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Hayden Christensen & Rachel Bilson: Toronto Twosome

Hayden Christensen & Rachel Bilson: Toronto Twosome

Hayden Christensen picks up girlfriend Rachel Bilson at Toronto Pearson International Airport on Tuesday (December 20) in Toronto, Canada.

The 30-year-old actress snapped a pic with a fan in the terminal before hopping in Hayden‘s car.

Over the weekend, Rachel got pampered at the Sweet Dreams Nail Salon in Los Angeles before heading to Hayden‘s hometown for the holidays.

TV Line reports that acting vet Gary Cole – who most recently appeared in Desperate Housewives, Entourage, and Chuck – will be playing Rachel‘s dad in Hart of Dixie for at least two episodes.

10+ pictures inside of Hayden Christensen picking up Rachel Bilson at the airport in Toronto…

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48 Responses to “Hayden Christensen & Rachel Bilson: Toronto Twosome”

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  1. 26
    lurker Says:

    @ just me #25

    Hayden and Rachel were in Toronto 2 weeks ago, their photos are in Mr,Will popmaven’s blog, Hayden and Rachel with a fan in a photo. They were in Toronto, flew in and out of Toronto and LA without any paps being involved. There was a twitter sighting of Rachel on the same plane last night as Justin Bieber, that is why the paps knew she was on the plane. If all she wanted was publicity, why not get off the plane with Justin Bieber, or try to be seen with him? The tweet said she sat near him on the plane. Just because you don’t see Hayden in LA does not mean he is not there, he is not papped every time he is there.

  2. 27
    lurker Says:

    Cute photos of Hayden and Rachel smiling when Rachel gets in the car, for those who say they never seen them look happy to be with each other. Yes, they know they are being papped, but they always know they are being papped even when not smiling. so that should not matter.

  3. 28
    HC= Henri Cavill Says:


    Truth hurts!
    Cavill is a go-getter. Christensen not anymore. Hayden ruined his own opportunities.
    But I’m sure he still score some free Bs(burber.ry coat for him, and a bag for her). Becoming a z lister, a gossip filler still makes him richer than the average joe. Nevertheless the average joe works hard and tries.

    Christensen doesn’t even try. He has ruined his chances and his look (grey teeth, yellow finger tips due to his chain smoking deadly habits and other abuse).

  4. 29
    @ just me Says:

    Hayden and Rachel were seen multiple times by several different people at the Upper Canada mall yesterday afternoon according to multiple twitter sightings. Rachel did not travel all the way to Toronto to go home after only one day, LOL!

  5. 30
    just saying!!!!!!! Says:


    since when have twitter sightings been taken at face value?
    anyone can post anything on there under different names,
    i only believe anything thats posted on there when a pic or said link is posted,

    maybe you could post such links or pic’s, lol

  6. 31
    Molly Says:

    @just saying!!!!!!!: There were about 20 different twitter sighting of them, and considering he’s picking her up at the airport here I don’t think you need much proof she’s in Canada with him. Somebody did actually take a picture with her but I’m not going to search everywhere for it, look yourself.

  7. 32
    call me crazy but..... Says:

    Your personal hate vendetta on a gossip site is seriously boring the cr*p out of me now. Go to the police if you have evidence! Posting dubious accusations on JJ is just so r*tarded!! If you can prove anything of what you say then go to the effing police, you numbwit!!

  8. 33
    KC Says:

    @ Just Saying!! #31 What makes more sense, 20 random twitter sightings of Rachel and Hayden at a mall from different people (considereing how Rachel likes to shop and some of the tweets were from people who worked at stores in the mall); or someone making up 20 different names and twitter accounts to say Hayden and Rachel are shopping in a mall (multiple malls because they were seen shopping in a different mall yesterday)? Why would anyone want to do multiple tweets of Hayden and Rachel shopping in malls in Canada, LOL! What does it accomplish? We already know she is there, like the other poster said. There are twitpics both days of her in both malls with fans if you want to check it out, help yourself, like Molly said. And no, I am not Molly.

