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Angelina Jolie Reacts to Golden Globes Nomination

Angelina Jolie Reacts to Golden Globes Nomination

Angelina Jolie enjoys a business lunch inside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Friday (December 16) in Hollywood.

The 36-year-old actress received some exciting news the day before – her directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey, is nominated for a Golden Globe Award in the Best Foreign Language Film category!

“I am grateful that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is honoring our film,” Angie said in a statement.

“This was a true collaboration and I am forever indebted to our cast and crew, who experienced their own personal tragedies in the Bosnian War and gave me an authentic perspective into the conflict,” she added. “This nomination is a tribute to the collective talent and passion of this extraordinary cast.”

The 2012 Golden Globes, hosted by Ricky Gervais, airs January 15 on NBC!

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  • Hana

    She is amazing!

  • truth

    Oh man Hana I tought I would be first but hooray for Angie. People can say what they want about the GG’s but I say yeah for Brad and Angie and cannot wait for them to have a fun night out and hopefully a couple of wins for the JP family.

  • Jane Patton

    Our ever so gracious Angie.

  • http://n/a Marcus From PA





    Just bought 2 copies of Marie Claire January issue with Angelina Jolie on the cover. All Jolie-Pitt fans please pick up a copy. Marie claire will donate to Women In Need for every issue sold. Angelina looks breath-taking in the mag. I have not read the article yet because I am mesmerized by the stunning photos of Angelina. There is also a story with the female cast of ITLOBAH.

  • theresa

    this is wonderful news for our Angelina. i really want to see this film. but what ever will those vicious psychotic trolls say about this; the poor children will be so upset.

  • busted

    So pretty in that picture..even blurry.

    Just so stunning..more so without a lot of make up..

    Congratulations to she and Brad.. Win or not..they are still WINNERS..what a year they each have had..

  • Lara

    She looks beautiful, so thrilled that ITLOBAH has been nominated.

  • Mikki

    OH? Can nominations be bought these days??

  • bdj

    Only the hottest ex sitcom hack of the millennium award that resides on Pluto can be bought.

    Meanwhile, back on Earth. Congrats to BP and AJ on their well deserved nominations.

  • Adri

    Good for her and her cast!! So humble and right, as always!!!

  • A.Y.

    Congrats to Angelina again!!!!

    i’m so gald that her effort has been recognized and i believe that it’s only a start~~~

  • Another Lurker


    Did Anustain got one?


    If nominations could be bought Ticky would have an Oscar and a Tony by now. That no-talent sitcom hack will always be a presenter, never an award winner. Leatherface keep trying to convince her tv fans she is on same A-list as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Not!!! More like the D-list with Chelsea Mandler.

  • gracie

    So excited for Angie, her movie is gaining the respect and merits it deserves, it couldn’t happen to a nicer and kinder woman. You go Angie. Trolls/haters are filled with envy. their idol is just a laughing stock.

  • theresa

    @ Mikki

    well, it didn’t take you long to come out of the woodwork. no please be a good little troll and go away.

  • Ewelina – Zobacz darmowe doładowania do telefonu !

  • http://n/a Marcus From PA




  • bdj

    Angelina Jolie never expected to receive a Golden Globe nomination for ‘In The Land of Blood and Honey’.

    The actress’ directorial debut – which tells the tale of a romance between a Serbian soldier and Bosnian Muslim woman set in the Yugoslav wars – will compete in the Best Foreign Language Category and Angelina admitted she was shocked when she heard the news on her way to the dentist with her kids.

    She told The Hollywood Reporter: ‘I was on my way and turned on my phone, and saw the subject line on an email. I thought, this can’t be. I never expected this.

    ‘Just to be able to make a film you care about and then get a distributor makes you happy.’

    Angelina shot the movie twice, once in English and again in the native languages of her cast, Bosnian, Serbran and Croatian, and the brunette beauty recently revealed she had discussed every aspect of the scripts with her actors.

    She said: ‘We all spoke about every speech and every scene, and made sure it was right and true. So everybody helped to educate me and we all adjusted the script together.’

    ‘I read a lot of books about the war. I talked to a lot of people, I watched, I listened. I just wanted to tell the real story. I wanted to be respectful of people.’

    The 69th annual Golden Globe will be held on January 15 in Los Angeles and hosted by British funnyman Ricky Gervais.

  • Huge Question

    Why is Aniston still relevant in these blogs???? I ask because she is totally played out in HW, she is about tabloid rumors and news only and have no future projects other than the 3 time pushed back wonderlust. After that she is has nothing, absolutely nothing. HW has shut the door to her and we know she’s to tight to spend her own dough unless her paid for toy buys her a role other than that I don’t see why she is even a part of anyone’s conversation anymore.

