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Lindsay Lohan: Bikini Babe in Hawaii!

Lindsay Lohan: Bikini Babe in Hawaii!

Lindsay Lohan shows off her bikini bod as she relaxes on the beach on Sunday (December 11) in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The 25-year-old actress, who was joined by a few friends, took a trip to Hawaii after her upcoming photo spread for Playboy leaked online before the publication’s release date.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Lindsay Lohan

“The [Lindsay] Lohan issue will make the perfect Christmas issue for men in your life–father, son, husband, boyfriend, whoever,” Hugh Hefner wrote on his Twitter account, adding that the tribute to Marilyn Monroe was his idea.

“I thought it would make it truly memorable,” Hef wrote.

15+ pictures inside of Lindsay Lohan in a bikini in Hawaii…

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lindsay lohan bikini hawaii 01
lindsay lohan bikini hawaii 02
lindsay lohan bikini hawaii 03
lindsay lohan bikini hawaii 04
lindsay lohan bikini hawaii 05
lindsay lohan bikini hawaii 06
lindsay lohan bikini hawaii 07
lindsay lohan bikini hawaii 08
lindsay lohan bikini hawaii 09
lindsay lohan bikini hawaii 10
lindsay lohan bikini hawaii 11
lindsay lohan bikini hawaii 12
lindsay lohan bikini hawaii 13
lindsay lohan bikini hawaii 14
lindsay lohan bikini hawaii 15
lindsay lohan bikini hawaii 16

Photos: AKM Images/GSI Media
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  • rosie

    She lookes happier and like she put on some healthy weight! It’s good for her, though I’m not really impressed by her talent or acting skills, I always wanted her to get control over her life again. I really hope that she’s good now and will stay this way.

  • :)

    did she leave her as s in her other pants?

  • tina

    Not to be mean but come on. Look at her and her body in these pictures. Flabby stomach, droopy butt, her face, etc… Then when she’s on the cover of playboy, can you say AIRBRUSH!!! So tired of magazines putting pressure on people to be perfect when it’s obvious that these celebs (not that she’s a celeb anymore) are different and really average in real life.

  • rita

    I smell fish and it ain’t the sea!!!

  • bubbaness

    My husband would use her issue as kindling in a fire.

  • offtheproperty

    Everything looks all together here on her.

  • solecito

    One of the most unattractive bodies I’ve ever seen, but by the magic of Photoshop she’s on the cover of Playboy.

  • LisaLipps

    So true.

  • venus

    pas super la nana sans maquillage

  • onyx

    This is the woman who wants to be Marilyn Monroe in the cover of Playboy, she has no butt, she doesn’t have a curvy body, her skin is full of red things uffff, oh god! take me now.

  • venus

    pas super la nana

  • Mimi

    She is such a skanky lost soul…poor thing…

  • ace11

    I would lick the sand off those toes

  • Ryleabits

    Um… who would buy a Playboy for their husband for Christmas?

    Actually, what kind of mother would buy a Playboy for her SON for Christmas?


    He wants a daughter to buy a Playboy for her FATHER for Christmas?

    I’ve always thought Hugh Hefner was adorable, but come on. Honestly, that’s sick. I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t think it was weird (and creepy, and gross) to receive a Playboy from their mother or, as a daughter, to give a Playboy to their father. =/

  • miss infamous

    Her butt is so saggy to be so young

  • D

    Cant wait for her to let her boobs down in all their glory for Playboy!
    She’s hot!

  • Holly

    @Ryleabits: You are very prude, I can think of things that are ACTUALLY “sick” to give someone, And a Playboy magazine ISN’T one of them.., So calm down sweetheart

  • Hampton

    @Ryleabits: Umm, YOU are the one that is sick!! NOBODY said ANYTHING about a daughter and a Father, YOU are the one who said that! Not Hugh! You nasty perv

  • Sayer

    Has an old woman’s body. Sorry, Playboy.

  • BEAN

    All she needs now is butt implants

  • SaucePants

    she has a lot of nerve to think she is anything but slightly above average in a bikini, also this choice of bikini design is less than flattering !

  • Steven

    What a bunch of hateful b!tches! Hahaha!
    Yep! She soooo ugly & her body is sooo bad yet she’s in Playboy and you are NOT. go figure!

  • villedeville

    A tribute to Marilyn Monroe? It’s more like a mean insult. Except for the overflowing boobs, nothing in Lindsay looks sexy and gorgeous: short and fat legs and thighs, flat behind, a face that is so common. A lot of department store salesladies and supermarket cash register clerks look more beautiful.

