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Gerard Butler Recovering After Surfing Incident

Gerard Butler Recovering After Surfing Incident

Gerard Butler is on the mend after a scary incident involving his latest movie, Of Men and Mavericks.

The 42-year-old Scottish stud was filming scenes for the movie version of surfer Jay Moriarty‘s life story when some strong waves began to come through the Northern California break.

According to ESPN, a large outside set of waves came through and caught the cast and crew off-guard.

“[Gerry] was held down for a solid two waves and took four or five more on the head before being washed through the rocks on the inside, where he was finally able to be plucked out,” eyewitnesses told ESPN.

Gerry was taken to the hospital just in case but is expected to make a full recovery. Glad everyone is okay, but what a scary experience!

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“@Do you know?:
I’m not familiar with her but if you say so.
Whoever it is, I feel sorry for them taking Gerard wanting them or not so seriously.”

I’m not the one broadcasting about my looks and breeding capabilities on an open forum where I might think Butler might be lurking while tearing down other women! How sad and sorry is that? And Courtney doesn’t count because she’s you. And you’re a stupid, gullible fool of monumental proportions!

I’ve had enough “fun” for one night. It’s been real…….chiao!

Joie, Autumn, glad to see your return.
Joie, good to hear your spirits are lifted a bit about your loved one. Loved the video, brought a smile to my face this morning, thanks.
Autumn, glad you made it home for the holidays.
To all the other great ladies/gents at JJ’s have a great day!!

Can'tGetEnough @ 12/22/2011 at 8:08 am

Good Morning JJer’s! Looks like GB is in NYC and hangin’ with Ralph! Maybe on his way to Scotland?? Good for him!! Have a great day friends!

Kenney M. Green
Tonight’s Christmas Gifts: Gerard Butler, Ralph Finnes, Scarlett Johanssen, Ellen Buyrnsten… And more! What a great night of piano playing!
3 hours ago near New York, NY

Fred Barton
I’m thinking of the Styne-Comden-Green song “Drop That Name” — while hanging at Marie’s Crisis with Ralph Fiennes, Marisa Tomei, Ethan Hawke, Ellen Barkin, and Scarlett Johannsen. New York’s fun!
6 hours ago via mobile

Fred Barton And Fisher Stevens and Gerard Butler. Wow, Ralph Fiennes is the handsomest man in show business. Everyone’s forgotten because of that Harry Potter stupidity.
4 hours ago

Can'tGetEnough @ 12/22/2011 at 8:12 am

@Do you know?: I NEVER change my moniker and I NEVER post offending comments. If I have a different opinion I’m not afraid to say it and I’m not into name-calling or degrading people. That’s childish! I can tell you that Autumn doesn’t do that either.

Cnoc Mhor @ 12/22/2011 at 8:52 am

@Do you know?: My name here, the ONLY one I have ever used on these Butler threads is CNOC MHOR not “Conc Mhor”!! ****lmao**** and for the record I am happy to say that I don’t suffer from “Multiple Moniker Distortion Disorder” and I never have. ……………………..Boy, you seem to be assuming A LOT about me! You are also assuming a lot about other people who really don’t deserve to be included in your assumptions and your lashing(s) toward me!! ***SORRY LADIES*** Do you know that ‘assuming’ things about people can be extremely problematic?………………………….. I don’t know if you know this but that word ‘assume’ can be a very naughty and troublesome word because simply put, it makes an A-S-S out of U and M-E……tut-tut. Do not fear though, please take comfort in the knowledge that I do NOT have sexual/romantic designs on your beloved Mr. Butler:) I already met my A-list movie star crush galore on a film set many years ago:) and he wasn’t your man! I have no trouble saying that I think Mr. Butler is a very handsome man who fits my “type”(over six feet) but I also feel that way about the equally handsome Aaron Eckhart(I searched JJ for threads on him but there was barely a mention of him unfortunately and certainly no conversation/discussion like how there is with GB)… so anyhoo sorry if this disappoints you but if I meet Gerard Butler I will not, I repeat NOT be collapsing into his personal space in absolute orgasmic ecstasy:)

(goalie arms) He’s home at his second home away from home before making his way truly home? Thanks for the update.

Can'tGetEnough @ 12/22/2011 at 9:26 am

@GerrysVeryFascinatingWoman: You’re welcome GFW!

GerrysVeryFascinatingWoman @ 12/22/2011 at 9:26 am

That’s a WRAP as in finished! Yay, yippy, yay!
He looks serene, happy, blissful. So good to see him. Many thanks.

I’m just glad you’re okay my Numpty….

SHOUT OUT TO AQUA – Hey hon…everything okay? I and the rest of the LTL gang miss you!

redOctober @ 12/22/2011 at 10:30 am

@Joie de Vivre:

The best holidays for you, too ; )


Thanks for all the links ; )

Have a great day all JJers!

angelsrock @ 12/22/2011 at 10:31 am


Love the second one, CGE! Can’t get enough of that man’s profile!!!

Good to see you posting Joie!! Hang in there, girl. Positive thoughts and a bit of Gerry is good for the soul.

Christmas blessings to all.

wiseuppeople @ 12/22/2011 at 10:45 am


This poster is Manny. For you kind people who got dissed last night, think about that the next time she comes on here being all nice and kissing up to you all after I night of calling you all delusional old hags.

