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Suri Cruise Dreams Big with Tom Cruise

Suri Cruise Dreams Big with Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes take adorable daughter Suri to see The Big Apple Circus DREAM BIG! show held at Damrosch Park, Lincoln Center in New York City on Friday (December 16).

The day before, the family was seen taking a walk through the Tribeca neighborhood, where Tom purchased some flowers for Suri from a corner store.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Suri Cruise

Back in 2008, Suri went to the Big Apple Circus with her older brother and sister, Isabella and Connor. They were also accompanied by the entire Beckham family – David, Victoria, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz!

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise dreaming big…

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Credit: Tom Meinelt/Jason Winslow/Allan Bregg; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Flynet Pictures, Fame Pictures
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  • bobbyweiner
  • vool

    Katie has really stepped off center stage and onto the sidelines to let her daughter, Suri, shine.

  • Sabine

    Please, get Suri some real high heels!

  • ng

    - Tom and Katie and Suri are out in full force being seen in public to remain in the celebrity blogs. And they are certainly trying to downplay Suri’s tantrum at FAO Scharwz that made the news on several celebrity blogs including People which is usually pro Cruise.
    But hey its not everyday you have a movie coming out especially one like the Mission Impossible franchise which in the past has been a safety net (box office hit) for Tom Cruise.

    Promoting the movie is the easy, fun part. Trying to get a movie made and then getting ready for the movie and making the movie is harder. Cruise almost didn’t appear in this fourth installment of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protolcol but he fought Paramount Pictures and was able to be in the picture.

    And so if I were in his shoes I would also be out in public being seen, this is his career, his livihood, this is the part to enjoy. Katie on the other hand has not yet experienced the success that Cruise has and poor Suri dragged everywhere because as a paparrazi magnet she draws the paparrazi their way. Enjoy!

    I think both Cruise and Katie have a strong work ethic. They have both worked at their careers the time they have been married only Katie’s movies have not been big hits. Time will tell.

  • ng

    When they are in New York they usually stay at their apartment at the American Felt building but they seem to be staying at another New York hotel this time. Does anyone know which hotel they are staying at??? They used to stay at the Caryle Hotel back in 2007 but that changed in the year 2008 when Katie appeared on Broadway for 4 months and Tom set up Katie at his American Felt building apartment for the duration of her Broadway play run.

  • Ali

    kid looks like a streetwalker.

  • jess

    why are they carrying her??? shews a BIG girl!

  • jess

    why are they carrying her??? she’s a BIG girl!

  • annie

    These people are obviously in NY at least until the MI4 premiere, what are they supposed to do , sit in their apartment until then. Look at the pics, both are looking down because of the flashes, he doesn’t always look down and I think that’s why sometimes they wear sunnies in the night. I bet if the whole pic was shown you would see they are surrounded by paps. Families do go out, why is it , that when THEY go out , they’re seeking attention, or to be in celeb blogs.
    Honestly, I try hard to understand , what is the difference between other celebs who are out and about every single day, and you have the Cruises who- if the go out it’s because of some agenda going on.
    This happens with everything in their lives. I swear , it’s the weirdest thing.

  • Kasey

    The Jolie Pitts, Stefani-Rossdales, and the Garner-Afflecks all have the same issues as the Cruises and all have their haters and detractors–especially the JP’s.

    BUT of the four families-attention is drawn negatively to TomKat because of Scientology and the ridiculous rules about raising children–i.e. they are little adults and can do what they want. They shove Suri down everyone’s throats when the child clearly would rather not be in public.

    Suri obviously does not like the paps. Tom says she has to get used to it. Now for almost six years we’ve seen this child cowering, making faces, being carried, and acting out over them. JJ posted a pic of the JP kids going to a movie and the paps were worse than this. All of the kids were covering their eyes. But they were not cowering in fear, crying etc.

    Generally when you see the JP kids it is going to or from something. You don’t see them strolling down a NYC street as pap bait. You generally don’t see the Garner-Affleck, JP or Stefani Rossdale kids at night eating out in their pajamas, standing on restaurant tables etc. These kids are generally home and if they are wearing pajamas in bed.

    It is possible to lead a private life away from the paps with your children. TomKat doesn’t want to do it. Did you see Jackie O and the most photographed and sought woman int he world–Princess Diana constantly dragging their kids out for photo ops? No you did not. Both of these women and their husbands protected their childrens privacy. Tom and Katie don’t know the meaning of the words–Suri’s privacy.

    If you look at comments on other blogs most of them decry the way this child is brought out for the paps.

    So basically TomKat has brought the negativity on themselves with their need and hunger for publicity.

