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Daniel Craig & Rooney Mara Premiere 'Dragon Tattoo' in NYC

Daniel Craig & Rooney Mara Premiere 'Dragon Tattoo' in NYC

Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara walk the red carpet at The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo premiere on Wednesday (December 14) held at the Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC.

Earlier in the evening, the 26-year-old actress stopped by The Ed Sullivan Theater to tape an appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman.

“Before I had my first audition, I hadn’t even read the books yet. I wasn’t crazy obsessed yet but after I got that call [from director David Fincher] I started to get really excited and I knew I had a really good chance at it,” Rooney recently told NPR.

“So I went and read all three books and I became obsessed with the character and I couldn’t imagine my life without playing her,” she added.

FYI: Rooney is wearing a Prabal Gurung dress with Christian Louboutin heels and a Fred Leighton ring. On The Late Show, she wore a YSL coat with AllSaints “Damisi” boots.

10+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara promoting Dragon Tattoo in NYC…

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Credit: Larry Busacca, Theo Wargo; Photos: Getty, Wire Image
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  • Eloisa

    She looks empty, like no soul.

    I hate when Hollywood does remakes of great movies. Why?

  • Dina

    She really needs to land

  • Kristen

    Both of them are REALLY hot!!!!! And they both have such a incredible talent!

  • Mako Morton

    Elegance in dress or behavior; Rooney has a lot of class. A refined quality of gracefulness and good taste; Daniel conveys an aura of elegance and gentility here. The Best Most Gorgeous Couple!!

  • Rosa

    She look just like a DIVA!

  • Creed

    Daniel is the perfect Blomkvist. I think Rooney will be amazing as lisbeth because she is just how I imagined her while reading the book.
    She looks so elegant (like a classy megan fox) but I get a snobby vibe from her,

  • Really

    Soon all the movie PR people will be posting how wonderful they both are… Oh I see they’ve already started….

  • Jimmy

    hhahaah look at her butt hanging out and her cellulite.
    Trash. pure trash.

  • Agneta

    I adore Daniel, so I am looking forward to see the movie next week. I am excited about it!!

  • susan

    Rooney does it again: another gorgeous dress. I would love to own this one as well and as usual, Daniel looks so handsome. by the way, i searched the web for over an hour and i found nothing about a supposed break up between Rachel and Daniel.

  • bill

    Why does she always wear that bang piece?

  • Elle

    Look, Martha Stewart sucks at taking a photo! Lol!

  • Elle

    @susan, ignore it. I am fed up with noomi/Gina’s nonsense.

  • Gorum

    they are really busy

  • Gorum

    @bill: because it takes time to grow full length hair.

  • Glitter

    I’d rather watch a Kardashian Marathon than this sadistic pos.

  • Carla

    Why do the people bash on Rooney that much? She managed only with great exertion.

  • susan

    i don’t know if anyone has else noticed this. Sony is not promoting either Daniel or Rooney for Oscar nominations. i don’t get it. this film, so far, has 94 percent positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Everyone is praising both Daniel and Rachel in this film. so what gives? my mother says it’s because Hollywood has decided that Meryl Streep is going to get the Oscar and they don’t want anyone to compete against her.

  • RC2012

    @susan: I agree. But does it have something to do with David Fincher just wanting to make a movie that people want to watch instead of getting caught up in the Oscar hype? Personally I am happy. If I see George Clooney or Michelle Williams tell another irrelevant story then I may just scream. Actually I just did. Hehe.

    PS I think you meant praising Daniel and Rooney not Daniel and Rachel. Haha. Although I really want to see them on the red carpet already. But he is actually smiling pics. He gets to go home to his sweetheart. Good for him (and her).

  • to 16

    I know your IQ is 35.

  • Emma

    Not impressed with the excerpts from Rooney Mara’s latest interview in Allure, but TGWTDT trailer looks amazing and here’s hoping she does Lisbeth’s character justice. Can’t wait to see the movie.

