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Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Great Gatsby' - FIRST LOOK!

Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Great Gatsby' - FIRST LOOK!

Check out these first official stills from Baz Lurhmann‘s upcoming film The Great Gatsby!

One of the images shows a glammed up Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan next to Tobey Maguire (Nick Carraway) and Joel Edgerton (Tom Buchanan) with Leonardo DiCaprio (Jay Gatsby) in the background.

“It’s very nerve-racking,” Carey recently told the L.A. Times about taking on a role in the big screen adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic.

“I know how much the book means, especially in America. And everyone has their own view on what the book means, which makes it even more nerve-racking,” she added.

The Great Gatsby is slated to hit theaters December, 25, 2012!

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Photos: Warner Bros.
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259 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Great Gatsby' - FIRST LOOK!”

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  1. 126
    quid pro quo Says:

    I dont think this one is particularly desperate, and the perks as you describe are nice….but is it the perks or the guy? that’s what one would ask…maybe both.

    ok I admit I dont like him with her another girl chosen only for “male fantasy” looks not anything else we can see but she has not offended me or done anything else questionable yet (no nudie camera photos to promote Green Lantern, e.g.) so I dont hate her


    This girl does have what it takes to be a model, and she is a real VS girl. Almost all of them go on to be real supermodels of one type or another..some like Rebecca Romijn make it to acting. THere are lesser known ones but most do very, very well.

    From what i have seen of her she totally has what it takes to be “super” or to be a “celebrity in one owns right” or “brand name” which
    is what being a supermodel is. But maybe she does want to make the leap which hasnt quite happened yet.

    I needed a break from studying “extended relational data models”
    which is the only kind of models I get close too..

  2. 127
    HM) Says:

    No nudie camera photos???)))U can easily find her absolutely obvious nude photos without any camera promotion.)This desperate vs stuff is really sad

  3. 128
    @quid pro quo Says:

    Oh I see
    So you’re actually just a Blake hater.
    Cripes you Leo stans are something else, she and your hero are no longer togther and u still carp.
    And yes believe it or not like Erin (?) Leo might have flown Bl***e to Australia as a lovers gift rather than an act of force/desperation similar to the new one. I know I wont complain if it were me
    But carry on. I’m outta here.

  4. 129
    HM Says:

    Exactly.She is only 22 and is already naked!There are a lot of beautiful girls who dont sell themselves nor in 22,nor in 15,nor in 30 etc.

  5. 130
    quid pro quo Says:

    they just pruned comments again- six are gone.

  6. 131
    HM Says:

    I made the important point for the dicap&models stupidity.Probably some absolutely dumb models/actresses/female human beings dont understand that nowadays dicap can only give them antiPR,he gave a good PR when he was young and not creepy as he is now – he gave a good pr for Bar&Giselle.Now he can deal only with stuff,he has lost his human face and probably he has serious problems with his head or balls.Clever women must avoid him and as we see they avoid him all his life!

  7. 132
    New girl(friend)? Says:

    @HM: I agree. Look at the comments on popsugar or on other sites. I don`t think it`s good to be linked to Leo anymore for these young models.

  8. 133
    New girl(friend)? Says:

    c e l e b i t c h y has a post on Leo and Lively ( she wants him back???? but the source is InTouch so I doubt any of it is true ) but the comments on Leo…

  9. 134
    larson Says:

    @New girl(friend)?: I just read that article and the comments. Just damn. Supposedly people are believing that these new batch of pics are staged like with Blake. IDK. I know he doesn’t need me to feel bad for him, but I really do.

  10. 135
    New girl(friend)? Says:

    @larson: I do see the point why people think they were staged. I did have the feeling as well. Because Leo so didn`t mind the photographer that it made me think that he wanted to be seen. Like in Europe with Lively. For whatever reason he was up for the photo ops. There was one comment about his PR guy arranging it just after his 3rd nomination was announced and the rumors of chasing girls kept coming from Sydney. I don`t know if I believe it ( the reason this person thinks it was arranged ) but it does have a photo op feel to it. Maybe he was just very relaxed and didn`t mind it but he looked right at the photographer, his cap turned back… no hiding. I see the point but who knows?????

  11. 136
    New girl(friend)? Says:

    Oh, but of course after his date he was back in his favorite Sydney club ( Beach House ) the other night according to a tweet….