  • camillus

    Why is this child being dressed as a Who_e? Agains they are carrying this Demon Spawn she’s what 6 why can’t she walk, whats with those shoes. Why does he not ever seen with his other children? Both of the DOUCH parents are big FAME WHO_E’s. Can;t resist a photo op. He’s not relevant anymore if he every was and she’s just a Douche Bag she can’t do anything.

  • danielle

    I hope all the stomach covering doesn’t mean she is pregnant. Man can you imagine another child brought into this world by these ‘amazing’ parental units??? GAG.

  • Mikado

    So, Katie-dear is really beyond all stupidity to let her child still walk on high heels at that age.
    Hope they have good doctors at scientology church to correct the kid’s spine and muscles when she grows up. Not to mention the pain the little one has to have when those high heels continue.

  • Jane Patton

    Folks, remember if you have little girls, or may have them in the future. Heels ARE detrimental to growing feet, legs, and spines.
    Whoever manufactures these shoes for children need their butts whipped. And the parents who are stupid enough to put them out their children and let them wear them, need their butts whipped.

  • kyle

    That girl is almost 6 years old, why is she still being carried like an infant? I bet she is still in diapers and suck on an infant bottle.

  • danielle

    The little brat throwing tantrums in the toy store. Even yelling at her mother.

  • So much for her spine & knees

    The heels are not just for dress up. She wears them morning noon and night. Day after day.

    Do they want her to wear them because they make her feet hurt and then she’ll want to be carried? One of her parents will always be in the shot. I bet Tom any Katie fight over who gets to carry her. I bet it’s in the contract.

  • another cover

    her face is so boring. body too.

  • another cover
  • Question

    Why did Katie’s movie “Responsible Adults” get the red light?

  • sayisn’tso


    Please get Suri some REAL NORMAL PARENTS

  • sayisn’tso

    I don’t blame the child for acting the way she did. But I don’t see a bright future ahead of her either luckily her parents are rich. TOM AND KATE ARE THE WORST PARENTS IN THE WORLD. With all the money they had if they don’t turn their way around the little child and start acting like
    real parents and raise her the way they both were raised by their own and without any influence from a shady religion that they both belong THEY ARE GOING TO DESTROY HER TOO BAD SHE’S THE ONLY BIOLOGICAL CHILD THEY EVER GOT. I think Isabella and Connor should try to find their birth parents or try to reconnect with Nichole TOM CRUISE IS NOT FIT TO BE A PARENT TO ANY CHILD.

  • lucy


    if it did get the green light it’s easy to see why. It’s called Tom Cruise and soon to be mega-hit that 95% of the critics on Rotten Tomatoes gave positive reviews: MI4. right now the Studio heads are more than happy because MI4 will bring in money. so what ever Tom wants.

  • Miffigy

    Curious..Nicole Kidman is in town too with her family..DO WE SEE PICTURES OF HER AND HER KIDS ALL THE TIME? NO! That’s because she knows how to hide herself from paparazzi attention. she doesn’t want to be seen, but first of all she doesn’t want that paps take pictures to her daughters. Cruise family wants to be seen and noticed. the difference between Kidman and Cruise is that now she’s a movie star, he’s a- desperetaly looking for attention- freak.


    List regarding taking 5 year old child to circus:

    1) Make-up child’s face with Chanel blush, eye shadow, lip gloss.

    2) Dress child in heels

    3) Don’t forget huge crib blanket in which to carry 5 year old (to hide diaper).

  • meemee

    Because the poor child is SURROUNDED by yelling photographers and flashing lights and is probably terrified- I hate that papparazzi stalk children and scare them and take their photograph against their will- it is truly sickening and wrong. Children should be left in peace.

  • Romeo

    The Cruise kids are usually going to and from some place to and those comparisons are pointless in this new day and age, #10. TomKat has done nothing to you, they are free to practice whatever faith they want as long as they don’t harm anybody and you have no right to tell other people how to raise their kids.

    You’re exaggerating, #16.

    Movies end up in development hell all the time for a variety of reasons, #20.

    I wish everybody’s parents were as bad as they were, #22.

    The paparazzi doesn’t care about adopted kids, #24.

  • Jenn

    @I love Tom,the last sentence of your comment is not very nice & a nasty thing to say.Judging by the way you think you will probably be the one to die alone!

  • Margot

    @I LOVE TOM!:
    “Tom Cruise is bigger than Nicole Kidman will ever be”
    You ding dongs, Nicole Kidman is an Oscar winner, tom cruise is not! lol. Kidman is now a much more appreciated actor than Cruise, she’s a real actress, she doesn’t make movie just for money and fame like her ex hubby does. Nicole Kidman is bigger than Tom Cruise, always had and always will be.

  • Mr Apricot

    @I LOVE TOM!

    Simonette, you still posting under 20 different nicknames in a row on one story? Sure looks like it.