  • Jo

    So let me get this straight, you girls HATE when women with plastic surgery are in the magazine AND you HATE when a Real girl (that still looks better then you) is in the magazine?!?
    So, girls are just Haters…. Got it.
    Lindsay looks hot! And her Playboy is going to fly off the shelves..
    Go ahead hate! What else you gonna do? NOTHING Lmao!!

  • jenn

    Flat saggy butt. Like and old woman’s butt.

  • jenn

    *Like an old woman’s butt.

  • Nicole Scherzinger is a slag

    She stopped being mildly attractive 5 years ago when she still had a career.

  • Deb

    That is one ugly body.

  • Annie

    One of Lindsay’s own tattoos perfectly illustrates the biggest difference between her and Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn said “everyone’s a star and deserves a chance to twinkle.” Lindsay changed the original quote to “Stars: all I ask for is the right to twinkle” and got it tattooed on her arm. Subtle, but huge difference. Marilyn always knew that she was a regular girl in a crazy situation; Lindsay is an entitled, arrogant douche demanding that others give her what is hers by “right”. Aside from her incredible physical beauty what gave Marilyn such star appeal was that she never stopped being a real person. While it’s true that Marilyn’s inborn acting talent was mediocre she was willing to work at her craft and got to be pretty good, much better than people giver her credit for. Lindsay, in her arrogance squandered her talent, thinking she could have a couple of oscars under her belt by 30 without doing a day’s work. For as big a fan as Lindsay claims to be she really should take a leaf out of MM’s book. It takes more than a platinum blonde wig and a pill addiction to be a star like Marilyn.

  • WhatATool

    Another Insult to Marilyn Monroe – M.Williams,JenniferA.hahahahaha and now this nasty flappy lipped oleH0

  • Lu D.

    she was so pretty

  • sea

    Only Kesha is worse in a bikini. Of course I mean silly girls who thinks they are very attractive and like to show her mediocre body.


    I wish someone would put this spoiled HW, overendulged brat out of our misery. I’m sick of her and the Karfreakingnotalentdashions to the point I could scream!

  • marq

    You poor little victims of social engineering, who believe such thoughts are your own. Other current battle fronts in the war on sex, (and nudity, etc. i.e., the cultural warfare on humanity itself…):

    50 Cent denigrates LL with: “$1 million to pose nude is the same thing strippers do almost every day for way less. If they give you a million dollars, does that change the status of what you’ve done? If I pay a 100 dollars to see a cooch is it the same thing as paying a million dollars when you’re a movie star or celebrity? The same transaction? Or is it socially different? Does it register different because of how much?”

    Maybe 50 Cent is a poor little victim of social engineering too. That, or maybe he could grow up and drop the misogyny. Otherwise, such cheap shots are easy to take at him, such as, “In the coming hyper-inflation, just how cheap does that make 50 Cent?”

    The battlefront itself is perpetually waged by such sites as psyops and sex-as-pathology propaganda outlet “”:

  • call me crazy but…..

    Like WTF happened to her butt? Sheesh, that is so not good to look at! I’ve seen girls with better bodies than this on the Internet for free so I wouldn’t fork out the money to see her in Playboy.

  • jill

    Her body is as ugly and nasty looking as Octomom’s body.

  • jill

    @BEAN: #20

    I bet you would like to lick her butt crack, too.

  • Ashley

    She has big boobs, but where did her butt go?!

  • jd

    Just shows what drug abuse does to a young body. This chick is really a waste of space.

  • Li what?

    Lol I bet there are still some naive people who think that with that body she has more reasons to be so disdainful, arrogant and fake.

  • Mikey

    What a skank :)

  • hey777

    it looks like shes having fun:) im so happy for her. she looks fresh and healthy.

  • Maggie96

    @hey777: lol wtf? She has eating disorders. She’s obese.

  • Healthy Women

    She is happy again. That is really nice. There is a Marilyn Monroe
    presence about Lindsay in these pictures.

  • Katers

    Rosie – SHUT UP.

  • Steph

    She needs to be in jail somewhere doing hard time instead of frolicking on the beaches of Hawaii. What a waste.

  • Katers

    And……… Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Fake Happiness. Way to go, Blohan. You’re an IDIOT.

  • Alex Levin

    why do people even wonder if she’s had any work done?

  • chelsea

    Why do we keep promoting this woman? Does JJ honestly believe the world cares about this poor white girl drug addict anymore? Her career is over. Let her disappear from the tabloids already.

  • Reg

    she is filthy !