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George Clooney: Sydney Departure!

George Clooney: Sydney Departure!

George Clooney arrives at Sydney Airport to catch a departing flight on Monday (December 12) in Sydney, Australia.

The 50-year-old actor was in town to speak at a leadership conference.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of George Clooney

Earlier in the day, George was spotted all suited up at the Star City Casino with a few friends.

George‘s latest film, The Descendants, was recently chosen as the year’s Best Picture by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.

FYI: George is wearing Persol 2405-S sunglasses.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney out and about in Sydney…

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Brada Pita @ 12/14/2011 at 7:15 pm

that’s exactly what Anna absolutely no need

RODEnt, unlike Equine Stevie, fluent in English (albeit gutter/ sewer dialect)… with helium highnotes.
And then will attack Farm Boy. Jackhammered…
Even if Farm Boy is a control-freak.
Residual ‘roid rage & growth hormone side-effects.

@enregistreur: Anna will not going to marry a rich French man. She will live her life with integrity and modesty. At the end, she will know that she did not live her life as a coward.

Anna will not going to marry Prince François Humperdinck. But Farm boy has deserted her, so she will be alone.

drunken rant @ 12/16/2011 at 5:15 pm

@signage: oh, no… she won’t be alone!
She’s currently got a taste for Zakk Wylde types. That’s on the menu.
George’s Twin Flame? You bet! Just as devious.
That’s why she sees right thru him.
Farm-Boy measures his virility by his perceived pen*ile length.
Once again, I’ll repeat, if that’s what matters to women, then big black men would get all the action & not much left for others. And the Oriental population would be in serious decline…
Sorry, but black men do have the endowment advantage. But that doesn’t matter. So get that thru your stubborn mule head, Farm-Boy!

@drunken rant: Zakk Wylde? I had to look him up as I did not know who he is. He is not Anna’s type at all, no where close. Zakk Wylde seems like Sandra Bullock’s type, though, so maybe she should hook up with him.

Wolfgang Gunnerson @ 12/16/2011 at 5:34 pm

I’ll give you examples of what an immature control-freak George is:
* Just coz I noticed one of his PR gnomes, a cute mature-aged pipsqueak called Cindigirl on on this video footage:,
he had my Avatar deleted & banned me from sending private messages.
And KatieDot Butt-Plug had to play patsy for him. He’s her employer after all..
They covered it up coz Cindigirl is playing the part of a dedicated fan, along with the other main 7 gnomes of multiple usernames…
See, George posts as “it’s me” on
My Avatar was of him drunk in a car after the China Tang restaurant in London in late October.
He was a total mess. Drinking & smoking to drown his sorrows all night. Then caught a private jet back, with the Prom Queen wannabe Hooker Klobber by his side…
ANYWAYS….. the smug assshole George doesn’t like such photos that aren’t flattering..
Btw, he also deleted some photos of his nephew Billy-Bob with Nick & Nina, that some Belgian registered user posted on Then, as a practical joke, he pasted a reply that it was from KatieDotButtPlug due to privacy….
And threw in a gratuitous confusing ruse from his own username “it’s me.”
What a buffoon!
I can’t stand him!!!!!!

@Wolfgang Gunnerson: Please stop with the nonsense. That it’s me ID is one of Katiebuttplug’s many sockpuppets. George doesn’t post there at all. Oh and Keibler owns that blog and uses it to promote herself. It’s Keibler elves cookie house. Keibler used to post as New Kid and now posts as Katiebuttplug, it’s me, and several other sockpuppets.

Wolfgang Gunnerson @ 12/16/2011 at 6:01 pm

@signage: LIAR! LIAR!
You’re one of them!
Probably Cinderella! Kirstie Alley….

and he was Phys Major for a while!!!!
I can see right thru him!

I’m starting to wonder if George’s friends hate him. They apparently want him to remain alone and miserably drinking to numb his feelings. George tortured Anna for two years, and now his friends torture her, too. I wonder if he knows about it. I feel very sad for him. Anna will be alone, George’s friends will live with knowing they drove her and George apart, and God won’t work any more miracles for George. He’ll have money and nominations and escorts, but no miracles and nothing life affirming. He just wants to drink his booze and be numb. Reality is too scaring for him.

Freudian Slip @ 12/16/2011 at 6:14 pm

Anna brings good fortune to people. Strange phenomenon.
I’ll say no more…
Some people have negative energy and bring bad luck. Accidents happen when you encounter them…
And few are positive good forces…
I’m not really spiritual, but this seems to be true.

She won’t end up alone. She’s too loving. Despite the facade, she’s a pure soul.
And this platonic love she projects has gone to someone else who is truly blessed. He’s become the nicest man. And that’s all she wants.
I say no more because I don’t like to jinx.
George lost her love & her respect.
She just feels sad for him.

Curious Cat @ 12/16/2011 at 6:22 pm

@signage: tortured her for 2 years?
First saw her on a symbolic date maybe before that?
Buddha’s birthday/ Good Friday? Who knows?
Too late now…

@Freudian Slip: You don’t understand. It’s her choice to be alone. It’s not that she will end up alone. If she wanted to marry, she’d be married by now. Again egos and simple minds draw incorrect conclusions.

drunken rant @ 12/16/2011 at 6:28 pm

@Curious Cat: no it wasn’t a symbolic date at the time…. I don’t believe in anything not scientifically proved.

