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Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Great Gatsby' - FIRST LOOK!

Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Great Gatsby' - FIRST LOOK!

Check out these first official stills from Baz Lurhmann‘s upcoming film The Great Gatsby!

One of the images shows a glammed up Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan next to Tobey Maguire (Nick Carraway) and Joel Edgerton (Tom Buchanan) with Leonardo DiCaprio (Jay Gatsby) in the background.

“It’s very nerve-racking,” Carey recently told the L.A. Times about taking on a role in the big screen adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic.

“I know how much the book means, especially in America. And everyone has their own view on what the book means, which makes it even more nerve-racking,” she added.

The Great Gatsby is slated to hit theaters December, 25, 2012!

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Photos: Warner Bros.
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259 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Great Gatsby' - FIRST LOOK!”

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  1. 101
    sos Says:

    @Alanis: lol,I’m kind of surprised no one really knows yet either.@Lothario?: I guess now we are saying it might be this Kendal girl?I’m wondering if it is Erin and she is a know VS model why hasn’t the press caught on to that yet?@larson: I agree it is getting tiring.He’s totally infatuated with this look ,what or who tweaked him?Maybe it goes back to Kirsten?Another thing I’d like to add,no matter what the girls personalities are or similarities to Leo they have it never seems to work out.

  2. 102
    sos Says:


    Dear Ted:
    What is King ******* up to? Is he still doing justice to his moniker or has he found love?

    Dear Schlonging Around:
    He’s around, doing mucho justice to his moniker. Dude is not settling down. In fact, far from it, seeing as he has no ties to hold him back.

  3. 103
    New girl(friend)? Says:

    @sos: Yeah, based on some photos it could be Kendal. Some are 100% sure it`s Erin. It could be a totally new, no-name model who looks a lot like his typical type. It is interesting that no US sites picked up on the fact that it could be Erin. She is American and a VS model, there was a big deal about Leo at the VS after party eyeing Karlie. So why not identified by any sites except for some fans?
    You are so right, I really like your comment. He picks these girls based on looks and from what I read they all have `bubbly personality`. But clearly it doesn`t work for him for some reason. You would think he is smart enough to realize this but maybe he is just too comfy, too shallow(?) to try something new?

  4. 104
    quid pro quo Says:

    Yes, he got nominated, and if he wins, that ups his game for the Oscars.

    I dont believe the Kendal Schuler thing, site is not reliable. I actually think it really was Isabel Lucas, because she is running from the camera-supposedely she has boyfriend already. Leo doesnt look like he cares. also she does have a weird nose one thing with the gg nomination, you will see a lot more of him from now on…..he will be pushing hoover to the oscars, so you will see him a lot more doing press whenver he can.

  5. 105
    New girl(friend)? Says:

    The girl was identified as VS model Erin Heatherton ( popsugar has the photos with her name ). Another VERY YOUNG blonde underwear model. Anyone surprised? He keeps sticking to these young girls which makes him look even older and more desperate. And her? Career boost, running to Sydney to visit him… Same old story all over again. This guy either has some serious issues or he is gay.

  6. 106
    New girl(friend)? Says:

    TMZ comment:

    Australian drama tv cast member: 8 hours ago
    I personally am an actor on one of Australia’s most popular shows, who recently attended a small event Leonardo was having. The guy is crazy,he actually has groups of girls lined up and paraded through for him to pick girls out. He is like nothing else I have ever encountered in this industry. Being perfectly honest, I have lost all respect for Leonardo since meeting him in Australia. Even Al Pacino turned his nose up at how Leonardo has been behaving, while we were attending a small dinner with Al, the night before his show “One night with Al Pacino”.
    Leonardo literally had the entire cast of Australia’s top model form a line and he choose the girls he wanted to meet. While at a special club that is member invite only, The Georgeous Beach Hause in Kings Cross, Leonard did this again, another line of beautiful young girls paraded through for him to choose and sit with at the club. This guy is awesome at the work he does, but the way he so openly carries himself with these constant scores of girls lined up for him to choose is beyond belief. Any of these girls that are with him in these photos, I feel sorry for, not only have they gone through a process of lining up and being selected, but none of their time with them actually seems fun for them. Most of them are talented young want to be models or aspiring models, who know that being seen with Leonardo may help their career, and thats why friends like Charlotte Dawson , their top model judge, mentor them and advise them hownto behave for such photos. In a way it’s good for them, but at the same time, I really doubt many of these girls actually his company or time spent wi him. We spent the night partying with Xzibit over the weekend, eminem the weekend before that, and even Xzibit was a hundred times more interesting than Leo, just purely because he is open and up for a good time, whereas our time spent with Leo, kind of makes you wonder if within ten years will he be a recluse, affraid to venture outside, he’s just so lonely. Of course I’m not leaving my real name here on this website as I still have work to do with Leo , and I do love playing poker with these guys as stakes are hardly ever this good in Sydney, but Leo needs to take note of his good mate Toby, as Toby has been a really sweet dude while over here in Sydney.

  7. 107
    blah Says:

    @106 yes we all tooootally believe you, lke all the others that have posted “leo encounters”…come on people find something better to do with your time!

  8. 108
    New girl(friend)? Says:

    @blah: Believe me? It’s not my comment, genius. But I believe it whether you like it or not. Some Leo fans just see him as this totally awesome guy without being affected by growing up in Hollywood. Whatever works for you!

