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Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Great Gatsby' - FIRST LOOK!

Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Great Gatsby' - FIRST LOOK!

Check out these first official stills from Baz Lurhmann‘s upcoming film The Great Gatsby!

One of the images shows a glammed up Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan next to Tobey Maguire (Nick Carraway) and Joel Edgerton (Tom Buchanan) with Leonardo DiCaprio (Jay Gatsby) in the background.

“It’s very nerve-racking,” Carey recently told the L.A. Times about taking on a role in the big screen adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic.

“I know how much the book means, especially in America. And everyone has their own view on what the book means, which makes it even more nerve-racking,” she added.

The Great Gatsby is slated to hit theaters December, 25, 2012!

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Photos: Warner Bros.
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259 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Great Gatsby' - FIRST LOOK!”

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  1. 26
    any sm news? Says:

    i wonder when he’ll come back to the states.

  2. 27
    Alanis Says:

    @New girl(friend)?:

    That was definitely a date…totally his type. But who is she ? And if she’s 19 again I’m going to fly to Australia and smack him.

    Looks like a first date or “kicking it leading up to first date”–make him work for it girl.

  3. 28
    Alanis Says:

    that was definitely a first date – or a kicking it leading up to a first date.

    but who is she? Make him work for it girl.

    She looks vaguely familiar, def model. Probably local Aussie girl picked out of the pack.

  4. 29
    Alanis Says:

    sorry- internet mishap.

  5. 30
    crystal Says:

    @Alanis: your right me too I will kick him in the balls.

  6. 31
    Boo Boo Kitty Says:

    She’s not an “unmentionable” look a like- she’s a lot cuter than the UM.

  7. 32
    Boo Boo Kitty Says:

    @any sm news?:

    There is no soul mate news. Remember, he’s not looking for a SM- one has to whack him up the head in order for that to happen.

  8. 33
    HM Says:

    Who is the UM?I like this simple girl with funny nose – she looks more prettier than the DiCaprio himself)

  9. 34
    HM Says:

    But i really dont understand how he can leave Giselle,Bar for this sexy outfit and funny nose which he has right now in his bed I suppose)

  10. 35
    New girl(friend)? Says:

    @alanis: out of curiosity how can you tell based on these photos that it was ‘definitely a first date’? He could have met him a while ago, it can be something casual and just hanging out or more. You never know! The photos were taken around his rented house in Sydney so it could have been anything… Let’s wait and see… We have seen women on his balcony ( no entourage around ) and they just disappeared….
    As for the SM. I doubt there’s a soulmate for Leo. He is just not the settle down type. Just try to accept it. As an actor I love him more and more as he ages but his private life is less and less appealing to me… I guess he is just George Clooney.2

  11. 36
    HM Says:

    Boo Boo Kitty is theDiCaprio PR analyst I suppose)Thats why she has so boo boo kitty curious nose!

  12. 37
    Blonde Says:

    Apparently the blonde is isabel lucas!

  13. 38
    any sm news? Says:

    Not to mix astrology into this lol but i’m going to anyway because of how he portrays himself. Scorpios are very secretive and hide their emotions. I think the media and his people do a good job of making him look like a George Clooney Jr. but this guy has more depth than we know. He’s a closet romantic.

  14. 39
    New girl(friend)? Says:

    Isabel Lukas? How do you know ( for sure )? You can’t see her face so I’m curious how do you know?

  15. 40
    HM Says:

    isabel lucas?another stupid model&actress?omg she had jumped in theDicaprios bed faster than Blake?Or what?

  16. 41
    HM Says:

    Boo Boo Kitty we are waiting for your comments)

  17. 42
    HM Says:

    All Dicaprios girls are just fillers,including thedicaprio pr analyst Boo Boo Kitty

  18. 43
    HM Says:

    DiCaprio cant treat women right,he makes women miserable and unhappy,all of them will become boo boo kitty with him.I am glad that Giselle made a RIGHT decision,and I hope Bar will find a right man and I hope his soulmate will be happy with a good man.

