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HBO Cancels 'Bored to Death,' 'Hung,' 'How to Make It in America'

HBO Cancels 'Bored to Death,' 'Hung,' 'How to Make It in America'

HBO is pulling the plug on three of its series.

Thomas Jane‘s Hung, Bryan Greenberg‘s How to Make It in America, and Jason Schwartzman‘s Bored to Death were all axed, THR reports.

HBO did elect to keep Laura Dern‘s freshman comedy Enlightened, which follows a self-destructive woman who has a spiritual awakening.

Both Laura and Thomas earned Golden Globe nods for their work this year.

ARE YOU SURPRISED at HBO’s decisions to cancel Bored to Death, Hung, and How to Make It in America?

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  • Elisabeth

    I CANNOT believe they are cancelling How to Make it in America! I LOVE that show! :(

  • Jane

    How can you cancel Hung, the best show on TV!!!!

  • Marisa

    Not Hung. I love that show.

  • SDJ

    Just because How to Make it in America doesn’t get ratings like True Blood! And that’s their own fault, they don’t market these shows like True Blood! I’m gonna miss How to Make it in America!!!

  • G

    NNOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Why? Was there not enough gratuitous nudity on How To Make It in America? That’s it, Occupy HBO!

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    How to make it in america was a a pretty dope show. I was really pulling for those guys to blow up.

  • Penny

    Damn, I liked all three shows a lot. Can’t believe they kept the dreadful Enlightened.

  • Andre Wright

    Please dont cancel hung.. its off the chain!!!!

  • treyc

    this flippin sucks!!!!!! You keep Boardwalk Empire but cancel Hung?????? Bored to Death was great too but I guess only men watch HBO. I can’t believe Eastbound and Down is coming back. Thank God they didn’t cancel Enlightened.

  • ale

    nooooooooooo how to make it in america canceled and enlightened kept????? wtf

  • vic

    just got turned on to how to make it in american actually watched entire season in 24 hours it was perfect now that entourage is no longer on
    bryan greenberg is great, gina gershon unf”n believable

  • Charlie

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Argh, what the hell!

  • Sophia

    NOOOOOO I loved Bord to Death!

  • tom

    It is funny that they saved one of the worst shows on tv. I like bored to death and how to make it in America.

  • Sooch

    They canceled my entire Sunday/Monday lineup. HBO execs – If you’re out there, please pay attention to the masses. I canceled Netflix when they tried to double their monthly cost without any added benefits. Now HBO expects us to pay the same amount after canceling the 3 shows I actually watched? I’ll vote with my wallet. Who’s following?

  • lexy hates bilson

    I love Hung! That stinks!!

  • fanofboardwalkempire

    The three shows that HBO is canceling are at the top of my viewing list.
    I am very upset that these three shows have been canceled- Not fair!

  • Anthony

    I love all three shows but Bored to Death was my favourite! Noooo!

  • Jgrlwry

    I liked HUNG alot and liked Tanya’s relationship with the other pimp..Ray managing new fame and the evolution of the show.

    Bored to Death—sort of got out of hand for me..and
    HowtoMakeITinAmerica was really like a NYC based Entourage and a true depiction of my culturally diverse home–NYC.

    HBO got it right with my favs Game of Thrones, Boardwalk and TrueBlood.

    I think they’re making room for that Aaron Sorkin series about a TvNewsroom where Jane Fonda will have a rcurring role.
    We’ll see how that goes..because sometimes..TVnews series don’t have mass appeal.

  • Jennifer

    How to make it in america was a good show wtf bring it back

  • RockNYC

    I used to watch Hung, but it just got too stupid this last season.

    How to Make it in America was raw, refreshing and an interesting look at the entrepreneurial rag trade in NYC. I’ll miss it.

    Bored to Death was well made, but felt like it was written by stoners, for stoners. Likable cast, but no love lost.

    Enlightened is a slow burn show β€” Lara Dern’s Amy is obsessive, manipulating and most times hard to root for but slowly you begin to understand her manic energy β€” she’s trying (unsuccessfully so far) to make the world a better place β€” and she’s surrounded by people that don’t care about her or her ideas. (I think a relatable situation for many). At least HBO has the smarts this time to not to kick Enlightened out of the nest too soon — unlike the criminally misunderstood β€œThe Comeback”. “I still Wanna See That!”

  • Mike

    I’m actually surprised that they are giving a second season to Enlightened, dont get me wrong, I like the 4 show, but I wasn’t expecting any of this!!

  • Kristy

    So happy they actually renewed Enlightened. Really surprised, but I’m guessing it will be cancelled after next season, which is a shame. Was originally a fan of Hung, but it got too crazy this season. Sad to see it go, though.

  • lindag

    I love How to Make It In America!! Maybe some Network with
    foresight will pick the show up- there is a definite audience out there. Fingers crossed. Meanwhile – I have tried a couple times to get into Enlightened….not happening for me.

  • river

    How to Make it in America was such a great show!!! It is so hard to find a show that deals with business issues and to see it play out in such a cool environment, it was perfect!

    I really hope that HBO changes their mind. They can do another short season just please do not cancel it!!!!

  • C. Carter

    How in the HELL!!! do you cancel How to Make it in America!!!!

    This Post just ruined my day

  • EvaM.

    I’m ready for some new shows. “Bored To Death” started out well, but I felt Ted Danson hijacked the show. I love Ted but he’s over-exposed. I found him distracting in this part. Zach and Jason were terrific together. I only watched the first season of “Hung” and wasn’t impressed.

    “Enlightened” has really broken the mold. We’ve needed a show like this for a long time.

  • Bev

    Hung is a brilliantly written and superbly acted masterpiece. The whole cast shines. The idiot who cancelled this show should be fired by HBO. Thomas Jane does an amazing job and I hope he wins the Golden Globe. The show really came into its own on the third season and now it’s followers will never know if Lenore dies. I hope another network picks this show up. Enlightened is not 1/10th as good as Hung. What were you thinking?? Did you have a dead brain cell day??? Also why do all of HBO’s shows have to be on Sunday?? Are you terrified of competing with network shows on the remaining 6 days. Since when is HBO timid???