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George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Cabo Couple

George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Cabo Couple

George Clooney and girlfriend Stacy Keibler enjoy some R&R on Tuesday (December 20) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The 50-year-old actor and Stacy, 32, enjoyed some drinks before hopping in a golf cart.

George will be starring in the West Coast premiere of 8, the stage play about Prop 8, which denied gays and lesbians in California the right to marry.

THR reports the one-night showing, directed by Rob Reiner and written by Dustin Lance Black, will take place at L.A.’s Wilshire Ebell Theatre on March 3.

“It is astonishing that gay and lesbian Americans are still treated as second-class citizens,” George said. “I am confident that, very soon, the laws of this nation will reflect the basic truth that gay and lesbian people – like all human beings – are born equal in dignity and rights.”

FYI: Stacy is wearing a tunic by Love Sam.

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255 Responses to “George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Cabo Couple”

  1. 1
    kitty Says:

    “George Clooney and girlfriend Stacy Keibler enjoy some R&R..”

    Wait. When are they -not- on R&R?
    When they take 2 days to go to a restaurant in LA, followed by a stressful trek to the lake house in Italy and then make their way back to Cabo for one more round of “some R&R”?

    man, life is rough!! they totally needed that extra R&R!

  2. 2
    signage Says:

    God’s grace lost and the devil is proud.

  3. 3
    blue sky Says:

    God’s grace never loses because it means nothing.
    The devil is no challenge.

  4. 4

    Yes @Keibler crime victim:
    i am with you i have the same spider in my house. windoor
    my doctor see George in invalid chair …

  5. 5
    looker Says:

    Actually I think these pics are old and from the same photo op as the last one in Cabo. Some of these pics also have the same weird photoshopped look to them. George is probably with his parents and not in Cabo with the publicity fameho. I guess Keibler will stay locked inside her place in L.A. for a few days while pretending to be in Cabo with George, probably do another cleanse. I hope the exhaust fan in her bathroom is industrial strength, but it could lead to blackouts in the greater L.A. area as well as smog alerts.

  6. 6
    CAMILA Says:

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  7. 7
    lou Says:

    @Keibler crime victim

    yeah, you’re looney as they come. your bats left the belfry long ago. definitely in need of some more drugs to help you deal with those delusions of yours.

  8. 8
    Michelo Says:

    i am happy with your delusions

    what you think about george new outfits and sunglasses
    If Cupid wanted to improve his Rose-colored glasses may help love last tame
    help when looking in a general sense (but be more realistic on the details).
    help viewing your relationship and your partner’s

  9. 9
    Michelo II Says:

    @Keibler crime victim: i am happy with your delusions

    what you think about george new outfits and sunglasses
    If Cupid wanted to improve his Rose-colored glasses may help love last tame
    help when looking in a general sense (but be more realistic on the details).
    help viewing your relationship and your partner’s

  10. 10
    carry Says:

    Him a little man without dignity’and absolutely ridiculous, she a housewife and low-level opportunist, a pious couple, the waitress Sarah Larson and’ certainly more ‘worthy of this girl. Elisabetta the best of all, too much for him.

  11. 11
    looker Says:

    @carry: Apples and oranges. There’s no significant difference between the several contracted publicity escorts. Canalis was certainly no better than the others, she was just another fame hungry no-talent wannabe willing to do anything for attention and money.

  12. 12
    Ad Nauseum Says:

    Man, check out mammoth-sized Keibler’s humungous legs! I find it impossible to believe any red-blooded hetero-male would get a hard-on from such a plain-looking big freak.
    Her claim to fame: rubbing excrement off her **** on wrestling ring ropes!
    They’re mens’ legs. Keibler keeps growing bigger for some reason.
    Or Clooney is shriveling.

    I wonder if Clooney is impotent….. I mean selling himself as a poster-boy for hookers that get uglier might have caused it.
    Though Canalis is by far the fugliest. Her face is truly nauseatingly hideous. So masculine.

