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Stacy Keibler: Watch the Throne!

Stacy Keibler: Watch the Throne!

Stacy Keibler arrives at Staples Center on Sunday (December 11) in Los Angeles to check out the Jay-Z and Kanye West concert.

The 32-year-old actress and girlfriend of George Clooney was joined by a girlfriend for the Watch the Throne tour show.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Stacy Keibler

“I love Runaway by @KanyeWest. Here’s a toast to all the douchebags, a–holes, judgmental negative people out there. Love You!!!!!,” Stacy wrote on her Twitter account after the show.

Earlier in the weekend, Stacy rocked a LBD as she attended Spike TV’s Video Game Awards.

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101 Responses to “Stacy Keibler: Watch the Throne!”

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  1. 76
    Freudian Slip Says:

    # 46 shawn @ 12/15/2011 at 11:12 pm
    [The first article in People about Cray Cray was practically a marketing survey asking people what they thought about the possibility of Cray Cray being with George. From then on it was the same old stuff from the usual playbook: press releases complete with quotes from “sources” and staged photo ops. But we the ignorant public aren’t supposed to be able to figure all of that out. George and his publicist are sooo much smarter than us common folk that we’re just supposed to swallow it all up unquestioningly.]
    This is exactly how his corrupt PR & management work.
    They SLOWLY push the FAKE PR relationships on the public’s conscience. Even when George halfheartedly agrees, they manage to MANIPULATE him. It’s done progressively.
    They did the same with Canalis.
    Never was she told 2 years.. “Play it by ear” was what he told her. “See the public’s reaction.”
    Same spiel he’s giving Big-Boned Klobber….
    And little by little his PR will COERCE him to accept a LONGER proposal.
    They tell him it’s for PROFIT.. It’s paying off….
    Then emotional blackmail.
    They’ve left a man who’s become a zombie inside devoid of true love & emotion. He acts on camera, he act for PR about his personal life.
    Just too cowardly.
    They will work on pushing the Klobber fiasco for at least 1-3 years.
    And the reverse psychology they use on him is “she’s a nice gal. Friend of Kid Rock’s & Randy Gerbil’s.” Never mind that you feel nothing about her….

  2. 77
    Freudian Slip Says:

    Yes, he certainly doesn’t love Big-Boned Klobber.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the “bi-sexual/ gay” insinuations/ rumors have been triggered from within Clooney’s camp. Either to arouse curiosity (any publicity is good publicity) OR
    to play mind games with the phony “girlfriends” (from LS onwards, when the publicity hoooker affairs started)…
    These lame-looking desperate type of women fall in love with the idea of being in his limelight and all the benefits associated….
    So each also try their hardest to keep it going.
    Hungry Big-Boned Anal-Crack HO Klobber is currently falling for him.
    SHE LOVES & dotes on the attention.
    So she’s trying to win his dog over.
    So intelligent she thinks she’ll start a different ploy…
    Canalis wanted marriage.. “We good together, no?” And kept telling him she was in love…. Got the boot a.s.a.p.
    He doesn’t want a ball & chain in his life.
    He loves his freedom.
    Love is a weakness, so he’ll avoid it. Except he can’t….
    When he least expected it to happen. Fighting it off…

  3. 78
    Freudian Slip Says:

    or rather, when he least will expect it to happen, he will fall in love..
    And he’ll be tormented to fight it off.

  4. 79
    exhibit A Says:


  5. 80
    commedia del'Arte Says:

    Clooney the Alcoholic.
    Messed up coz he can’t stand the baloney!
    And Godzilla the beastly Prom Queen oblivious (& couldn’t care less quite frankly) t that the old goat is having a cardiac arrest right beside her!

  6. 81
    Stacy Gutter Trash Klobber Says:

    Fugly hooker plain-Jane credentials to accompany an insecure buffoon to the Golden Globes…
    Because her anal fissures rubbed up so well on the wrestling ring ropes.