    Can we send her to HW past, please?

  • bdj

    Posted: 12/16/2011

    ANGELINA JOLIE and BRAD PITT are building an AIDS clinic in their adopted daughter Zahara’s native Ethiopia to ensure she will always stay in touch with her African roots.

    The actress became mom to Zahara Marley in 2005 and Jolie reveals she and Pitt are in the process of establishing a medical center to treat AIDS and tuberculosis in the six-year-old’s name, similar to the Maddox Chivan Children’s Center they founded in Cambodia, where their eldest son Maddox was born.

  • bdj

    In 2011 GHC will break ground on the Zahara Center in Sebeta on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Zahara will use the Maddox model to address the needs of HIV infected and affected children in Ethiopia. The integrated Maddox model, the HIV counseling manual for children and expertise learned at the ground level in Cambodia will be brought to bear in Ethiopia, one of the poorest countries globally, with the second largest population in sub-Saharan Africa.

    Given the crushing burden of TB in Ethiopia, the Center will also have a major focus on children infected with TB and will be the Center of Excellence for MDR care for children in Ethiopia in collaboration with the Black Lion Hospital.

    The Zahara Center itself will be built using local sustainable methods designed by GRAFT architects who partnered with Brad Pitt in the Make it Right Foundation which is providing sustainable housing in post-Katrina New Orleans.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Even that’s a loudsy picture she still manager to look great. So unfair. Congratulations to Brad & Angie again.

  • gracie

    # 14 TRUTH HURTS., You’re so right. The dumb twits will never get it. They’re ignorant and delusional. They think coz their idol was able to buy one crapy award few old queens voted for her, she can buy herself an Oscar or SAG. I can bet though, she has tried but they probably told her to take a hike — not qualified for one. Haha.

  • Janet

    anyone know who she’s lunching with??

  • bdj

    Production Stills: ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’

    Take a look at photos from the film, “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” Angelina Jolie’s cinematic debut as director and writer. The film is in select theaters starting December 23rd, 2011, and stars Zana Marjanović and Goran Kostić.

  • NAN

    He he he,Dolly’s friends are happy fot the new Angie’s thread huh ?
    Whamo The Halfman working hard for his husband,,,eeh eeh eeh.
    Poor SadSpook is still be ” Ms.Pregant All Time in The Planet “(00-11+)

  • gracie

    Trolls are on a melt down and they think thumbing fans down, is going to take their pains away. We will just thumb them back up again — what a waste of their time, in case you trolls can’t read or see properly, this is Brad and Angie’s thread and JP fans outnumber you and in control.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    I would love to see the pictures Brad took on the set. I remember Angie said at one of the premieres that it will be shown soon. I wonder when. Can’t wait to see Brad’s photography work.

  • Dc

    #5TRUTH HURTS – I bought my Marie Claire mag on Friday. I went to pick up napkins and saw the mag and ran to pick it up. I did not see any more so I think it was the only one left.


  • NAN

    Sorry ,Dolly is the dog, I mean you are happy for the new thread of Angie huh?

  • teri

    I’m so happy for you Angelina and also the whole cast.

  • a fan

    I’m convinced that those who contiually talk about the x (whether positively or negatiely) are being paid to do so.

    But back to Angie’s new film. I read that one of the original critics of the movie now says (after viewing the movie) that Angelina’s movie touched her soul. What a compliment to Angie and what she has achieved with this movie! I wish the media would talk more about that.

    This movie deserves Oscar recognition. The weak, especially women, are always victims of war. Yet it is often not talked about. Perhaps after giving Land of Blood of Honey recognition and encouraging the public to view it, people will not let politicians take them so easily into war. Perhaps men when they talk about war, they will think about their daughters, wifes, mothers, and sisters and then realize that differences must be settled in ways other than war.

    I applaud Angie for what she has done. She is a true artist, she has created a quality movie about the tragedies of war, yet leaves a war victim saying Angelina has touched her soul!

  • Doan Trang

    This is one awesome news for the day. Congrats to Angie and Brad too. Love Brangelina. And Angie’s my idol. She’s so talented and has a great personality. I love and admire her so much. I’m glad her movie received a nomination because she deserves it. (even though i hope there’ll be more nominations in the future and wins too)

  • busted


    Wonder if Brad took these.. hehehe

    I see no rest for the hags.. but hating is a 24/7 job.. can’t have a life and hate too. So I guess they have chosen HATE.

    Angie however has chosen.. a LIFE.. and what a beautiful one it is.