  9. 109
    miranda kerr Says:

    @New girl(friend)?: If you don’t like him, it is simple, leave the tread and find some other celebrity that you can worship. Some girls are just dumb like his girlfriends that you try to criticize. lol

  10. 110
    quid pro quo Says:

    very interesting, and makes me very sad. Eminem, AL Pacino and Xzibit in Australia? we can check on that. the poker stuff could be made up.

    But it is sad, you are right. I thought he was getting better but its getting worse. I liked the part about him being lonely….but he doesnt want to change, very sad. I heard about the line-up before, didnt believe it but it might be true

    Just so gross and sad.

  11. 111
    quid pro quo Says:

    all three of them- pacino, eminem and xzibit WERE all in Australia Nov/December, check. And I had read that yucky story about the women being lined up before too.

    SAD leo SAD you are still a teenage boy at heart.

  12. 112
    New girl(friend)? Says:

    @Cabbage Patch Girl: Who are you to tell me what to do? This is not a fan site, this is a gossip blog. Ergo anyone can post all kinds of opinion. Some girls are just dumb and don`t get it. lol

  13. 113
    quid pro quo Says:

    I dont know what to believe—this person says he is a tv star but then he still has to “work” with leo—is he an extra or what??? and even so maybe leo didnt talk to this person is he is so far down the food chain? I
    can believe it somewhat but part seems made up.

    The thing is with these posts you can never tell. However if you really care about your movie career you wouldnt be spilling tea on leo at all…..

    If he is with Heatherton, lets just hope its over soon. After all, they might just not get along. And he’ll cheat eventually and since shes not desperate will depart. Pray for a short encounter–hes had them before with peeps like Marissa Miller that went nowhere.

    I still think it could be isabel lucas too, you just cant tell. lets see what the weekend brings, I cant find any good tweets but I am not that patient with twitter,

    SAY IT ISNT SO HANNIBAL LEO! (baseball reference, not lecter)

  14. 114
    New girl(friend)? Says:

    @113: No, the person said he is an actor on a popular show not a star. He can be just a regular who ended up working on the Gatsby set. I personally tend to believe the story it doesn`t sound made up to me.
    As for Heatherton I agree with you. The shorter the better. The sooner he comes to his sense the better.

  15. 115
    quid pro quo Says:

    OK, she may actually not be a bad person. She lacks the desperation factor (can get work on her own, no apparent crazy stage mama putting her up to things) so she wouldnt stay for the wrong reasons.

    anyhow, apparently it costs $800 to post on JJ- very cheap, no wonder everyone posts here-says so up there, but that’s probably ad rates not full article

    another question though–if you were a guy, would you really be disgusted and outraged—this was a bit over the top and yucky–maybehe was being snooty too…but i dunno…part rings true part doesnt.

  16. 116
    quid pro quo Says: this story really bothered me too, especially the condoms all over the floor.

  17. 117
    larson Says:

    @quid pro quo what part don’t you believe? The whole thing, except for the playing poker together part, sounds believable. What I don’t get that the fact that people don’t believe that people would NOT post an encounter that they had with a celebrity on the net. It happens people. And this isn’t directed at you.

  18. 118
    New girl(friend)? Says:

    I don`t know. Besides the VS thing this girl is not that well known. I`m not saying she wouldn`t be able to find work without him but don`t underestimate this up-and-coming models. I don`t know much about her but all of a sudden she shows up there even though Leo was/is playing the field. I`m not saying that there`s nothing about Leo that a woman might like but it`s a long way to go at the very start of a `romance`. I don`t know we have to wait and see what this is and where it`s going.

  19. 119
    larson Says:

    @quid pro quo: Whoo whee at that story. Is that real? Was that some massive orgy?

  20. 120
    Message Says:

    I don’t know. You hear too many stories about the line-ups and shoulder tapping… Basically Leo and his crew picking girls out like that. Not to mention the countless stories about Leo sending his bodyguards to pick out girls for him. I am not saying all this stuff is true, but I tend to believe where there is smoke, there is fire. There are just too many negative stories about Leo’s womanizing ways. It is super disappointing to hear, because we want to hold him in such high esteem. How long can we go in denial about him and his character. I hope I am wrong…

  21. 121
    Ka Says:

    I dont want to believe the story.The whole line up thing is so awful. The aussie press hates him and would have made up all. But it might be true. I dont know.
    He’s nominated for GG. I’m happy for him. If this new rumor is one of his PR plan again, he’s so wrong. Now no one talks about his work!

  22. 122
    samuel Says:

    @Ka: lol you sound stupid.

  23. 123
    quid pro quo Says:

    @larson: it sounds like it, but may be exaggerated on the x-rated side.

    from his point of view, he IS TOTALLY free like Ted C said, its his birthday and it was down under. But it was also

    GROSS.Nasty. Someone should tell him how offensive this ish is to women. Maybe I will through *channels*

  24. 124
    Fielding Says:

    Why is ‘running to Sydney’ to visit him by his any of his girlfriends ( I notice this description is never attached to his posse) an act of desperation?
    Lovers fly each other across the Atlantic all the time when they can afford to. U go first class in to stay in a top notch hotel for 3-4 days all expenses taken care of by the studio e.t.c
    If the guy is willing how is it desperate? The girls are hardly travelling by camel and I guess he wanted her there.
    I’ve been to Perth for a 2 day visit and I didn’t get half as spoilt as these girls did. Good on them
    It seems indulgent from the guy rather then desperate tactics from the girls to me.

  25. 125
    125 Says:

    Way to go LEO! Woo – Yeah, baby – show those girls the stuff ;)

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