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George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Cabo Couple

George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Cabo Couple

George Clooney and girlfriend Stacy Keibler enjoy some R&R on Tuesday (December 20) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The 50-year-old actor and Stacy, 32, enjoyed some drinks before hopping in a golf cart.

George will be starring in the West Coast premiere of 8, the stage play about Prop 8, which denied gays and lesbians in California the right to marry.

THR reports the one-night showing, directed by Rob Reiner and written by Dustin Lance Black, will take place at L.A.’s Wilshire Ebell Theatre on March 3.

“It is astonishing that gay and lesbian Americans are still treated as second-class citizens,” George said. “I am confident that, very soon, the laws of this nation will reflect the basic truth that gay and lesbian people – like all human beings – are born equal in dignity and rights.”

FYI: Stacy is wearing a tunic by Love Sam.

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george clooney stacy keibler cabo mexico 01
george clooney stacy keibler cabo mexico 02
george clooney stacy keibler cabo mexico 03
george clooney stacy keibler cabo mexico 04
george clooney stacy keibler cabo mexico 05
george clooney stacy keibler cabo mexico 06
george clooney stacy keibler cabo mexico 07
george clooney stacy keibler cabo mexico 08
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  • kitty

    “George Clooney and girlfriend Stacy Keibler enjoy some R&R..”

    Wait. When are they -not- on R&R?
    When they take 2 days to go to a restaurant in LA, followed by a stressful trek to the lake house in Italy and then make their way back to Cabo for one more round of “some R&R”?

    man, life is rough!! they totally needed that extra R&R!

  • signage

    God’s grace lost and the devil is proud.

  • blue sky

    God’s grace never loses because it means nothing.
    The devil is no challenge.


    Yes @Keibler crime victim:
    i am with you i have the same spider in my house. windoor
    my doctor see George in invalid chair …

  • looker

    Actually I think these pics are old and from the same photo op as the last one in Cabo. Some of these pics also have the same weird photoshopped look to them. George is probably with his parents and not in Cabo with the publicity fameho. I guess Keibler will stay locked inside her place in L.A. for a few days while pretending to be in Cabo with George, probably do another cleanse. I hope the exhaust fan in her bathroom is industrial strength, but it could lead to blackouts in the greater L.A. area as well as smog alerts.


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  • lou

    @Keibler crime victim

    yeah, you’re looney as they come. your bats left the belfry long ago. definitely in need of some more drugs to help you deal with those delusions of yours.

  • Michelo

    i am happy with your delusions

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    If Cupid wanted to improve his Rose-colored glasses may help love last tame
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  • Michelo II

    @Keibler crime victim: i am happy with your delusions

    what you think about george new outfits and sunglasses
    If Cupid wanted to improve his Rose-colored glasses may help love last tame
    help when looking in a general sense (but be more realistic on the details).
    help viewing your relationship and your partner’s

  • carry

    Him a little man without dignity’and absolutely ridiculous, she a housewife and low-level opportunist, a pious couple, the waitress Sarah Larson and’ certainly more ‘worthy of this girl. Elisabetta the best of all, too much for him.

  • looker

    @carry: Apples and oranges. There’s no significant difference between the several contracted publicity escorts. Canalis was certainly no better than the others, she was just another fame hungry no-talent wannabe willing to do anything for attention and money.

  • Ad Nauseum

    Man, check out mammoth-sized Keibler’s humungous legs! I find it impossible to believe any red-blooded hetero-male would get a hard-on from such a plain-looking big freak.
    Her claim to fame: rubbing excrement off her anus on wrestling ring ropes!
    They’re mens’ legs. Keibler keeps growing bigger for some reason.
    Or Clooney is shriveling.

    I wonder if Clooney is impotent….. I mean selling himself as a poster-boy for hookers that get uglier might have caused it.
    Though Canalis is by far the fugliest. Her face is truly nauseatingly hideous. So masculine.

  • Yellow Journalism

    HIs publicist is desperate to pull out an arsenal of PR stunts to keep him in the public’s conscience. In the hope of winning over AMPAS & HFPA votes…
    All angles covered.
    If there’s a big contingency of gay members , his PR try to appeal to their preferential votes, by mentioning Clooney’s pro-gay activist support…
    Cashing in on gossip sleaze teaming him up with another typically cheap unattractive woman, despite his own handsome appearance. Totally juxtaposed as a couple. Same theme with the horrendous greasy previous horse.
    Humanitarian work mentioned regularly. Emphasized in trip to Australia most recently….
    Incessant bombardment by his PR firm.
    They post everywhere they can. Flooding blogs, forums,, imdB, the press…

    Why the desperation???