  7. 82
    Fugly Stacy MISS HAND-ON-COCK Says:

    “ooooo…..I’d do anything for a buck…
    Modeling agents told me I’m TOOO BIG BONED….
    And I don’t have Geena Davis’ talent, despite my gargantuan height….”
    “oooooo….. I just managed to say a 3 syllable word….
    Hanging out with George’s dog Einstein has made me a smarter gal….”

  8. 83
    Fugly Stacy MISS HAND-ON-COCK Says:

    “george is a real gentleman. Best paying trick i’ve EVERRRR had!!!”
    Other Johns have put the pillow over my head coz they don’t wanna look at my face when I service them…. oh, well….”
    “they reckon I’m too hard or ugly.. I’d crack their bones if they weren’t paying… But I’ll do that to for $$$$…”

  9. 84



  10. 85
    George & Teutonic Milkmaid Says:

    Check out her massive egghead….
    Can’t a casting agent find her a role in the next Halloween Horror film??
    As a prop even? Not much acting required there!

  11. 86
    Stacy's FAT TREE TRUNK LEGS Says:
    Hulk Hogan eat your heart out..
    This is the specimen they chose to team up with the once or twice World’s Sexiest Man?
    This beastly fat whor*e….
    Why is Brad Pitt’s life SO much happier??
    Or Matt’s or Leo’s?

  12. 87
    Brad Pity Says:

    If I was George, I wouldn’t WANT to win anything at the Golden Globes NOR the Academy Awards if my management forced me to take a filthy hoooker like Stacy as my “date.”
    I’d hope the members wouldn’t vote for me because I’m a joke!!

    His parents who raised him can’t attend, but his corrupt management force yet another filthy fugly no talent hoooker to join him!!!
    Break away now, Georgie Boy.
    The maggot-eating Italian got the message.
    No one even recognizes her anymore….
    You can’t stand Klobber by your side or all this PR baloney.
    It’s killing you!
    Sad, but true!
    Break it off….
    Say you’re still friends & crap!
    Break free from the servitude!

  13. 88
    Common Sense Says:

    While there’s still any dignity left inside you, George, any self respect, don’t take Stacy Klobber to the Golden Globes nor the Academy Awards.
    You’ll regret it one day…

    You couldn’t stand Canalis by your side …. & look how you behaved.
    This is ridiculing you.
    It’s killing you inside….
    Break it off and stay single.

    Take your parents.

  14. 89
    diss Grace Says:

    Keibler prostitutes herself for fame by wiping her a$$ all over wrestling ropes, shaking her rear-hole for perverts worldwide to psychically molest.

    At the same time, tens of thousands of innocent girls are FORCED INTO PROSTITUTION worldwide. Where in the HELL is the UN Messenger of Peace? Why doesn’t he USE his “celebrityism” and take a stand for these innocent victims????

    Because HE CAN’T.

    He AGREED to sign a PR contract to FAKE-DATE a fame prostitute who wipes her **** all over wrestling ropes for fun, $$$$ and pervert attention.

    George must be also be sick and desparate for his own publicity because as the UN MESSENGER OF PEACE, he AGREED to be associated with appalling prostituted fame trash….”again.”

  15. 90
    Maria Von Trapped Says:

    Stacy Keibler simulates violence against women by bashing a woman’s head against the floor, kicking women, enacting brutality against women for entertainment, $$$$, publicity and fame. She has the audacity to flash her phony smile around the media trying to make a sophisticated decent society “ass-ume” she’s some sort of health conscious, harmless “girl next door.” Her simulated violence against women “for entertainment”… is TOXIC and sickening.

    Since she “twasked”, here’s my “favorite song that i like to listen to for Christmas”…

  16. 91
    ...sigh.... Says:

    whatever… this is what George chose.
    Sure she’s no beauty & looks wrong next to him.
    He’s by far better looking by comparison. And she’s HUGE. Healthy gal, but MASSIVE BONED…

    And let’s not forget, Matt Damon married a single mom bartender working at a Miami strip bar.
    Slash married a madam (Perla Ferrar) & she’s the love of his life.

