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Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Great Gatsby' - FIRST LOOK!

Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Great Gatsby' - FIRST LOOK!

Check out these first official stills from Baz Lurhmann‘s upcoming film The Great Gatsby!

One of the images shows a glammed up Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan next to Tobey Maguire (Nick Carraway) and Joel Edgerton (Tom Buchanan) with Leonardo DiCaprio (Jay Gatsby) in the background.

“It’s very nerve-racking,” Carey recently told the L.A. Times about taking on a role in the big screen adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic.

“I know how much the book means, especially in America. And everyone has their own view on what the book means, which makes it even more nerve-racking,” she added.

The Great Gatsby is slated to hit theaters December, 25, 2012!

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leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan gatsby first look announced 02

Photos: Warner Bros.
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  • raven

    Larson I agree that there has to be some kind of politics in HW in regards to awards. There is politcs involved in almost everything. I assume it affects what films get made even.

    Anyway, what i wonder is, why would it matter to the academy if actors are womanizers and have a bad rep? This is HW and there have been womanizers in the industry for years. It seems like womanizing is one of the perks of making it in the industry for some. Even the studios are guilty of casting couches and other unethical behavior. So I wonder, why would it not be acceptable to them that it would affect people getting awards, if it is the norm in this crazy town? If they are industry people, then they would be aware of the not so great behavior that many participate in that work in HW right?? Unless an actor/actress is in trouble with the law a lot, I could see that not being accepted. But a womanizer actor, doesn’t seem like it would be a big deal to them. I don’t know, what the academy thinks, I’m just speculating and trying to figure out the theory on how the academy works. I probably shouldn’t try to figure it out since it’s impossible.

  • raven

    I like Matt Damon too. I loved watching him kick butt in the bourne films. I also like that he works with wanting to make clean water availble in many impoverished countires. Also, the family he has created is so cute.

  • Tigerseye

    Yes, larson edward is magnificent. I still get slapped in the face and almost heartbroken when I watch primal fear, it just got you in the end when he says those immortal words “…there never was an aaron”, chills right there, I felt that way watching total eclipse with leo, it was exquisite, and whats eating gilbert grape, should have been his year, although oscars mean nothing, anyone remember mira sorvino mighty aphrodite?. Lone wolf, dont worry my lovely, I get these stories and I know why they are continously churned out, that guy in sydney just validated the bullshit ive been excusing, because he is an artist… Maybe was or wants to be, I dont know, Its all very clouded. He tends to lean towards hypocrisy of late, that breaks my heart to lend any support to because I have always maintained this internal feeling that I recognise something in him, something I and many Identify with, but I cant relate to this club hopping, model bedding, cigar smoking hefneresque motif leos got going on. its an de evolution. I thought,when I was 18, ‘whats so great about him?’ Pussy posse antics, I was so not a fan, just thought it was gross and didnt matter anyway because I was in love with brad pitt ..interview with the vampire ..omg! But he gained my respect with green power and the importance of claiming your vote. his views on conservation of the worlds last pristine ecosytems and the demand for equality of human beings and our responsibilty as consumers, our responsibilty of how we treat our earth and each other, he totally in, he became attractive as unlike any guy I could hope to know. I invented him to be this person, because I have read an article or saw an episode of oprah, either way, I believed him, in him. Still do as a person who does care, but this juvenile vocation of party all night, revolving door dating and self sabbotage, just doesnt impress at all, its a gut feeling ive always had for him, sad he keeps validating these ridiculous media that he so desperatley claims to shy from, ive said it before but im at wtf stage. france, italy, fred segal look at me! Then hey get out of my face and respect my privacy as a take the new vs model out for a walk, look im soooo straight! Thats what it seems like and it churns my stomach. Because its transparent tripe, its not just him its every wannabe star, difference is leo has earned his so wtf? Im really not a hater, im just exhausted by the predictable cliche he may become, I want the unabandoned lust for art that I once saw. I kinda wish he was gay, at least it would just be the art then, but hes not gay hes recapturing the youth of the titanic days, because thats what guys do when midlife crisis hits, its not family time. I wish for a sm for him as i for do all. we do all have them, they are not necessarily lovers, but they cant be found in a line up leo. I do love the book the great gatsby, so I probably will look at it, bazs stills are beautiful, but I sincerley am all leoed out round about now. I love the man I know he can be, not the boy he is now. Love to all my angels, im stepping back but not off xox