  • Elle

    HoolyWood likes BORING biopics!! Meryl Streep is OK, but Michelle Williams? Ha! Kidding me!! She made it, but NOT gr8! I’m sure Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln gets Academy Award for Best Actor the year after next!! So predictable!!

  • coco

    I love Daniel Craig and Trent Reznor!

  • Sara

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Daniel!!!!!!<3<3<3 *nuff said*

  • PriNce

    Daniel, you are so GORGEOUS! Just Sayn’.

  • Gbagbo

    I don’t know Rooney well. However she looks like to be not only beautiful but also intelligent in those pictures.

  • Melissa

    Has anyone read The Girl with the Dragon tattoo? Good? Should I read it before watching the movie?

  • Rooney on David Letterman Show

    Arriving Late Show With David Letterman Show
    Leaving Late Show With David Letterman Show

  • gisele

    @Gorum: No. Her real bangs are longer than the extensions since they clearly fit into an updo. The super short bangs I guess are just for fun.

  • Red carpet fashions


    I agree her Allure interview was insipid. But her look here is brilliant!

    Tired of buxom blondes trotting the red carpet.

  • susan


    sorry to break this to you but Rooney does not have to be humble in order to make you personally happy. believe it or not, you are no that important.

  • Yo-Landi Vi$$er

    Hollywood Director David Fincher Denies Asking Yo-Landi Vi$$er To Play Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Leading Lady [VIDEO]

  • susan

    to 34

    well, i would think that David Fincher knows the names of those he approached concerning the part.

  • Review
  • Review
  • Sara

    Honestly, I find her bland and plain. x.X

  • RM

    Don’t like this dress. But on the other premieres she’s got an Audrey Hepburn vibe. Very beautiful girl, she looks like a porcelain doll.

  • Mad

    So… I can now add Rooney to my list of stunning girls.

  • Fio

    Daniel Covers Premiere France Feb 2012!! BONDISH!! :)

  • Fio

    ENTER THE DRAGON – Daniel Craig embraces his inner Swede
    Hollywood’s version of Stieg Larsson’s novel The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is finally upon us. We speak to the enigma that is Daniel Craig.

    Daniel Craig is a tough man to pin down. And with good reason. As his latest highly anticipated film, the Hollywood version of bestselling novel The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo cranks in to action, the 43-year-old’s already begun his next project — the ominously titled Skyfall — a considerable feat of patience if you consider the troubles that beset Bond’s 23rd outing.

    It’s a huge deal, no doubt, but so is Dragon Tattoo. The product of an unprecedented literary event — Stieg Larsson’s 65-million-selling Millennium Trilogy which follows campaigning journalist Mikael Blomkvist and young, troubled investigator Lisbeth Salander as they unravel a series of horrific crimes — it looks set to battle for the top spot this Christmas. Not only that, the Hollywood version is directed by David Fincher, the man responsible for such dark entries into the cinematic canon as Se7en and Fight Club. In fact, it’s been described in its own trailer as “the feel bad movie of Christmas”. Craig, however, feels rather good about it…

    Had you read the original Stieg Larsson trilogy of novels before you signed on for the film?

    Yes, and they’re wonderful bits of popular literature. What got me the most was when the first book started hitting the top of the bestseller lists — you would walk around airports and the cross-section of people that were reading it was so surprising. Everyone from teenage girls to 80-year-old men and women. These books seemed to have a mass appeal that was inexplicable. Until I read them. Then I got it. A lot of it is down to Lisbeth Salander and the complexity of that character. She makes a great hero.

    Your film’s Lisbeth is played by Rooney Mara, who had to do a lot of pre-shoot training. Conversely, you’re playing a journalist — did that mean you were able to opt out?

    I have a lot of friends who are journalists, foreign journalists or financial correspondents. I have known them all my adult life. I like to think that there is a bit of terrier in the way they investigate people and try to find truth and justice. I had just come off Cowboys & Aliens when I started the movie and I was as skinny as I had been when I was 16-years-old. David [Fincher] was literally giving me bowls of pasta to fatten me up. He said I didn’t look like a journalist [laughs].