    If George likes Stacy, good luck to him. I hear people ridiculing him, but if he may have strong passionate feelings and her past doesn’t bother him. Neither did Canalis’ nun porno.

    If he takes Stacy to state functions to meet Obama or other world officials, they may have a hard time taking him (or her seriously). Not much conversation other than ask her if the wrestling was choreographed… zzzzz….etc. Others probably won’t even be able to look her straight in the face.
    She seems vacuous in interviews.
    No beauty either.
    But as long as George is happy. She might be the ONE :-)

  17. 92

    George has strong passionate feelings for an Oscar. Sigh give it a rest. People are ridiculing because he has this image of a sophisicated and intellectual man. His choices present otherwise. He can’t have it both ways. Obama and that crowd are not the only ones who do not take him seriously. Hollywood doesn’t count. They are into trtailer trash, ******, and low brow couture. Real hard on for them to take someone that is lowbrow, gussy them up, and pass them off as a royal. George is keeping with his peers. Doesn’t mean as consumers and observers we have to acccept it. Tell your boss try authenticity.

  18. 93
    ....sigh.... Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: If it’s Hollywood culture to take someone from the gutter & spruce them up to be “royal” then Clooney should choose someone more worthwhile that others will admire. There are plenty of beautiful fallen women in this world.
    The ones he selects with his management are all much less attractive than him…. Keibler / Canalis- both very plain looking, almost ugly.
    What’ wrong with him?

    If fuels speculation that he’s bisexual and Waldo Sanchez is his real long term partner.
    Perhaps his managment can try bribing the members of the HMPA & AMPAS to guarantee an Award. His acting in The Descendants seems to be quite lackluster compared to the other nomination..
    But you, Timekeeper, as part of his PR convince him he’s invincible to appease his ego.
    Yes, he chose to be with Stacy & good luck to him….
    Mismatched, unattractive couple but as long as he seems happy…
    Fuel him with more hard liquor.
    Is Stan Rosenfield Associates the most corrupt & worsst A-list publicity firm in Hollywood?
    Any other A-listers on their books?

  19. 94
    not existing, maybe dead Says:

    1. Why do you always act as if you did not know what’s going on?
    2. For sure you can’t communicate with somebody who does not exist.
    3. No, I’m not OK without you, how come?

  20. 95
    UN Hype a Crit Says:

    Mess ngr of peace?

    Unh huh. Yeuh. Suresies.

    George should set up a satellite in Sudan to monitor Bashir’s behaviour and then tell Bashir what is and isn’t appropriate since George is really NOT an advocate for peace, but rather a piece of….

  21. 96

    Good try sigh, but it is not working! Trying to turn the tables and say I am part of his pr team? Full of your own s*h*i*t* aren’t you. I see you take that pie eating scene literally in “The Help” haven’t you? I see you, George and the rest of the clown posse put together a slick little roll on “The Insider”. First this dumb show “tried” to glamourize wrestling to polish up Kiebler. You guys cannot have it both ways. Ray Charles can see through this thick wade of bulls*h*i*t* puddles you expect America wade in. Truth hurts.

  22. 97
    looker Says:

    Will you guys please take this discussion to one of George’s recent threads, say this one
    Keibler doesn’t care that she is getting bad publicity, she just wants attention, and this discussion is giving it to her.

  23. 98
    Tiziana Says:

    White wash Stacy tries to do some mass manipulation, suddenly she has become an actor and director, yes yes.
    Shaking her big butt in a thong is past, now she is the messenger of beauty and health, hahahaha.
    Too sad, people don’t stop posting her disgusting videos, just a friendly reminder of what she really is: A big fat *ss.
    Shame on you George, you support this liar, she is a disgrace to women and an offense to real actors and directors.

  24. 99
    Oink n'd Puke Says:

    Keibler’s a role model for pigs. She is NOT a role model for decent intelligent women under any circumstance.

  25. 100
    Oink n'd Puke Says:

    Stacy Keibler’s concept of “famine relief:

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