  • quid pro quo

    I love Ed Norton too. Yale educated, speaks fluent Japanese, adorable.

    I think the reason Leo hasnt gotten an Oscar is that he just hasnt hit the mark- always good, never great. They just dont seem him fighthing for it, and they dont see him doing anything that is really a reach anymore.

    I just saw Nicholson in Cuckoo’s Nest and there are times he looks a lot like Leo, same forehead wrinkles, little turned up coke nose, a bit sleazy looking. Sorry, just had to say it. And Leo played a VERY SIMILAR role in Shutter Island, down to the lobotomy. The ending of that movie was sublime. I love Ken Kesey. I remember thinking the book was brillian.Leo could have done the role VERY WELL if it was casting today- and I think thats what Jack got his oscar for.

    I’ve always heard Jack is well liked. A dcik to women, but professionally everyone thinks he’s ok. He was actually cute when he was young too, and cleaned up very well in Chinatown. (ending also great for that, you cant beat the early 70s for cinema realite). This is ALSO the kind of role Leo would be cast for today and do a good job for.

    What’s really funny is someone did an age progression for Leo and put Jack at the end of it- the next day Leo wsa seen buying $1500 of
    high end facial treatments…..(hahaha) he’s very vain of that phiz.

    He hasnt won because of his position in HW- as the highest earning male lead of all time its just too easy for him to get work, and his characters dont always win sympathy.

    The thing was he chose correctly with Hoover- the winning male leads are almost always uber mensches—-generals, soldiers, political figures, inventors, etc. I mean really strong macho characters-b right from the beginning with the first winner Emil Jannings (who was German and went NAzi later on). So he picked the right KIND of character.

    I dont think we’ll see him in Cabo with this one. I could be wrong.

  • quid pro quo

    ding dong kim jong il is dead!

    I am so happy today that man was horrible…

  • quid pro quo

    I got oddly aroused during American History X—I was like I would hate this guy and walk on the other side of the street if I saw him but I’m wishing I was Fairuza Balk- an actress we’ve seen too little of of late.

    Ethan Suplee was in Am Hist X.

    Note, a few obviously male posters have come out and said “he’s just taking advantage of his opportunities, I’d date VS models too.”

    But because he basically dates the same person lookwise OVER AND OVER it NEVER WORKS OUT. Most of us have a type we prefer, but we’ll compromise on hair, eye color, etc if the personality is really great, they try hard, have a great sense of humor or a lot in common.
    He starts with the superficial and gets beyotches. It never works out, but then again, he doesnt want it to either.

    I bet we see Erin with an SI cover this year. She has a beautiful body but if you see her with her hair up she has chipmunk cheeks and her eyes are a little weird. I havent seen her really do couture or anything–and in order to truly be a supermodel you have to be able to cross categories and yes, do runways and Vogue covers and high end ads.
    But she got a boost to her brand last week- name recognition. I really thought she was soooo pretty when Isaw her in the VS store windows but I didnt know her name.

    But she is pretty and can stand on her own, unlike some people.

  • HM

    Yeah,heaterton thing has a really pretty face and can stand on her own,unlike some educated girl like quid pro quo

    I dont understand why he PRs these sincere whores.I dont understand why he doesnt pr not such an obvious desperate human beings

  • HM

    I bet he specifically makes a negative piar for these models.Deeply in his heart he is very annoyed that people see stupid&ugly things on the covers instead of seeing true talent and beauty.

