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Katie Holmes & Suri: FAO Schwarz Shopping!

Katie Holmes & Suri: FAO Schwarz Shopping!

Katie Holmes treats her 5-year-old daughter, Suri, to a shopping trip at FAO Schwarz on Wednesday (December 14) in New York City.

The 32-year-old actress browsed the huge toy store with Suri after taking her little girl to gymnastics class. Check out Suri‘s gold shoes and pink tiara!

Katie‘s hubby, Tom Cruise, meanwhile has been jetting all around the world to promote his latest movie, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

The 49-year-old actor most recently touched down in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he premiered the action flick with co-star Paula Patton.

FYI: Katie is carrying a Clare Vivier red messenger bag.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri shopping at FAO Schwarz…

Just Jared on Facebook
katie holmes suri fao schwarz 01
katie holmes suri fao schwarz 02
katie holmes suri fao schwarz 03
katie holmes suri fao schwarz 04
katie holmes suri fao schwarz 05
katie holmes suri fao schwarz 06
katie holmes suri fao schwarz 07
katie holmes suri fao schwarz 08
katie holmes suri fao schwarz 09
katie holmes suri fao schwarz 10

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  • strange

    o oh, if you talk about the devil…..

    i thought tom would keep katie and suri looked in the basement untill he finished promoting his movie??

  • Suri Jackson

    I have no words left for the mess that Katie has become…

  • joel

    That child looks ridiculous. Little evil elf.

  • http://nicole Jeny

    I love Suri!!! She is the most gorgeous and cutest kid in the world!!!!!!!!!
    Katie is really nice))) Great family!!!

  • http://nicole Jeny


  • solecito

    Katie looks no worse than skeleton Jolie and Suri looks like a happy girl. If you had millions, like they do, wouldn’t you spoil your kid too? HYPOCRITES!

  • lacey-May

    There is spoiling and there is spoiling. Here is a five year old CHILD. CHILD. In heels which can hurt her foot development, wearing lipstick and mascara and nail polish. Katie and Tom have both said she rules the house. Don’t you think perhaps giving a five year old the power to rule your home is a bit too much?

  • solecito

    @lacey-May: It’s normal for 5 year old girls to play dress up, nothing wrong with that – I’ve seen many pictures of Suri and she doesn’t wear heels all the time. As for she rules the house, we don’t live with them, so we really don’t know what’s going on.

  • vid

    i am not a hater or anything, I think Suri is a cute kid, but I was just thinking how appropriately dressed the Jolie-Pitt kids were when they visited the same venue. There is nothing wrong with Suri’s dress or her coat or her leggings, its the shoes and the lipsticks and the makeup, her mannerism from the pics is of a child who is older than 5 but she is still a kid and is holding her blankie .
    I am not judging just my thoughts
    cheers everyone.

  • santa

    Katie gives a new meaning to the term “retail therapy.” She needs a psychologist now though, no amount of shopping will fix the crazy. By the way, Suri is the most annoying kid ever. She needs a good ol’ belt to whip her into shape.

  • else
  • Jane Patton

    Katie is just weird.

  • danielle

    Haha. Jared didn’t post the pics of Suri inside the store having a temper tantrum. I never seem to be able to post links without going into moderation, but go up to INF Daily under the last row of pics and click. There she is–having a fit!

  • Jane Patton

    That child has on heels again. And they look mal-fitting, which is wrong. Childrens shoes should not be too big.

  • Jane Patton

    @danielle: #13
    That child is a spoiled brat. Which is not appealing.

  • Jane Patton

    Heels are not good for growing feet and legs.

  • Suri is stimming

    This kid is approaching 6 years old, or probably already 6, yet still needs to carry the baby blanket wherever she goes, what gives?

    Truly, this very challenged girl is not adorable, nor cute, very average looking, even homely. Just look at picture #3. Most kids this age, when captured this close up and still, should look angelic and endearing, not this. Suritard looks jaded and dated. Both of them look equally awful and old.

  • Denise

    On INF Daily they said, Suri threw a Diva tantrum in the toy store crying and, yelling at Katie and all, and Katie rewarded that bad behavior by giving Suri toys and candy.

  • Suri is stimming


    A huge lollipop!! The Freakshow cannot go on without bribing the most whoored out child with sugar and toys to get the publicity done.

  • Suri is stimming

    Also on INF:

    Earlier in the day Katie took Suri to her gymnastics class before their toy store misadventure. And throughout the day she wore gold heeled shoes and a tiara.

    NB: And throughout the day she wore gold heeled shoes and a tiara.
    Are they for real?
    Mini drag queen.

  • Guest

    Have you guys ever been in that store?! There’s always a screaming, neurotic child every 4 feet, asking their parents for shit they want. What’s worse is that these parents feed their kids candy from the sweet store and let them run around loose inside the store. Give the girl a break! It’s normal she’ll throw a tantrum inside a TOY store for God’s sake.

  • Guest

    Have you guys ever been in that store?! There’s always a screaming, neurotic child every 4 feet, asking their parents for shit they want. What’s worse is that these parents feed their kids candy from the sweet store and let them run around loose inside the store. Give the girl a break! It’s normal she’ll throw a tantrum inside a TOY store for God’s sake.

  • ng

    I agree that there are pictures of Suri throwing a major tantrum in the store. Just Jared should also publish those pictures. Show the entire outing not just the outside.

  • Suri’s Tantrum!
  • Congrats to Kate!!!

    For her SAG and Golden Globe nominations! I hope she wins.

  • Question

    Why is it that Michelle Williams is able to handle single motherhood and an A++++ award winning career but Katie can barely handle drinking a cup of coffee?