  9. 34
    just me Says:

    You are crazy. Hayden. And. Rachel. Was not on the same plane are he would so called pick her up from there . You can not believe everything they say on twitter. There was no pictures are them gettin off a plane together and you know this . Why lie for her. She said that she was not goin back canada anymore and she lied about it..hayden was in coming back to see her and she ran up. There behind him. Rachel did that on purpose. That all she do know when a man wat to be be with you.rachel just caught in lied a you people are defending her. Rachel is greedy for attention and you know this if hayden was on the plane if he pick her up. Rachel is. Nothing but a lying tramp. She has mess up hayden career. All people talk about is them being. Togther all the tim. You alll know that is for pubicity are she shewould havelet take her picture like that. When she was in la n nobody did. Not take her. Without hayden being with her.suddenly shegoes canada. and they take her picture.rachel is no blakely lively. She can not get nobody else to date her but hayden. Who she use from time to time. Hayden was not going to visited her until she walked off her job to go see him she very hard up for guy. About hayden need to get somewhere and start working. Before rachel ruin him for good..all rachel want is good time and for people to give her something all the time. And make people think that she still in canada when she is not. Hayden was in canada and she made people thik he was in la with her. Hayden is not in la with her now..she know that he is. Not coming back with her. Shee did not even spend time with her sister on her birthday. If haydenn was in canada she would have stay herbehind home.. she is nott nobody. She need to stop hiding when hayden do not come and see her. The only time she come out is when they say something about her show. Are when happen to show up then she run behind him when he come there. You all make up things for her when you al do not see her. She suppose o have being doing her work anyway. Why keep running behind your ex alll the time. Hayden is her ex boyfriend for a reason. They. Just sugar coat thins for her.they just do not want to say she a tramp that can find around man to be with her rachel do not want area relationship like other people. She just want t be someone when she feel like it nothing. why all the pictures are go to canada anyway. If she want to be seem at an airport she would have went lax. She want to be seem going there pubilicty.. she o nothing now but golddigger. Tramp that feel on people limelight. So where are picures are her and hayden ge plane with her. If he was he went somewhere else and she hide herselp fromps like she did last time. Rachel is nothing without hayden.. that why she hide when he do not come . Rachel did not need to go visited hayden. For what? Raclel is going tolose her show over a man. When could spent sometime with her family before she went back to work. She could have called him onthe phone are something. She just like I said she did it pubicity to promoe her show. Use hayden liike I said. She haven’t been going up there.. she jsut neededd to be mention cause nobody was mnetioning anything about hera. Poor hayden is still getting mixed up in her mess.. cause she can not do nothing for hersel by using him.she is too lazy to go out and meet other people. She contine to use hin until she tired of him. He is the fool for letting her do that to. Him r. And

  10. 35
    blairite Says:

    Over & over & over again – this is like an awful & banal “telenovela”. P.S. Oh and look how Haydeign’s so-called media news / sightings are now “RE-activated” just becoz some media-creature is supposed to be on his town – but when on his own on a regular basis in his hometown; “”any media radar of his were all dead”"… why so?! Well not really but just “extremely predictable”.

  11. 36
    Wow Says:

    @ just me–(Lois) tis time you understood they are together. Rachel WAS in Canada 2 weeks ago a picture of both was taken. It was a tweet that alerted paps that the flight out of LA this week had celebs on it-Rachel sat next to the Justin Beiber(sp) guy . You mentioned in a previous rant that Hayden was going to Belfast for Christmas to light a Christmas tree–that sure ain’t going to happen. You need to understand Lois that Rachel and Hayden are together your opinion of their relationship is not going to change it. Your long rants however annoy people especially me because your posts do not make any sense.

  12. 37
    amarant Says:

    That goes to say to say that pap-tipping (for more than once) is obviously pricey.
    Twitter sightings; even for gazillon times are absolutely budget.

  13. 38
    she Hayden Christensen Says:

    Hayden Christensen Rachel bilson she Hayden said Hayden Rachel I loved you both plan keep you monday 8;10 escape hide trick cops I loved you will be togather soon smile wife loved I will contact you soon ok supergreate jumper wars powers ok wife she Hayden

  14. 39
    kay Says:

    OMG STFU with this whole Rachel is only using him for fame and money. First of all she makes more money then him!!! Just because she’s not in any hit movies doesn’t mean she’s not famous or is making anymore or is she doing anything with her life/career. She does other stuff than acting yannoe.

    It’s already been proven on celebrity net worth that she makes more than him.
    So what do you guys have to say or complain now about her??? Exactly! Nothing else.
    And you guys apparently care enough to come on this website EVERYTIME there’s a post about her to comment right??

  15. 40
    Rita Says:

    @ kay #39

    There are not many on here complaining about Rachel and Hayden being together now, compared to how many there used to be. It is pretty obvious that if Rachel spent two weeks over Christmas and New Years with Hayden, their relationship is more than just publicity. You don’t spend Christmas with people you don’t love. She could have gotten much more publicity staying home and wandering around town being photographed. She does that much less than she used to. They have been together going on 5 years now. There is not much to say about their relationship anymore, other than to be mature and wish them the best, instead of being childish and complaining about what you cannot change. Time will tell what happens with them.

