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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Shop with Sunday

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Shop with Sunday

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban step out with their adorable daughter, Sunday Rose, on Sunday (December 18) in New York City.

The 44-year-old actress shared a sweet moment with Sunday, 3, while papa Keith picked her up and put her in the car after the family walked around Soho together.

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Nicole will hit the big screen next opposite Mia Wasikowska in the horror drama Stoker.

Here’s the synopsis: A teenage girl mourning the death of her father deals with an uncle who mysteriously shows up to meet the family.

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Credit: Elder Ordonez; Photos: INFdaily
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  • g

    Adorable mum and daughter! :D

  • pr person

    Refreshing to see a little girl that is dressed appropriately! Coat..check, tights..check, boots..check, no makeup..check!

  • dani

    Great pics. Sunday is a cutie. Actually Keith and Nicole have been in NYC and Boston for the last two weeks or so according to other blogs. Glad to see some pics of them.

  • ambra

    nice look from nicole. and her daugther is so cute!

  • Sara

    She is ONE of those most talented ,nice, warm and beautiful in Hollywood
    Penelope Cruz and Charlize Theron another one

  • may`


    calling you an idiot would be an insult to stupid people. Nicole and Keith have gone out of their way to make sure their little girls stay out of the spotlight as much as possible. neither one wants or needs any photo ops. now be a good little troll and go find your mommy.

  • GSA brought to you by Sue

    obvious ridiculous comment made by Sue of the e boards.

    Nicole doesn’t need paid photo ops. The photos on Twitter proved she and her family were already there. Of course, your BFF Cheyenne thinks Keith isn’t even in NY because she’s so delusional.

    How’s it working out for you that she’s posting about nuts moving to Nashville to be with Keith Urban when she’s the nut that did exactly that!


  • former skeptic

    It’s quite obvious Keith and Nicole are in love and raising Sunday and Faith together in Nashville. They’re a beautiful family and I’m sorry I wasted time listening and believing the skeptics long ago. It’s been nearly 7 years and they’re still together so all that “paving the way” I was told about is a load of crap. The picture of Keith and Sunday by the car is precious. I’m glad they’re happy.

  • Barb

    WOW JJ, Thanks. These pictures are just adorable! Can’t believe their beautiful daughters are growing up so fast.

    It is so nice to see a happy family doing all the Christmas activities in NYC. Kudos to both Keith and Nicole!

    Would love a update of chubby babe Faith!! ha. ( Feel guilty about that, !!)

    Nicole looks so happy and Keith , well, he just looks yummy …!!

    Be happy beautiful family.

  • Moh123

    omg she looks gorgeous with her family, this woman never age

  • Lynn


  • bet

    #7 Don’t worry about anything that goes on over at the stupid place! NO ONE EVEN READS IT EXCEPT EACH OF THEM . They write to each other and themselves with fake screen names. Most of them have abt. 3 names.

    OMG those idiots are 8 years older than when they started that crap.
    Think about it , as if they weren’t ugle enough, they are now 8 years older!!


  • Margot

    Jusus Christ in Heaven! Finally a baby girl dressed like a baby girl!

  • tryui

    a 3 years old girl, dressed adequately for winter with baby clothes (coat, stockings, boots) to keep her feet warm, smiling, enjoying a walk with her parents, without crying, not terrified by paparazzis. This is what I call “a normal childhood”. I’m very happy how Keith and Nicole are raising their daughters.

  • Linkin

    Nice family vibe!

  • question for bet

    if no one is reading it, what are you doing? ha, you spent 8 years reading it too.

  • fani

    This is a beautiful family! so happy.

  • vanessa

    Sunday is adorable.

  • Faith

    Where is Faith? she must is so beautiful!

  • willanka

    Wow, Nicole actually looks great. It’s nice to look at her. And Sunday is cute. Keith looks fine too.

  • bet

    @question for bet:

    I don’t think I mentioned reading it. I was adding facts normal people know.

    They are the laughing stock of the internet !! No one bothers reading recycled craziness written to themselves. . That was what I mentioned to #7.

    I was happy to see a normal family with their beautiful daughter and so I commented .

  • question for bet

    the laughing stock of the internet? you personally know each and every person that goes on the internet? everyone on the internet knows about the stupid place? you must know how to speak many languages.

  • maggie

    Sunday is so cute when she smiles. Adorable family. I wish I could see the one year old. We haven’t seen her since she was a baby. Yeah, they’ve been all over NYC the last 2 weeks. My friend has seen them twice in her neighborhood.

  • Romeo

    You don’t know how any celebrity’s kids are being raised and they most definitely don’t have normal childhoods, #9.

  • sugarshack

    Cute pictures. Something good to be said about NY, kids and Christmas!

  • Dieter

    I my god !!!! I just creamed my jeans on her ass !!!!

  • Pamela

    @question for bet:

    Do you enjoy talking yourself into circles or are you just mentally ill?

