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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Movie Date!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Movie Date!

Nicole Kidman and her hubby Keith Urban bundle up for the chilly weather out and about on Sunday (December 18) in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.

The 44-year-old actress and Keith went on an afternoon date to the movies!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

Earlier that same day, Nicole and Keith were spotted walking around Soho with their adorable daughter Sunday Rose.

Nicole was recently named one of Australia’s top earning actors of 2011, according to THR. Naomi Watts also made the list.

FYI: Nicole is wearing an Altuzarra parka.

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  • manique

    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful

  • Creed

    Nicole is beautiful, classy and talented.
    I wish their were more young actresses like her

  • Dieter

    I wanna stick my head right under her skirt and smell her pooper !!!

  • andi

    Love it .They having a great time in NY doing fun things for the holiday time .

  • Kathy

    Great ! More fun pictures!
    Maybe that is today?

  • carrie

    what movies did they see?

  • kris

    Movie date! How fun. Guess they are catching up.

  • kris

    Movie date! How fun. Guess they are catching up.

  • Lora

    Congrates to Nicole on the top earning list. And her good pal Naomi too!

  • Lora

    Oh I just saw the pictures of Nicole and Keith and Sunday on here !

    Totally cute!

    They have been busy.

  • Jr

    Why is nobody wondering why she is never with her other children Isabel and Conor? Hypocrite much?

  • baaaad1

    At almost 19, I hope Bella is away at college living her own life and away from being locked away studying sciento in LA while Tom, katie and Suri seem to live in NY.

  • irene olson

    What a totally handsome, talented man; what a totally beautiful, talented woman. It is so wonderful to see a couple so in love and living a good life with their little family.

  • Kat

    How funny would that be if these two bumped into Tom and Katie on the street one day. I think Nicole and Tom’s apartments aren’t that far from each other.

    LOL, I hope it happens.

  • kimberl

    so why doesn’t she hang out with her other kids? hello, the ones she adopted with tom cruise? she’s an awful woman, i can’t imagine never seeing my children. terrible.

  • Rose

    Someone should tell her how to wear a knit cap. Good lord, the color combination. That would be too funny if they bumped into the Cruises, considering Tom actually has a successful career. Poor Nic, shilling for something on Broadway, since her Sweet Bird of Youth went bust.

  • Laura

    Things must be very slow over at e !..

    Ignore the looneys

  • cari


    Nicole has a very successful career which inclues Oscars, Golden Globes, BAFTAs and a host of other awards for her acting including stage and screen. And you can bet your booties that Tom wants an Oscar bad!

    She has three films in post production for 2012 and one will be filming.

    Nicole has never gone after huge mega movies like Tom has. She has always preferred indies and she has done very well by them and for them.

    And in case you are not up on country music, Keith has had throat surgery. She has been by his side during this. She is much more low key than Cruise and likes to keep her private life just that…PRIVATE.

  • Rose


    You have got to be kidding. Every movie she has made since marrying Urban has been a financial flop. Low key? He has been by her side to get her happy family routine out there on Broadway. Her Oscar was years ago. After Tom divorced her. Her private life being private is the biggest laugh of all. Tom has one thing she doesn’t have. Talent and successful movies.

  • tippy

    Who the heck cares about Tom . LOL

    Doesn’t he have a picture on here you can go post on?
    He has probably a big following who would care to converse with you about his successes. LMAO

  • sammy

    LOL , it isn’t Tom that Rose cares to talk about.

    She doesn’t give two hoots about Tom Cruise, his wife or their daughter .

  • Rose

    @tippy: @tippy:

    Apparently some of you care. You are commenting. Tom had them lined up at the Ziegfeld Theater for the Mission Impossible Premiere. Poor Nic has to walk the streets and call out the photographers.

  • Rose


    I happen to like Tom Cruise a lot. I love his movies. Something I can’t say about his ex.

  • Rose


    I like Tom Cruise a lot. I love his movies. I can’t say the same for his ex.

  • delmar


    Can’t be consistent can you? You should be posting what a bad father Tom is for working during the holidays. He has enough money, why is he leaving his family to get press for himself and his movie.