  19. 44
    Alanis Says:

    @New girl(friend)?:

    She’s totally his type, young blonde, modelesque- in fact he prefers natural dirty blond like him. Dressed like a LDC girlfriend- casual but flirty, note the sunglasses (we have something to hide and are trying to keep on the DL)- but if you look closely in a few shots the way he is looking at her and then reaches out his arm almost protectively- and the way he is walking in back of her – looks datey for him. But you dont know whether it will work out or not….she might be smart and know what he is about. I agree # 43, but I keep hoping it will change.

    Also, even good men are frustrating sometimes.

    The UM= BR. The people on this thread have agreed not to talk about the Unmentionable by international treaty. It attracts obvious flies. And we’re sick unto death of that.

  20. 45
    any sm news? Says:

    Do you guys believe that there is always a person who has the ability to make a guy change his game? a game changer.

  21. 46
    Boo Boo Kitty Says:

    @HM: I wish I was one of his fillers. Wouldnt mind exchanging nasty texts with him a la Jasmine Waltz or whomever the Awful Truth girl(s) are.

    Except, I’d knowwhat he is about an FREAK him. I mean I’d go for the gold. If I was his type (young dumb and full of come) I’d track him down in LA, wear something ****** and ROCK HIS WORLD without compunction.

    Players can be played. But I’m not his type, red head among other things. Also have masters degree and am over 25, so you know I couldnt hang.

  22. 47
    New girl(friend)? Says:

    Oh, so it’s only your opinion that it was a first date…
    @45: It does happen and I do hope it will happen to him ( unless he runs away from her ).
    @HM: Seriously what’s your issue? Something is clearly wrong with you. You are just … weird!

  23. 48
    Boo Boo Kitty Says:

    I just googled Isabel Lucas. She is SO his type. I sense another possible mini-relaysh, but too soon to tell. She is Australian, maybe someone set them up but she’s gorgeous and blondish.

    BUT, she lacks the DESPERATION factor that will keep her in a long time. Has been in a couple of movies, including very successful Immortals and also Transformers 2. So she wouldnt need to bed him to get work, and that is sort of a pre-requisite for long time putting up with Leo. So maybe a 2-monther? Maybe he’ll fly her to LA for some fun time.
    She’s prettier than Blake so maybe she’ll last a bit. There will be loads of gossip about them.

    I knew Ghenea wasnt his b i t c h, I knew the UM would not last and that Blake would last the summer…..I’m never wrong about this guy,

    But let’s see. We dont know what they are doing but…..hmmmm

    He seems to like that “little innocent girl” look a lot that she has…even if it masks a major b i t c h of a personality.

    Maybe I can get a job on E! as a relationship analyst, what do you think???

  24. 49
    HM Says:

    Fun is my issue.I find dicaprios issue funny and relaxing,but i really tired of him already.

  25. 50
    Boo Boo Kitty Says:

    @any sm news?:

    No, but I believe some players can suprise you.

    Clooney= already married
    Nicholson=married twice, including to Angelica Huston who was no blonde idiot, has grandchildren.
    Eastwood- total card, has kids with like six different women, treated
    sondra locke like crap, but faithful now. Maybe its because he’s so old.

    Warren Beatty has Annette Bening, but I think she was a lot like his Mom. They have four kids and apparently he is faithful to her.

    If they get older and want kids and find someone they can trust, they might. Also if she has a pleasing personality and probably reminds him of his mother maybe. Leo has to win an Oscar first, so maybe if he scores for Hoover we will see some changes soon.

    Remember, the girl has to LIKE him too….this girl might think he’s scuzzy and too old. Karlie Kloss was 19 and we didnt see her go after him—when I was 19 37 would make him seem like a grandpa. And she’s not dying for work so she wont stick like glue.

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