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Tom Cruise & Suri: Chelsea Piers Playful

Tom Cruise & Suri: Chelsea Piers Playful

Tom Cruise and his daughter, Suri, spend time together on Sunday (December 18) at Chelsea Piers in New York City.

The 49-year-old Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol star danced with Suri, 5, as she dressed in a cute pink leotard.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Suri Cruise

On Monday, Tom dropped by The Late Show with David Letterman and shared that Suri recently began to learn how to ice skate!

“She just started skating,” Tom told Dave during his interview. “She kind of goes for it – she was determined!”

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  • http://justjared POLO

    i have nothing against the Cruises, but I’ve seen kids way more cuter and prettier than her, she’s average looking just like her dumb mother.

  • Lena

    She is really pretty girl, but she looks more like her mom.

  • Suri is a brat

    Not nice to talk bad about kids but I swear I can’t stand this brat.
    Looks lioke she is going into the fugly phase.

  • Bella Coola

    The next Paris Hilton. Sad to watch.

  • Roxy

    Why is this child always so inappropriately dressed. Shouldn’t she be in play clothes. I’m sorry but she looks underweight for her age

  • Viv

    This kid is scary.

  • janias

    This little brat, is going to get more and more obnoxious as she grows up.
    Paris Hilton will have nothing on Suri.

  • danni

    The spoiled brat of spoiled brats.

  • Xenu

    Why give us this two-day-old pukefest?

    In fact, why give us anything at all about that horrid little troll conceived with L Ron Hubbard’s old frozen spermies or her crazy merkin ‘Daddie’ or Biggest-Beard-In-Hollywood Mommie?

    How much payola does Jared get to eff with us like this?

  • missy

    The pics show a happy little girl taking a gymnastics class with her dad, and all you guys can do is bash her. Shame on you! She has done nothing to deserve this hate. It’s one thing to dislike her parents, but you shouldn’t take it out on her. I’m sure Suri will grow up to be much nicer than the haters on this site.

  • Marc

    lol, that’s where Nicole Kidman also takes her daughter. It would be so hilarious if they bumped into each other. Ugh, I would die to see the pap pictures of that.

  • Roxy

    @missy: I’m not bashing, I’m calling it like it is. She is indeed always inappropriately dressed for a child her age, including her high heel shows.

  • Roxy

    sorry wrong spelling…shoes**

  • Marisa

    Will we ever see Tom and Kate together? It is almost as if they are divorced and this is Dad’s days. I have issues with her wearing high heels. Stupid!! Also, she has the identical mannerisms as her mother. It is uncanny. As the Sex and the City girls say: “ICH!!”

  • Shannon

    Is Suri allowed to have any friends??? I teach preschool and the parents have play dates for their kids all the time….Suri never seems to spend any time with other kids her own age

  • Brown Paper Bag

    Com’on people. I’ve never read a nastier bunch of comments about a preschooler. Keep the ugliness to yourselves!

  • anon

    Wearing elevator boots on gymnastic mats?

  • Rachel


    She’s at a gym class wearing a leotard with frills. What would you suggest she wear to such an event?

  • martha


    I’ve never seen a picture of this child in the company of other children. No wonder she emulates her mother… she apparently isn’t allowed to play, dress or act like a young girl.

  • Leon

    It’s sad the way you are have maligned an innocent child.

  • Tessa

    @Marc: Ooh! Tom bumping into his SP ex-wife! Now that would be something worth seeing.


    To an extent, I understand the “bashing”. Because Cruise and Holmes drag this little girl in front of the paps constantly and because they constantly talk about her being “an amazing woman” (direct quote from idiot Holmes), all all the nonsense, people have lost all tolerance for the child. We’ve seen her have public tantrums causing her to be called a brat. We’ve seen her drinking from a bottle at age 5, dragging a baby blanket, dressing inappropriately, wearing high heels and a face full of makeup, and doing so without ever being seen as a “normal” kid. In short, people actually don’t like the poor kid BECAUSE OF WHAT HER PARENTS HAVE CREATED.

    I think all those truly bashing the kid and calling her names need to remember that she is just a product of the two complete and total LOSERS raising her. They allow her to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants, including giving in to tantrums, letting her be as inappropriate as she wants…etc. These two morons drag the kid out in the middle of the nite because they feel like it and then you wonder why shes miserable, drag her in front of the paps when she hates them, etc. CRUISE AND HOLMES HAVE CREATED A MONSTER AND ITS NOBODYS FAULT BUT THEIRS.