  13. 13
    Yellow Journalism Says:

    HIs publicist is desperate to pull out an arsenal of PR stunts to keep him in the public’s conscience. In the hope of winning over AMPAS & HFPA votes…
    All angles covered.
    If there’s a big contingency of gay members , his PR try to appeal to their preferential votes, by mentioning Clooney’s pro-gay activist support…
    Cashing in on gossip sleaze teaming him up with another typically cheap unattractive woman, despite his own handsome appearance. Totally juxtaposed as a couple. Same theme with the horrendous greasy previous horse.
    Humanitarian work mentioned regularly. Emphasized in trip to Australia most recently….
    Incessant bombardment by his PR firm.
    They post everywhere they can. Flooding blogs, forums,, imdB, the press…

    Why the desperation???

  14. 14
    La Vie En Rose Says:

    Rose-tinted glasses – yeah, he needs all the help he can get to fade out the farce he lives in….
    Deceives the world with his duplicity. Apparently because he relishes his privacy..
    But he’ll be studied by generations to come. Just like Orson Welles.
    One masterpiece. His first…
    Who knows how George’s private life will bemuse & disgust those who study him & his work.
    Especially when they view his vile taste in women these last 5 years.
    Granted, his ex-wife was no beauty & had a mean-looking face. But maybe she was respectable.

  15. 15
    Seventh Veil Says:

    She’s huge! Look at those thunder thighs.
    I thought George likes pretty waifs.

  16. 16
    looker Says:

    @Oscar-Obsessed: Yes but they do everything backwards from how it should be done. Tell him to take a hooker to a premiere of family movie with children present. Undermining him while assuring him they know best.

  17. 17
    looker Says:

    @Seventh Veil: Actually I’m pretty sure these pics have been ‘shopped. Her legs look much thicker in previous photo ops.

  18. 18
    left of center Says:

    I like Ides of March more. Maybe he put his heart & soul in making that.
    Plus nice to see him play a villain on top of directing & adapting screenplay. Might win there.
    Too bad his appearance at the Awards will be marred by him bringing a member of the circus along again…
    Hopefully he’ll wise up by then.

  19. 19
    Seventh Veil Says:

    @looker: I wasn’t referring Canalis as a pretty waif. She’s skinny but deformed body. No waist & saggy Oriental tranny asss. As for her crooked legs & beady eyes… No way! Her face is really vulgar. Her mouth is shaped like loose labia-majora.
    Excuse my vulgarity but we’re talking major scum of the earth here.
    I know he was sleeping with her and this is what really repulses me about George. What the f…. is wrong with him??? Loves ugly women these last few years…
    Skinny & beautiful waifs like:
    Megan Fox, Angelina, Amanda Seyfried…. Kate Moss…
    Irina Shayk…Taylor Momsen…

  20. 20
    Save the pet!! Says:

    Bunny-boiler Keibler is smothering Einstein.

    Trying to win the pet’s approval when the poor dog can’t stand her.
    Since she locked him in a Full Nelson just to momentarily paralyze him for photo ops.

  21. 21
    looker Says:

    @Seventh Veil: I meant that he hasn’t actually been dating pretty waifs, so I don’t see any evidence that he likes them. As for Canalis, that was strictly business, no sex, same with Keibler. Strange that his publicity people set him up with a midget last time and with a giant this time. It really is a sideshow.

  22. 22
    looker Says:

    @Save the pet!!: You must mean the impostor dog she got for famewhoring purposes.

  23. 23
    looker Says:

    It’s the same script as Canalis. False press release claiming George’s security surrounds her, check. Pretending to share a dog with George, check. Pretending to spend the holidays with George in Mexico, check.

  24. 24
    looker Says:

    @Seventh Veil: Yes, I agree with you. Those are beautiful women, but all too young for a man of fifty and not hiring themselves out as desperate publicity escorts. But probably closer to his intellectual equal than the escorts, so there would at least be the possibility of something there. I recall people commented that Canalis didn’t speak English and George and her wouldn’t be able to communicate, but when you think about it, the same applies to Keibler. Despite English being her first language, she has a poor grasp of it, and she seems to have the personality of a turnip.

