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Gerard Butler Recovering After Surfing Incident

Gerard Butler Recovering After Surfing Incident

Gerard Butler is on the mend after a scary incident involving his latest movie, Of Men and Mavericks.

The 42-year-old Scottish stud was filming scenes for the movie version of surfer Jay Moriarty‘s life story when some strong waves began to come through the Northern California break.

According to ESPN, a large outside set of waves came through and caught the cast and crew off-guard.

“[Gerry] was held down for a solid two waves and took four or five more on the head before being washed through the rocks on the inside, where he was finally able to be plucked out,” eyewitnesses told ESPN.

Gerry was taken to the hospital just in case but is expected to make a full recovery. Glad everyone is okay, but what a scary experience!

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480 Responses to “Gerard Butler Recovering After Surfing Incident”

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  1. 1
    kel Says:

    Wow….glad he’s ok.

  2. 2
    Cnoc Mhor Says:

    That was a very close call:(…glad that everyone involved in the incident is doing okay!

  3. 3
    clover Says:

    Thanks God he’s OK.

  4. 4
    Bella Says:

    Bet he has a good story to tell. Glad he’ll be around to tell it! Merry Christmas!

  5. 5
    chara Says:

    Glad he is OK. Be careful next time Ger.

  6. 6
    dargabriel Says:

    Dear JJ, Gerard saw this coming. Greed stands in the way of what’s real, Gabriel does not tolerate this standing, remember, Gabriel is judgement and is very capable of making things happen in the most powerful way imaginable. Let’s just say, Gerard needs to pay close attention to his Gabriel, the spiritual father, he’s doing things he’s not supposed to be and lacking things he’s supposed to be doing. One can only hope GB stops ***** footing around and truely gets his act together, things are catching up, the earth clock is running, someone should be by his side @ this point, but he choses to go against this,wrongdoings. Double the power makes for 10 times the soul protection, but to all of you caring doding hardcore butler fans, butler is protected at all times and I don’t mean by physical monkeys, that’s just for show, its the invisible that’s. At his side @ all times, but again as I’ve said way in the past, Gerard is having the wind knocked out of his sails, follow the spiritual path Mr.Butler, don’t run away. To Mr. Butler, stay focused, don’t fall weak to your hollywood hype, remember this is only a job, nothing more or less. You felt the need to gain your popularity via being publicized, however you are so powerful without this material lifestyle, but I suppose you have to fullfill this ln this lifetime, be very careful of the power you transfer, universal power from a higher spirtual being can be very trying @ times, I would know this from OG, he is a Nephalim, very powerful and fearless, remember everything happens for a reason, I know he’s very much fine to all of you worried about him. He is one of a kind and knows his power and his other half’s, they’re 2 half’s of a whole equal parts, the divine couple, of Gabriel,God, and their christself. I love you Butler, You see God/Goddess love, keep watching behind the scenes, the trickster in disguise, your otherhalf is showing true love through others. Hi Cholita and much love and light to you/your Arch Michael, all my warm wishes and faith to you and all of you. Please don’t think I’m this harsh being, I’m only real, positive/negative, universal law through and through, God is Love and Rath, this is the real. Take care. Love,dargabriel

  7. 7
    Me2 Says:

    Wow…. haven’t been around a while… so hello to all they JJ’ers !!…Being held under and thrown around by waves is pretty scary . I’m glad Gerry is ok. Just incase I don’t come back 4 a while … MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!… enjoy your holidays :)

  8. 8
    Manny Says:

    *tiptoeing in*
    Shhhhhhh. GFW is ranting on the old thread. If we’re really quiet she won’t find us. :)

  9. 9
    hollywoodpinata Says:

    @dargabriel: 1st off @darGabriel please tell me you dont own any guns. 2nd: contrary to belief,drinking paint thinner straight out of the bottle IS bad for you. 3rd:please tell me where you work, so I can get a job there and have time to write a novel when posting…oh…and your unicorn that is parked outside just got a ticket.www.hollywoodpinata.cpm

  10. 10
    cubedweller Says:

    Greetings all you JJrs! I’m glad the big guy (not Santa …. Butler) is truly ok after his scary roller-coaster ride to the briny depths. I’d miss him greatly, so I hope he takes it a little easier. After all, he’s not a kid any more :D
    Be well, Butler.

