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LeAnn Rimes Shops for a Hat

LeAnn Rimes Shops for a Hat

LeAnn Rimes is all smiles as she heads into Diane’s Beach Wear to do some shopping on Saturday (December 17) in Calabasas, Calif.

The 29-year-old singer went shopping to prep for an upcoming holiday vacation.

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“Take out day & I’m in charge, but not before a little Diane’s Beachwear shopping for a hat. :) #getmeonaplanenow,” LeAnn tweeted.

LeAnn also said she’s a bit sad because her stepsons were at their moms for the weekend. “I’m w/ my hubby which makes me happy but we miss his babies they’re at moms,” she wrote.

20+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes shopping for a hat…

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leann rimes shops for a hat 01
leann rimes shops for a hat 02
leann rimes shops for a hat 03
leann rimes shops for a hat 04
leann rimes shops for a hat 05
leann rimes shops for a hat 06
leann rimes shops for a hat 07
leann rimes shops for a hat 08
leann rimes shops for a hat 09
leann rimes shops for a hat 10
leann rimes shops for a hat 11
leann rimes shops for a hat 12
leann rimes shops for a hat 13
leann rimes shops for a hat 14
leann rimes shops for a hat 15
leann rimes shops for a hat 16
leann rimes shops for a hat 17
leann rimes shops for a hat 18
leann rimes shops for a hat 19
leann rimes shops for a hat 20
leann rimes shops for a hat 21
leann rimes shops for a hat 22
leann rimes shops for a hat 23
leann rimes shops for a hat 24

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  • Demi

    “LeAnn Rimes Shops for a Hat”

    Really Jared? Your site is getting more and more ridiculous.

  • Yawn


  • Chelsea

    A disgusting filthy adulterer

  • Kelsea Morris

    Of course she tweeted where she was going to make sure the paps would be there when she got there. She is gross & attention starved.


    this mannequin there is something between Bullock and theron
    awards for bestmannequins
    is when
    doctor j’adore

  • jo

    Love how she makes sure to turn around for the paparazzie ever other shot. Going into the store, in the store, and leaving the store. Definition of an obnoxious famewhore.

  • kel

    She should be shopping for a mask.

  • Annie

    Dang she has HUGE wide shoulders and TINY narrow hips. What an unfortunate body type for a female. When she was heavier and didn’t have beach ball boobs her top-heavy shape wasn’t so apparent.

  • Deanne

    JJ, can’t you show some pride in your website that used to be so awesome and is now becoming a joke? Leann Rimes shops for a hat. Could any post be more useless? Maybe “Leann Rimes goes pee” could be the next one. I get it that celebrities pay for press, but couldn’t you have higher standards as to what you will post for them? I guess cash trumps dignity every time for some people.

  • eric puzio
  • mia

    this bitch needs a lesson…..if he misses his babies its because you cheated and the kids were forced to pay the price of being shuttled from one home to the other
    also stop pretending he kids live with you and only go away for the weekend…get a grip and keep out off the family affiar, you are just the tramp that wants to aggressively insert herself everywhere…if Eddie runs of today, you would be NOBODY to the kids….check with Sandra Bullock on that one

  • StopCyberBullying

    Just Jared has promoted almost two years of cyber bullying LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian! Congratulations for supporting a worthless cause. Over 10,000 negative posts directed at one celebrity couple and Just Jared has done nothing to stop the attacks. Gwen, Betty, Demi, BAngelo; same names over and over again and still not an ounce of fair comment monitoring on the part of Just Jared. This is all documented and a very nice article will soon be published including the real identities of these slandering and defaming bullies. Hope you all have good lawyers!

    Cant Wait!

  • StopCyberBullying

    Did you know??? Every time you think you are posting an anonymous comment on JJ you transmit the IP address of your internet service provider. Your obsessive comments from your home or phone IP to your ISP and then to JJ are logged and retrievable for eternity! This makes for great evidence in court! Ever heard of a sobpoena? Ever heard of a shrink?

