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Tom Cruise: 'Ghost Protocol' Premiere with Katie Holmes!

Tom Cruise: 'Ghost Protocol' Premiere with Katie Holmes!

Tom Cruise wraps his arm around his wife Katie Holmes at the premiere of his film Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol held at the Ziegfeld Theatre on Monday (December 19) in New York City.

The 49-year-old actor and star of the franchise recently returned to the US after finishing up an international tour for the film. Katie, 33, looked stunning in a Holmes & Yang dress and Lanvin shoes.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Tom Cruise

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol officially opens on Wednesday (December 21) nationwide, and is currently playing in a limited release.

Also pictured inside: Tom out and about earlier in the day, promoting the film on the Late Show with David Letterman.

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at the premiere of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

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Credit: Steve Lovekin, Anthony Dixon; Photos: Getty, Wenn, INF Daily
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  • Me

    Mission Impossible is such a great film!

  • Eh

    The dress looks budget. The sleeves don’t fit and the see-though top is low quality.

  • Question

    Why does she think it is so chic to see her bra through her dress? Esp. a boring bra on boring booobs? Why?

  • Deb

    These two fakers

  • Ry


  • mika

    they both look great

  • School Marm

    Something is off with Katie’s dress. It looks unfinished. The hem/slip isn’t cut right and the arms look like Suri sewed them on. Not very attractive. Boring at best.

  • Awkwardness
  • joel

    They don’t look happy. Tom looked happy at all the other premieres where Kaitie wasn’t present. He’s happy with Paula Patton. She’s fun.

  • @Joel

    I wish I could give you a hundred green thumbs for that observation! He is just not that into Kate. Not anymore.

  • Keisha

    Another cheap, ill-fitting dress that showcases her worst feature, and another day of him gripping her in an awkward, painful looking way. They don’t appear to be trying hard to convince everyone of their happiness anymore. They’re grimacing instead of smiling.

  • joel
  • NYC

    They both look great.
    All you haters are just jealous.
    Ever hear of Freedom of Religion in America???????
    Leave him alone!
    I love you TC, Forever!!!!!

  • Helen

    They look like sad mannequins.

  • josie

    They do look great, if they were average people like us, but they’re not so we expect a lot more. Katie has the ability to look sensational, with the correct stylist. Tom is past his time but still looks better than the average almost 50 yo IMO.

  • Helen

    lol! maybe she just had a root canal.

  • annie

    Well, I think she looks very beautiful, and in most pics I’ve seen the dress looks quite nice, paticularly the pic, I saw where she’s walking with Tom. Even at her own premieres, or functions, she’s not over the top and never has been, she ‘s not a poser, never has been, she’s not the type to look over her shoulder and blow kisses, or try to draw attention to herself.
    One thing about Tom he’s never been with anyone tacky, and I’m sorry but Paula Patten is as tacky as they come.
    This is her opportunity and she’s grabbing it anyway she can , hence all the 1/2 naked posing everywhere, if that is
    what he supposedly likes– let him go for it if she’s more fun, what’s stopping him?
    And Katie has been friends with Jeanne Yang for years long before H/Y designs. Jesus the things you people say.

  • its robo-bride

    I like how Tom Cruise wore a suit to his premiere–YET– if you go back thru the last year or so and look at the events he attended (and I’m sure JJ caught them all)–for most of them he couldn’t be bothered to put on a suit. There are pics of him in jeans and a shirt when all around him are in suits. A huge lack of respect or manners on his part. Yet for his own premiere he manages to “suit up.”
    The style of Katie’s dress is flattering to her body type, but should be longer as it highlights her thick calves, knees and thighs. Good color for her, but the dress looks cheap. I truly don’t understand how H&Y can charge so much for the pieces in their line. They brag about how they are all hand finished. Well, most of the time the pieces are uninspiring, boring, and look as tho they came off a rack at your local Target or KMart. Katie’s make up is flawless, yet (another site had better pics of her hands) her nail polish appears chipped and her pony tail is rather messy and could have been better done.

  • http://j lohan#1

    I love Tom Cruise

  • rmv

    I will never understand why all of you haters spend all of your time looking at pictures of Tom, Katie and Suri if you hate them so much. Simply don’t look and do something more positive or more productive with your life. It is very simple, if you don’t like them, don’t look or comment!

  • josie

    @rmv – Everybody has the right to look and comment – even haters. It’s called Freedom of Speech.

  • I Need a Thesaurus

    This dress doesn’t look dressy enough for a film premiere.

  • Illusion

    Kaite, the child robot ,looks nicley dressed and grown up.

  • josie


    I can’t understand why you’re so quick to jump to their defence. They couldn’t care less about you! We have the right to comment as to whether or not we like a particular dress or hairstyle. Commenting in the negative does not mean we have a sad life, it just means we don’t like the damn dress! FFS!

  • Darina

    You guys will hate me for saying this but I really like Katie’s makeup here.That’s not gonna make me a fan, tho, lol!

  • Romeo

    Holmes is really working that dress. She looks fantastic.

    Why is Patton tacky, #21?

    Casual attire isn’t a sign of a lack of manners or respect, #22. I’m sure in the same archives you’ll find Cruise wearing suits at other premieres.

    Get a life.

    Right, #24.

    Who said otherwise, #25? It is simply a waste of time to continue visiting.

    Because it’s the human thing to do to feel sympathy and defend someone that can’t defend themselves, #30.

  • katarina

    Katie looks pretty and I love the idea of the address, but the execution not so much. It just doesn’t look polished. She could find beautifully expensive shoes with a lower heel. Why does she insist on wearing 6 inch heels when she’s with him? He doesn’t look comfortable.

  • katarina

    Dress, not address lol.

  • lou

    Tom finally got his messy long hair cut. now he doesn’t look like he has a mop attached to head. Katie’s dress is not really that exciting.

  • ilia

    Four words: gay and his beard.

  • sara

    The best thing these two can do is stop the charade and get a divorce already. Their marriage is doing nothing to boost their movie careers. It keeps getting worse and worse. Suri is not going to be a cute accesory much longer anyways. She’s turning into a feral human being with zero likability. Katie has looked sad for a long time, and nothing will wipe that phony smile of Tom’s face, although we know better. I hope Katie finds happiness down the road without Tom.

  • phfffffffffffffffff

    you guys , have to check those pictures on

    tom is kissing katie on the cheek , (of course) and katie just pulls a disgusting face, like she wants to vomit.

    paula patton is there too, with her husband robin thicke, and you can really feel and see the difference here.
    they act like a married couple.

    tom and katie look just akwared together.

    well, what do you expect : they dont live actually together, she sleeps alone in an other room, they NEVER talk to each other.

    the only times tom looks at her , is when he need her to stage some pictures with him or go to premieres with him.

  • no more actress

    i know why katie doesnt have any film projects coming up.

    tom wants her to slowly remove herself from the film -industry.

    she is embarrissing him, with her acting and flops.

    he is constantly linked to her , if she get negative reviews.

    so he wants her to concentrate to her clothing line and he will making from now one the movies.

    very clever, tom, very sly.

  • Wow

    Such an awe inspiring man. The ONLY and last movie superstar in the world.

  • Wow

    Such an awe inspiring man. The ONLY and last movie superstar in the world.

  • Tommy’s Asshole

    … must be worn out by now.

  • Tomkat’s After Dinner
  • Bunny Kate

    She’s overdoing the botox again. Major bunny lines going on:


    I wish she would over do the Crest Whitestrips. Her teeth are looking nastier than ever!

  • Just As Fugly In Pink
  • Bella 1st
  • Bella 1st