    If Suri was raised in a normal family, with parents who don’t have sh*t for brains, she would probably be a normal, average looking and acting, little girl who was going to Kindergarten and NOT getting away with dressing like a hook*r with a ton of makeup on her face, wearing high heels and short dresses, eating candy, cake and whatever else she wants, drinking from a bottle at 5 1/2 and generally acting like a holy terror.

    I get why people dislike kid but really not her fault that she appears to be a brat. Its the fault of the 2 Dr Frankenstein’s she has raising her. The poor kid is going to grow up not knowing what its like to be any kind of “normal” and eventually, reality will catch up with her and she’ll find that her peers don’t see her as anything special and won’t put up with the sense of entitlement created by idiot parents.


  • joel

    If it’s a gymnastics class, why is her hair messy like that? no discipline.

  • jk

    I know he might be deluded but he seems like a very loving father. That’s what is important.

  • Laci

    Guess Tom gets to wear his shoes on the mats because he is TOM CRUISE. Every gymnastics room I’ve been in that has had mats–they make you take your shoes off. Of course if he took his shoes off then he and Suri might be the same height.

  • Laci

    Guess Tom gets to wear his shoes on the mats because he is TOM CRUISE. Every gymnastics room I’ve been in that has had mats–they make you take your shoes off. Of course if he took his shoes off then he and Suri might be the same height.

  • Romeo

    You’re a creep, #1.

    Can you give me some lotto numbers with that crystal ball of yours, #4?

    She is in play clothes, #5.

    You’re a moron, #7.

    And how do you know that, #8?

    Exactly, #10.

    We just saw them together yesterday, #14!

    Ever realized that these paparazzi pics are just a few minutes into a life you know nothing about, #15?

    You make too many snap judgments based on a few seconds or minutes of paparazzi photos, #19.

  • @ Brown Paper Bag

    “Com’on people. I’ve never read a nastier bunch of comments about a preschooler”

    First of all, she’s not a “preschooler”. She’s almost 6 years old. In the real world, she should be in Kindergarten, running and playing with other kids and being a normal kid. In Cruiseland, she’s a brat because they let her be.

  • kizbit

    Look how lonely she looks. No one to have fun and play with. That is heartbreaking to me. Clearly her dad decided she needed to be secluded. What a horrible upbringing.

  • Question

    Where are the other children?

  • Simone

    She is a little spoiled rotten obnoxious BRAT! And she will grow up to be a spoiled rotten obnoxious woman.

  • jill

    Tom and Katie by far, the worse parents in Hollywood.

  • jill


    Great post. You said it all. Tom and Katie are the ones creating this monster of a child. No discipline, and you create a monster. That child is running the household.

  • Keisha

    I wouldn’t be so quick to nominate him for father of the year. Months go by without him being seen with the child – these photo ops come conveniently when he is promoting a movie.

  • tammy

    An almost 6 years old, having a temper tantrum in a store like a two year old, screaming at her mother, and her misfit mother rewarding that bad behavior by giving her candy and buying more toys.

  • joel

    Tom is not in the mood for playing with the little troll

  • tell em

    Tom is a great guy and a great dad. I bet he’s a better dad than brad Pitt

  • annie

    Suri looks cute, in her leotard, she’s probably a different child away from the paps, as there are tons of videos to prove it.
    Katie is not comfortable with the paps herself. She looks down or away from them, so sometimes she looks like she’s just staring into space, because you’re not seeing the whole pic. I ‘ve seen a couple of videos where there has been a crowd waiting for her to autograph some pics, and she got physically scared when she saw them, so I think early on, Suri probably felt her mothers apprehension, and then it became worse because Suri started getting scared. So it became bad on both mother and child. But I do feel somehow it should have been dealt with sooner , or maybe they tried , I don’t know.
    There was an E! special once on The Kids from DC, and this guy who worked behind the scenes said that Katie is uncomfortable with crowds of strangers. They showed a group photo of people connected with DC , and Katie was in the front sitting on his knee, and they also showed a picture of her signing autographs, and she really looks uncomfortable.
    She herself says that she’s scared of strange bathrooms, scared of what she’ll find in them. Apperently when she was little, she used to check the whole house to make sure that everything electrical was turned off and not long ago – it was on a late night talk show she said how she used to worry about her sisters , if one borrowed something from the other , without the other one knowing, and she was the baby of the family, by quite a few years.
    I mean everyone one of us is on the outside looking in, whether you’re a fan or non fan, but over the years, you kind of pick up little things, and I think that Katie has a few phobias.
    I’m a big time fan, but I can see she’s quite inconsistant , in a lot of what she does, one minute she’s happy , then she’s not, one day she dresses great , the next she’s all over the place, she seems up and down.
    I would prefer to be discussing this with fans , instead of non fans, but you can’t always say what you think on a fan site- even if you are a fan , but at least I get to say what I think here.
    To be honest, it must be awful having the paps in your face very up close and personal. I’ve also heard – again in a video , the security telling the paps – ”no flashes please”. We don’t see everything, and in reality we know very little about these people.