@Cnoc Mhor:

Oh boy I think I might have “Multiple Moniker Distortion Disorder”. Should probably have that checked out. Sounds serious.

The only reason someone would keep the same moniker is if they want 2 make these threads a significant part of their life. Sometimes it’s fun just 2 come on here now & then, make a comment or 2 then move on.

Good God dargabriel is fisting again… GFW should be interested in that…
Couldn’t have been me. I was working a grave last night. Care to check my paystub?
Oh please… maybe some like consistency and don’t have to play games trolling. So were you So Sad last night?
@Cnoc Mhor:
Ignore them Croc… they’re just trying to stir a pot. ♥

@wiseuppeople: @Do you know?:

Ah, the irony of accusing people of ‘socking’ while ‘socking’ themselves.


Nope, sorry wasn’t me. Wanting consistency on a gossip site…….my point exactly. Another silly word used on threads…”trolling”. LMAO

WTF are you talking about? You always appear with your gibberish when such subjects are discussed.
Let YOU be honest now; my words always hit too close to home with you, don’t they?
You are exactly the type of woman I was describing in my post – married, her hubby doesn’t do it for her as much anymore, she is too old for GB and maybe can’t bear him any children, but she dreams about him in her fantasies nevertheless. Then, to make herself feel better for not being able to be with him, she starts detracting from him calling him a socio or gay just to make her sorry self feel better.
LMAO……You fit my profile 100%

“You have alot of hate it your heart, my dear. You need help.”
LOL! you’re taking me way too seriously, my dear.
Yes, I believe the things I wrote against some of you on his threads but it’s mostly for fun, as i was referring to Dar’s crazy comments at first. Then, when Anna said she is annoyed at peeps who wish Gerry found the ONE, I just couldn’t resist pointing out the hypocrisy of her and others who feel like her.
To be honest, I am having a great time watching all of you getting shocked, angry, amazed, and annoyed about some hilarious comments regarding some of your hypocrisy. Maybe you’re so worked up because some of my arguments do hit home with some of you.
You thou protest too much, that’s clear as day…..

“you definitely don’t “know stuff” cause my hubby rocked my world last night” .
Yeah right! I believe that like I believe how sexy you are, according to your description of yourself, and how hot your man is, also according to you. Needless to say, I believe you, NOT.
“Give me a real live man in my bed. If he wants to dress up like the King of Sparta and make love to his queen, then I’m all over it. Oh, I forgot, you think it is awful and dirty for married people to have sex or indulge in sexual fantasies with each other. ”
OMG! You’re such an idiot!!!! Dressing up for each other is not the issue I’m writing against. Dress up any way you want to entice him and intoxicate him. Wear a sexy outfit – fishnet and high heals to bed, intoxicating lotions and potions and perfumes, even use handcuffs, etc…..
What i’m talking against is fantasizing or dreaming of being with another man while you’re with your hubby, or just lusting over such a man during the day, as in daydreaming about him, which is what so many of the ladies here do, including you; daydreaming about being with GB in a sexual manner. It’s a form of infidelity, however reduced it is from the actual sex act with another man is, because you’re not giving your man your undivided attention, as another man has your mind.
I know why you’re so upset, it’s because I really hit home for you. You probably engage in dreaming that GB is doing you while your poor hubby is trying to satisfy you. He probably can’t anymore so you engage in dreaming about GB while hubby is doing you so you can come.
So pitiful.

“You’d freak out if you knew what was in MY mind when it comes to my fantasies of Butler! It’s best you never find out cause it involves handcuffs and teaching a bad boy a lesson!”
How is an old woman such as yourself going to teach a bad boy who’s a buff 6-2 a lesson?
I think what will probably happen is he will garb you and throw you inside the old-age home, where you belong, for some 80-year old to spank you silly until said 80-year old keels over form a heart attack. LOL!
That’s probably what’s going to happen when “Keepnitreal” and GB meet and she flashes the handcuffs in his face.
Hahahahah……..Keep on dreaming babe cause probably that’s all you’ll ever have. Aren’t you too old to have a dirty mind?

“I admit im a fan if his work and love the fact he isn’t racist and dates women of different ethincity that made me admire him”
Just because one likes to date within his own ethnicity, race, or religion doesn’t make one a racist. Some people just feel more comfortable within their own ethnic or religious group. Marriages and relationships are hard as is nowadays, some people just don’t want to add another complexity into the mix. It has nothing to do with being a racist. Don’t be too judgmental with regard to people’s dating preferences. It’s a very personal thing. If you’re Asian as you claim, I’m sure your parents would like to see you with someone from your own ethnic background. Does it make them racists? Of course not.
But your statements make me believe you are attracted to him for the very reason he was attainable in your mind, as you entertained the idea he would date you when you realized he dated women from other races or ethnicity. So i’m not sure I buy your argument that you wouldn’t touch his d!ck even if it were on diamonds. If you wouldn’t touch his d!ck what do you care about the type of women he dates?
Anyway, if you’re young and traditional I think you at least have a chance with him, as opposed to the old hags around here that have nothing to offer him. They have no chance with him. They should stick to their current men and reigniting their relationships. From what he said about his preferences, I believe the man wants a traditional family with a wife and kids.
I know it’s hard for some of the women here to accept, but it does look that way from what he himself said about his preferences. Sorry Dar, I doubt Gerry is going to marry you with your 6 kids

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