  • question for bet

    no. mentally ill would be bet since they claim to know everyone on the internet.

  • jenny

    I love how Sunday Rose always appears to be skipping and jumping when she’s waking between her parents. She’s a cutie.

  • Silly

    Ha.. I see the idiots from e! been here already . Stalking again.

    Very nice pictures of Keith and Nic. Lovely to see.

  • Rose

    Beautiful family. Nicole is gorgeous as ever, Keith is so hot and Sunday is a very pretty girl.

  • Nashy Here

    I saw them at the Children’s Museum last week, all four, so normal, no guards, assistants, just a normal family in jeans eating snack food and pushing a stroller.

  • sara

    Wow, as compared to Suri, Sunday looks clean, well adjusted and dressed appropriately for her age. Suri always looks unkempt, feral, and dressed with whatever the heck it is she decides she wants to wear. I’m saying Keith and Nicole are the better parents here. Tom and Katie ought to be ashamed of themselves!

  • irene olson

    Beautiful people and so talented. Handsome man, gorgeous woman equals beautiful children. Nicole and Keith work at having a low key, normal life. Keith has said Nicole is a phenomenal mother; I would believe Keith is quite the attentive, involved dad. So exciting to see them so happy and enjoying life.

  • kinsie

    Coulda sworn I just saw Keith in Boston.

  • cmb


    You probably did. He is going to dr. appts there as a follow up to his surgery.

  • Zen

    Time to pity the ugle people who are too blinded by hate to see a lovely family, smiling and having a wonderful time with each other at this hoiday season.

    Very sad people they seem to be so alone with no life of their own and cannot see happiness , no matter who the family happens to be.

  • cari


    This child certainly has a more normal childhood than your idols provide for their child. Unlike your idols, they don’t parade their kids out for photo ops constantly. They make sure they are the parents and the child is the child. And they dress her appropriately for the weather. Sunday certainly seems just a girly-girl as your idols child, but she is in appropriate foot wear, dressed for the weather and seems to have sunnier disposition.
    Can’t take it can you Romeo!

  • Ivermom

    What a beautiful family. Sunday is so grown up and what a cutie!

  • dfff

    This is the first time we saw Sunday is smiling like a flower.Ver cute!!!!

  • Lilly

    She is growing up and such a treat to see such a happy little girl!.

    Love the pictures.

  • josie

    Beautiful, all of them. Nicole seems to have relaxed with the botox use and is stunning in these photos.

  • johni

    I feel like everyone knows the punchline of the joke but me every time I read comments on pictures of Keith and NIcole. Weird. Just as an outside observer, I’ve never gotten the “star” vibe when viewinig photos of this lovely family. They are doing the same thing in New York that they do in Nashville. It’s just that paps don’t usually take their picture in Nashville. I assume they are in New York so Keith can go back and forth to Boston as a follow-up to his surgery. Plus, they want to be in New York around Christmas time…. it’s exciting. What’s wrong with that? BTW, Sunday is adorable.

  • lira

    Sunday Rose’s so GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

    It’s been last year since I saw a pic of that adorable girl, she’s so little back then…, she’s so big!!!!!!!

    I know her parents are not fameho’s but as their fan, I would really appreciate it if there’s an update (once a month will do , LOL) on their babies…..speaking of which, where’s the chubby -faced Faith?

    Thank you, Just Jared staff and Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat!!!!

  • Michelle

    Happy and beautiful family!

  • chris0929

    Sunday is so cute! Love this family!

  • Heather


    What’s wrong is Keith ain’t single anymore. Don’t let the Nicole hate fool you. The same women that say Nicole is a biotch and Nicole is the problem hated on his other exes on other forums, and even invented some to appear “in the know”. The real exes weren’t as famous so the haters got less attention. You can’t start an e thread on a vet tech or a tv host who isn’t a household name. Some of these women spent thousands of dollars on Keith in an attempt to get close to him. A few actually moved to Nashville thinking they would be his girlfriend. There’s a well-known lunatic in Keith fan circles that posts on E who left her husband and kids for him. That’s the level of crazy we are talking about here. They post all day at work, on the weekends. They lie about their jobs, family, their real lives in order to look like experts and people with inside information. In reality they are pissed off fans who latched onto Keith and his music, and want Keith to still be as unhappy when he was a full blown addict with little money and small name recognition. They think they own him and he owes them everything. It doesn’t matter that he married Nicole Kidman. He could have married Verna the checkout girl at Stop N Shop. They would be online tearing them down and being cruel to their children.

    They are the first to complain that Keith, like all big name singers, has people that watch out for the crazies at shows. Do you have to ask why?

  • Jenn

    I have always loved Nicole Kidman,she’s an awesome actress & her career can stand on it’s own,she doesn’t need to whore her kids out for the paps!What a beauitful family!

  • Ka simply

    Where is New baby ?

  • Jenna

    Adorable little girl!! Love Nicole and Keith – they make such a beautiful couple.