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George Clooney: Leadership Conference in Australia!

George Clooney: Leadership Conference in Australia!

George Clooney waves at photographers before heading to a waiting car on Sunday (December 11) in Sydney, Australia.

The 50-year-old actor is in town to speak at a leadership conference.

George spoke about working with the peace activist group Not On Our Watch, which aims to focus global attention and resources toward putting an end to mass atrocities around the world.

“What I am trying to do is continue to keep a satellite, that we’ve been using to monitor war criminals, on the border between the south and the north of Sudan,” George said (via Herald Sun).

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    SANTA!!!!! HO HO HO!!!!!!

  • Saph

    Nice to see him without the blonde barbie next to him making him look like her own little elf. Guess she isn’t good enough for anything other then Cabo. George would look so much better on the red carpets without his brainless barbie doll who is showing by her tweets what an idiot she is. Too bad the weather wasn’t better in Oz but then he wasn’t there to sightsee.

  • Mideja O’Hearn
    Clooney the connoisseur’s red carpet choice.
    Coz he’s a winner!

  • Oracle

    He ruined the weather in Sydney.
    Normally it’s bright & sunny in mid-summer.
    But his negative force evil energy turned the skies grey & miserable.
    And a downpour of torrential rain.
    As soon as he left, the skies cleared..

  • Curious Cat

    He looks unhappy or stressed.
    Gee, what’s up?

  • sinuous

    Clooney is a pathetic phony!
    So many people can’t stand him.
    Never mind the masses of borgs that worship anything drummed into them as long as it appear on celluloid.
    What a load of baloney he regurgitated at the conference.
    Hadn’t even rehearsed. Rehashed past bits he said on Piers Morgan, etc.
    No wonder it didn’t sell out.

  • ulterior motives

    @sinuous: yeah, and he claims he’s donating it to the Satellite Sentinel project..
    Sure, after administration costs, fees, taxes, that would be something like 10%. And that’s tax deductible too…
    He’s an avaricious ruthless miser. A commodity that makes money for a corrupt syndicate.
    And they money launder profits in hotel developments in Cabo.
    Sinatra & Elvis fronted Vegas.
    Clooney is the face of Cabo!

  • sinuous

    @ulterior motives: you mean his reported $600K fee?
    Even milking that lie for publicity!
    He’s desperate.

  • Croupier

    his fault for agreeing to the contract with fugly faced Kieber.
    Squinty, beady eyed big ho with a huge forehead the size of a football.
    No lips and a parrot beak side on. Thin string dyed hair.. Gross!
    No wonder she never made it as a beautiful model or actress.
    Canalis was just as ugly. Different coloring.

  • Croupier

    i meant fugly faced Stacy Kiebler.
    Even her legs are butch & manly. Unshaven here:

    “Ooooooeeeee, I’m Spacy Stacy 2 digit IQ!!!
    Dunno where in Germany my ancestry is… Couldn’t even name a town to bluff, let alone pronounce my name right…. *giggle*
    But I sure can rub my feces on the wrestling ring rope”

  • trashedbytrash

    I would never stand next to him. Gawd!!! He makes me feel uglier!

  • Reality Check

    It’s a myth that George Clooney is marketed as handsome, sexy, whatever.
    Open your eyes.
    I see an average 50 year old male.
    Average height, average looks…
    Suffering from a mid-life crisis.
    Probably listens to teenage music on his iPod!

  • Susan

    wtf?? In Australia??? Wow! My country, I love it! If only I could meet him

  • trashedbytrash

    @Reality Check: lol!!! Thank you!!! You are so charming!!

  • memorable quote

    “I’m just a lucky slob from Ohio who happened to be in the right place at the right time.”
    - Clark Gable.

    and George sponged off it to apply to his own spiel..

  • trashedbytrash

    @memorable quote: I remember that quote. That’s hilarious lol

  • jess
  • jess
  • jess
  • jess
  • Incongruent Image

    You’d think he’d take his beloved girlfriend along. I mean, couples usually share memorable events as such.
    He’s kind of handsome in a conservative, rugged way, but Stacey Keibler is quite plain/ almost ugly, so makes him look less appealing.
    Like an imbalance!

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  • Kylie

    @Susan: he’s left already.
    Dinner with Kate Blanchet at The Rocks on Sunday.
    Dinner with DiCaprio on Monday night.
    Flew out this morning.
    Should be back in LA by now.
    Short visit.
    Didn’t even have time to visit Russell Crown at his home in Woolloomooloo.

  • Kylie

    Russell Crowe that is…

  • Brad Pity

    If only George could meet someone one day that he’d genuinely love rather than be selecting these phony publicity arrangements.
    Sad really.
    I hear Kirstie Alley selected this Keibler monstrosity for him.
    Being a friend of Randy Gerbil’s crime syndicate, she got the thumbs up.
    And she’ll have the honor of attending memorable occasions with him during the Awards ceremony.
    Aaaaahhhh, history in the making.. How romantic *puke*
    For lack of a better choice, he’s forced to bond with dispensable trash in under fake circumstances…
    BUT…. one day when he meets the right woman, he can actually tell her all about it! For she didn’t exist in his life, so was forced to parade these ugly hoookers around..

  • Mikado

    He will end up very lonely and looking in his mirror how and when all this happened.

  • Brad Pity

    @trashedbytrash: the only trash here is George’s taste in phony relationships…
    And the trash he “dates.”
    But he’s an insecure man.
    Spends his time online, hiding from the world, and discussing himself as on
    He posts as “it’s me.”
    Always praising his photos….sigh…..

  • Seventh Veil

    @trashedbytrash: a very very insecure man, wouldn’t you say, dear?
    So insecure that his popularity may diminish.
    That the perceived brand Clooney may fade from the limelight.
    An aging narcissist in denial. With a midlife crisis who listens to teenage pop hits…. so he can be trendy!

  • drunken rant

    @signage/ Silverscreen/ JillAngie
    no, no, he won’t break it off with Klobber.
    She’s got that secured & bona fide.
    Already he’s pestering her to lose weight for the Golden Globes & the Academy Awards. She’s too Teutonic beastly large & will make him look too feeble on the red carpet, you see.
    Her stylist employed to find her adequate butt crack & tittie tape…
    Don’t know why she’s playing modest now… Oh, that’s right, the Oscars are too respectable.
    But this is also pathetic Clooney’s revenge on Canalis.
    How do you honestly think her Cavalli zipper burst open, hmmmm???
    His main concern is to win the Best Actor award..
    And Director too…
    That’s all he’s obsessed about….
    I kid you not!
    There’s always Waldo to pour his heart out to as well…

    Poor empty George…
    There’ll never be an “Anna” for him..

  • wow

    EVeryone seems to be in Australia these days. ha


    George Clooney DATES HIDEOUS WHOR*ES.
    Sarah Larson – average but mongoloid
    Elisabet Canalis – masculine to plain/ ugly.
    She was patting him like a poodle at a bar where I saw them recently.
    ZERO chemistry.
    Mind you, she’s FUGLY as.
    I’d be turned off too if I was him.

  • looker

    @Saph: You must have had a barbie doll knockoff, because Keibler doesn’t remotely resemble a real barbie doll. She’s ugly even after hours of makeup. I see prettier women shopping at the local Target, women wearing little to no makeup and have had no photoshop done, but they are much prettier.


    yeah, she’s a Waltons inbreed. But afflicted with gigantism.
    Plain Jane Keibler.

  • looker

    @HARLEY DAVIDSON: LOL! Don’t insult the poor Walton ladies. Mary Ellen could totally rock a pair of overalls. And all girls were county tobacco spitting champions three years running ;-)