  25. 25
    looker Says:

    I just have issues with George’s publicity people. To me, it’s obvious they undermine him. I’ll give you an example. Victoria’s Secret fires their models if they get TOO THIN, because their target consumer is middle class women who aren’t emaciated. Let’s say George’s target consumer is middle and upper middle class men and women and think about that. The average age difference between married couples is less than three years, so having George fake date much younger women is a miss. The average person does not want their children being exposed to bad influences, so having George fake date trash is a miss. Basically what they are doing makes no sense. He should take some lessons from Cindy Crawford’s marketing people, who obviously know what they are doing. She sells home goods targeted towards middle class people. Would it be a good idea for her to show disdain for middle class lifestyle? Of course not.

  26. 26
    shawn Says:

    I’m starting to think that Clooney signed the contract with Keibler at the same time he signed the one with Canalis, and he was stuck with doing six months minimum with Keibler. I think he told her up front that all she was going to get was six months, and she didn’t care that’s all she was getting as she was happy to get any of the famewhoring opportunity.

  27. 27
    shawn Says:

    However, even if he did sign the contract far in advance, that’s no excuse for going through with it. I’m sure there was some sort of out clause, but Clooney didn’t have the balls to get out of it. He’s a coward who spends his life drinking and pretending to be happy. Heaven forbid he should actually make a decision for himself, because that would mean he’s the one responsible if he messes up. He’d rather be miserable than take any risks. It’s sad, but you can go to any hole in the wall bar and find a dozen boozing, cowardly men just like him.

  28. 28
    looker Says:

    I just came across the comments here:
    They’re basically saying what everyone is saying, just that the publicity team doesn’t seem to be posting there. I guess they’ll start posting there now.

  29. 29
    Old Yeller! Says:

    @shawn: Exactly!!! Your #30 comment! You couldn’t have summed it up better!
    HE’D RATHER LICK HIS OWN WOUNDS than become proactive at making himself happy.
    Sheer stupidity!
    But it costs big time.
    Not sure if he pre-solicited his services to Keibler well in advance, however, he didn’t have the gumption to break it off. You could sense her desperation while he deliberated. Hooker wanted to get paid!! And MR NICE GUY obliged.
    “Doin’ a favor!” was his pathetic, cowardly excuse.
    And yes, of course he sleeps with them. To method act the phony publicity arrangement. Maybe a few times initially to bond with them….& then tells them they’re buddies. Whatever!

  30. 30

    I have seen happier faces on carcasses picked over by vultures. They look miserable. They are not happy and Stacy looks a bit fuller in the face. Both of them love the drink. Not much positive vibe flowing between them. Someone should shoot them and put them out of their misery.

  31. 31
    Zero Chemistry Says:

    Mismatched couple if every I saw one!

    They look so wrong next to each other.
    Ugly female, handsome man.
    What the hell is wrong with him?

  32. 32
    Old Yeller! Says:

    @shawn: yeah, well the other Old Yeller is playing control freak again! Deleting comments.
    “No I’m not OK without you too. How come?
    But I’ll bite & claw back…. viciously. Till I decide to disappear.”
    Actually, maybe he even sleeps with them casually. After a few drinks. Blames it on the liquor, poor helpless fool.
    Patronizing buffoon tells the who*res a spiel along the lines of “we’re a great team.. We can have some fun while we’re making money. No emotional strings attached…”
    And he accedes to the 7 b*itch gnomes to keep promoting the ladykiller myth..

  33. 33
    Ranting Again Says:

    There’s only one Old Yeller! & he’s a coward.
    Afraid of his own emotions.
    Runs away coz he wants to show no vulnerability.

  34. 34
    Ranting Again Says:

    Canalis isn’t a midget. Just faulty looking. Like Sandra Bernhard standards. An unattractive woman desperately trying to put together a stylish package under the guise of two prerequisites: thinness & tight clothing…. Sheer desperation to camouflage and ugly face..
    Keibler is just one HUGE TEUTONIC PLAIN-JANE…..

    They look SO wrong next to a Hollywood “heart throb.” The last remaining Movie Star. With classic movie matinee handsome appeal.
    Gutter trash juxtaposed with priceless precious artwork imagery.