    And Happiest of Holidays to all you peeps – wishing you all a lovely time.

  11. 11
    K Says:


    ” I would know this from OG”. Is that your original gangster philosopher?

    @Manny : You slay me.

  12. 12
    Truth Says:

    Glad to hear that Butler is okay. Prayerfully, no more close calls.

  13. 13
    CHOLITA Says:

    YOU ALL, good morning, which in fact Mr. BUTLER IS NOT GOOD, is very selfish, only thinks of his GLORY, abuse of power, led his followers to sadness, NOT PUT TO THINK IN THOSE people who support him and I sincerely wish, hE JUST THINK IN HOLLYWOOD, BUT DO NOT KNOW wHAT THAT PLACE only bring frustration and sadness, KNOW YOUR SOUL MATE ALL, NOT AGREE aT ALL ………. …….. Sra.Dargabriel that you felt. was coming, just wait for the moment, if the guardian Garbriel must be sad, negative polarity Sr.Butler is moving, is being damaged, is damaging to others, must find its balance ……… ………………………… I am really sad about what caused others ……. my guardian MIKAEL this sorry for the misuse of the gifts of God ……….. NOT AFRAID oF YOUR DESTINY, just let it flow …………. ……… I am also a very old soul,…………. we are waking up slowly, remembering who we are, looking for answers, changing times ahead, brothers force ………….. .. God is within us .. bye ….

  14. 14
    i heart Says:

    Glad you’re okay, Gerry! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
    Rest up over the holidays, okay. :)

    Merry Christmas JJ ers of old and those that are new!

  15. 15
    Manny Says:

    OG = Opera Ghost or Outtamy Gourd… I haven’t decided which one she is using…

  16. 16
    Manny Says:

    You are a fricking party poop… I’m sure GFW will be following your bread crumbs here in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

  17. 17
    WOW Says:

    “Real surfers don’t often survive such experiences”
    Yes they do, you should watch big wave competitions, you will see surfers wipeout, take bigger hits from bigger waves and carry on competing after a quick medical check. Yes ‘real’ surfers die after being held down but generally they are in much worse situations than GB.
    LOL! There are people that survive all kinds of bad situations, such as being buried alive for 17 days after an earthquake. So I’m sure some surfers survive a “two wave hold down.” BTW, these are not my words. Did you read the article posted by “from WO”? Interesting article written by surfers. Here it is again for you:

    ” A two wave hold down in the surfing world is considered one of the worst scenarios a surfer could find himself in…… It is very hard to believe that Gerard did actually have a two wave hold down and not drown as most professional surfers could rarely survive this type of scenario yet alone an armature”
    Some words of advice for you, you should first read the comments and articles posted, before you look for an excuse “to tell me off”. It makes you sound petty. Are you still soooooo angry I don’t share your ridiculous ideology? Of course, you are. You can’t believe there are people out there that actually think for themselves and look for the truth. You follow your stup!d government propaganda because you don’t know how to think. LOL! And everything you don’t like sounds to you like Sarah Palin. You need to come up with another reason why you’re so shaken and stirred by other ideas. You’re a one-trick pony and you’re getting boring.
    “Each one of these waves could be described as a small Tsunami. ”
    No, they couldn’t. Tsunamis and waves are two completely different things.
    LOL! Here we go again. Yes, they are 2 different things because tsunamis usually follow earthquakes, BUT, tsunamis produce waves and that’s why some mammoth waves could be describes as tsunami waves. Waves are waves; it’s irrelevant in which process they were produced – an earthquake or other means.