  • Please LeAnn


    LeAnn, are you threatening people with Cease and Stop Being Mean To Me letters again. Please stop your bullying..

  • Please LeAnn


    Did you know it is a felony for a website to disclose to a third party a commentor’s IP address and personal information without a court order?

  • StopCyberBullying

    Ever heard of a John Doe restraining order for civil harassment? Makes a court order aka subpoena quite easy. Thanks Guru!

  • Please LeAnn


    What are you getting excited about? If it weren’t for the negative comments, there wouldn’t be any comments. Now, take a high colonic and call me in the morning.

  • Jane

    You know you are in bad shape as a person when a mannequin looks better than you!

  • risa

    Jj enough is enough. Photo ops & threats are all this ugly waste of space has left. She is even threatening people who are commenting. What a disgusting life form. Don’ t you think it’s time you stop with these fake posts. LR you are ugly, ugly & ugly.

  • bruno

    @StopCyberBullying: I’m sure these sites will appreciate you threatening their audience. Cyber bully my ass you are the biggest bully around. Take that man body of yours & skip back to that pathetic losers who prays for the day he will be rid of you.

  • marisa

    @StopCyberBullying: Is this how you tried to bully Brandi you skank. An article will be written. Please stop your threats no ones afraid of the big bad grinch. Get over yourself everyone else had. How many albums did you sell you yodeling has been. Better go home & check the locks to make EC hasn’t escaped.

  • rachel

    i really dont understand why you people come on here and CONSTANTLY post negative things about people. I mean, truly, its so pathetic it’s not even funny! I am always on either justjared or perez and it has never dawned on me to go comment about how much I hate a person. I don’t know if you people don’t have lives or what, but either way, its very VERY pathetic. How about you people go get a life outside of your computer screen? Is that possible? Because, truly, if you had a great exciting life, you would absolutely NOT be wasting your precious time posting on here about a celebrity you don’t even know/will probably never meet in your life.

    Please, re-evaluate your lives.

  • getalife

    @rachel: I am always on jared or perez. Sounds like you need a life. People have a right to comment just like you did. This is a gossip site!!! LR is the biggest bully around. She uses twitter to attack Brandi. You reap what you sow

  • Hope4U

    @StopCyberBullying: STFU..bring it btich…media whoring young boys is child abuse. bitch


    Leann and Eddie fell in love while they were married to other people. It happens every day all over the world. Is it right? No. Is it sad? Yes. Did they handle it the right way? Probaly not. I have heard LeAnn state that she did not handle it right. We all make mistakes and hurt people. This does not make someone “Trash”. Hopefully we learn from it and move on. I think both her and Eddie were not happy in their marriage’s long before they met each other. LeAnn’s ex husband has married someone else and has moved on. I watched Brandi on Housewives of Beverly Hills and I can say honestly that I can see why he left her. LeAnn is a very talented and beautiful young woman. I think she has paid for her mistakes long enough. Get over it people.

  • Hope4U

    @TWPUMPKIN: Are you human? Just another cult follower..LMAO..fell in love..cheating is not a foundation for idiot. Leann horseface states alot of..alot of selfserving bullshit. She is beyond “Trash” no dictionary definition of that skanky ho..”not happy in their marriages”‘LMAO.famous old EXCUSE. they were both selfish immatures pieces of sh*t.Glad you can see why he left Brandi..try bificals you stupid airhead..and this is the funnies thing I have read on this skank..a has been talent yodeler..beautiful as a look alike horseface or grinch..We will all get over when this c*nt stops exploiting young boys for her own self serving purposes and when she stops hurting their STFU

  • LR lies

    They did not fall in love. She fell in love andfollowed him. Remember he called her a speedbump & didn’t want to leave Brandi. He was thrown out because he is a serial cheater. LR is trash for the way she treated Brandi. Please no one no matter how much they may like LR can use the word beautiful to describe. Her talent is over rated. She has a nice voice not a great one. Her career is over& she is a mean, ugly, nasty bitter shrew. Stop trying to rewrite history to try& make this skank look good



  • Jane

    @rachel: Perhaps you need to read the Constitution. Ever hear of ” Freedom of Speech” ? Get over yourself, honey.