    You shot the film in Sweden. It’s a very British question, but how was the weather?

    It was OK, though it must have been tough on Rooney. The poor girl was probably six-and-a-half stone when she was doing this movie because she was working out every day and dieting. She was waif-like because her character is that way, so she wasn’t carrying an awful lot of fat to keep her warm. Her jeans had lots of rips in them and her costume was pretty thin. She really suffered.

    How intense was the shoot compared to a James Bond film?

    I am lucky to have done Bond movies, but you film for six months straight. It’s very hard to do them. This was just as intense, but in other ways. It was a big acting job. It is what I do for a living and it’s very hard, but it is truly satisfying work. Especially working with people such as Rooney and David. There’s an amazing cast in this film. We’ve worked on this for almost a year, and all that matters is that we get it right. That’s all.

    Did you make a conscious decision not to watch the existing Swedish film adaptations?

    Yes, it was a very conscious decision. I was in New Mexico when I was offered this role. I had the films and was planning to watch all of them. Then this offer came along and I thought, ‘Well, I don’t want to see them now. I can’t. I just don’t want to be clouded in any way’. There are things that are going to be similar, obviously — we’re using the same source material. I just didn’t want to have that in my mind when we were doing our movie.

    Were there certain films that you always returned to as a kid? Were you a Bond fan?

    I didn’t watch classic films as a kid. That came later. For me it was things such as Close Encounters…, Blade Runner, Alien. Weirdly, a lot of science-fiction was coming out at that time and it was the cutting-edge of movie-making. For me, it was mind-blowing. I remember seeing Blade Runner for the first time in the cinema round the corner from where we lived, and I had no idea what I was watching. I had never experienced anything like it, and I thought that I wanted to be in films like that. You have got directors who have an incredible sense of style and visual flair. I’m a huge Hitchcock fan and he had that thing of combining storytelling with amazing visual panache.

    Would you ever want to produce, write or direct?

    In theory, I’d love to. I just watched The Ides Of March [directed by George Clooney], which was brilliant. It’s directed with real assurance and it’s very sexy and deeply political and interesting and kind of fun. But honestly, I think directing is a thankless task. Everybody is looking to you and asking you questions all the time: “What do we do now?” I’m not sure that it’s for me.

  • Fio

    Daniel Craig thrilled with realistic film
    Daniel Craig enjoyed making his new movie because it was “based in reality”.

    The actor plays journalist Mikael Blomkvist in the new drama The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. After playing tough guys in Cowboys & Aliens and the Bond franchise, Daniel was happy to portray an ordinary, flawed man.

    “It was just nice to get a chance to act in a film that was based in reality,” he told UK TV show Daybreak. “It was great to have that chance. It was a proper kind of role. This guy knows he is a man, he is not going to go around beating his chest – he knows it, he loves women. But he runs away when things get scary.”

    Daniel jumped at the opportunity to work with director David Fincher. He previously read the book by Stieg Larsson which inspired the movie and was thrilled when he was sent a script.

    “It was the script, it just drew me in,” he explained. “The script was sent to me and I realised David Fincher was directing it so I stopped what I was doing and said yes.”

  • Fio
  • Fio

    David Fincher interview: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Heavy Metal and Benjamin Button

  • to 39

    why do they user a 6 year old pic????????????

  • hey777

    congrats to rooney for her nomination!

  • LL

    Rooney Mara is a trust fund baby and she’s full of herself. Read her interviews. She needs to learn a little humility. Noomi will always be Lisbeth to me, but do love Daniel Craig and will see the movie because of him.

  • rada


    you searched over an hour? that’s sad.

  • susan

    has anyone else noticed that Gina has become suddenly very quiet now that Dragon Tattoo has proven to be a success with the critics? i guess all her predictions were wrong.

  • Megan Fox-ing Mara