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The Kardashian Family Celebrate Kardashian Khaos Opening

The Kardashian Family Celebrate Kardashian Khaos Opening

Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian strike a pose at the grand opening of their Kardashian Khaos store held at the Mirage Hotel and Casino on Thursday (December 15) in Las Vegas.

The reality stars hit the red carpet with their entire family, including brother Robert and younger sisters Kendall and Kylie.

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“This Thursday evening is the grand opening of our lifestyle store, Kardashian Khaos, at The Mirage in Las Vegas,” Kourtney shared on her official website. “The whole family will be there to celebrate and I can’t wait to see the store in person! All of the fun souvenir products were designed by me, Kim, Khloe, my mom and the store’s Creative Director, Cici Bussey.”

FYI: Kim is wearing the A.L.C. silk leopard tunic dress.

20+ pictures inside of the Kardashian family at the grand opening of Kardashian Khaos…

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the kardashian family celebrate kardashian khaos opening 01
the kardashian family celebrate kardashian khaos opening 02
the kardashian family celebrate kardashian khaos opening 03
the kardashian family celebrate kardashian khaos opening 04
the kardashian family celebrate kardashian khaos opening 05
the kardashian family celebrate kardashian khaos opening 06
the kardashian family celebrate kardashian khaos opening 07
the kardashian family celebrate kardashian khaos opening 08
the kardashian family celebrate kardashian khaos opening 09
the kardashian family celebrate kardashian khaos opening 10
the kardashian family celebrate kardashian khaos opening 11
the kardashian family celebrate kardashian khaos opening 12
the kardashian family celebrate kardashian khaos opening 13
the kardashian family celebrate kardashian khaos opening 14
the kardashian family celebrate kardashian khaos opening 15
the kardashian family celebrate kardashian khaos opening 16
the kardashian family celebrate kardashian khaos opening 17
the kardashian family celebrate kardashian khaos opening 18
the kardashian family celebrate kardashian khaos opening 19
the kardashian family celebrate kardashian khaos opening 20

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  • JL

    They’re like kockroaches. Can’t get rid of them.

  • camillus

    Why does any care/like these fuc_ing whor_s they have no reason to be on TV, All they have is that they F-CK anything, anyone, Have big A_ses, screw people for money, they are stupid who_res who deserve to be dead………FU-K the Kardiasan Ho’s……..

  • JDS

    They are more entertaining than most snooty A list actors.

  • natalia

    they all look great as always!
    a great examble that women can do anything they put in their minds!

  • ashley

    Kim’s marriage cost her $10 million dollars and after 72 days she filed for divorce. $10 million dollars could have helped build schools in much needed countries providing education to the less fortunate. More importantly those schools had a much better chance of lasting after 72 days…Welcome to America!

  • sorella

    It makes me laugh how they all smile and pretend like they have no clue they being laughed at now more than ever before since Kim’s ridiculous farce of a wedding. There 15 mins. of fame is ticking away and they are yesterday’s news, but it’s like Mama Jenner is pulling out all the tricks now “you ALL have to attend, we ALL have to smile and act like we are ALL so happy and important, c’mon kids, pimping ourselves out is what we do best!!”.

  • Rocky


  • Rob


    Well it’s her stupid money, she can do whatever she wants. It’s the governments job to fund those things, not this stupid b****.

    All good, though. She’ll be gone soon… I hope.

  • Julie

    That whole family is just TRASH. They let those young girls dress like sk@nks.

  • LEE


  • Kirstifl

    Are they going to sell the Kim K special mattress? You know the one that straps to your back – just in case.

  • Female

    A bunch of ugly whóres. Vermin to the society. Exterminate!



  • Rio


  • ley


  • Sean

    Kendall and Kylie are looking yummier by the year. Hmmm mmm

  • To 3

    Say what?! What know you of entertaining? Do you know entertaining at all? You don’t even have a clue as to what ‘first class and genuine’ are. NOTHING!!!!!

  • why

    Why is Kylie Jenner wearing Christian Louboutin platform pumps that are 6.2 inches tall? I thought her dress was cute, but 14 year olds don’t need to be wearing heels over 6 inches tall.

  • NYC

    Wasn’t “Much Ado About Nothing” a Shakespeare play about this exact kind of thing?
    BTW, They are mean when u see them in person.
    It’s all fake and fantasy, for the benefit of them.

  • LisaLipps

    Is it Halloween? Because they are scary……

  • nastyhoesneedtogo

    This us what’s wrong with america

  • LaCroix

    I heard the two younger sisters are going to have their own spin-off show.. young underage girls who get their own reality TV.. This family knows no boundaries. Now they are willing to further exploit young children. Whoever thinks this family is still a good role model should seriously get their head examined!