  • bdj

    Angelina Jolie Natural Beauty Marie Claire

    The stunning actress and mother of six, Angelina Jolie, graces the cover of the January issue for Marie Claire. On top of being an actress, mother, and wife, Angelina is adding director onto her list of accomplishments with her film ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey.’ During her interview with Marie Claire, Angelina not only talks about her directorial debut, but also about family, friends, and “the love of her life,” Brad Pitt.

    Throughout the various photos gracing the cover as well as the inside of the magazine, Angelina shows off her natural beauty. On the cover, she dons simple make up such as light eye shadow and a soft pink lip. She is also wearing a one-sleeved blue number with a gold ring.

    Since Angelina was promoting her new film, the theme of the photos inside the magazine was Angelina as a director. The films were all shot in black and white and showed the natural beauty playing around with a camera.

  • neer

    Angelina said the moral support she received from the UCLA community was critical. It was “very, very important” to her that these experts in INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS & WOMEN’S STUDIES came to see the film and shared their comments
    More than anything else, she is more nervous on the reactions of the experts about the issue or subject matter of “In The land of Blood & Honey” besides the reactions of the victims of war themselves. Well, the Bosnian war victims’ associations already praised the movie after seeing it in a special screening in Sarajevo. They found it as an objective and sincere portrayal of the inter-ethnic conflict. The experts & scholars also hailed the film as “she brought life to the human element of war and the complexity of such a devastating situation”.
    To be recognized by award-giving bodies is a bonus which AJ is very grateful & she is more than happy to give credit NOT for herself BUT for the collective efforts of the cast & crew as well as the people who helped her in her research to make ITLBH possible.
    I am hoping that ITLBH will be shown in our country as I am very excited to watch this socially-relevant film of AJ.

  • a fan

    To # 38: I like this quote: “…The experts & scholars also hailed the film as “she brought life to the human element of war and the complexity of such a devastating situation”.

    That is what I was trying to convey in my earlier comment. The subject matter is heavy but Angie has given it a humanity. I think there is an audience for this, if the critices don’t try to undermind it.

  • HUH?

    dayim, Britney Spears has chubby fingers.

    the Anustain hags still clinging unto the Titanic?’s 7 years in 2 weeks Brad got unchained from the liar.
    The stone on his feet.
    The woman who kept telling BS to a 40 yr old man who had his BIO clock ticking.She NEVER wanted babies, the fake kunt.
    Anustain is so mean.

  • Laranjen

    Like I said a long time ago… do a documentary save about 14 million and donate = genuine philanthropy…but maybe no recognition and award??

  • Einst

    So sad Europe & most of the world turned it’s head away from this devastating genocide that happened in a country where the Olympics were.
    A cuptured European country with Shakespeare in outdoor theaters, etc.
    Shame on UK, France, Italy, Spain..and neighbors.

  • jolie-pitt in vegas

    Robin Leach
    KARDASHIAN last nite BRitney tonite now Brad Pitt & Angeline plus all the kids Saturday for Michael Jackson Immortal show

    Robin Leach
    Now Brad Pitt Agelina Jolie & all the kids check into Four Seasons Hotel at Mandalay Bay for tonight’s Cirque Michael Jackson Immortal show

  • Jones

    Angie’s statement says it all and demonstrates why an abundance of accolades, honors and praise consistently comes her way and Brad’s way as well. They are always first to recognize the hard work of others and see their efforts as a true collaboration not their individual achievement; they give back to so many on an incredible scale; they don’t whine, complain or biitch about the omnipresent tabloid press, they just ignore it and live their lives; they take nothing for granted and have said countless times they are fortunate for everything they have; they see the world without boundaries between nationalities and ethnicities, which is illustrated in the close, loving family they created; they seem to be compassionate people who really care about the lives of those who are less fortunate (UNHCR, Make it Right); they seem to be “true blue” about their interests (you can’t be traveling on behalf of the UNHCR for ten years and call it a “pr stunt”); they really seem to want to add value in the world at the end of the day; I honestly don’t know anyone else who’s as generous in Hollywood as these two. Angie told Bob Simon on 60 Minutes, “My mother was grace incarnate. I’m nothing like my mother.” I happen to think she’s just like her mother. Her mother would be incredibly proud of the family she’s created with Brad, and all her accomplishments.

  • NAN

    Dolly’s friends + whamo The Halfman always here with many names like Laranjen Bitter B!tchy B!tch B!tch,just lets he/she/it B å r k i n g.
    He needs £$€ for his husband………. Ouch.

