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Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes & Suri: Tribeca Trio

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes & Suri: Tribeca Trio

Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes hold hands with their daughter, Suri, on Thursday (December 15) in NYC’s Tribeca neighborhood.

The 49-year-old actor is back in the States after promoting Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol all around the world, most recently in Brazil and in England, with co-star Paula Patton.

Tom was spotted arriving in Manhattan via helicopter earlier in the day, while Katie took Suri to gymnastics class and FAO Schwarz the day before.

FYI: Katie is carrying a Clare Vivier red messenger bag.

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and Suri walking around Tribeca…

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katie holmes tom cruise suri tribeva 01
katie holmes tom cruise suri tribeva 02
katie holmes tom cruise suri tribeva 03
katie holmes tom cruise suri tribeva 04
katie holmes tom cruise suri tribeva 05
katie holmes tom cruise suri tribeva 06
katie holmes tom cruise suri tribeva 07
katie holmes tom cruise suri tribeva 08
katie holmes tom cruise suri tribeva 09
katie holmes tom cruise suri tribeva 10
katie holmes tom cruise suri tribeva 11
katie holmes tom cruise suri tribeva 12

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  • http://Tj S l i g ^_________^ cute

    Hello guys

  • eh

    Mini callgirl Suri is in high heels and Katie looks her usual dim-witted self.

  • Idiots on Parade

    SAG and Golden Globe nominations just came out. Nothing for Tomkat again! They aren’t actors, just members of a circus.

  • The Amazing Photographer Kate!

    Her acting, singing, dancing, modeling, designing, crafting and parenting all suck. Maybe photography is her true calling. Although she really should open the lens HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  • Shauna

    Has anybody else besides me noticed that at all his press junkets and premieres for his film and even in public he ALWAYS wears shoes with a very thick heel? And as an added note, he always where’s a boot-type of shoe that has enough room for lifts possibly? I mean, come on Tom, we know your not taller than 5’8″ and your wife is taller than you, why so height conscious?

  • Suri in hell

    Katie has said that Suri loves NY, it’s her favorite city. She sure shows it in a funny way.

  • Suri has another tantrum!!!
  • Honestly

    Tom is too small to carry Suri.

  • Question

    Where’s Bella? She’s been missing for almost a year now.

  • Gigi

    Suri always has a fit at FAO. I’m surprised that they still let her in. Also, the premiere isn’t until Monday. Four days of torturing Suri. Eesh!

  • Suri is stimming

    What’s up with this 5~6 years old drag queen doing with the blue eye shadows?
    Her pimp mama and the their gay boss cannot wait to tell her that how plain and homely her look. Full makeup, high heels, baby blanket and carried by a Midget Queer holding the diaper bag for the drag queen.

    That’s surely Suri’s way to show NY her love!

  • Gigi

    Yes, where is Bella???

  • Reality

    Forget the movie, this marriage is Mission Impossible! Tom needs to lose Katie. She’s sooooo boring!

  • Wonder Woman

    Why is it that Michelle Williams is able to handle single motherhood and an A++++ award winning career but Katie can barely handle drinking a cup of coffee?

  • DL

    Take your kids out day ;)

  • meg

    What a stunning family. Tom Cruise looks so youthful and Katie Holmes looks as elegant as usual. Tom Cruise has to be the most approachable and personable megastar in the world. Always pleasant. Tom Cruise still remains the world’s top star, and his star will not fade for a long time.

    America’s Favorite Family for sure.

  • Helen

    When exactly is this child in school?

  • Suri is stimming


    Suritard is never in school, and she’s not schooled whatsoEVAH. She’s a child labor, pre-paid and bought by Tom Cruise, yeah, the tranny that holds her diaper bag there. Suri has to work her way to honor the rent.

  • @meg

    America’s Favorite Family? Is this new xenu script you are reading from?

    In your dreams hun. This is not America’s favorite family on any level. And Katie certainly doesn’t look elegant today. Her hair looks dirty and scrunching it in a scrunchy is not elegant. Do you think elegant women like Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, et al would be seen looking like this? And her top is ill fitting and plain ugly.

    Tom’s star has faded. You need to go back to David Miscavgny and ask for a new script baby-doll. Cause this one isn’t working nor are you fooling anyone.

  • theresa

    @Suri has another tantrum!!!

    thanks for the link. someone should tell Katie and Tom that buying some goodies is not the way to handle a five year old temper tantrum. they should have done what my parents always did. when ever one of us through a tantrum in a store my parents simply picked us up and left the store. end of discussion.

  • lucy

    to Question

    Bella is over the age of 18; she’s an adult. she doesn’t have to be anywhere.

