans who are the biggest bullies and trash every other female artist out there. Just look at what they did to Adele because Adele outsold and outperformed Gaga in the charts. Gaga will always be compared to Madonna and even more so as she continues to recycle Madonna’s career. Madonna has actually been very welcoming and gracious with lots of female stars for the past decade. She welcomed Britney, Christina, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and others (even Gaga, but Gaga’s team started shading her).

  • camillus

    Madonna has been and always will be longer than NiKi asshole, MIA, Beyonce, JHO. If it wasn’t for Madonna they wouldn’t be these fu_ks above. Madonna’s been around since the 80′s. Why is she old at 50, my god we all get old, old has nothing to do with talent. Talent will always win out, she will be around long after we forget the ass holes who say the make music but scretch, show there fat ass, act like little tween girls to be relevant. I hate rap, I hate hip hop only because you don’t need talent look at Jz, Kayne, Lil Wayne, Nicki, JHO, Beyonce the fake. Madonna go for it even at the old age and dying at 50……

  • camillus

    @<a href=”/2011/12/12/madonna-get-ready-brand-new-era/comment-pa@sorella: ge-1/#comment-19951967″>Saskia: I don’t think Madonna is worried about these assholes who have no talent. Madonna will be around when Nikki ass hole & MIA are questions in trivia and on sale in the dollar stores..

  • Julie

    I totally agree Trin! Lady Gaga is completely copying Madonna’s career, start to finish. Just wait, soon she’ll be copying her stuff from the late 90s too…

    I don’t even listed to her music, but sadly I’ve have been exposed to some of it and I just laugh when I hear/see Madonna all through it. It’s very strange to me, having grown up with Madonna doing it first, and now seeing it rehashed.

    People keep saying Madonna copied, but those people probably weren’t around for most of her career. At a time she may have used a look Marilyn made famous (as many others have) but most of her style of music/dance/videos were original. She pushed the envelope at a time when there were still buttons to be pressed. Lady Gaga just isn’t doing that. It’s not a competition, but I think Gaga’s is bringing the comparisons on herself by flat out copying so much. I heard a portion of that song ‘Born this Way’ and it sounds almost exactly like ‘Express Yourself’ it’s ridiculous.

    It’s probably really not Gaga’s fault in the end – there really isn’t anything new to be done in music that will get people talking. So you really have to just pick a style and copy that.

  • Jith

    I’m so excited……..and I just can’t hide it…………..I’m about to loose control and I think I like it ………….hehehe
    I was this excited in January 1998.
    And she sure delivered a masterpiece……whooooooooooo

  • Jith


    Yeah right……dream on

  • Queen Wallis

    absolutely. cannot. wait.

  • Whatevs

    Really? How dare the gay community abandon Madonna with such disrespectful disregard. Not only has this woman always tirelessly campaigned for us – before it was cool to do so – BUT – sidenote – are we really to dismiss age in a similar vein to those who dismiss sexism and gender equality?I have a big fear for the gays of today and it’s reflected exactly in this very website. Madonna is not earning of this criticism (why should age affect what kind of music she wants to make?) or this disrespect – especially for an icon who has only gone out of her way to help us. Not cool.

  • mwannir
  • Gaga4Madonna

    Madonna is an ICON…a LEGEND….the fact that her name alone still sparks debates between people proves this… for Gaga and the rest of today’s younger female pop stars, they all owe Madonna a big “thank you”. And the whole age issue is getting old….Madonna gets shit for having work done on her face, people saying she is desperately trying to stay young looking, then when there’s a picture of her looking her age, she gets more shit…she just can’t win….you know, she’s still a HUMAN BEING….just do your thing, Maddy!

  • jmgonzales

    if Britney or Gaga can deliver a similar performance, then the halftime act won’t be worth watching …

    Madge you gotta BUMP IT UP, you’re the BEST among all of them …

  • jmgonzales

    “Causing a Commotion”!!! :D


    really fun to read comments on the age and beauty of Madonna
    everything sounds like a fable of Phaedrus entitled “The Fox and the Grapes”
    Just look around to discover that we are surrounded by deformed and ugly girls ..
    And as for the gaga’s monsters .. in contradiction with what say your mothermonster, is it not Gaga that every opportunity to remind us how she’s a poor crap girl?
    Hush Madonna coming…enjoy the MUSIC! ;)