  18. 18
    WOW Says:

    “I was totally and completely offended by the use of the word tsunami being used. To that poster, go look at the devastation of a tsunami “
    No need to be overly offended. If you get offended so easily by such a simple statement, I wonder what happens to you when someone really insults you.
    In addition, if you ever watch Nat Geo, Discovery channel, or TLC they produce many shows on nature, including tsunamis, and I have watched many of them. In fact, just recently there was a show on Nat Geo about the tsunami phenomenon and how a smaller tsunami could be formed in a river. It doesn’t always have to cause massive devastation. That’s where I got the phrase a “small tsunami”. So, really, you don’t need to become over dramatic and over reacting, using statements such as, “I was totally and completely offended by the use of the word tsunami being used.” Please relax.

  19. 19
    Manny Says:

    Oh so I’m overreacting but you aren’t with a long diatribe posted on two threads to admonish niknoks… got it. *snort*

  20. 20
    GerrysVeryFascinatingWoman Says:

    “Gerard saw this coming.”
    STOP your foolishness! Seriously. This had nothing to do with greed. Butler wasn’t doing anything crazy. They got caught in an unpredictable set of waves.
    Taking the waves to the head had to be very scary as hell. Bless his heart he used his listening skills trusting in himself and going with the commotions and did not panic!
    He lost his ‘leash’ and was separated from his board, but the crew were there for him. “plucked out” that’s adorable.
    Just hope as time passes he listens to his body and reports anything that’s amiss.
    Is there something wrong with that? I should not be here? Says who? The board bully, you? Fact. I haven’t been here for years like you! At least I’m interesting, no, fascinating! And boy is this ever being discussed at my blog with my very special reader(s). It is.
    You guys should be grateful a new thread was created, all things considered. Frankly, I was beginning to wonder! Hope this one people can leave their shriveled dried up body-parts and private intimate sessions (and laundry mishaps) out of general conversation? (fingers crossed)

  21. 21
    GerrysVeryFascinatingWoman Says:

    @Cnoc Mhor:
    It WAS a close call because had no one been there after being held down under the water with on-coming waves it could have gone terribly wrong… so the mocking by a poster creating a stupid ‘story’ at the last thread was despicable and so low rent. But of course she’ll be here faster than you can say… flippin’ burgers is fun if you’re grillin’ outside!
    crazy glad Gerry had hamburgers!

  22. 22
    WOW Says:

    Actually….I’m not using any “long diatribes” against you. I was actually trying to be respectful to you, just pointing out that you don’t need to use such strong statements because there are worse things that could be said and we have to put everything into the right context.

  23. 23
    dargabriel Says:

    @CHOLITA: Dearest Cholita, there has been a lot of misuse of power cast upon people whom are very precious. me being very positive and loving is trying to see the light in all this with no fear, however things are still very much not balanced, I see it,feel it,hear it,taste it. Please send forth some light power to yours truely Mr. Butler. As for the other negative monkeys on this website, any act of negativity on others will surely be answered for, you know this to be true, we who have our wings watch and see what others do not even fathom. I love you Cholita with my true heart and have wonderful, beautiful family,friends,strangers and animals, among natures many beautiful wonders shining the most beautiful light in my rhelm as well as yours, as I say yours,mine, and ours. Here’s to a beautiful adventure and shopping with my beautiful children, take great care, all my love. Dargabriel

  24. 24
    damage control Says:

    Saw this on ESPN site….. interesting story about the incident by someone who was there.

  25. 25
    Update Says:

    Gerry is an actor and he always strives for it to look and feel real. I am sure he doesn’t intentionally put himself in harms way. That is why there are always experts around him to protect and keep hi m safe. This was an unexpected event but there were those there to watch over him and the others to keep them safe. I am so thankful they were successful. I do pray for him everyday for his safety and this past Sunday was no different. He was protected.

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