  • @Annie

    Kate sure wasn’t scared of the paps before she married Tom. She became full of it after the contract was signed.

  • Brown Paper Bag

    99% of the people who waste their time posting on this site are complete nutcases with no perspective. She’s just a little kid. Her parents may not live in the real world but you’re hardly helping with the hatred. You can dislike someone all you like but such vitriol against a little kid?

    And HELLO??!!! Which young child hasn’t had a temper tantrum? OMG! End the ugly hate and direct it to something more constructive! Go out and get a life! You’ll be a lot better off!

  • John

    Is she 9 or 10yr old?? she look older than her actual age.

  • dani

    Annie while I agree with much about your post, what I don’t understand about TomKat is how they have failed and yes FAILED to instill in Suri the confidence to get thru the paps. They treat her like a baby. Instead of taking a strong line such as you need to walk or stay home, they carry her, bring her blankie, bottle, pacifier etc. Each child is different, but if you look at the couples that have had as much or more attention such as the JP’s, Charles and Diana, Kennedy kids, Beckhams etc. each of these couples/individuals has managed to instill the confidence needed to traverse the paps. You rarely see any of them carrying their kids after three or four. Brad has even said that what we don’t see are the 40-60 paps rushing them as they exit or enter a building. Yet Suri appears to be the only child in all of Hollywood, politics, royalty, or whatever to cringe, cry, and need to be carried. All of these couples have body guards and nannies trailing them. So quite honestly I think it is poor parenting on TomKat’s part. Suri seems extremely high strung or else she is a young drama major. If this is true then why subject her the paps with the frequency that this couple does?
    On David Letterman Tom says the family goes to the Mall for ice cream and toy shopping. We NEVER see pictures of them doing this. Assuming it is true, then how is it that when TomKat wants to disappear they do and evidently Suri leads a somewhat normal life with activities and friends–yet at times they seem totally incapable of “hiding?” NYC has a lot of ways to “hide” if you don’t want to be seen, yet Tom and Katie never seem to take advantage of hiding instead it really appears as tho they are pimping Suri out for photo ops.

  • annie

    @ danni
    I agree that Suri being scared of the paps should have been adressed a long time ago, and I also think that she is a very emotional child with a touch of drama queen in her.
    But I don’t think, that the paps” stay with her”, once they are out of site, and she handles them better during the day- like running past them, or telling them to take pics of her doll, these things I like seeing because she has spunk, but I honestly don’t believe for a second that they pimp her out.
    Again – maybe that’s the way Katie was brought up, after 4 kids,her mother said she didn’t know how to handle Katie, because she was so wilfull. The apple doesn’t fall too far from tree. I still think out of pap site, Suri would be quite adorable, and very smart .

  • Jenn

    There are ways of keeping your children away from the paps.Nicole & Keith’s Manhattan apartment has a drive-in elevator for their car!

  • Christina

    Some of the comments here about Suri are absolutely disgusting and cruel. I have no problem with people criticizing Tom or Katie since they are grown adults and are thus fair game, but this is a CHILD. So what if she “seems” spoiled – that doesn’t mean she’ll always be this way nor does this mean she’ll end up like Paris Hilton or have some awful future. Tom and Katie have issues, but I only wish the best for Suri, and it’s horrible to read such disparaging comments about a child.

  • Again

    Roxy, agreed.

    Look at her bent like legs. All bone. So thin. No, I do not like making comments that are not nice about kids either. Suir looks malnourished. Rickets.

    Her persoanl groming , well, she looks like like poor White trash kids. Red wet looking skin. Dirty. Uncombed hair.
    Bad enough, she is an average looking child. Bauty is Halle’s Berry’s or Nicole Ritchies.

  • http://we betamax

    cruise is awesome….go see mi4

  • josie

    Is it me, or is Suri very thin in these photos. She looks underweight.

  • LaCroix

    Srsly.. you should all be concerned that JJ posted pictures of this little girl dressed this way from what it seems to me as private father & daughter time. Priorities screwed up…
    On another note all you all cant possibly hate on the way The Cruises’ choose to raise their child.. I mean why the eff do you care so much?

  • mia

    @Roxy: She’s at a gymnastics lesson…you wear a leotard for that. But I agree on the weight thing. Its prolly cuz all she eats in a day is a pastry for breakfast, a cupcake for lunch and ice cream for dinner.