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Chord Overstreet: 'Beautiful Girl' Song Leak!

Chord Overstreet: 'Beautiful Girl' Song Leak!

Check out Glee hunk Chord Overstreet‘s first song as a solo artist!

The original track is called “Beautiful Girl” and Chord just finished it in the studio this past weekend. The 22-year-old aspiring musician has been writing and recording his own original music and will be focusing on his own music in 2012. Can’t wait to hear more!

FYI: A new episode of Glee called “Extraordinary Merry Christmas” airs tonight, December 13, at 8PM ET/PT on FOX. When New Directions is asked to perform at two different events – on the same day, at the same time – they have a tough decision to make.

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WHAT DO YOU THINK of Chord Overstreet’s song “Beautiful Girl”?

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  • zac

    leaked my A$$ It sounds very auto tuned and Bieber wanna be-ish

  • solecito

    Another generic auto-tuned over-produced crappy song, but I’m sure stupid teenage girls are going to love it.

  • Pluto


  • Kelly

    Ugh! That ugly dude is SO obnoxious!
    I wish they never let him back on Glee! And “his” song sucks a$$

  • Lisa

    Total FAIL! Maybe the fact that this song is going to bomb big time will be a blow to his huge ego

  • Jill

    Oh! Look at that, his stupid song “leaked” the same day as a new Glee episode! What a coincidence!!!

  • Obviously

    please go away chord overstreet

  • rocio

    I like it… its not like the next great song of the decade, but ill listen to it. Its nice. Though totally not cool to pretend its got “leaked” the same day glee comes on.

  • Susana

    I love it. Do I have any delusions it’s a masterpiece? No. But it’s catchy and sweet and no worse than most pop songs out there. I wish Chord the best :)

  • P

    I think it’s a cute corny pop song and that really suits him. Plus the fact that Chord can actually sing and isn’t overly autotuned is a pleasant change from most pop music today.

  • Susana

    I love it. Do I have any delusions it’s a masterpiece? No. But it’s catchy and sweet and no worse than most pop songs out there. I wish Chord the best :)

  • Samantha

    It’s so cute! I love it :D

  • jenna

    I don’t actually care what people say! All i know is that I am loving the song. Chord has a great potential. Cant wait for more. Haters are gonna hate, but seriously this is great.

  • Gigi

    He is about as entertaining as watching paint dry…
    And he’s ugly as hell

  • Marly

    This guy bugs me so bad , I don’t see him going anywhere after Glee gets rid of him again

  • Sherri

    Hahaha!! That is his song? It’s fine if you are 16 like Justin Beiber but isn’t he like 30? Ugh! What a loser! Lmao

  • Diggy

    Whats with his picture?
    “Nice pose bro” hahaha!
    What a tool

  • Rachal

    Ive never even heard of this guy, but them again I’m not 10 years old

  • Angel

    ^You people have too much free time.

    I liked it. I can definitely imagine hearing it on the radio one day. Good for Chord. :)

  • mike

    I think this song is great. it’s simple and very catchy. Nice one Chord.

  • Jo

    OMG I love it so much!!!

  • hollie

    lol all the people who are hating on this are probably darren stans

  • Proud Unichord.

    Look, Chord did a great job, this song is perfect. His voice sounds really good. And I’m proud of him <3

  • Jan

    As someone else said not the song of the decade but definitely enjoyable. Didn’t think I was going to like it and now it’s on repeat.
    Definitely didn’t leak tho lol

  • Betsy

    Ah Chord! Good job! Nice and really catchy and actually highlights his voice unlike, well, really just about every single song they’ve ever given him on Glee. Terribly cheesy, but in SUCH a charming way. BLESS.

  • Jane

    It’s a sweet and earnest song, I like it. It grows on me the more I listen to it.

  • Andy

    I think is REALLY good, catchy, and a great first taste of his album, GO CHORD!!

  • Faith

    This song is awesome, can’t wait for the album

  • alice

    I actually really liked it! Can’t wait to hear the rest of his album.

  • Laura

    I love it! His voice is so sweet. :)

  • Chuck

    Darren stans, go away. It ain’t bad. I still think Chord can do better than this, but it’s nice for the first solo song we’ve heard from him.

  • Thomas

    It’s not something I’d normally listen to but it’s not terrible. It’s one song of many so it’s too early to really judge his entire music career/style. I wouldn’t say he’s off to a bad start, though. Songs like this usually sell.

  • nathan

    this song is great, nicely written and very well sang!

  • xan


    I’m not a teenager, but I like it anyway.

  • Hot dog

    Haha you go, Chord!

  • jenny

    i feel so sorry for those people who takes time to drop by and just put negative comments here. Anyway, Im so happy that Chord has his solo now and a song really will bear his name. I’m so happy for him that this song turned out great. Plus, i just realized that GLEE is wasting this guy’s talent. He should be used more. Hands down to Chord for this attempt. It’s superb.

  • Tom

    wow. i think that was a pretty good song, I really enjoy it :)
    good for you chord.

  • Karen

    I like it, it’s not mindblowing but it’s radio friendly and I hope the song does well.

  • Luz

    I mean, it won’t win a grammy but it’s a nice song.
    I think the people who are being so harsh actually have a problem with glee or the character chord portrays rather than the song.
    And lol for autotune, I mean, it would be better without, but it’s not the end of the world for a pop song. And let’s stop to use autotune as a excuse to declare a musician crappy, since most of the time is a producer’s decision anyway and almost every pop artist uses it at some point. And if you don’t listen to pop music, what are you doing here, commenting this article, anyway?

  • Pretty
  • Johnny

    I like it. Good first effort.

  • ozzie

    this sounds like it was produced using garage band on a macbook air.

  • furryasses4all

    I think he will come out as gay soon

  • Blondie

    Best song ever? No, of course not. But it’s kind of heart warming and I love Chord. I think they put a little too much autotune on him here (more than on Glee anyway), but still sounds pretty good. Is it worth all the hate? No. You can say you don’t like it without hating on it.

  • Sofie

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to hear the rest of this album!!!!

    I know I’ll be listening to this on repeat for a very long time.

  • Sofie

    This Jackass is a waste of time & energy!
    He can’t act, he can’t sing & he’s ugly..

  • Jill


    Oh! Look at that, his stupid song “leaked” the same day as a new Glee episode! What a coincidence!!!

  • Lee

    Hahaha!! Seriously? This idiot needs to take his wannabe Justin Beiber song and go the hell away

  • Defender

    Wtf?! Look at this guy
    “Nice pose bro” hahaha!
    What a tool

  • Josh

    This fool couldn’t be a bigger Douchebag if he tried!
    Nice song, idiot