  • HM

    But after these whores he may never be with worthy woman/girl,but it is not our problem

  • HM


    Are u a closed friend of whores or WTF with ur head in other case?

  • @HM

    I usually don’t understand gibberish
    However your concern with what’s in my pants and obsessively constantly referencing ‘whores’ (whatever that implies) suggests YOU are the head case with issues
    But responding to you seems to feed you so this is clearly my bad

  • HM


    As you have already noticed (I hope) it is not me who is being constantly referenced and even being constantly photographed with obvious call girls

    Dont respond – probably nobody need it, including me.

  • HM


    Yeah, probably nobody needs it. So have a nice day/evening/night,guy/girl!

  • raven

    Tigerseye, I understand. I am dissapointed in him too. Serioulsy, why does he need to go back to the posse day behavior?? Midlife crisis for what? He hasn’t even been married or cut down on the partying or the women to have a midlife crisis like some men do. Does this lifestyle really make him happy?? I highly doubt it. Maybe it gives him a high, like a drug, but then that fades after a while. Still though, he should realize by now that it doesn’t work. I seriously hope that being with his mom during the holidays helps him, and I hope she kicks his butt!!! I still have hope for the sm. It just looks like it might take a couple more years for it to happen. I’m not a psychic, but that’s my guess. This boy has some major healing to do and I hope he does it in the new year.

  • Tigerseye

    Youre right gorgeous raven, thats my thoughts too, check out todays scorpio horoscope from melbourne, I got back today yay for me, leo should maybe take a cue from this astrologer…

  • Tigerseye

    Oh! My post disappeared! Basically the reading said ‘wht seems like a good idea might hurt you in the long run.. Two wrongs dont make a right’ there was more but it generally said that decisions hes made lately need a major rethink, despite how much control he has tried to assert. it was very close to everyones discussions here xox

  • raven

    Tigerseye, wow that horoscope for scorpio could really apply to him, lol at the coincidence or synchronicity. I guess there is a bigger reason why he’s still modelizing around. I guess he has more learning and growing to do. I just hope he makes choices that are for his highest good in the upcoming year. I don’t know if this thing with the new girl will last for years or if it will be short lived, but I really hope he grows a pair and starts making some changes. I would love to know if any of the psychics can chime in on his energy or what could go on next year. I remember reading a prediction in a thread after he broke up with BR, and the person said that it would take a health scare for him to open his eyes and start settling down and being with the sm. Now I wonder whether that might be what wakes him up? I just hope if that does happen that it isn’t anything too serious. I would hope it wouldn’t have to resort to that to open his eyes.

    I hope your trip back to Melbourne went smoothly. Did you get all your work finished in Sydney?? love and hugs :)

  • Lone Wolf

    It’s only my opinion. The fact that he’d never won an oscar has nothing to deal with his personal life. (I remember a director committed crime still win his oscar, dont know his name). Oscar is more about “talking point”. If the movie is very outstanding with no competitor, it will surely win. If it is sentative or controversial, it has very potential to win. If you’ve been nominated for a thousand time with no award, you may also win. If you’re the first female director you may win. If you’ve a breakthrough in your acting, you may win. Yet, Leo is a pop star. He’s too good looking. He has to work very hard to convince the academy that he’s really good in acting. HIs acting is good but many others are better than him. He should try some more risky roles like a very bad guy, killer. This year he has chance by playing an old hoover but he has many competitors, like clooney. It’s good to be nominated and sooner or later he’ll win. Like departed, (converted by a hk movie), martin win but i dont think it’s his best movie but just coz he’s been nominted for years. If you’ve watched the original movie you’ll find that the actor playing the same role is much better than Leo does.