  • La Vie En Rose

    Rose-tinted glasses – yeah, he needs all the help he can get to fade out the farce he lives in….
    Deceives the world with his duplicity. Apparently because he relishes his privacy..
    But he’ll be studied by generations to come. Just like Orson Welles.
    One masterpiece. His first…
    Who knows how George’s private life will bemuse & disgust those who study him & his work.
    Especially when they view his vile taste in women these last 5 years.
    Granted, his ex-wife was no beauty & had a mean-looking face. But maybe she was respectable.

  • Seventh Veil

    She’s huge! Look at those thunder thighs.
    I thought George likes pretty waifs.

  • looker

    @Oscar-Obsessed: Yes but they do everything backwards from how it should be done. Tell him to take a hooker to a premiere of family movie with children present. Undermining him while assuring him they know best.

  • looker

    @Seventh Veil: Actually I’m pretty sure these pics have been ‘shopped. Her legs look much thicker in previous photo ops.

  • left of center

    I like Ides of March more. Maybe he put his heart & soul in making that.
    Plus nice to see him play a villain on top of directing & adapting screenplay. Might win there.
    Too bad his appearance at the Awards will be marred by him bringing a member of the circus along again…
    Hopefully he’ll wise up by then.

  • Seventh Veil

    @looker: I wasn’t referring Canalis as a pretty waif. She’s skinny but deformed body. No waist & saggy Oriental tranny asss. As for her crooked legs & beady eyes… No way! Her face is really vulgar. Her mouth is shaped like loose labia-majora.
    Excuse my vulgarity but we’re talking major scum of the earth here.
    I know he was sleeping with her and this is what really repulses me about George. What the f…. is wrong with him??? Loves ugly women these last few years…
    Skinny & beautiful waifs like:
    Megan Fox, Angelina, Amanda Seyfried…. Kate Moss…
    Irina Shayk…Taylor Momsen…

  • Save the pet!!

    Bunny-boiler Keibler is smothering Einstein.

    Trying to win the pet’s approval when the poor dog can’t stand her.
    Since she locked him in a Full Nelson just to momentarily paralyze him for photo ops.

  • looker

    @Seventh Veil: I meant that he hasn’t actually been dating pretty waifs, so I don’t see any evidence that he likes them. As for Canalis, that was strictly business, no sex, same with Keibler. Strange that his publicity people set him up with a midget last time and with a giant this time. It really is a sideshow.

  • looker

    @Save the pet!!: You must mean the impostor dog she got for famewhoring purposes.

  • looker

    It’s the same script as Canalis. False press release claiming George’s security surrounds her, check. Pretending to share a dog with George, check. Pretending to spend the holidays with George in Mexico, check.

  • looker

    @Seventh Veil: Yes, I agree with you. Those are beautiful women, but all too young for a man of fifty and not hiring themselves out as desperate publicity escorts. But probably closer to his intellectual equal than the escorts, so there would at least be the possibility of something there. I recall people commented that Canalis didn’t speak English and George and her wouldn’t be able to communicate, but when you think about it, the same applies to Keibler. Despite English being her first language, she has a poor grasp of it, and she seems to have the personality of a turnip.

  • looker

    I just have issues with George’s publicity people. To me, it’s obvious they undermine him. I’ll give you an example. Victoria’s Secret fires their models if they get TOO THIN, because their target consumer is middle class women who aren’t emaciated. Let’s say George’s target consumer is middle and upper middle class men and women and think about that. The average age difference between married couples is less than three years, so having George fake date much younger women is a miss. The average person does not want their children being exposed to bad influences, so having George fake date trash is a miss. Basically what they are doing makes no sense. He should take some lessons from Cindy Crawford’s marketing people, who obviously know what they are doing. She sells home goods targeted towards middle class people. Would it be a good idea for her to show disdain for middle class lifestyle? Of course not.