    Besides, he’s too puny next to the tall ones. Like Larson, Snowdon & the biggest mutha of them all: Kiebler.
    Who is so deranged to damage Clooney like this??

    In photos with his ma, she is by far the most elegant, petite & beautiful woman with whom I’ve seen him pose.
    And Renee Z is only 5ft3, yet despite her quirky appearance, she makes him look like a big, strong man in photos together. Like a real charming masculine man.

    I think his PR team are sabotaging him FOR SURE!!!
    Someone is bribing them to destroy Brand Clooney.

  35. 35
    Ranting Again Says:

    [quote: "I’m starting to think that Clooney signed the contract with Keibler at the same time he signed the one with Canalis, and he was stuck with doing six months minimum with Keibler..."]

    Possible. If so, what a shallow, duplicitous, corrupt man!
    Deceiving the world. Deceiving himself… I’m assuming he has no real interest or s/he accepts it.
    I’d lose my mind if I had to lead such a lie… and have no real romantic life of his own.
    But you might be right. Someone was posting incessantly photos of big blonde Karolina Kourkova on Just Jared months ago, hinting that she’s like George’s girlfriend. Then by end of July the leaks started.
    Mind you, the similarities with Kourkova end there. Except for being tall, blonde with huge hooked schnozes, that’s it.
    Kourkova is lithe & except for her nose, quite beautiful.
    Klobber is big mammoth. Vulgar & plain to boot!
    Clooney agreed to this mess.
    He plays games.
    Good luck to him..
    I hope he finds happiness.

  36. 36
    Ranting Again Says:

    I meant: I’m assuming he has no real love interest in anyone. This is it.

  37. 37
    Monica Says:

    JJ, why did you choose this photo? Clooney looks like an ape!!!! LOL

  38. 38
    Ranting Again Says:

    @Shawn. – no a conscious decision was made to do the Keibler : Clooney publicity arrangement fake relationship in late May, 2011.
    Advised to him by his management. Supposedly for the benefit/ profitability of Brand Clooney..
    And he of course, accepted.

  39. 39
    looker Says:

    @Old Yeller!: Agree with everything except that he sleeps with them. It’s strictly business, no sex.

  40. 40
    signage Says:

    Money can’t fix everything.

  41. 41
    Annabella Says:

    I won’t post here ever again…
    Or anything related to him. Too negative. Too draining. Reading about him gets me too fired up.
    It’s a matter of dignity.
    He made a choice….
    This is how he prefers to live his life.
    It’s Xmas & this year is almost over.
    He’ll find new people to play, to humiliate, & entertain his PR staff online…
    All along he’s probably even sourcing the next publicity arrangement at present.
    He failed to see the big picture.

  42. 42
    signage Says:

    As Alice said to Scrooge, I say to George: May you be happy in the life you’ve chosen.
    But it makes no sense, as Scrooge’s love of money at the cost of everything else never did make him happy, just as it does not make George happy, yet he tells himself it’s enough. Too afraid to take a risk. Cowardly. Always walking a tightrope in life, never really living, and selling lies in photo ops and press releases. A big fake. At least Scrooge was honest about what he was. George is a big hypocrite.

  43. 43
    Annabella Says:

    @signage: it’s more than that. More than the love of money & fame.
    Maybe he just has never loved anyone so much (even like a soulmate or a twin soul, if they exist). If you love someone you can’t bear to be without them. He doesn’t look happy nor in love. If he was, it would radiate even in his business photo ops. No matter how good an actor, the eyes are the windows to the soul. We can’t feign/ act releasing endorphins like we do when in love.
    No, Clooney just hasn’t met someone to love yet; never truly loved from the depths of the heart.
    Maybe he will one day. Then people will see a different picture.


  44. 44
    signage Says:

    @Annabella: He won’t ever meet someone he loves because he won’t take any risks. He’s surrounded by a fortress of deception. I pray for him to have divine guidance and courage, because what good is divine guidance if you don’t have the courage to follow it, but the rest is up to him. Good night and good luck.

