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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Breakfast with Ashley Tisdale!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Breakfast with Ashley Tisdale!

Vanessa Hudgens and beau Austin Butler go out for breakfast together on Tuesday (December 20) in Studio City, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress and her sweetie were joined by Vanessa‘s BFF and High School Musical co-star Ashley Tisdale!

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Yesterday, Ashley shared a funny picture of herself in a grocery cart while out shopping with Vanessa and Austin! “This is how we food shop,” Ash joked.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Nightcap Clothing‘s lace bell bottom.

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens, Austin Butler, and Ashley Tisdale going out for breakfast together…

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vanessa hudgens austin butler ashley tisdale breakfast 01
vanessa hudgens austin butler ashley tisdale breakfast 02
vanessa hudgens austin butler ashley tisdale breakfast 03
vanessa hudgens austin butler ashley tisdale breakfast 04
vanessa hudgens austin butler ashley tisdale breakfast 05
vanessa hudgens austin butler ashley tisdale breakfast 06
vanessa hudgens austin butler ashley tisdale breakfast 07
vanessa hudgens austin butler ashley tisdale breakfast 08
vanessa hudgens austin butler ashley tisdale breakfast 09
vanessa hudgens austin butler ashley tisdale breakfast 10
vanessa hudgens austin butler ashley tisdale breakfast 11
vanessa hudgens austin butler ashley tisdale breakfast 12
vanessa hudgens austin butler ashley tisdale breakfast 13
vanessa hudgens austin butler ashley tisdale breakfast 14
vanessa hudgens austin butler ashley tisdale breakfast 15
vanessa hudgens austin butler ashley tisdale breakfast 16

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  • lauren

    so do austin and vanessa live together now?

  • Vivian

    Oh geez, what’s happening to Vanessa’s style? Those pants are a no-no. And please tell me everyone saw “New Year’s Eve”. This guy has nothing on Zac Effron, Zac is making his way to the top!

  • Mia

    I love Vanessa and I hate saying anything bad about her do I’m just not going to comment on the pants..

  • Sienna

    I really don’t like Vanessa’s pants, but I don’t blame her for them because it remains me of how Ashley and marykate olsen also used to take changes like theses so that they could push the limits for fashion and not be so safe. So even if Vanessa pants are fugly she’s at least taking some risc!

  • Kimmie

    Lol if you only look at the two head pictures it looks like Austin is Ashley’s boyfriend and not Vanessa’s!

  • Lola

    Love you V, so what about the pants being ugly, she’s just going to breakfast not a fashion show. Besides We all have bad days where We just put on the first thing We see.


    Well want i see in the body language, i would say Vanessa is not very happy with Austin today, i’ve read he is oboxious, he’s a demanding person, and rude, some of the people he works,have said he is not very nice, i saw a picture of Vanessa and him waiting in line, at target, he looked pissed, and Vanessa looked, like she was not that happy with him. Oh i heard he is a player.

  • Haters Suck!

    Only one complaint. Austn if I gotta see that damn Yankee cap during this entire relationship it going to drive me crazy. I really can’t stand the Yankees not even a little. Other then that everythings fine.
    no one saw new years eve.

  • Michelle

    WHY DID SHE EVER EVEN BUY THOSE PANTS? They’re not flattering or cute at all so it’s not really a “daring” fashion choice it’s just ugly. She usually looks adorable but I request that she burn these pants and that Austin burns his baseball cap.


    I did see new years eve, with my grandson, and friend we all thought it was funny, i went to see it not because of Zac, but i like alot of the other actors, By the way i know you hate Zac, but him and Mischell P.did a pretty good job, they were alot of story lines that were pretty good

  • mel

    @Lola: the problem is, she did it on purpose because she’s fashionista

  • Zyonna

    @lauren i thought the exact same thing he’s always there not even zac was there that much!

  • kaca95

    treesome???…..zac,vanessa and ashley….they together look better…

  • LisaLipps

    Please cover up. Nobody wants to see her underwear. No class.

  • sara

    she needs to get her clothes tailored or something because they always seem to drag across the floor

  • Zyonna

    @lisalipps i totally agree just yesterday she was happily showing her red bra. merry christmas! ;D

  • Vivian

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Vanessa and respect her as an actress and singer. I just think that she’s letting herself go a little bit you know? Like this is her time to shine, she has great movies coming out, great roles, she’s out and about, so I think now she should showcase how pretty she is. I remember when she used to wear jeans and a tee, she looked super normal yet fashionable. And no I didn’t go see the movie because of Zach, I went to see if because of the entire cast, I loved it. But I mean life is about improving and bettering yourself… Just my two cents :)

  • Vanessa

    I love Vanessa’s pants. Go girl!

  • offtheproperty

    She is like a Hippie.
    At least she looks like one.
    She looks like Janice Joplin.
    The Hippie.

  • ?????????

    Pants are a big NO NO.

    I agree it looks like A + A are the couple.

  • Lia

    Horrible pants, hippie but also nasty

  • thetis


    NYE is a flop so if zac going to the top he better find a new way.