  • shawn

    I’m starting to think that Clooney signed the contract with Keibler at the same time he signed the one with Canalis, and he was stuck with doing six months minimum with Keibler. I think he told her up front that all she was going to get was six months, and she didn’t care that’s all she was getting as she was happy to get any of the famewhoring opportunity.

  • shawn

    However, even if he did sign the contract far in advance, that’s no excuse for going through with it. I’m sure there was some sort of out clause, but Clooney didn’t have the balls to get out of it. He’s a coward who spends his life drinking and pretending to be happy. Heaven forbid he should actually make a decision for himself, because that would mean he’s the one responsible if he messes up. He’d rather be miserable than take any risks. It’s sad, but you can go to any hole in the wall bar and find a dozen boozing, cowardly men just like him.

  • looker

    I just came across the comments here:
    They’re basically saying what everyone is saying, just that the publicity team doesn’t seem to be posting there. I guess they’ll start posting there now.

  • Old Yeller!

    @shawn: Exactly!!! Your #30 comment! You couldn’t have summed it up better!
    HE’D RATHER LICK HIS OWN WOUNDS than become proactive at making himself happy.
    Sheer stupidity!
    But it costs big time.
    Not sure if he pre-solicited his services to Keibler well in advance, however, he didn’t have the gumption to break it off. You could sense her desperation while he deliberated. Hooker wanted to get paid!! And MR NICE GUY obliged.
    “Doin’ a favor!” was his pathetic, cowardly excuse.
    And yes, of course he sleeps with them. To method act the phony publicity arrangement. Maybe a few times initially to bond with them….& then tells them they’re buddies. Whatever!


    I have seen happier faces on carcasses picked over by vultures. They look miserable. They are not happy and Stacy looks a bit fuller in the face. Both of them love the drink. Not much positive vibe flowing between them. Someone should shoot them and put them out of their misery.

  • Zero Chemistry

    Mismatched couple if every I saw one!

    They look so wrong next to each other.
    Ugly female, handsome man.
    What the hell is wrong with him?

  • Old Yeller!

    @shawn: yeah, well the other Old Yeller is playing control freak again! Deleting comments.
    “No I’m not OK without you too. How come?
    But I’ll bite & claw back…. viciously. Till I decide to disappear.”
    Actually, maybe he even sleeps with them casually. After a few drinks. Blames it on the liquor, poor helpless fool.
    Patronizing buffoon tells the who*res a spiel along the lines of “we’re a great team.. We can have some fun while we’re making money. No emotional strings attached…”
    And he accedes to the 7 b*itch gnomes to keep promoting the ladykiller myth..

  • Ranting Again

    There’s only one Old Yeller! & he’s a coward.
    Afraid of his own emotions.
    Runs away coz he wants to show no vulnerability.

  • Ranting Again

    Canalis isn’t a midget. Just faulty looking. Like Sandra Bernhard standards. An unattractive woman desperately trying to put together a stylish package under the guise of two prerequisites: thinness & tight clothing…. Sheer desperation to camouflage and ugly face..
    Keibler is just one HUGE TEUTONIC PLAIN-JANE…..

    They look SO wrong next to a Hollywood “heart throb.” The last remaining Movie Star. With classic movie matinee handsome appeal.
    Gutter trash juxtaposed with priceless precious artwork imagery.

    Besides, he’s too puny next to the tall ones. Like Larson, Snowdon & the biggest mutha of them all: Kiebler.
    Who is so deranged to damage Clooney like this??

    In photos with his ma, she is by far the most elegant, petite & beautiful woman with whom I’ve seen him pose.
    And Renee Z is only 5ft3, yet despite her quirky appearance, she makes him look like a big, strong man in photos together. Like a real charming masculine man.

    I think his PR team are sabotaging him FOR SURE!!!
    Someone is bribing them to destroy Brand Clooney.

  • Ranting Again

    [quote: "I’m starting to think that Clooney signed the contract with Keibler at the same time he signed the one with Canalis, and he was stuck with doing six months minimum with Keibler..."]

    Possible. If so, what a shallow, duplicitous, corrupt man!
    Deceiving the world. Deceiving himself… I’m assuming he has no real interest or s/he accepts it.
    I’d lose my mind if I had to lead such a lie… and have no real romantic life of his own.
    But you might be right. Someone was posting incessantly photos of big blonde Karolina Kourkova on Just Jared months ago, hinting that she’s like George’s girlfriend. Then by end of July the leaks started.
    Mind you, the similarities with Kourkova end there. Except for being tall, blonde with huge hooked schnozes, that’s it.
    Kourkova is lithe & except for her nose, quite beautiful.
    Klobber is big mammoth. Vulgar & plain to boot!
    Clooney agreed to this mess.
    He plays games.
    Good luck to him..
    I hope he finds happiness.

