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Katie Holmes: Dance Studio Visit in NYC!

Katie Holmes: Dance Studio Visit in NYC!

Katie Holmes smiles as she leaves her hotel in New York City on Thursday (December 15) in New York City.

The 32-year-old Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark actress headed to a dance studio in midtown Manhattan for the afternoon!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Earlier in the day, Katie was spotted going to FAO Schwarz toy store with her cutie pie daughter, Suri.

Katie, Suri, and papa Tom Cruise were also spotted out going for a walk together in NYC’s Tribeca neigborhood.

FYI: Katie is carrying a Clare Viver red messenger bag.

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Credit: Jae Donnelly; Photos: INFdaily
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  • correction

    Earlier in the day, Katie was spotted in FAO SCHwarz with her “cutie pie” daughter, who had a massive public temper tantrum.

  • ck

    BTW..that was yesterday that Suri flipped out at FAO Schwarz (as per the JJ post).

  • Carla

    This may be a new low, even for her. Those leggings are truly hideous, and most definitely not her friend.

  • Omg

    Suri probably had a fit when told to put her coat back on.

  • Lette

    her face looks fuller; the purse stays in front of her floppy shirt; hmmmm

  • Ring, ring…

    Grams called and she wants her dress back.

  • ashley

    What an amazing family. Thanks for keeping us updated Jared, we love following them. Everyone loves them. They are so down to earth, surprisingly. As big as a star Tom is, you’d never know! He’s been at the top for over a decade, and he’s still the same gracious man he was before the fame. It’s not surprising that he married such a down to earth simply woman like Katie. Connor, Isabella and Suri are so lucky to have such an awesome dad.

  • meg

    I agree Ashley, I love the pics Jared. This has to be my favorite superstar couple. How could you not like them?! You never read anything unsavory or negative about them, ever. They’re amazing.

  • trish

    All that money and such horrid fashion sense!!!! What a shame……

  • It’s Robo-Bride

    I fail to see how anyone in their right mind can label this woman a fashion icon. UGH. Does she ever look in a mirror. Awful hair. Greasy skin. Unflattering leggings that make her legs look huge. Shoes that look like she took them off a large footed elf. Awful tunic. Combined with a really out of season denim blouse or jacket. Bag doesn’t go with anything. She just looks cheap and like she doesn’t care about her appearance. People like her should not have a fashion line. They are an embarrassment to the fashion world.

  • annie

    she looks cute and very young in these pics.

  • Suri is stimming

    No,the dress looks very young and cute. I can imagine Carey Mulligan will look great in it. even Michelle Williams will do the dress honor.

    But this Pimp Mama of Suritard looks very old and dated. This very youthful pretty dress only gets to show how hard she tries not to look any more dead.

  • simy alanes

    @meg: She’s just a tacky baboon & you a vile lying pygmy.

  • annie

    No, the face looks very young.
    I’m always first to say if I like or don’t like something about Katie , no matter how much I happen to like her, and I like it.
    The thing here is, whether or not, you like her clothes or her hair, what she wears is all over the net, paticularly her jeans, her tops. Her black H&Y black leather trench is stunning, and nobody could have worn it better, the same with that cropped cream jacket with the caramel colour patches at the elbow. These 2 items of clothing got the thumbs up in a big way, so don’t get too carried away in putting her down, for everything.

    And DBAOTD hasn’t done too badly , lots better than some other movies which were released with other more famous actors/actresses. She’s not the star of Jack and Jill, and she certainly wasn’t the star in Son of No one, and I sincerely hope you’re not saying that J&J is doing badly, because then you’ll be telling fibs. It might not surprise you, but I thought it was hilarious, and Katie was extremely pretty in it, as she looked in all the interviews she did with Sandler, her hair is just gorgoeus in those interviews, as it is on all the talk shows, paticularly the latest Letterman.
    You disappoint me RB, because sometimes you are not in the least bit honest about things.

  • enough
  • Kate is Stimming

    She’s nervously scratching that arm again.

  • Question

    What happened to her movie with Chace? It’s not on her IMDB any more

  • Piper

    omg it’s “Kate” the dancer! i feel so blessed for having seen these photos lol.

  • lucy

    to Suri is Stimming

    why do you keep calling suri “suritard”?

  • It’s Robo-Bride


    DBAOTD has yet to break even. It was expected to do double what it did. Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth pulled in $83 million with unknown actors and it only cost $19 million to make. And as we all know, KH promoted the heck out DBAOTD telling us all about her ‘amazing’ experiences and how her ‘amazing’ mommy hood prepared her to interact with her on screen child.
    Jack and Jill has also underperfomed by a wide margin based on projections of Sandler’s other movies. Just now most likely starting to break even–probably needs another 10-20 million. They spent a ton of money on marketing.
    Katie is box office poison. It doesn’t matter what film she is in–indie or mainstream, she is unable to draw people in. She is a small screen actress and should stick with television. She is not a skilled enough actress for the big screen. Maybe some day, but this is not a natural talent with her and she has a long way to go before she can command the big screen.

  • annie

    You know what spoilt DBAOTD for me, even tho I liked it, it had too much of Bailee, what was happening to her all the time, and not enough adult interplay, not enough of things happening with Katie and Guy. Whatever you say , her acting was never criticised, the story line was. It made 24mill in the US out of the25mill, which is better than a whole lot of other movies.
    I have a feeling Katies going on Broadway again very soon, she said that on some interview , don’t remember which one – not that long ago.
    Maybe Extremeties is going ahead. Matt Dillon could’nt make it before, maybe he can now.