  • whatever

    She ‘s FAR too beautiful to wear trashy looking clothes like this. What the hell happened to her great style? This isn’t taking risks; this is just not caring about what you look like. C’mon, Vanessa.

  • maria

    @BARBARA: You need to stop spreading rumors. You don’t know him, and you’re believing crap you read on the internet. Then you come here and make these statements like they are facts. You’re always complaining about people who believe everything they read. Listen to your own advice, please.

  • maria

    @BARBARA: You need to stop believing all the crap you read online, like you always tell everyone else. You don’t know him, and you come here making statements like they are facts. That’s just wrong and mean-spirited.

  • Haters Suck!

    i don’t think Barbara is reading that stuff onlne, I think she’s making it up as she goes.

  • kami

    they all look like rug rats in these pix. :)

  • ……

    V u’re pretty and has unique style but recently it got a little bit too trashy….. but anyway u still look pretty
    and ash luv ya and ur style ;)


    @ MARIA, Just like you said accusing Zac, of having someting to do with her pictures, and other things, you don’t know him either.


    @ Hather sucks, No i am not making this up, Ive read on line, and on his own webb site.

  • dasda

    @Vivian: especially in looks. This man looks like a baboon.

  • Haters Suck!

    whatever you say. It’s like you thought of every rotten thing you could think of and threw it out there to see what would stick. You hate any guy who comes near Vanessa.

  • Haters Suck!

    3 movies coming out for Vanessa next year, filming another to start the year. I really wouldn’t call that fading away. Dumbass.

  • Viv

    God. Bulter and Tisdale need to date each other. Attention hogs. Vanessa needs to get rid of them before they use her up.

  • Emma

    I’d say Austin is using her..
    If he is a playboy and uses her for the sake of his reputation, she had better break up with Austin right away

    I hope she will break up with him and find a new guy

  • jaded

    Don’t know much about Austin but honestly, I wish Vanessa would kick bottom feeder D-list Tisdale to the curb. No one this girl has worked with has anything good to say about her. Check out Aly Michalka’s twitter. She obviously tips the paps off and Tweets her whereabouts. Notice how she Tweets a suggestive picture of Zac to not only get publicity for herself but to try and infer that something is going on between them. My opinion is that it’s not only done for publicity purposes but to make her ex jealous. When she gets heat…she immediately calls up Vanessa so they can be papped together insuring that they are still “tight”. She’s a transparent piece of work. Hopefully Zac will stay away from this trainwreck and Vanessa as well.

  • jaded

    To be more clear: Ashley tweets her whereabouts and tips the paps off NOT Aly.

  • Norah

    @Kimmie: I wish it was that way!

  • ehryle

    Vanessa is beautiful really but i can see about this pic her outfit is lazy like Austin that always wear the same clothes in the row! V don’t be like Austin who always dress-up lazy just help him to be neat and fashionable like you, encourage him lol

    BFF Ashley and Vanessa always be together forever SOLID!!

  • maria

    @BARBARA: At least I always said that was MY opinion. I never said it was true. You say these things about Austin like they are facts, and that’s the difference. Why would ‘his website” call him a playboy or say he’s obnoxious? My thoughts on Zac are based on ACTUAL events, not rumors online. You’re just trying to start something to make him look better. Unless Austin does and says disrespectful things about Vanessa, he’s OK in my book. She’s just dating anyway. At least she knew him and trusts him.



  • juliet

    @Maria: You know nothing about him, either
    and then why do you cover for him?

    He looks like a playboy even to me

  • Danielle

    Yes, they live together with Ashley too. What an intelligent question!!!

  • maria

    @juliet: Then why assume he’s a playboy?? If anyone looks like one, it’s Zac Efron. But I don’tknow that to be true either. So don’t judge without facts.

  • Mariaaa

    Well, in a magazine, she stated that “she likes to dress up boring” so paparazzi would get sick of her and not snap pictures. So yeah, don’t judge her because she’s wearing those pants, she’s more than her looks, people.

  • De

    “My thoughts on Zac are based on ACTUAL events, not rumors online”
    That is so not true. Everything you say about Zac is based on rumor and on what you PERCEIVE to be true. Nothing you say about him is based on fact.

  • VanFan

    @Haters Suck!:
    I saw New Years Eve. If no one has seen NYE, then who paid the $25M that it has made so far? That may not be a lot of money, but it certainly is more than what it would be if no one saw it. And people need to stop thinking of it as a Zac movie. It isn’t. Several other actors had a higher billing and had more screen time.

  • BOJI

    If you’re thinking Austin is a player, why? Because he’s good looking and has a body, issit? Well, just watch his interviews and judge for yourself. If I’d base my judgement on Zac’s interviews, I’d think him a player also. The way he likes to flatter his co-stars and how much he enjoys his love/kissing scenes. I’ve yet to come across proof of your accusations with regards to Austin, BARBARA.


    Vanessa is wearing Nightcap Clothing Tobacco Lace Bellbottoms! We LOVE her look! Nightcap loves Vanessa! xx!

  • VanFan

    It looks AWFUL!