  • Laranjen

    Merry Christmas y’all.. 48 pix of the b’day boy on PS. Forgot how hot he used to be till worn down by the boss. Glad he was Jen’s in the younger days…

  • elizabeth

    I wish Brad and Angie release a family picture in one of any magazines. I know they have a family picture, if they can share it to us it will be greatfull. I miss the family…..

    Just one family pic under the Christmas tree or just pic of them……

    Hello to all JP fans


    Congrats ANGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you!!!!!!! You are an INSPIRATION to all of us. You make us proud! Happy Birthday Daddy Brad!! Lucky you met Angelina! The girl of your dreams who made all your wishes come true! Great you dumped that ugly hag Anustain 7 years ago! She’s very ugly both inside and out. No wonder men ran away from her unless she pays them like her current paid escort, Stumpy. The nightmares Brad must have sharing bed with this gorilla! EWWWWWWWWWWWWww. Brad must be high during those times! LOL LOL

  • bdj

    Make It Right Restores Lower Ninth Ward

    Brad Pitt and Others Rebuild New Orleans Neighborhood
    by Dustin Toney

    Melba Leggett, 54, was just one of the many displaced from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The home she grew up in was among 5,300 houses destroyed in the Lower Ninth Ward, the mostly residential neighborhood that took the greatest amount of damage following the disaster. Her family had been living in the area for decades. The property was purchased generation from generation.

    “We left town for Baker, La., for higher ground more or less. So many people did the same thing; it became overcrowded with relatives. I had my daughter come pick us up from North Carolina,” said Leggett. “That’s where we stayed for the next three years.”

    The progress to rebuild the Lower Ninth Ward has been slow. Five years after Katrina, approximately 4,000 homes remain unlivable.

    “We have to figure out a way to get more resources and help residents that are interested in coming back and rebuilding,” said Jon D. Johnson, city councilman for the Lower Ninth Ward. “The community consisted primarily of working class and elderly people who are on fixed income. They simply could not afford to come back and rebuild even though they would like to do so.”

    Even though the local government has taken measures to restore Lower Ninth Ward, many efforts have not been effective. The infrastructure is still heavily damaged, businesses are small in number, and services are still low. Only one elementary school operates in the area at this point in time, and while Johnson insists a high school is in the works, many children are still being bussed miles from home to attend school.

    In response, a hand full of non-profits have sprung up in the last few years to help the neighborhood regain its original status, including the Common Ground Collective, a group of volunteers who were the first to begin gutting houses. However, the most notable program is the Make It Right Foundation.

    Make It Right started in late 2007 after actor Brad Pitt toured the Lower Ninth Ward’s extensive damage and saw how little progress had been made in rebuilding the area. The foundation was established to build 150 affordable, green and sustainable homes. To date, 21 architectural firms have donated designs and Make It Right has raised millions to get the building process started.

    While Make It Right may have an advantage in bypassing the normal routes of governmental bureaucracy, they find themselves facing the same problems. While they originally intended to have the 150 homes built by this month, they only plan to have 80 finished by next spring.

    “We only build homes for people who lived in the neighborhood prior to the storm,” said Taylor Royle, communications director at Make It Right. “We wanted to build these homes as fast as possible and that was our goal, but one thing we found was that families displaced had gone all over the country from as close as Baton Rouge and Houston to as far as Alaska and Toronto. Finding all of these people and asking them if they wanted to come back to the neighborhood took more time than we expected.

    “Secondly, people who were living check to check before the storm who lost their jobs and livelihoods were pushed into debt. We have a whole staff of social workers on hand who help people get their credit in order, help them get more hours at work, and recover titles to assist them in getting qualified for a loan to buy the house. It’s not as easy as just putting up a house and expecting people to come home. It actually takes a long time. Getting people qualified for loans can take up to a year and a half.”

    To help get the economically-devastated residents back into their homes, Make It Right finds non-predatory loans that are no more than one-third of monthly income. Royle stated that the average returning family can only afford $75,000 while their average house built costs $150,000. To fill in the gap, as long as the families continue to make payments toward their loans, the foundation will use their donations to pay off the rest of the building money. These make incredibly nice homes with hurricane-strength features and stilts to prevent flooding much more affordable for returning families.

    While the Lower Ninth Ward still remains largely destroyed, it is Royle’s and Johnson’s hope that these small initiatives will

  • Rose

    @Laranjen: GO TAKE YOUR MEDICATION. stop torturing yourself. Brad and Angelina are just fine, YOU on the other end is CRAZY!!
    I’m Very busy with Christmas shopping and checked back for a minute and you are still here talking crazy.


    JJ why is my comment awaiting for moderation?? But you let that name changing troll to post her gibberish! How much did Huvane pay you huh?

    GO ANGIE! Happy Birthday BRAD!!