  • ng

    There was a time when Suri was the right age, size, height, weight
    to be carried in the arms (see link)

    Today, those days are over, the pictures of the walkabout in Tribeca clearly show that Tom Cruise should no longer carry Suri. She is so big he can barely see in front of him. Tom has to look around Suri’s head to see what’s in front of him. The recent picture of him carrying Suri makes her look like she has some kind of handicap that she can’t walk on her own. She is simply to big in size to be carried.

    And having Suri walk on her own means the photograhers are going to be taking Suri’s picture and cropping out Katie and Tom. If you look at most of Just Jared’s pictures of Suri (especially these days) they are really targeting Suri and then a few shots of her with Katie and Tom. Suri is the paparrazi magnet and Katie and Tom know this.

    Tom Cruise has a lot riding on the upcoming Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol movie. He needs this movie to break records and put him back on top as far as the box office is concerned. His Mission Impossible movies has always worked in his favor. After that movie will be Rock of Ages and the current movie he just wrapped in Pittsburgh One Shot.

    And when you think about it, between Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes I would be betting my money on Tom Cruise to have a better shot at hitting box office gold (like his golden years) & bringing home the bacon ($$$). Since Katie married Cruise she has had many career opportunities: on BROADWAY (All My Sons), TELEVISION (Eli Stone, So You Think You Can Dance, How I met Your Mother, etc.), MOVIES: Mad Money, The Romantics, The Extra Man,
    Son of No One, Don’t be Afraid of the Dark, & Jack & JIll, etc. and NONE have made her an A LIST actress. Unlike her co-star Michelle Williams in One week with Marilyn.

    I think Tom Cruise knows Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Rock of Ages, and One Shot have to do well at the box office. Stockholders care about profits #1.

  • Tessa

    The movie promotion isn’t complete w/o the requisite Cruise/Holmes family outing photo-op. *rolling eyes*

  • mary

    to Suri is stimming

    just wondering here. what exactly has this five year old Suri done that would cause you to hate her this much. do you understand how foolish your hatred of this child looks to others.

  • KC

    At this stage in Suri’s life all of her behavioral problems are the result of her parents failing to discipline her and set boundaries.

  • ng

    - It must be hard for Katie Holmes to live with a movie star like Tom Cruise. In his hey day he was one of the biggest movie stars and made millions of dollars. Many say those days are behind him but he’s not going down without a fight which is why he’s fought hard to appear in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Paramount Pictures was going to do this fourth franchise movie without him and hire a younger actor but after Cruise’s movie flops of Valkyrie, Lions for Lambs, and Tropic Thunder. Tom Cruise KNEW he needed to get back on the Mission Impossible IV franchise to bring him back to the likes of the younger movie audiences and his faithful base. Katie on the other hand has tried just about everything career opportunity celebrities get into: acting, appearing on PBS and Broadway, television cameos, singing, designing clothes, and none of it has been very successful. Katie should have probably gone to the heliport with Suri to pick up Tom Cruise because her best bet is promoting him in his movie ventures and trying to milk whatever cuteness is left of young Suri (for photo opportunities). The best shot at bringing home the bacon ($$$) is Tom Cruise.

  • missy b

    First people were complaining that Katie and Suri weren’t seen. Now that they are seen, people complain that they are doing “photo-ops”

  • ti

    they should bring out bella. she’s the only family member i like.

  • ck

    @The Amazing Photographer Kate!

    Believe it or not, Katie took a photography many years ago at Columbia (while she was still doing DC). I’m very sad that I remembered that insignificant fact.

  • hey777

    why are people being so heartless and truly hateful? the sadpart people think thats normal to hate celebrities AKA people like you and me, that much.

  • ng

    My recent comment was not posted. I guess I hit a nerve or something???

  • Lavito

    To Mary: No where in “Suri is stimming” is anything that would imply she hates Suri. You are the one that looks foolish when you read in to others messages and make a judgement on what you want to believe. Many like myself do not agree with Tom & Katie’s upbringing of Suri. Wearing gold high heels, make up and fur coat is fine at home playing dress up but when you let your daughter out in public in a fur coat your asking for publicity, they know the world photographs them and yet the let their daughter walk in the streets of NYC looking like a call girl, come on, talk your kid into wearing something appropriate when going out. That 5 year old runs them both, still being carried around like a baby, they are the foolish ones.

  • ng

    - Before these pictures of the Tribeca outing, the last time we had seen Suri was when they went iceskating Nov 15th. Then no Suri for almost 1 month and then suddenly here they are. Next week Cruise’s movie premieres so time to bring out the guns and get your photo out in the media and celebrity blogs and draw attention to yourself so people will go out and watch your movie.

  • ng

    As far as Katie, her movie projects (Don’t be afraid of the dark, Son of no one, Jack & Jill) and her television cameo How I met your mother, and her fashion spoke person for Ann Taylor and her own person ling Holmes and Yang all came out this year so she done with any promotions for her career for this year. Knight and Day did so so box office in the United States and if it were not for the foreign markets it would have bombed. Katie Holmes should now try and help Cruise end the year with a bang and promotion Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. At least one of them has a chance to end the year with a successful movie.

