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Stacy Keibler: Watch the Throne!

Stacy Keibler: Watch the Throne!

Stacy Keibler arrives at Staples Center on Sunday (December 11) in Los Angeles to check out the Jay-Z and Kanye West concert.

The 32-year-old actress and girlfriend of George Clooney was joined by a girlfriend for the Watch the Throne tour show.

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“I love Runaway by @KanyeWest. Here’s a toast to all the douchebags, a–holes, judgmental negative people out there. Love You!!!!!,” Stacy wrote on her Twitter account after the show.

Earlier in the weekend, Stacy rocked a LBD as she attended Spike TV’s Video Game Awards.

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101 Responses to “Stacy Keibler: Watch the Throne!”

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  1. 51
    Freudian Slip Says:

    right, well it seems too far-fetched. If this was the case, how long has it been since he first physically encountered/ met his “Twin Soul”?
    And if it’s a while, I guess both Kiebler & Canalis must be laughing all the way to the bank knowing what a fool Clooney is…
    I mean, they’re sexually intimate with him, are paraded around as his girlfriends, share his life… that’s what he chose. Even if he’s not genuinely in love, nor happy with them.
    No wonder Canalis looks so annoyingly smug in all her latest photos.
    Canalis knows his relationship with Keibler is fake & a mockery. She laughs at him like he’s ridiculous.
    *that she was “dumped” for another phony PR arrangement.
    * & has her friend lelacorpse ( posting on derogative comments about Keibler’s lack looks, etc… As if she’s one to talk. Some caliber. Both borderline unattractive with no talent nor intelligence, & sleazy cheap.

    In any case, it would be delusional for some woman to fantasize that she’s the “one” just on a hunch. I find men like Zakk Wylde hot & sexy, but if I ever saw him in the flesh, I would be crazy to assume there’s a bond…
    If Clooney has a real love interest, then he would be with her even discreetly/ secretly. Otherwise it’s all a big illusion.
    So, my conclusion is that there is no one.
    Twin Flames/ Soul Mates apparently recognize each other instantly, or so I hear…

  2. 52
    Brad Pity Says:

    @in the Loop – it was probably him that wasn’t ready… Not her…
    So he killed her off… by deliberately choosing the Keibler fiasco to go public.
    …his loss….
    He probably feels dead inside anyway.

  3. 53
    Zur Sache Schätzchen Says:

    Whatever they had, it was too precious to abuse their story telling it HERE to manipulate other people.
    He should marry his bank account.
    This would be true love forever.

  4. 54

    Thank you Just jared for deleting my entry! I will paraphrase what I said earlier. Life is too short! He should be with the woman he truly loves bottom line. Speculation matriculation talking about just points back to the fact he does not have balls to face up to truth. His career has been nothing but a bank for others. I wonder where the idiots stick their atm card on him? Out of his a.s.s.?

  5. 55

    Thank you Just jared for deleting my entry! I will paraphrase what I said earlier. Life is too short! He should be with the woman he truly loves bottom line. Speculation matriculation talking about just points back to the fact he does not have balls to face up to truth. His career has been nothing but a bank for others. I wonder where the idiots stick their atm card on him? Out of his a.s.s.? Another thing sending dating sites for dating other senior citizens in lieu of being of squashing this talk is kind of retarded isn’t it? Who is the senior citizen slam directed at? Are you sending it to Kiebler as well?

  6. 56
    signage Says:

    @Freudian Slip: “In any case, it would be delusional for some woman to fantasize that she’s the “one” just on a hunch.” He’s the one full of delusions, imagining that Anna fantasizes about him when he knows the opposite is the case. Just shows what a huge ego he has.

  7. 57
    signage Says:

    My posts from last night were deleted. I agreed that it would be nice if George takes his parents to the awards shows with him, but that we shouldn’t get our hopes too high. Heck, I’d prefer he take just about anyone except another famewhore.

  8. 58
    signage Says:

    @Freudian Slip: Also, Anna had no idea who he was when they became friends. It’s a long story and not one to be told on public blogs. The blogs have been used by the liars, and Anna is using them to counter the lies with some of the truth. But some things don’t need to be shared.

  9. 59
    Brad Pity Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: & he never will get “Anna” back. He lost her forever.
    It was he who wasn’t ready. Not her.
    His lack of emotional maturity..
    His insecurity.
    His cowardice. And way too controlling. He tried to break her because he thought he’d have the upper hand. She deliberately resisted.
    He was always lying.
    He was always making excuses.
    And could see right through him.
    If what they say about Twin Flames is true, then when united there’s great dynamic energy. Too late.
    Anna was resilient. As a cathartic experience, she got him out of her system with… the best. Life’s ironies. 9 months younger than him to the day :-) More successful. Better looking.
    Now he’s stuck with another trashy plain “hoooker” as he refers to them collectively. He’s bored of her already & has been looking for the next replacement on line. As he admitted.
    He’ll take her to the Awards because he’s lost face. His private life is the laughing stock in Hollywood.
    Stacy Klobber reads here. Like all hoookers, she’s enjoying the attention.
    His vile taste in trash shows how afraid he is of commitment. Deliberately chooses the lame ones so he can dispose of them with pleasure.
    This one, a Waltons Plain Jane with Andre the Giant bulky legs.
    Klobber may speculate about what’s written here, but he’ll reassure her it’s idle… On July 28th at the Dorchester in London, he guaranteed her that it was a set deal, just a matter of time to make it public.
    And she’ll pressure him to keep his word.
    Good luck to him finding love. He needs a woman who will accept an open relationship. But then she can do the same, so there are no double standards.

