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Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Great Gatsby' - FIRST LOOK!

Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Great Gatsby' - FIRST LOOK!

Check out these first official stills from Baz Lurhmann‘s upcoming film The Great Gatsby!

One of the images shows a glammed up Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan next to Tobey Maguire (Nick Carraway) and Joel Edgerton (Tom Buchanan) with Leonardo DiCaprio (Jay Gatsby) in the background.

“It’s very nerve-racking,” Carey recently told the L.A. Times about taking on a role in the big screen adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic.

“I know how much the book means, especially in America. And everyone has their own view on what the book means, which makes it even more nerve-racking,” she added.

The Great Gatsby is slated to hit theaters December, 25, 2012!

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  1. 76
    quid pro quo Says:

    i think we all know who HM is…she seems to be in a snit today, wonder why ;) what comes around goes around….notice the word choices, etc.

  2. 77
    HM Says:

    of course erin is heaven with nice options to keep!Haha!another young prostitute/omg

  3. 78
    HM Says:

    I am a paid barf freak,and you are some idiots.Bye and keep smiling,experts))

  4. 79
    80 Says:

    UM is in NY on Dec 15th. Her twitter.

  5. 80
    @larson Says:

    Um, there is no conspiracy Erin Heatherton ( if it is her) is a rather famous VS Angel and model.
    People who follow fashion tend to know the smallest detail about people in that industry
    Because you dont know her does not make others recognising who she is random or weird

  6. 81
    HM Says:

    PS Wish he did this fly to NY to meet Bar!:)

  7. 82
    82? 83? Says:


    You mean like UM?

    Here is the link to her fukkking a couch – courtesy of Youtube. It appears that this shoot has no brand attached, but don’t tell me for one second it’s an art piece. If it was, she would be nude in the ruins of Pompeii or in a garbage dump:

    And this is my favourite! A drunk MOON LANDING. You can see the cottage cheese. Ewwww. Courtesy of Zimbio a la JJ:

    Nice work callgirl.

  8. 83
    ah ah Says:

    @Blonde: Sorry the girl is not Isobel Lucas, she would be his type , very pretty, but has a huge brain, unlike the normal gfs

  9. 84
    @@HM - UM's PAID friend :( Says:

    Erin Heatherton’s pics are elegant and in good taste. Now check out the links at 82. LOL!!

  10. 85
    @@HM - UM's PAID friend :( Says:

    Erin Heatherton’s pics are elegant and in good taste. Now check out the links at 82. LOL!!

  11. 86
    @74 Says:

    Oh, because it`s not obvious who you are… You already started to ruin the thread with your usual Bar stuff so why not use your name, tinkerHELL?

  12. 87
    New girl(friend)? Says:

    Tinkerbell is already here pushing her Bar-vendetta even though Leo is clearly moving on from her. Pathetic. Erin`s photos are elegant and in good taste? She is the same underwear model as Bar. It`s your hatred that makes a difference.

  13. 88
    HM Says:

    OMG…Yeah,i checked it out.
    Boobs with ugly nose is a good taste and elegance/WTF i am doing on this planet!!DiCaprio must play a great condom instead of gatsby,am i right?

  14. 89
    JJ Are You Going to Post Mine Says:

    I submitted about 20 minutes ago…

  15. 90
    @87 Says:

    Firstly I dont think thats Tinkerbell
    Secondly I blame this HM character look ea his/her posts
    Its obvioulsy baiting nothing constructive.
    Just ignore HM guys!!!!

  16. 91
    Message Says:

    Umm. Leo has clearly moved on from his old relationships. We should all try to do the same. Someone else (on another thread, I believe) said if it is Erin Heatherton, she is probably the chosen one to be the next gf for a little while. She seems to fit the bill perfectly.

  17. 92
    Thanks 90 & 91 Says:

    Thanks guys. In my message that wasn’t posted, I was answering 87 and 88, saying that they shouldn’t call bully when they are on this thread and are slamming Leo. That really ticks me off. They shouldn’t be allowed to slam other public people just because, you provide them with a service. I’m quiet and good now :)

  18. 93
    New girl(friend)? Says:

    HM is a little weird sometimes but it’s tinkerbell and her obvious posts that need to be ignored again.
    @message: I agree. I think Karlie wasn’t on board for the on-call girlfriend title so he went for the ( more desperate but just as blah ) second pick who was ready to run to Sydney when she was told to.
    I wonder how his mother or his PR team feel about this. The PR team is supposed to be responsible for his image but right now he seems like going for the Mr Kiddie Pool / Clooney.2 image. Someone give him a clue already?

  19. 94
    Lothario? Says:

    @92: Yeah, nobody should call bully, especially not you, think since that`s exactly what you have been doing here for years.
    So it seems like Leo is going to be home for Christmas and he is somewhat `steady` with an Aussie model, Kendal. Who knows what`s really going on with his love life?

  20. 95
    Fielding Says:

    May I ask why do Leo fans alwyas finger blame his PR team or his latest conquest for his actions?
    Is the man incapable of making his own decisions? Does it make his fans feel better cussing at his girfirends or blaming someone else for choices they dont like?

  21. 96
    New girl(friend)? Says:

    @95: isn’t that what a PR team supposed to do? Help him with his image? So what’s the big deal about my question? It his his life and choice so why would anyone ‘blame’ his team? But it sure has an effect on his image and that was my point!

  22. 97
    96 Says:

    @Lothario?: @Fielding:

    I discovered this subculture last Feb, when Canada Girl was still posting under that monicker. Until then, it was newspapers only – boring!

    Leo should have control, ultimately, over his own life. I think people are offended by all the dumb things UM did and said. Now, she’s got a bit of a rep. Unfortunately, her team may reflect on her as well.

  23. 98
    larson Says:

    @@larson: Yeah I actually do know who she is, which is why I’m surprised. But come on? Madglina(can’t spell her name) or Anna? Especially Anna with those blurry pics. I’m really surprised at Erin. She’s halfway decent looking. Not as pretty or as good as a model as Candice but somewhat known. A SLIGHT upgrade for Leo? IDK.

  24. 99
    New girl(friend)? Says:

    @Larson: No upgrade here whatsoever. Another blonde underwear model who is way too young for him. Time to get out of the kiddie pool.
    @96: Why don’t you take your Bar hatred to her posts? NOBODY cates about her anymore but you bring her up all the time. Your sick obsession, tink, is getting really tiring. Get yourself checked already!

  25. 100
    larson Says:

    @New girl(friend)?: Yeah I was saying an upgrade because she is slightly prettier than the normal girls he goes for. But that’s my opinion. If he didn’t know her before he saw her at the vs fashion show afterparty. It’s getting kinda tiring analyzing his choices in women. It’s clear he has a guideline or a checklist that he goes through. blonde, check. model(?sometimes). foreign(most of the time) YOUNG, check. It’s just seems TO ME since he broke up with giselle that his choices seem forced and contrived. But congrats to him on his noms. I think he has a chance of winning gg.

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