  • Idiots on Parade
  • mwannir
  • Suri is stimming

    @Idiots on Parade:

    And the most wh0red out kin on the face of the planet was carried by the Gay Midget wearing in golden high heels and BLUE EYE SHADOW!!!

    I am wondering what’s next? The mini drag queen showing her wonder bras?
    Suri must think her look is pretty plain.
    For a child with protruding rib cage, her face is pretty, pretty swollen, which is hwy she looks jaded and dated.

  • ng
  • ng
  • ng

    - Suri is USUALLY shown being carried in Katie or Tom’s arms especially when they are walking on a public street with a lot of people around them OR holding Katie or Tom’s hand. If you look at picture #2, Suri is holding on to Katie’s arm. But in picture #8 Suri is walking on her own and in not so close proxmity to Katie which is very rare because there are a lot of people walking near them. Their bodyguard is walking closer to Suri than Katie is. These pictures were probably AFTER the tantrum at the toy store FAO Schwarz.

  • ng

    - ACCESSORIES are very important to Katie and are becoming that way for Suri – Do you notice AFTER Katie married Tom Cruise she is almost always seen wearing sunglasses and rarely the same pair. Katie changes accessories (sunglasses, shoes, and handbags) almost everytime she goes out the previously worn sunglasses never to be seen again. Suri? Suri is now seen holding a new pair of stuffed animals EVERYTIME she goes not. The stuffed animals replaced the bottle in her hand. Suri needs to always have something in her hands. These last months its now stuffed animals. They must have a room just for her toys OR dispose of the stuffed animals. But Suri rarely is seen with the same stuffed animals. As she gets older she will start carrying handbags…watch.

  • strange

    WTF are they doing????

    they are walking with a camera like they are on vacation on another country, like they are FYCKING TOURISTS ?? what the hell!

    what pictures or what can they possible film there?


  • ng

    - If you look at pictures of Katie from a year or two ago, she is always wearing different sunglasses. Marrying Tom Cruise changed the way she dresses and the access she has to accessories particularly sunglasses and handbags. Katie has her good days and bad days where she dresses shabby BUT she always wears a good pair of sunglasses and handbags. Pre her marriage to Tom Cruise, Katie did NOT wear expensive sunglasses NOR was seen wearing sunglasses. She must have a sunglass designer send her boxes every month. Check it out. One thing about the internet one can easily google a celebrity’s image and suddenly see hundreds of pictures of that celebrity. This sunglass and handbag accessory fetish of Katie Holmes is evident.

  • anacacho

    @ng: Another good thing about the internet is that you can use it to find something productive to do with your life instead of analyzing Katie Holmes sunglasses and handbags.

  • fox mulder

    wow. well what’s the point of having christmas then, huh?

  • ng

    Im an accountant, I analyze everything naturally without trying too hard. :)))

  • Romeo

    TomKat has never said that, #7.

    Quit comparing kids, #9. Mannerisms from pics?

    How is she annoying when you’ve never met her and she’s never done anything, #12?

    How do you know that, #15?

    You’re disgusting, #17.

    Maybe you should post a link to a vid then, #18.

    I repeat: you’re disgusting, #20.

    Why don’t you show them then, #23?

    Some tantrum, #24. She was sobbing for some reason none of us know and that’s about it. Quit acting like you know how she’s being raised.

    You don’t know how either of them raise their kids, #26.

    So what, #35?

  • @Romeo

    You are totally blind. The pics of her throwing a fit are all over the Internet. What–just because JJ doesn’t post them then they don’t exist? Do you not know how to use a search engine. Let me teach you Romeo. Go to Google and t-y-p-e in Suri Cruise FAO temper tantrum. You’ll get lots of results.
    And it is easy to see you DO NOT have kids. This is a TANTRUM thrown my an over indulged child. She is almost SIX years old. Most kids that are raised with boundaries know not to act like this in a store at this age. Clearly Katie has over indulged Suri and Suri feels she can get her own way no matter what. Katie is handling it fine–she is kneeling down on her level and talking to her calmly, but then she blows it–she gives her a sucker and a toy as a reward for this type of behavior. Any parent worth their salt knows that you do not do this as you are rewarding bad behavior and it will continue if you give her the incentive to throw a fit with a reward.
    When you have kids Romeo, then maybe, we will listen to your opinions on how to raise a child.

  • Bella

    Suri will have major food problems when she is older. It’s not healthy to grow up with high heels on your feed.

  • swati

    yeah gonna be a bog drama quenn, who thinks she owns the world.

  • deby

    i love katie & suriiiiii so beautiful cute and natural !!! =D

  • jay

    Suri looks so much like Joshua jackson.

  • gugo


  • Bella

    Sorry, meant feet and foot.

  • mia

    @lacey-May: Im sorry, but in which picture is she wearing lip gloss and mascara? In the close up of her, she clearly has a clean, no-makeup face. She is a child, of course she has flawless skin, which people might think is face makeup. But in these pictures she has no makeup on. I am very disappointed that Jared did NOT show the tantrum pictures. These comments would have been much harsher had they been shown.

  • ana

    Ah, she got her ho shoes on! Really those shoes are so tacky. Also, no heels for developing feet!

  • ana

    Gawd way to go. Those fit pics are horrible. Katie better watch it with the sweets. Suri is starting to look like a pillow faced type II diabetic.

    I’m a parent and I wouldn’t give in to that crap. My kids do that it’s the last time we will go into a toy store.

  • lucy

    @Jane Patton:

    They are too big because they don’t make them for FIVE YEAR olds…dumba$$ parents T&K take note.