  • Hope4U

    @TWPUMPKIN: good for you and you stupid opinion..yoiu are an airhead to miss the importance of what this piece of human waste has done to a family and what she continues to do under the guise of “bonus Mom” the hell with her and the mother that birthed this beast.

  • Jane

    @TWPUMPKIN: We’ll get over it, honey when this b**** stops exalting herself dozen of times a day on Twitter and the cash for her big ego trip has run out. When she lays herself out there to brag and boast, she is a prime target for all this.

  • Jane

    @TWPUMPKIN: We’ll get over it, honey when this b**** stops exalting herself dozen of times a day on Twitter and the cash for her big ego trip has run out. When she lays herself out there to brag and boast, she is a prime target for all this.

  • LR lies

    @TWPUMPKIN: The chipmunks & weird al have also sold millions of albums. LR sold albums. She’s not selling anything now. She is an ugly grinch and a horrid human being. My opinion & the majority of bloggers agree. Now get on with your life like you told us to.

  • leannatic

    alekjandro Adele’s nutritionist
    RT @Governor__Perry: @brandiglanville what’s you’re favorite LeAnn Rimes song?
    3 hours ago
    Brandi Glanville
    @alekjandro rumor has it.
    3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®
    leannrimes LeAnn Rimes Cibrian
    “now rumor has it she ain’t got your love anymore.” seriously Adele on vacation us SEXY as HELL “Rolling In The Deep” LOVE
    17 minuts ago
    leann’s cray cray level: scary!!!!!!

  • calla

    @leannatic: hahaha! did she really do that?? she is psychotic! And she acts like she doesn’t read Brandi’s twitter. yeah, right. I don’t understand how she doesn’t get that all her love and light, and “high road” retweets of quotes, do NOT match her actions, and it’s really not hard to see? But, oh, that’s right, all the people that can see all of it light as day are just jealous. ;)

    Anyhoo, I’ve noticed, in the next stage of her transformation, she’s started plumping her lips. Looks like she upgraded the boobs too. But, she’s always looked like this according to her.

    I couldn’t imagine what it’s like to live with her. Always on twitter. Always patting herself on the back. Eddie always looks annoyed with the paps, while she’s downright giddy to see them. It’s just so weird. Twilight Zone lifestyle.

  • Illusion

    LeAnn and Eddie, who caresx.

    Why does Eddie not stop her from constanty tweeting about the boys?
    Why does LeAnn stop constant tweeting about those kids?
    YES, it is good, being that LeAnn is their stepmommy, in that she loves and cares for them. She spends time with them and takes an interest in tehm.
    She is a big influence in their lives and part of their lives. The kids like, love her.

    Divorces, affairs, happne. I do not think people should have affairs. Man up or woman up if you want out of a marriage and tell your spouse rather than play them for a public fool.

    LeAnns ‘ tweets , another here that sounds like a jab at Brandi, the two little boy’s mom.
    They are with their mother. They are in good hands. Excellent hands. Little LeAnn can rest her little peabrain in that the kids are loved and cared, for. Have eaten properly. Are cleaned and wearing clean clothing .Are not exposed to danger. Have all attention they need. GEESCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sue

    About time someone said something about it! I can’t wait to see the real names of some of these “fake” people. Notice no one has a picture on any of their twitter pages either? It’s easy for “ugly” people to make rude comments to people behind a keyboard. This HAS to stop and I can’t wait for it all to come to a head! :)

  • http://LilyGirlxo Janice Monte

    Anyone want Brandi to come back as an Official Housewife, please sign my petition. It’s worth a try. Thanks.


    @Sue I agree with you. Some of these comments are really sad. It makes me wonder what these people act like in person. The funny thing is that if they were to come face to face with LeAnn they would ask her for an autograph. I would love to have one of these losers say these things to me in person. I would open up a can of whoop ass so fast on them.