  • Lone Wolf

    Tigerseye, raven, i understand how you guys feel. I can never understand his taste of women (and fashion too). At first I thought it’s because of cultural difference. But then i realize/believe that he does not actually date those women. He doesnt love them. They are only his companies. He cant be alone. But it’s really hard for him to find someone to love in this industry. He could hardly be fearless in a relationship. Everyone is trying to make use of him. (maybe not everyone, but most of them) He’s insecure. He’s grown up in hollywood and he has to care the pr. I hate those gossip site comparing the post break up situation of him with his ex(es). but I hate more to believe he cares about how people is comparing this. We normal people cant really understand. I am going to pitty him more than blame him.

  • raven

    Hey Lone wolf. Yes, i think what you said does make a lot of sense. I think he has issues trusting and loving women. He is a scorpio and they are supposed to want to be in control all the time that I’m sure falling in love is scary. I also have compassion for him, I just hope he finds his way. I will pray for him that he can make better choices in his life. I am just dissapointed because I thought that maybe he was transitioning into better habits, but it seems like it’s gonna take longer than expected. I guess he’s being stubborn, with himself and is choosing to go to what he knows he can control. I really do feel for this kid, I don’t know why, maybe because I see the hints of dorkiness in him and I think there is good in him.

    How have you been feeling Lone wolf?Just wanted to check in on you. Lots of love and hugs to you too!!

  • raven

    Beautiful Tigerseye, I totally forgot to tell you the funny thing Mr. Turtle fan, Condessa, and I discovered about each other a while back. All of our names end with the same 3 letters and same syllable too, how random is that? Mr. Turtle fan was the one that noticed it and pointed it out to us :)

  • Tigerseye

    Really? Omg thats sooo cool raven, I agree with you and lonee wolf, your posts are exactly on the same page as me. Lone wolf,you know more about the oscars than you think. The academy awards are complete paradigms of politics, not the kind we see on the news between two opposing senators or members of parliament, its endorsement of next years platformed films and actors. I really dont admire james.cameron, I think his films are traditionally formulaic and his scripts are incredibly recycled,there were no cyborgs out to obliterate an unborn world leader in titanic, but the dialogue was so played I kind of was waiting for leo to hold his hand out to kate and say;’ come with me if you want to live!’ But, he won and won and won and won best picture! I couldnt believe that, he campaigned so hard to get the same big pats on the back with avatar, but instead his ex wife won! In you face mr king of the world, hurt locker was friggin awesome, but it does make you wonder that something so mediocre like his films are so highly regarded when works of art like pans labyrinth and life is beautiful get the nod for best foreign film, but not best picture, apocolypto was snubbed too even though mel gibson directed it all in an ancient language of quetcha, but I think his anti semetic drunken rants barred him for anothet oscar. campaigns are reflective of your entire celebrity persona and your peers personal bias. Leo keeps low enough for the most part, but he messed up big time with this vacuuous display, in front of spielberg no less, how embarressing. Raven, youre right he is not learning and I do remember the prediction about a possible health scare, quitting smoking would be a good start, and if the awful party gossip has any hint of truth to it, he needs to quit the fast lifestyle, sex, drugs and booze should be reserved for the rolling stones, I cant see him making are quotes and say ‘winning!’ A la charlie sheen, but he seriously needs to, as you nicely stated, grow a pair and accept adulthood already. Love you guys, I come here for you, only you xox love to all…..winning!…..bazinga

  • Lone Wolf

    Yeah, we’re on the same page on this new thread!
    raven, thank you so much. I’m fine now. My friend and I are planning to go to turkey in Feb. At first I’m not very interested in coz it’ll cost me a lot of money. But then I think it’s good to travel and forget the money issue for a while. How about you? Big hugs to you too.
    tigerseye, i dont really like titanic and avatar. For me they are too commercial. Titanic is better and I’ll watch the 3d version for sure. I come here for you guys too.
    Wonder when will leo back to the states. He may enjoy two days christmas due to the time difference!

  • quid pro quo

    argh and double argh

    i can just see them flinging off too cabo on 12/23..say it isnt so Dicaprio!

