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Kobe Bryant & Wife Vanessa Split

Kobe Bryant & Wife Vanessa Split

Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa are ending their 10-year marriage, according to TMZ.

Vanessa, 29, filed for divorce on Friday (December 16) citing “irreconcilable differences,” with sources claiming the split happened because the 33-year-old Los Angeles Lakers star was allegedly unfaithful.

“She’s been dealing with these incidents for a long time and has been a faithful wife, but she’s finally had enough. This one is the straw that broke the camel’s back,” the source explained.

Vanessa stood by Kobe during his 2003 scandal when he was charged with sexually assaulting a Colorado woman.

The two, who reportedly do not have a prenup, have two daughters together, Natalia, 8, and Gianna, 5.

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  • Dina

    Take it all honey

  • gemma

    finally!! i love that athletes are still getting away with abuse. blah!

  • Manny

    No prenup??? Loving it. Kobe turn around and bend over, this is gonna hurt. *applauding*


    you don’t need a prenup when you have children…

  • BrightinLA

    Mark my words, he and Kim Kardashian will get together.

  • Manny

    That would make sense. She wants the fame and he likes wh*res.

  • lauren

    @BrightinLA: hahaha you’re right!!

  • Isis Lara

    Ten years of marriage before she decided to leave the rapist?

  • http://hotmail sesa

    Love the comment. You are so right.

  • Haha

    Couldn’t happen to a better person! His networth is estimated to be $200mm. Oh Vanessa, you are now my hero. I second Dina, “Take it all, honey!” He is such a cocky b-stard.

  • Angie

    check out what kim kardashian owns at

  • booo

    @SnOOKIE: yeah you do, you get 1/2 and then some.

  • Rob

    “Take it all honey!”

    Look at all the useless women here.

  • Tessa

    Next stop, a stint on Basketball Wives.

  • So&So

    She only made it ten years for the alimony payments. Their marriage was a mess from jump and Kobe’s about to get “Tigered”.

  • wow

    awww. lol

  • Divorce is horrible

    I dont know what’s sadder the fact their getting a divorce or the rude and unnecessary comments people are making. No matter who they are or what it is they might have done, divorces are very hard and especially when there are kids involved. I am completely opposed to divorces, marriage is a sacred thing which shouldn’t be overused. We should give them the privacy they deserve, for their sake and the girls. The fact that people are saying “take it all honey” or ” this is guna hurt Kobe, no prenuptial” is so ughhh annoying!!!! What if we come to that the only thing on our mind is money, anywayssss I’m going off track this is just sad wish them the best as they go through this.

  • Robbie

    I don’t understand why these athletes get married knowing that they will be unfaithful.

  • Baddabing

    Oopsie…did Kobe pick up an STD from one of his back alley encounters??

  • WOW

    WOW, how piss*d must she be to file BEFORE christmas? Usually couples let the kids have one last happy Christmas…then they have time to adjust before the next holiday…she’s really had enough.

  • um


    That’s how she is. She is the Blake llively of the NBA. They get passed around.

  • Melissa

    Good for her.

  • Melissa

    Good for her.

  • stella

    Such an arrogant douche. Good for her!

  • dasda

    That woman is stunning. Why would he cheat on that? And I agree with the others here…take the money!

  • Ginger

    Yeap, get marry for 10 years in California and the wife gets alimony after divorce. Vanessa is gorgeous but did she ever got her teeth fix? With all that money, she should’ve gotten braces and fix it ten years ago… I hope things goes well with the both of them…

    These star athletes do NOT need to be in a committed relationship… Temptation everywhere and majority of them are weak.

  • Wait a minute, Hold on,

    Backtrack your statements everyone, calling this Bitoch “honey ” and thinking of her poor girl, pul-easz …and take it all, ..You ALL GOT THE STORY , facts ALL WRONG.

    Kobe and Vanessa were too young.
    She was a video girl.
    She was 17 , in high school when they met and Kobe was a bonafide NBA baller , but he was about 18,19.
    Kobe’s parents never wanted him to marry and not marry her.
    It was not because seh half White, half Mexican.
    Vanessa doesn’t care much for his paretns or sisters. Lets say they are not her favorite people.
    Vannesa, has Lakers ‘ rules assumed per Kobe’s contract as to how Madame Vanessa, Queen of Bryant should be respectfully adhered to…. Staff is instructed to not look at her or her daughters and most definietely, do not talk to her or her daughters, Vanessa has wife privleges such as going to lcoker room, etc., things other Lakers wives do not have.
    Rumor ahs it she had her annual Laker wife lunch, sorie, but NO to Khole Kardashian.
    Female sports interviews in Lakers locker room or interviweing Kobe is a BIG NO-NO!
    Rumor has it. gogle about the one female reporter Vanessa dismissed.
    This divorce is NOT news. Give them points for staying 10 yrs.

    Now, yes, she will walk away with 2 kids, and at least 100 million dollars in cash now , not counting some homes, her jewels worth millions, other money in non-cash, future money from Kobe’s pay, endorsements, etc.

    Reall lady’s, LADY, good REPUTATIONS, who elft with a fortune are: Elin Nordegren (tigers ex) and Juanita Jordan( Micheal’s ex).
    Juanita, a good lady, steller rep, left with about $140 million. Google her. She is very private. Always was even when Micheal Jordan was in the game.

  • Wait a minute, Hold on,

    No, Vanessa would never do that, plus, she does not need the money. Then she wasa wife. Wife. Wife before their were kids.
    Most of these basketball wives are not wives, but girlfriends who had babies as their payday that keeps on paying.

    Shaunie O’Neal started this, show and is executive proudcer but she and Shaq did have a child before the wedding and each had a child from a previous relationship.
    Shaunie got a big divorce and is really a good girl.

  • Wait a minute, Hold on,

    She will get half. 1/2 . Half now and half for years to come.
    Vanessa Biotch Bryant is not sweet girl, honey.

  • Wait a minute, Hold on,

    I was wrong about their ages when the started out after meeting at a video shoot.
    Kobe was not about 19.
    Vanessa was in high school. A senior I think. I cannot remember if they went to her prom.
    He used to pick her up from her school, but it was casuing big paps and stuff. She went to a girls ‘ private school.

  • Wait a minute, Hold on,


    Brightin, you called it RIGHT!!!

    Manny, you added to what he RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am not going to bet neither of you .01, because I don’t , cannot afford to lose a penny.


  • Wait a minute, Hold on,

    @Isis Lara:

    10 yrs. is a good number. A nice, sweet, rounded off number, you know.

    Sweetens the deal.

  • they both suck

    I am the first to say kobe is major POS and not making excuses for him- but Vanessa ani’t no saint either.

    she may be pretty on the outside but has the rep of a right bi$ch and it was well earned.

    just cause a girl is pretty on the outside- doesnt mean sex with them is all that- and it seems although these two stayed together after the colorado mess it hasnt been great.
    I can see kobe isnt ‘into ‘ vanessa anymore and should have just left and not cheated–but i dont blame him for nto being attracted to her if she is a bi$ch all the time.
    He ani’t no prize but either is she- they both s*ck.

    so the comments of “how can he cheat on such a pretty girl” are silly as anyone in a relationship can tell you that looks fade and if the person bugs the hell out of you- you won’t want to be near them.