  • Suri is stimming


    Because she is.

  • It’s Robo-Bride


    You are right, she is thinking of going back to Broadway. Unfortunately she doesn’t have the acting chops to do a decent job. Went to see AMS because I love Lithgow and Weist. Katie was truly awful. She was wooden, stilted, and obviously had no clue even after weeks of rehearsal on how to project her voice, move on stage, and own the part.
    However, she’ll probably get another shot at it because her ‘fame’ (A lister by association) draws people in. I’ve seen most of Lithgow and Weist’s Broadway shows, which while wonderful with story and acting are generally too serious for the general public to buy massive amounts of tickets. And while Katie was indeed the worst actress (although Amanda Peet ranks up there for Barefoot in the Park) I’ve seen on Broadway she did bring people to the theater. If she had been a no name actress auditioning for the part she would not have gotten it. I was cringing in my seat with embarrassment for her poor acting skills as were many other faithful theater goers. When I pay $100-200 or more a ticket I expect wonderful with stage setting, acting, singing, dancing, and whatever. Katie belonged on a high school stage and even then some of the high school productions I’ve seen featured much better actors/actresses.
    I’m sorry Annie, Katie should have stuck to television. She is good on the small screen. Marrying Cruise gave her delusions of grandeur. She is deluded thinking she can sing, dance, act on the large screen, design a fashion line and is a fashion icon. Snort.
    Everyone remembers her with great affection as do you as Pacey. No one remembers anything she has done on the big screen with critical acclaim with the exception of Pieces of April. Her singing and dancing skills, while above average for the ‘normal’ person, s-u-c-k big time when compared to most of the folks who have trained seriously for much of their careers (and Katie says she trains constantly).
    Her fashion line hits the sale racks with regularity. If you’ve seen it up close it is certainly not worth the price you pay for it. Cheaply made inspite of Katie saying each piece has hand sewn touches on it. Uninspired. People criticize Stella McCartney for nepotism and saying she’d never have gotten where she is today if she wasn’t the daughter of Paul McCarntey…well Katie bot would never have had the opportunities she has had, especially in fashion, without the Mrs. in front of her name…and that is MRS. TOM Cruise.
    Katie has serious PR problems and she is most likely not even aware of it being so indoctrinated by the cult and her meglomaniac husband. If she got a good PR firm to change her image she once again could be the beloved Pacey. Now she is seen as a talentedless bimbo who trades on her husband’s A list status and power to get roles and privileges (fashion line, modeling jobs) above more talented people.
    It is one thing to be a Kim Kardashian with no talent, but a lot of marketing savvy and charisma (negative tho it may be)–and have people talking, hating, but she makes money, gets hits on blogs/media, and has people talking…and it is another thing to be the vapid Katie Holmes with minimal talented and perceived as trading on her husband’s fame for undeserved opportunities. Katie should fire her PR firm and get one that can change her image. And then a lot of the dislike for her would probably go away. Cruise has certainly started a massive campaign to rehabilitate his image. Katie ought to jump on the band wagon.

  • annie

    @ RB
    I can see you have never watched DC- her name was Joey.


    So sick of her. Blah!

  • annie

    Saturday mornings are always a bit hectic, so could’nt really respond.
    You say she’s an above average singer-dancer for the normal person, but not for those that train, but all she has ever said is ,she loves doing these things, she did it on SYTYCD, she didn’t take away anybody’s job, they are all in this charity together, and it was done in fun, yet everyone took it so seriously, like she was competing , and undeservedely came away with the top marks .
    In AMS- Katie played the minor role of the girlfriend, she wasn’t the star. People will pay $100-200 to see a play, or a certain actor/actress, or maybe to see a certain actress naked, but do you really think people will go and pay to see somebody, in a minor role because she is the wife of Tom Cruise.
    i feel sometimes you tend to run away with the reality of it a bit.
    Let’s take H.Stern jewellery for example, have you seen the pics, especially the last lot on the beach. Do you think they said , we’ll use her -she’s TC ‘s wife, or maybe they took notice of her , because she is so much more in the public arena now , than before, and she had something they liked. The videos of Katie in H.Stern , and Ann Taylor , are extremely nice – out of curiousity have you ever seen them?
    I’m not saying that Katie is without her faults, but i find it , undeserving sometimes the things you say.
    The thing that I do probably agree with you is, the fashion line- no TC- no fashion line, there are some things I like, some not so much, not my style at all , like that fuchia coloured long pleated skirt and top, just too prissy for me and probably for a lot of people as well- if the top had a little more skin showing it probably would have been quite nice.
    The thing with VB is- she’s catering for the Hollywood market, and does it quite well, and she does market herself in a good way, fashion wise. I think Katie has a lot to learn in this dept, because she’s not a behind the scenes designer, she’s a movie star designer, plus she’s done a few modelling shoots this year.
    I feel K atie needs to not hold back with herself, as she seems to do on occasion. When she’s at her best she’s spectacular, but when she’s bad she can be really not the best, and it’s this inconsistancy that pulls her down somtimes.
    However I have my doubts as to whether this is going to change- don’t know why I feel that , but I do. When you put yourself out there, I think you have to really work at it , or don’t put yourself in that position , so I guess we agree on something.!