    Does anybody else feel my pain?

    I mean the girl seems perfectly alright but ugh.

    but we can cheer up because my magic 8-balls gives to after the oscar season. she’s a pretty girl, I am sure he’s into it for the time being but ugh.

  • quid pro quo

    does anybody out there like jonah hill as much as I do–I love his work and he looks great. maybe needs a little lipo under the chin but he looks good.

    if i didnt know better and saw him standing next to brad pitt like up there I’d think he’s the cute one. Why doth brad pitt look so horrible on purpose?

    He looks like he works in a campus copy store–the guy didnt quite graduate..although five minutes at the barber and he’s smoking again???

  • New Barbie

    Let’s see how it goes after he returns to the USA. That sighting doesn’t sound very romantic to me…

  • quid pro quo

    I dont think this is PR like some, sure she’s very pretty, but, i dont think its that deep either-certainly not commmitted. I think leo looks at these chicks as part of his celebrity booty bag–he’s “entitled”



  • HM

    So guys we see that victoria’s secret model heatherton has no secret at all(nude photos are everywhere) and dicaprio is in his own(i.e.constant stupidity),as always.

  • New Barbie

    Leo can’t be alone esp. not for the holidays. So who knows how this is going to end and when? But surely this is the same old story all over again and this is getting really boring and pathetic! Time to grow up! Order-in catalog models are lame for someone who wants to be taken seriously!

  • Absurdi-stan

    I bet home to Mommy for Xmas then she’ll be the New Years booty call in Cabo or wherever. George is already there with his idiot–the girl who used to signal rounds changes for World Wrestling Entertainment. That’s class, a fear factor contestant, cocktail waitress and WWE girl. (but I like some of the WWE chicks in spite of myself)

    Erin honey, if you read this I’m you’re a nice midwestern girl from Skokie, Illinois—but you dont really know what you’re up against. The guy made $77 million last year and is #1 on the Forbes entertainment list, the laws of emotional physics just DONT APPLY.

    Anywho, yeah she has some nudie pix. BUt that kind of became the standard when Cindy Crawford (another midwestern girl) did Playboy-models come to view themselves as “things” anyway and are called that as slang by men who modelize. We working girls are “civilians”
    Gisele had nudes by Avedon, Bar squirmed around naked on a bed to promote a movie that was unreleasable and Blake faked a camera phone hack. They are all the same girl!! I am not saying its good but it just is.

    Wouldnt it be COOLif she just DISSED him and said “SORRY BUT YOU REMIND ME OF MY UNCLE???” you’re too old and I’m 22 and can do better??? (relationshipwise you know she can-even BL pulled that off never mind Gisele)

    I dont mind Miss Erins nudie pix just as long as she doesnt do anything too unethical like break a law or not do a “civic duty” (ahem)

    I was watching my girl Grace Jones on You Tube last night–there’s a model who knew something.

    I am just seeing another underbooked model he can fly around as he wants. I am sure she does ok but doesnt have to work M-F a lot ya know???

  • Absurdi-stan

    I’ll bet $5 to anyone she’s the New Years booty call—anybody taking????
    Payable through paypal.

  • Absurdi-stan

    also, she has nudie pix but she didnt LIE about them like Blake did and say they were accidental.

    the girl is a blank slate as far as I’m concerned.

    hey LDC- I’m free New Years!! that’s if I’m not out photographing (i do freelance) i’m not overtired, out of state or hanging with my boyfriend.
    Or in Philiadelphia photoing the mummer’s parade-Ive always wanted to do that again…that’s a crazy one. We could hang out in Times Square and drink like 15 teas to stay warm…

    what you’re not interested???? ;} ;] I always like how at least three couples propose there after the ball drops…its romantic. Otherwise standing there for five hours in blistering cold stuck in these square NYPD pens is UTTER HELL.

  • Absurdi-stan

    why is sean penn yelling at people in airports??

    because he’s an obvious A-hole is why. didnt you know???