  • Annie

    I bet Kris J is gonna start trying to shove the the younger two in our faces now that Kim’s reputation is in tatters after the Scam Wedding. She can give up now because Kylie just isn’t kute she has a hard face already and she’s a little brat and Kendall will look just like Khloe in a few years – you can see that Wookie gene simmering away.

  • Go Ask Alice

    I used to really like their shows. Now, I watch if I am home and nothing else is on.
    When the shows first started, they were fun, funny. I wish they had stayed on that path instead of the Kourtney leaking her water bag, Ob/Gyn shots, cursing, etc.

    Kris Jenner too k her family and captapluated they them to fame, but way more inmptly., that is they each have millions of dollars.

    KimK, seems to be whoever leaked her sex dvd, should have been sued for leaking it, but one cannot suit herself. I think she gave it to Vivid. Then, lets say she did not, then, she should have her alwyers pay her $1.00 for complete editorial control and destruction. Meaning, destroy and edit for Vivid shots of ehr being nude, and RayJ going down on her only.

    This f amily ahs everyhting Kardashian, but fr pr, and because they could do a lot of good with their money, Karadashian Kharity??
    Ashlye, building of schools, ec. no. That is abvoe and beyond.
    They should have had a charity and had been giving away money to charities:schools, USC scholarship, children’s hospitals, etc.

    Kim and the wedding has really p’od people. I think she got the famous after her too because they got duped.

  • tada

    umm… kylie jenner’s outfit screams “teen mom” in about a year. just saying. what kind of mom or dad allows their 14-year-old daughter to dress like that? the fanning sisters are famous, but at least they don’t use their fame as an excuse to dress like filthy trash.

  • Dream

    Are you on payroll now Jared? I use to love coming to this site because it was the one celeb site that avoided Trashian coverage.

  • Ginger

    @Kirstifl: Freaken hilarious of a post!!!

  • BrosOverHo*s

    kourtney best dressed as always , and surprisingly Kris is coming 2nd then Klhoe and then Kim ! And Kylie looks great too !
    And people they are here since like what 5 years now ? Just deal with them they are entertaining and they make my laugh , let them be and cash their money , do the same instead of trying to make them go away ! They are not going anywhere until a new family come to take their places ( Yes i look at you Paris Hilton ) but even with that they’ll be here as long as their body is on point ! Stop waisting strengh and enjoy them as much as you can !

  • Haters

    @tada: Please Dakota is wearing the same short dresses and Louboutins ! Stop hating ! Emma Watson , Selena Gomez , Miley Cyrus , The Destiny’s Child , Britney Spears , Lindsay Lohan … have done way worst ! You can’t say they’ll end up lame or teen moms just because the way they dress ! Look at Beyoncé she used to dress slutty sometimes to and still do but look at her she succeed , and look at Lindsay she dressed slutty and now she’s naked in Playboy , outfit is not describing how you will end up ! Their sister is Kim Kardashian of course they are taking her for a role model , nothing bad in being a little sexy in America , this is not Dubai people !

  • cjohn

    kylie outft!!!!!!!!!!!ew

  • KK

    Now I understand why Hilary Duff calls the comments that people write “THE DEVIL” !!!
    You really REALLY make me sick.
    If you do not like the Kardashian family, ignore them !
    Thank god, they will NEVER read what you write…

  • mimi

    theres ahuge difference between the fanning sister and these unseless fake whores. the fanning sisters have talent. lol,these people have no talent and are useless. mr kardashian whould be extremely proud. NOT . i bet he is glad to be dead right now with whores for daughters

  • I Mean What

    Let’s just CUT TO some of the out takes from the cancelled Kardashian Kristmas Special on E!, where not a kreature was stirring, not even a kouse

  • jessica Raggiunti

    here’s a little tip for all of you haters, go to the library, get their book kardashian konfidential, read a little bit of it and then stfu. obviously none of you are going to read it, so let me reiterate some of it for you. Yes they are pretty much famous for doing nothing, but they have created many multi-million dollar companies, which has made them all very successful. Yes, the only reason why they have a reality tv show is because of kim’s sex tape, but if you read deeper into what they are all about, you will realize that they are smarter than they look. They are not trust fund babies, they made all of their money on their own and they were raised with the CORRECT morals and values that most of us have also been raised with.

    last piece of advice, don’t knock em til you know a little more information about them.

  • Yeesh

    @Sean: wow, they are like still babies…..

  • Yo

    The Kardashans are beautiful people and I like them. I like their family show….Some people dislikes, disrespects, call them names and judged them…if some people pay attention to it(keeping up with the K..), they will learn something….that no matter how the media and circumstances tried to break this family at the end of the day they are still hang onto each other, support and value each other and help each other to overcome their failures, frustrations and flaws…imo, THAT is a good family!