    Skeptics are such a joke.

  • slef

    It’s all fake, just for your entertainment people

  • Illusion

    I like Nicole Kidman. Always liied her movies. She is a good actrress.
    Keith Urban, saw him on tour, crazy-fun-live-entertaining-good songs-good voice.

    Nicole K. is in NYC at her home there.
    Tom Cruise in NYC at his home there.

    Why so why cannot Nicole be with Connor and Isabella?
    It is part Tom the domineer and part the Curhc of Sciencifictiontology.

    Very sad.

    Really, both parents are in the same city.

    I too hope Isabella is off in college and Connor tooo and lving a life. I dobut it.
    They are by all menas it seems very good kids. Tom let Nicole have them sometimes like her wedding.
    She ahs said that Bella came to her house in TN.

    YES, Nicole and Keith are really private.

  • moh123

    Gorgeous Nicole, she is the best.

  • baaaad1

    Oh please. Tom is trying to re-make all his old hit movies because his career has tanked. Mission Impossible hasn’t opened wide yet. People only went to MI to see the preview of the new Batman that was shown. A lot of people left after the batman preview and didn’t stay to see Mission Impossible. I know this from somebody who was there. Now Tom wants to remake Top Gun. He’s deparate. Nobody goes to see his new movies so he’s dragging out old hits.

  • pete

    i love her altuzarra parka!

  • Aranka Paul

    Now, here is an example of a normal family. I am referring to this pick and the prior one with their little girl. They are out and about, doing things that normal people do, shop, go to the movies etc. This should serve as a lesson to the the Kardashians that you can be popular and admired without unecessary drama and theatrics. The more natural the person is, the more likeable he/she is. Well, why even compare Ms. Kidman and Mr. Urban with the trashy Kardashians. The only thing two groups have in common is that both belong to the homo sapiens species.

  • Morgan

    Frankly, I think Katie is the one that always looks sad. Maybe that Sci-fi religion is finally geting to be too much. Tom seems to be a fanatic about it.

  • ZoĆ©

    @Rose: Kidman was nominated for the Oscar just last year for her wonderful performance in ‘Rabbit Hole’. When was Tom Cruise’s last Oscar nomination again? 12 years ago or so?

  • tryui

    please someone tell to that freak named rose to shut up. she’s annoying.

    Kidman is a better actress than Cruise anyway. She can play any kind of role and do every kind of movie. Tom can do just one kind of movie (action) and one type of character (the hero). He’s becoming old, he can’t play cool macho guys any longer. Let this kind of roles to young actors.

  • Heather

    Tom’s been nominated but never won. Never been the frontrunner either for the award. It’s a moot point anyway. What he can do now takes him out of contention. Scientology sucked any possibility of a nomination out of him.

    “Rose” and her 25 account names is a complete moron.

  • dani


    Rose if you are going to spew venom then at least get your facts correct.

    She married Urban in 2006.
    Break down of movies: Chart does not include International DVD sales or rental revenues for DVD’s:

    Fur made 2.3 million no DVD figures-was an Indie and not expected to make much
    Happy Feet cost $100 mil to make and made $384 mil with $206 mil in DVD sales
    I Have Never Forgotten You: The Life & Legacy of Simon Wiesenthal made $204,000 and was a documentary. I believe Kidman donated her services.
    The Invasion-lost $40 million, but hot shot Daniel Craig was in this too–so it is totally unfair to blame kidman for this movie since Craig has a huge fan following. But it is easier to blame Nicole isn’t it?
    Margot at the Wedding- made over $2 million – another Indie. And Kidman got great critical acclaim for it with many feeling she should have been nominated for an Oscar for her performance.
    Golden Compass cost $180 mil to make and made $373 million with another $41 mil in DVD sales
    Australia cost $130 mil to make and made $211 million with another $30 mil in DVD sales
    Nine lost $26 million with another $5 mil in DVD sales, but again, it was jammed with major stars so why blame Kidman?
    Rabbit Hole lost 2 mil, but had $1.5 mil in DVD sales, but was never widely distributed, but made that up in DVD sales. And Nicole got an Oscar nomination.
    Just Go With It cost $80 mil and made $214 mil and another $14 mil in DVD sales
    Trespass has no production figs, but made $5 mil in theaters and 1.5 mil in DVD sales. I hardly again think it is fair to blame Nicole for this as Cage was probably more culpable for its failure.