  12. 137
    any sm news? Says:

    i’m so disappointed in him/his people

  13. 138
    ??? Says:

    He is trying to look good because he was nominated!!!

  14. 139
    koop Says:

    @any sm news?: there is no sm…sorry..

  15. 140
    @138 Says:

    You obv dont know how it works with HW politics.
    If he wanted to look good after nomination attend a charity event, give a speech at the Sydeny seminar, hang out with a fat brunette

    Been seen with yet another young leggy blonde only forces misconceptions about him to the academy and his peers.

    In any case these pictures were taken before the SAG and GG announcements

  16. 141
    New girl(friend)? Says:

    It is quite a coincidence that he shows up with a new typical Leo girl just as he got nominated 3 times. The other women he was linked to recently don`t really fit the profile… Think about Madalena or the Aussie girls. Plus I would wait to call her his girlfriend. It did seem arranged so let`s see how it goes. But it`s getting a little hard not to be pissed at him or take him seriously. Do you guys realize that this article and others ( I saw some on diff. sites ) all point out how is is attached to the same type and he is going down the Clooney way?

  17. 142
    New girl(friend)? Says:

    @140: I disagree. There are constant rumors about his partying and womanizing in Australia. Showing up with a typical girl, the type he dated for years ( Gisele and Bar ) might give the impression that he is starting a new relationship. Showing up with a `fat brunette` would surprise if not shock people it`s so unlike him. And it`s kind of hard to arrange a charity event or a seminar for that purpose. Probably wouldn`t get as much attention as a young VS model… Leo and his PR team do what they do the best. Go for another `Gisele` to show he is not playing the field.

  18. 143
    New girl(friend)? Says:

    Speaking of nominations and recognition… Here is a piece on King *******. I know many are convinced it`s Leo. I`m still on the fence on this one.

  19. 144
    @142 Says:

    I disagree with that
    The LAST thing Leos handlers would want would be to draw attention to his love life.
    You can read last years posts and how he was conveneintly snapped going to an Arts Gallery with his dad before the Oscar nods.
    It tends to focus on the cerebral rather then sexual.
    Furthermore we know he has not been celibate all this time but has successfully kept pictures to the bare minimum. But for Twitter we would think he was celibate.
    Lastly these pics were taken 2 days BEFORE the GGs/SAGs were announced. Leo had been losing momentum before then, NY Film Critics, LA Critics Award, George, Brad and Fassbender were cleaning up
    I do agree with the poster on the other website this was a deliberate photo up, but I disgaree that it was a benefit to upcoming awards season in any way

    Also as I said before I 100% believe Ted C is full of **it.

  20. 145
    Kim Says:

    @ 142 – Oh there will Never be Another GISELE…. Thank Goodness!!!

  21. 146
    New girl(friend)? Says:

    @144: We agree on disagreeing. I think it’s pretty naive to think that he doesn’t want to bring attention to his private life. That’s part of the Hollywood deal. The photos were taken on Thursday and I guess wishful thinking was part of it. After all he has the best PR team in Tinseltown.
    But it’s your opinion and I respect it even though I absolutely disagree.

  22. 147
    Kim Says:

    @ New gir (friend)? – who are you Talking to on here?? – Yourself? – Look, Its the SAME LEO – Dating Blonde VS Models who are “Hooked” up with him by his “precious” & “Super Rich” PR Team. – What’s So Unique about it this time??? – Try say’in something Different, or the very least Interesting. geesh -

  23. 148
    Kim Says:

    Hopeful Leo does win an Academy Award – with his Mom, Irmelin in tow. – this Way, we can Actually find out what Life’s Course or New Relationship Direction LEO might want to venture on. – This would be New and Interesting. – Not the Same old…VS Blonde Model.. Keep Leo out of Trouble for award season.

  24. 149
    larson Says:

    @Kim: Leo is not gonna win the oscar if he gets nominated. Weinstein is plugging for that french actor from the artist to win.@new girl(friend) I can see where they were saying it was another staged photo op. I wonder if we will see them together back in the states.

  25. 150
    Message Says:

    We will definitely see them together when we he gets back. I think this is the girl he will use for the facade of a girlfriend. She is a gorgeous VS model. Nothing better than that.

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