  45. 45
    hmmm Says:

    I think I’ve discovered why the Keibler censorship squad has control of these threads and keeps getting posts deleted. She’s been sucking up to Jared of JustJared on Twitter. She’s probably been sending him private messages too. Such a shame, as JJ used to be my favorite blog.

  46. 46
    signage Says:

    Well, George, I hope you’re happy. Look at how much pain and destruction you’ve managed to cause in less than six months by going along with the Keibler publicity arrangement. You’ve helped someone who has a goon squad that threatens and censors people. You did the same thing with Canalis and apparently learned nothing from that episode. If the goon squad continues censoring and threatening me here and elsewhere, I will set up a new website and tell the complete truth about everything this criminal and her criminal associates have done and are doing. Enjoy.

  47. 47
    Keibler crime victim Says:

    Stacy Keibler is associated with whoever put a black widow spider in my house the same weekend she wore a black spider dress and a spider’s nest hairdo at the Toronto Film Festival. George is a creep for helping this evil *****.

  48. 48
    Keibler crime victim Says:

    The nasty hooker thought I’d be so scared I’d shut up and not say a word about it. How’s that working out for you, pumpkin head?

  49. 49
    dis Grace Says:

    @Yellow Journalism- Why the desparation?
    If you were lazy, UNcreative, using the same ol, same ol ancient PR “tricks” that you taught back in the 80′s & 90′s, UNENLIGHTENED, and BORINGLY OUTDATED …’d be “desparate” too.

  50. 50
    CHCAMILA Says:

    @Keibler crime victim:
    Say a little disappointed That cartoon The Little Dinosaur and the Valley of Wonders
    nothing special effects zero has the graphics from three fish not even a frog…
    shells of broken eggs for the coctails

    Dino is not so really super form

  51. 51

    This is a slap on the noggin! I think this poster knows deep down why Stacy is with George. Has nothing to do with love. It is M-O-N-E-Y and F-A-M-E. Not any different from past women. Funny how when desperation sets in, the depths someone is willing to go. Stacy talks about one should never embody the emotion or word hate. That is just a reflection of her. Needs to ask herself where in her body, mind, and spirit does hate reside? Putting a smile on one’s face only mask what lurks underneath. It is now reflecting in above pics. Self loathing????

    Brian Wilkins
    Why would a 32 year old woman as beautiful as you are be with the worst actor ever, 18 years older than you and has not integrity or morales what so ever??!! He is with you for one reason, and he cannot get that anywhere else.

    Wednesday at 8:37pm · Like · Comment

  52. 52
    Annabella Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: she’s far from being beautiful. Just healthy, robust & overgrown. That can be considered attractive.
    She appeals to less than 200000 simpletons who have been preconditioned to think she’s “beautiful.” Not the masses, nor millions of people.
    Far from a beauty. She would have made it as a model otherwise.
    A plain woman with no talent. And desperate for fame & fortune.
    Most basketball players in NBA have big legs too.
    And Clooney sure doesn’t look in love with her either. Just going through the motions. Stacy the Brontosaurus & Elisabetta the Gelding.
    He has vulgar taste in women. Lost respect for him completely!

    But Clooney obviously found the embodiment of his perfect love interest and I hope he’s happy sharing his life with her.

    @ Brian Wilkins – Clooney can get what Stacy gives him anywhere. Plain bimbos like her are a dime a dozen & interchangeable. Her career highlight was to rub her anal ******* on ropes for anyone paying to notice her. You’re clearly one of the simpletons to find her beautiful & to think Clooney cannot get sex anywhere.

    And yes, I’ll stop posting. It’s my resolution & I’m stubborn.
    As a principle.

  53. 53
    Raptor Attack Says:

    @CHCAMILA: if you have a lousy PR team with zero creativity that even their posts are far from imaginative or preposterously deranged enough to turn off most people & render you more ridiculous than you are, then get over your insecurities and change it! Instead of clowing around all the time. No wonder they don’t respect you.
    I can’t stand you!
    I’m never watching one of your boring films again. Haven’t even seen most of them.
    And if you wanted a big plain bottle-blonde, couldn’t you find a sexy one who doesn’t have legs like Waldo?