  • New Barbie

    This was kind of expected. When he broke up with Bar fir 6 months they got back together just in time for the holidays. These new aussie sightings are lukewarm so who knows if it will last past the holidays?

  • HM

    Nudie pics and empty head,
    Marry Christmas Leo Dad!

  • HM

    “you’re too old and I’m 22 but already cant do better than nudie pics “.

    Sounds better.

  • HM

    His models stuff is becoming more and more cheap,more and more ugly,more and more desperate.

    Dont compare Cindy to this obvious fake boobs booty call girl

  • Absurdi-stan

    It says up there I can be a celebrity protege. I want leo to be my “mentor” and help me with my on screen acting skills—I particularly need help with losing my reticence at doing sex scenes. We’ll have to practice in private like a lot. (I know this is stupid but I kept thinking that when I saw the ad)-can I get the one I want????

  • ha

    at least she isn’t fake like blake. sure the girl has nude pics, but ALOT of models do, and they were taken by a professional photographer, not byherself on an iphone…..

    and at least the girl doesn’t have fake bobs, and a fake nose…like his ex.

    HM how old are you? like 8? give the dude a break!

  • @ha

    Leo stans are still obsessed with his ex
    Probably don’t have any family for Xmas so ned to vent on JJ
    Hmmmm C*****e

  • Fielding

    The question is how come Leo has the weirdest stans always spewing bile under diff names at all comers?
    No wonder all the good/sane ones have long left

  • @@ha

    No it’s not all of them its just one whack job called L**a/Showmance etc who has been banned from some sites but cannot stop going into mouth foaming hysterics about Leo, Blake etc on every blog
    Either she is a former one night stand of Leo’s who believe she owns him or she’s that Livica who he got a restraining order from
    Scary stuff
    The irony is that h/she calls Tinkerbell a psycho and a loser!!
    Now that’s funny

  • Prediction

    Leo to win Golden Globe in drama
    Djuarden to win Globe for comedy and Best Actor Oscar!!!
    Please NOT George Clooney

  • sos

    @quid pro quo: Well,the one guy is calling her his girlfriend,but the romantic dinner did kind of sound lukewarm to me.Like first date ring to it.This is from page six apparently,AnneV was trying to hook her up with Jake G.Notice the description of the personality same thing we were talking about.The bubbly personality,that his gfs all supposedly have.

    Model Matchmaker
    Was Jake Gyllenhaal shopping for a girlfriend at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show afterparty? Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine certainly thought so. The rock star and his fiancée, supermodel Anne V, tried hard to set up the Oscar nominee with Chicago native Erin Heatherton at the Dream Downtown penthouse after realizing the tall, bubbly blonde resembled Gyllenhaal’s ex, Taylor Swift. Alas, true love didn’t blossom that night—Heatherton left with Angels Candice Swanepoel and Alessandra Ambrosio, while Gyllenhaal took his leave with a bro-pack including Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Maybe next year, Jake?

    The filming dates seem weird suppose to be finished on the 23,but then he’s suppose to come back in January.I guess it’s just a Christmas break?
    @Absurdi-stan: lol@ your name and I don’t like to take bets i ‘m not going to win.

  • Mari

    Hey guys, I haven’t been on JJ for a while. Good to see some honest discussion about Leo, unlike what I see over on Bellazon. I am a big admirer of his acting ability and think he’s incredibly handsome and sexy too. I was thrilled when he and the UM finally broke up and I thought perhaps he might pick someone a little closer to his age, perhaps with some accomplishments of her own. It’s pretty disappointing to see that he’s going after the same type of woman he always does: young, blonde, model (or modelesque). At this point I would be shocked if Leo actually dated someone in her (gasp) late 20s. There are so many beautiful, intelligent, accomplished women out there; one has to wonder why he constantly chooses women who are known primarily for their appearance. Is he really that shallow? I hope not, but I am starting to wonder.