    Kidman has never been a huge star in the US, but has been overseas. Her films make money for the most part which is why she keeps getting roles.

    I don’t see you criticizing Katie Holmes. Her movies have all bombed big time since she met Cruise. Kidman has more talent in her little finger than Holmes has in her whole body. Unlike Holmes, Kidman CAN act, sing, and dance whether it is in the movies or on Broadway.

    And like it was said–she focuses more on projects that interest her which are mainly Indies. And unlike Holmes, most of hers have made money. Since divorcing Kidman, if we are to use your argument, Cruise has had his share of flops: MI3 flopped domestically but made up for it internationally. Same goes for Lions of Lambs. Tropic thunder made money, but tom had a ten minute part at the most–so using your arguments, he was hardly responsible for the films success. Valkyrie made money, but his performance was panned. Knight and Day lost money domestically but made it up in international sales. And of course MI4 will make tons of money, Tom knows he desperately needs a mega hit to remain on top and he has pulled out all stops in filming the movie and in promotion. He has never promoted a movie so heavily as this one.

    So basically to sum this up. Since their divorce neither Kidman nor Cruise has recaptured the domestic market they both once owned. Internationally they are both huge stars. Men are always huger stars than women. So I’d say you are comparing apples to oranges yet the same result for both.

  • Hohoho

    Is that Nicole Kidman or a homeless woman? You people who think she is so beautiful and classy here are CRAZY. Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

  • june

    kidman is an actress. cruise is a showman

  • Colleen

    It has been ages since she has been seen with the older kids. How can people live like that?

  • Nomorebrains at it again


    Sue you need to keep your crazy in line.

    Skeptics can say she’s in NY looking for work – isn’t that Taralea’s usual spiel – but the director confirmed months ago the project is still in the works minus Franco.

    Then Mimosa goes on a rant saying that the skeptics don’t bash KUNK’s children after someone here said that they did, which is the truth. Where has she been for 4 years? It used to be a favorite pastime! Sunday’s been bashed since she was in Nicole’s womb. And let’s not forget her longstanding claim KUNK is too big to post for fan photos. A few days before she said that in 2009 a fan posted on Facebook a photo of her and her family when they met Keith and Nicole hiking together. The new photos as of late must really be pi$$ing the sex obsessed Mimosa off.

    How’s Oh So Loony doing? You know the fan who posts like she’s a 60+ grandma when she’s really the woman that dumped her family and moved to TN to be with Urban!

    Sickos all of you!

  • dave

    @Colleen: You think because you haven’t seen photos they haven’t been with Nicole and Keith and their sisters? You really are naive!

  • BigFoot

    Were they at a movie or Goodwill?

  • Sandy

    Glad to see Nic and Keith having a fun time in New York!

    Baby Its Cold Outside!

  • http://comcast Dee

    KEITH URBAN and NICOLE KIDMAN, PERFECTION !!!!!!!!!!!!! How many names do you go by, lets see, Rose-Sue-Big Foot, etc. etc. Don’t worry about Keith and Nicole, I think they’ll be just fine, they are one of the richest couples (in entertainment) and (every day life) in the world.

  • jen

    LOVe Keith and Nicole. There is just something about them that is so fun to see. They have a beautiful family. They are true to themselves regardless of all the hype around them. By the way, Nicole’s 2 adopted children are adults now.

  • Anna

    Good day when we get to see pictures of Nic and Keith!!

  • Rose


    You can shutup. I will say what I want to. You are deluded about Kidman.

  • Rose


    Sue? bigfoot? LOL

  • Rose


    So private. If pimping is private. Then yes.

  • Rose


    There are lots of people who want to see Tom on the big screen. Kidman has a handful of fans who go to see her movies. Trespass went to what 10 movie theaters. Then DVD. Rabbit Hole was a flop.