  • Ranting Again

    I meant: I’m assuming he has no real love interest in anyone. This is it.

  • Monica

    JJ, why did you choose this photo? Clooney looks like an ape!!!! LOL

  • Ranting Again

    @Shawn. – no a conscious decision was made to do the Keibler : Clooney publicity arrangement fake relationship in late May, 2011.
    Advised to him by his management. Supposedly for the benefit/ profitability of Brand Clooney..
    And he of course, accepted.

  • looker

    @Old Yeller!: Agree with everything except that he sleeps with them. It’s strictly business, no sex.

  • signage

    Money can’t fix everything.

  • Annabella

    I won’t post here ever again…
    Or anything related to him. Too negative. Too draining. Reading about him gets me too fired up.
    It’s a matter of dignity.
    He made a choice….
    This is how he prefers to live his life.
    It’s Xmas & this year is almost over.
    He’ll find new people to play, to humiliate, & entertain his PR staff online…
    All along he’s probably even sourcing the next publicity arrangement at present.
    He failed to see the big picture.

  • signage

    As Alice said to Scrooge, I say to George: May you be happy in the life you’ve chosen.
    But it makes no sense, as Scrooge’s love of money at the cost of everything else never did make him happy, just as it does not make George happy, yet he tells himself it’s enough. Too afraid to take a risk. Cowardly. Always walking a tightrope in life, never really living, and selling lies in photo ops and press releases. A big fake. At least Scrooge was honest about what he was. George is a big hypocrite.

  • Annabella

    @signage: it’s more than that. More than the love of money & fame.
    Maybe he just has never loved anyone so much (even like a soulmate or a twin soul, if they exist). If you love someone you can’t bear to be without them. He doesn’t look happy nor in love. If he was, it would radiate even in his business photo ops. No matter how good an actor, the eyes are the windows to the soul. We can’t feign/ act releasing endorphins like we do when in love.
    No, Clooney just hasn’t met someone to love yet; never truly loved from the depths of the heart.
    Maybe he will one day. Then people will see a different picture.


  • signage

    @Annabella: He won’t ever meet someone he loves because he won’t take any risks. He’s surrounded by a fortress of deception. I pray for him to have divine guidance and courage, because what good is divine guidance if you don’t have the courage to follow it, but the rest is up to him. Good night and good luck.

  • hmmm

    I think I’ve discovered why the Keibler censorship squad has control of these threads and keeps getting posts deleted. She’s been sucking up to Jared of JustJared on Twitter. She’s probably been sending him private messages too. Such a shame, as JJ used to be my favorite blog.

  • signage

    Well, George, I hope you’re happy. Look at how much pain and destruction you’ve managed to cause in less than six months by going along with the Keibler publicity arrangement. You’ve helped someone who has a goon squad that threatens and censors people. You did the same thing with Canalis and apparently learned nothing from that episode. If the goon squad continues censoring and threatening me here and elsewhere, I will set up a new website and tell the complete truth about everything this criminal and her criminal associates have done and are doing. Enjoy.

  • Keibler crime victim

    Stacy Keibler is associated with whoever put a black widow spider in my house the same weekend she wore a black spider dress and a spider’s nest hairdo at the Toronto Film Festival. George is a creep for helping this evil bitch.

  • Keibler crime victim

    The nasty hooker thought I’d be so scared I’d shut up and not say a word about it. How’s that working out for you, pumpkin head?

  • dis Grace

    @Yellow Journalism- Why the desparation?
    If you were lazy, UNcreative, using the same ol, same ol ancient PR “tricks” that you taught back in the 80′s & 90′s, UNENLIGHTENED, and BORINGLY OUTDATED …’d be “desparate” too.


    @Keibler crime victim:
    Say a little disappointed That cartoon The Little Dinosaur and the Valley of Wonders
    nothing special effects zero has the graphics from three fish not even a frog…
    shells of broken eggs for the coctails

    Dino is not so really super form