    In the meantime, I’ve been taking an interest in Michael Pitt (Jimmy Darmody on Boardwalk Empire). He looks like a younger Leo, without all the baggage!

  • 245

    @Mari: I here you sister Michael Pitt is really hot. Has for Leo what is his problem for dating those young kittens, women in their early 20′s don’t want to marry and just have fun. That is what our cutie Leo is looking for right now. Hope one day he will change.

  • !!

    Why is it on JJ Leo fans come to attack his choices
    Is it not better Leo elects not to be hypocritical and get married/have baby mamas long before he feels ready?
    Is this not something to be applauded or should he marry because some 10 fans on the internet want him to
    Maybe he chooses young girls because apart for a physical attraction they are unlikely to want marriage and babies – biological clock – in their early 20s unlike women in thir late 20s, his age etc.
    Something he clearly and honestly is not prepared for.
    I do have a feeling when he is, whoever she maybe will be torn to shreds here anyway.

  • HM

    It is not too bad to CHOOSE the young girls(not booty calls as always),but this almost 40 years boy PUBLICLY CHANGES them the way their fake boobs/fake noses/fake lips/fake minds deserve it (in his opinion).Maybe he secretly hates women thats why he is going to play killer

  • Tigerseye

    I think an intelligent accomplished, self reliant and worldly woman would intimidate the hell out of him. Leo has insecurities, im not trying to trash him, but his body language in any interview reveals an anxiety, not ‘im freaking out anxiety’, more like, ‘dont ask me too much, dont change the subject, I cant improv anymore’, anxiety. A few weeks ago, I watched an old episode on you tube of him being interviewed for basketball diaries on letterman, dave pissed him off and kept making fun of leos middle name. but, leo passively fought back, he purposely cursed on live air, it was what the censors would consider coarse language, he said ‘ balls’. He did it out of spite, it was obvious and cheeky, he was like an insubordinate child but you could see his delivery was so well timed, just to put dave in his place. Now, again, his answers are well timed, but conditioned as not to give anything away. He sticks to the subject like all celebs who dont know what to say, unless hes particulary insterested in another topic. his responses are rehearsed and safe, and the anxiety flashes through him like lightening. I know pr press junkets are exhausting and repetitive, and is a job, but he is not free at all. He wants to be revered and be regarded as an intellectual as such, but his hypocrisy renders him boardline absurd. These vaccuous, ‘dont ask me im just a girl’ cardboadd cut outs are safe, predictable, undemanding mentally and are so driven to enhance their already to die for ‘ bling’ lifestyles, that he maintains his ‘artistic integrity’ by comparison. I believe that he could be the man he tries to project himself, artistically, to be, but when you hang with douches and kardashian wannabes, it doesnt leave room for competition, of course leo stands apart. He would be admired more if he stood alone and claimed independence. Im Waiting for that to happen, but I just dont know? And getting to dont care…im not quite there yet, but I most definately can see it from here! I feel 19 again, when the midst of leo mania made me go, who cares? What an obnoxious guy, yeah he’s cute, but eh! So is johnny depp, at least he doesnt excuse his past bullshit behaviour, he owns it and learns. Youre late for class leo!!! DETENTION! Love to all xox

  • Absurdi-stan

    Jake Gyllenhall is as queer as a three dollar bill, which is funny. Taylor Swift? Beard city.

    Agreed about the 20 year olds. They are not yet looking for marriage but he cant dump them and get another one once they start.

    Agreed about Michael Pitt, have never seen him act except for law and order but yowza, beginning to move my loyalty there.

    Like the blonde boy on Sons of Anarachy too.

    And my weird one? Jeremy Wade from River Monsters. I like older men and he is in good shape. I also like to fish and like weird fish and scuba diving/nature etc. He’s kind of cute and like academics.

    Also like Jeff Bridges. Too bad the supernatural boys are married but either of them would do.