  • @ng

    and the ice skating was to celebrate tomkat’s 5th fake anniversary.

  • ng

    My #32 comment went into moderation (?) it was just a response to #25. My response was an analytic and truthful, factual comment to #25. Hope they publish it. It merely explained the life of celebrities and working actors.

  • nicole

    Katie Holmes looks so ugly in this picture…She should at least comb her hair before going out with Tom Cruise and Suri…she looks like their maid….

  • ng

    Considering that so much $$$, careers, are at stake when releasing a movie, I’m surprised actors, writers, producers, etc., are not phoning people to not forget to go see the movie the way politicians GET OUT THE VOTE the weekend before an election day. Celebrities do it by appearing on talk shows, billboards, television trailers, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if movie studios start leaving messages on people’s answering machines to not forget to go watch X’s new movie. HA!

  • Suri is stimming

    @missy b:

    I don’t see anybody complain about not seeing this Circus on parade. No sighting for Suritard nor her pimp mama for a month, for they don’t want to be seen, didn’t call the paps. Or maybe this pint size drag queen hasn’t been cooperative enough to for another exposure, even though it’s in her pimp mama’s contract.

    Look, that’s not a child when the pimp mama and the gay midget call the paps for photo ops to promote pimp mam’s ‘did nothing’ J&J, or Gay Midget’s Hail Mary desperate Ghastly Protocol, that’s a most whoredd out working pony.

  • ng

    # 25 – Their priorities regarding Suri’s behavior come AFTER their careers: Suri was born Apr 18 2006 and from 2006 to the present they (between both Katie & Tom Cruise) filmed and premiered movies throughout Europe and back: Knight and Day (Spain); Valkyie (Germany); Mission Impossible IV (Prague); The Extra Man (New York);
    The Romantics (Long Island, New York); Broadway show All My Sons in New York); Tropic Thunder in Los Angeles, etc., countless premieres Washington D.C., Brazil, Japon, Paris, London, Spain, Germany, Australia, New York, etc., various times going back and forth for filming and premieres, scouting locations, etc. If anything the constant in Suri’s life is that there has been NO CONSISTANCY.
    But these two are working actors and that’s what they do, particularly Tom Cruise. If you look at the time Suri was born and what they were doing in their careers that explains a lot. This is not gossip, this is factual. All the bodyguards, employees on their payroll, homes, maintenance, property taxes, donations, etc. all that cost $$$

  • ng

    I personally would not like that much traveling. It must be hard to maintain friendships and relationships. I guess that is why so many people involved in the movie industry end up having affairs with the crew because you miss someone back home or get lonely. No excuse. But in the movie business there is a high divorce rate. Its like in the episode of Sex and the City where Carrie is going to Paris with the Russian and once she gets there at first its exciting going to museum, site seeing, cafes, etc., but after you miss home, your friends, especially if you are going to be at this new exciting (?) place 2-4 months. You can only site see so much before you see everything, etc.

  • wren

    This is just plain old sad…..

  • I say…

    Are they still famous??? Looks like the people around them are not even interested!!!!

  • Romeo

    They had nothing to be nominated for, #3.

    He actively observes a person’s shoes, #5? Ever considered he just doesn’t wear sneakers much?

    ‘Cause you know her personally, #10? You can’t use a five year-old girl that doesn’t do anything for publicity.

    Why haven’t you been banned yet, #11?

    Off doing normal teenager stuff instead of hanging out with her parents and preteen sister, #12.

    She’s home schooled, #17.

    Let her and her PARENTS decide when she’s too old to be carried, #22.

    You don’t know how she’s being raised or if she has any problems, #25.

    I couldn’t agree more, #27.

    You don’t know how she is being brought up and who are any of you to judge, #32.

    She pops in and out whenever TomKat has a new flick out or not, #33.

    They work less than Brangelina does, a couple with SIX kids that I’m sure you don’t rag on, #40.

  • James

    Does Suri go to school?

  • Robert

    Great images! I admire Tom and his family.

  • Lavito

    #44 Are you Katie, Tom or Suri, or are you on their payroll?

  • Carla

    He looks truly hilarious carrying that child. Goodness, she is way too old to be carried. He looks nice, but Katie looks pretty miserable and the poor child looks feral.

  • ashley

    What an amazing family. Thanks for keeping us updated Jared, we love following them. Everyone loves them. They are so down to earth, surprisingly. As big as a star Tom is, you’d never know!

  • mary

    @Lavito @ 12/15/2011 at 5:21 pm

    sorry to break this to you but referring to a five year old child as “Suritard” is both vicious and spiteful.