“imagination is more important than knowledge…” Einstein

@drunken rant: Just think if George had used his imagination more on his Ides of March screenplay, what it might have been. Instead he was afraid to draw outside the lines, and the work suffered because of it.

Ah well, he has no muse and never will have one. Will always be close but no cigar where his work is concerned. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

drunken rant @ 12/16/2011 at 7:08 pm

@signage: I meant… scientifically proven…*hick*
No muse for George…. No inspiration.
No risks.
Tried & tested antiquated PHONY methodology.
Just as long as money keeps rolling in…
No need to make more when potentially he can by reinvention.
His own happiness would have radiated from within, making him look SO much more positively handsome & desirable. Too late…

Never listened to his heart.
Just a stubborn mule!!
And he’ll become more & more of a house bound recluse, secure in front of his computer, in his virtual fortress. With his Fort Knox spyware & satellite linkages..Playing God in his own backyard…
Not blessed.
Licking his wounds…
Bored of Klobber.
The novelty wore off just as it started…
Bored of the new ones he seeks online, because they’re all too predictable…
Wanting the unattainable.
But beyond his grasp….

@ Georgie – ciao, baby, this is for you:

@Anna: You are not Anna.

Whipped Honey @ 12/16/2011 at 8:47 pm

@drunken rant: “bored of the new ones he seeks online”? No way…
It’s like sampling a new dish. He’s been doing this for over ten years.
Back in the day, he’d order a la carte straight from Maxim, Sports Illustrated, Playboy…. Had a great week/ end or a few till he got bored of the flavor and….NEXT!!
Thought he was doing the girls a favor actually. Such is his ego.
And was generous with his tips..
Loves the power of control…

Anna not using ‘Ciao’! And she does not write over here!!!!

Davida-Rochelle @ 12/17/2011 at 2:40 pm

@Wolfgang Gunnerson:

Look up Davida-Rochelle on facebook and you will see my picture. I do not need to hide behind anyone else. Kirstie Allie is my nemesis and has hurt my acting/comedy career. Only someone who is truly insane would accuse me of being her “sockpuppet.”

Yes I am on COH under my real name. I did try once to send someone posting as Wolfgang Gunnerson a private message, but was blocked. I wanted him (or her) to clarify his statements on COH. No one else has ever told me to post anything. I hope the readers of JJ realize that “crazies” with an unknown agenda have been hurting COH members by falsely assuming their identities in posting bizarre assertions. Too bad that there isn’t enough space in the mental institutions for the “nutjobs” posting here.

diss Grace @ 12/18/2011 at 1:30 am

George obviously does NOT swear OR he is a BLATANT HYPOCRITE to “date” Keibler knowing his “girlfriend” enacts violence against women for fame, attention and $$$$$$$$$$$.

diss Grace @ 12/18/2011 at 2:12 am

There is NO EXCUSE for anyone to enact violence against women given that the rest of the world is campaigning to END violence against women. Keibler however simulates violence against women for $$$$$$, publicity and fame. It speaks volumes about who George REALLY is since this is the kind of female George and his PR agreed to sign on as the next publicity “escort”.

More than likely, the women in Darfur and Sudan will also get to see that you are “dating” a vulgar ninkompoop because, like Keibler, you are also addicted to fame, publicity and $$$$ at ANY expense….including….. selling your soul.

Defy God and He will deny you.

You can impress the world all you want George, collecting shallow trophies and meaningless fame and awards. You sold your soul in order to do so….AND…. you allowed your own self-serving fame addiction OWN YOU. There’s nothing respectable about doing so.

Great best friends you have that stood-by AGAIN watching you ***** yourself to Hollywood, yet, for all that you’ve done to support them over so many years, they do NOTHING to try to prevent you from making a total **** of yourself with yet another pathetic PR charade.

There is no excuse for anyone to enact violence against women for ANY reason yet your parents stood for the photo-op like puppets (also), smiling away at the disgraceful keibler as if the charade is all in the name of showbiz. Your parents had every reason and right to NOT smile for the camera and to SPEAK OUT against the shameless showbiz exploitation of a sordid phony fame-ho.

“Only a hollow shameless spirit allows its flesh to dicate that what is immoral and repugnant is readily negotiable.” Friendship (popularity, wanting to be liked, loved, adored, fawned over) by the world is enmity with God. Enough said.

Common Sense @ 12/18/2011 at 12:39 pm

@diss Grace: Exactly!
It’s beyond his lack of maturity.
His attention seeking need go shock the establishment through speculation about his personal life. Even if it means self-sabotage.
Looking at that footage above of Stacy, all I see is a very plain/ unattractive BIG, bulky woman. Zero sex appeal.
She looks like a big man.
And appeals to lowlifes! Look at the riffraff in the crowd.
Might be a nice gal in a superficial way, as perceived in the media. She seems very fake & extremely mercenary for money.
And far from mentally or aesthetically stimulating.
George undermines his own happiness.

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