  10. 60
    Freudian Slip Says:

    @Brad Pity: I agree.
    Anna will never forgive him. Seeing him at Award ceremonies with Hershey Highway Crack-Ho will remind her what a pathetic miserable man he truly is.
    She should project her positive energy, love & blessings elsewhere.
    I’m convinced he’s the obsessive one. He smothered Anna. Drained the life out of her. A monster of a man with a dark soul.

  11. 61

    Nine months different in age? WTF? There are at least 2 different Anna’s then. This is plain rubbish. Bullocks! Open relationships? How about a kick in the a.s.s. instead?

  12. 62
    Brad Pity Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: what? No, Anna isn’t 9 months younger than George to the day. Much younger than him. Looks young enough to be his daughter.
    Rumor has it the cathartic experience was 9 months younger than George to the date :-) But that’s Chinese Whispers I picked up elsewhere. Probably false.
    She’s gone.. Never to return.

    Yeah, there are many Annas probably. Coz Georgie is a player.
    Maybe you’re an Anna. Mayber Kirstie Alley is one too. LOL…

  13. 63
    In the Loop Says:

    Clooney meet her 30 years ago..He came looking for her..

  14. 64
    In the Loop Says:

    He meet her 30 years ago…He just recently came looking for her again.

  15. 65

    30 years ago? Where? Games people play. Does that involve calling people at work and holding the phone and not saying anything? Mind games being played to the nth degree. Booooooorrrriiinnnngg!

  16. 66
    Freudian Slip Says:

    Yes he met Kirstie Alley 30 years ago… As a 20 year old. She was 30. Helped him a lot. He signed over his life to her. And now she manages him. That’s true soulmate love.
    She lets him sleep with whomever he wants. But she’s his true love.
    She even approves of the PR arrangements and profits from them.
    That’s why he’ll never marry nor have a child.
    The only woman for him is Kirstie. They could have had a child but his career came first. Then he got the snip….
    But it’s a deeper, twisted love. Beyond the Celines, Kristas… & so on…
    That’s George’s real “Anna.”
    No one else.
    The others are to make Kirstie jealous.

  17. 67

    @Freudian-Oh! So he is a gay Scientologist. Right. Got it. Oooops! I mean a schizophrenic gay Scientologist. That is what you are saying right?

  18. 68

    Well don’t shut up now guys! Answer the question.

  19. 69
    In the Loop Says:

    There are no mind games being played. He hired a private eye to find her.
    Why are you having such a hard time with this?
    He picks his hookers off the internet, why can’t he hire a private detective to find his one true love? the one he never forgot about.
    They were on different paths then..George is ready now. she still needed time.

  20. 70
    69 Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: I think Freudian Slip is being sarcastic about Kirstie Alley & George…
    Though I’d say they’re fond of each other…

  21. 71

    I am not having a hard time with ANYTHING. You guys are the ones that are eluding to he is gay, schizoprhenic, Scientologist. Kirstie is. Well known fact. What is wrong with that? You guys are bored and plsying head games.

  22. 72
    69 Says:

    @In the Loop: hired a detective???
    NO, more like the goon squad deciphered her IMEI off her mobile phone, then traced her…
    NO escape with technology. GPS tracking.
    Probably hacked into her emails too..
    But she accesses his brain anyway…
    Still… as he sources hookers online… she can source Zakk Wylde types at concerts, right? Especially redheads with pornstaches…
    There’s a dark side to Anna no one knows about too.
    Fallen angel? Yeah, maybe….
    Makes sense that his Twin Flame would be trouble. Just like him!
    Best they keep apart…

  23. 73
    69 Says:

    I’m just kidding. Fantasy games.
    Anna is a figment of his imagination.
    Just a game.
    Doesn’t exist…

    Sounds quite delusional of anyone to presume otherwise.

    There’s no mystery woman/ secret love interest. He’s seem genuinely happy if there was one…
    Maybe one day he’ll meet one, though.
    All he wants is the love & votes of HFPA & AMPAS voters.
    That’s all for now, folks….

  24. 74
    69 Says:

    or the figment of our imagination…
    There is no love interest.
    What you see is what you get.
    A sterile aging suave actor, losing his wits.. & sobriety.
    And a string of dispensable, borderline plain trashy bimbos in PR relationships…

  25. 75

    Awwwww…. No you not! You guys are not kidding, you are BACKPEDALING. There is a difference. Hurts when that b*i*t*ch slap comes down n one’s ears huh? It is okay we all read it here so you do not have to announce it. Remember it was you guys that brought it to this conclusion. George is “with” Stacy so what does that make her? Not a big stretch when you think about it now isn’t it? I guess George will be firing your country a*s*s*es now won’t he?

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