  16. 41
    periwinkle Says:

    Their so-called haters (as adorable as they are – lol) were even expecting them get “hitch” for far too looooooooong already – and still hasnt happening?! Jeeez!
    Nevertheless, it’s nothing new & no big deal at all… as w/ or w/o that being together drama going on – they would still be “”crash & burn down into pieces”" just like old times – t-r-u-s-t on that for a real sure-fire thing.
    Oh look & take note how little BraTchel got some of special mentionS on this thread – so not!

  17. 42
    she Anakin skywalker Says:

    Hayden Christensen Rachel bilson she Anakin says 5 or 10 tubs 2ed other chunks from starfish all ready mix than other tubs Liqured all ready mix each tubs 5 or 10 tubs ok togather wait another 2ed firefly that glow were needle embty filled save its last new vitamin Hot scinctist wife she Anakin

  18. 43
    she Anakin skywalker Says:

    Hayden Christensen Rachel bilson she Anakin says I loved you a kiss keep you I loved you Hayden Rachel I loved kids togather is Loved Happy Loved mutant powers keep you life ok fly heros I will gifed you powers life Loved Anakin smile keep on practus ok

  19. 44
    C3 Says:

    Rachel is a cute girl with or without make up. She looks hot to me in anything she wears.

    Hayden dude you look like $hit. Dude get a job. They keep dressing it up that he’s going to do this movie and that movie. Nothing happens or when he does do something it’s a dud or not enough to really matter for him. I think people are just being honest when they say he’s not working enough or he’s not getting good enough movies that really matter for him. That doesn’t mean people are jealous.

    I don’t care for all the Rachel haters. But if some of you people think it’s plain stupid for 2 people to be tramping from one country to the other to see each other on occassion as some strange 4 year relationship, I’ll buy that. It’s is strange. Stupid.

    I don’t think that cold fish Christensen deserves at hot woman like Rachel.

    Eat those words fan girls. It’s just my opinion. Don’t like it? Tough. I don’t care. Hayden is a failure of an actor. He better thank his lucky stars he even got the break he did with Star Wars. Because this way now he can line his pockets with your dollars from the little piddly movies he does all because of the little fame he received from his stint with Star Wars. That will keep him for a little while as long as he isn’t stupid with his finances.

    And whomever up there talks about the rest of his family. Guess what? You don’t even know the half of it. Those are just suggestions of what kind of dysfunctional he actually has. I think back in 08 his little family fantasy world was ruined for him and he had to wake up and realize how dysfunctional they really were. The guy hasn’t been normal since. And he’s tried to sponge off of Rachel for whatever she’ll give him (probably sexually) to make him feel better.

    Rachel deserves better. She’s sexy and funny. But she’s a flake for believing that a relationship with a loser is going to sustain her.

  20. 45
    she's Hayden Anakin skywalker Says:

    Hayden Christensen Rachel bilson she’s Anakin says synthsis new vitamin follow D3 BE CD CA D B12 Hot plate make worm ok than tubs starfish cuts lag from star fish used tweaser pull it out each tubs adds red blood from star fish used droper each tubs than Lizard needle each tubs jellyfish needle each tubs than look fire fly yellow glows needle suberate empty tubs yellow glow make full will be last with synthsis vitamin all will used spincentrifuge mixt before fire fly glows And starfish Lizard jelly fish used spincentrifuge mixt than fire fly spinctrifuge mix than each tubs pours synthsis vitamin than mixt will you gess how many drop each tubs fire glow with worms test mouse than you next

  21. 46
    she Hayden Anakin skywalker Says:

    Hayden Christensen Rachel bilson she Hayden Anakin skywaker says need hot plate powers spincentrifuge miscrope shots needle niph tweaser test tub micawaive sinctist used wife she Anakin will help you ok Hayden Rachel jeesica alba

  22. 47
    StarWarsgonebad Says:

    @she Hayden Anakin skywalker: WTF? Are you are on something? Especially with ur multiple rants under different names lol thatmake no sense.

  23. 48
    she Hayden Anakin skywalker Says:

    Hayden Christensen Rachel bilson she Anakin skywalker said Hayden I fraid that black staff sees with Rachel bilson staff yeye will stop take she Anakin cops mall thats why I will make up Rachel IM alone ok I love you both love she Anakin

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