  54. 54
    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap Says:

    Clooney’s Choice:

    “umm…. I don’t know too much about anything”.. dumbass & plain-Jane.
    Compliments of Clooney’s management.
    Yeah, lots of respect for him!

  55. 55
    Shameful Says:

    @CHCAMILA: have a nice life! And think about karma next time before you find new victims to humiliate.

  56. 56
    Michelo II Says:

    @Raptor Attack: ll, Pay Evil unto Evil

  57. 57
    Annabella Says:

    @Michelo II: I’m not evil. The opposite.
    Losing my temper when I’ve been humiliated and ranting in cyberspace is all I did. It’s called venting.
    No one reads here to get offended other than you & you posse of gnomes.
    You’re the epitome of evil for playing someone who dared to care. Who sensed inner conflict.
    Grow a conscience.
    Season’s Greetings. May you find enlightenment.

  58. 58
    Pari Says:

    Who ever chose the name “Anna” must be a wizard of some kind :D Really… I see that it is the middle name of Stacy, Cindy and Sandra… one way or the other… hahahhahaaaa… And now we have an Annabella also :) WOW!!! Merry Christmas all ye Anna.. and to all of you folks who post here as well :)
    BESTEST Blessings too… :)

  59. 59

    Pari you know it is pseudonym and has absolutely nothing to do with Stacy. Good try though. “Anna” has more class in her snot than all the last four fame hoes of George put together from what I have been told. Ha ha and hee hee back at you.

  60. 60
    Marj Says:


  61. 61
    want to know Says:

    Can someone give a quick resume on anna ‘the one’
    my head is spinning so fast from all the theories I don’t
    know what is what

  62. 62
    no one Says:

    @Pari: According to Keibler’s IMDB, her middle name is Ann-Marie. It’s not Anna. Nice try, though.

  63. 63
    no one Says:

    Also, Sandra’s middle name is Annette, and Cindy’s middle name is Ann. Pari once again shows what a dishonest fake he is.

  64. 64
    signage Says:

    George needs to come clean with the public and apologize to them for deceiving and manipulating them with an endless parade of trash. His actions have harmed our culture and had especially detrimental effects on women everywhere. We’ve been subjected to enough garbage to last a lifetime. As for Anna, if this person actually exists, I see no reason why she should ever trust George, as he’s demonstrated time and time again that he’s dishonest and not trustworthy. I can’t imagine anything he could possibly do at this point to prove to her that she can trust him. It would take another miracle, and I’m not sure George is going to be given another miracle, but that is up to God.
    Merry Christmas to everyone. May the new year be one that is blessed with honesty and integrity and with art and culture that uplifts us instead of dragging us down.

  65. 65
    Pari Says:

    Oh THANKS A TON “signage”!!! You got me addicted to Jackie Evancho in a minute!!! :D BIG Hugs to you for posting that amazing clip!!!

    Well “no one”… I said in my note “one way or the other”… meaning derivations leading to the same… anyways… Peace all :) Oh also… there is NO “THE END” to God’s miracles if you are hoping for the SAME ones that HE destined for you… so also for George or for Anna… or for anyone / posting / lurking here :) HE is more marvellously mightier than we can ever imagine :D

    Thought this is a wonderful dedication from Jackie and Barbara “Somewhere”… … falls well in place for anyone in hope / love… :)

    YUP!!! Wishing that Baby Jesus, this CHRISTMAS, will birth for everyone a beautiful+bright NEW YEAR ahead… :) Ta…

  66. 66
    blue sky Says:


    Wow, Signage! I didn’t think I would find that kind of writing here, you are a breath of fresh air. Merry Christmas to you too.

    As for Anna, if she is bright, she will give George a chace to explain himself and not jump to conclusions.

  67. 67
    not existing, maybe dead Says:

    Love is trust.
    No more proof required.
    Merry Christmas!

  68. 68
    blue sky Says:


    There’s no end to God’s mercy and miracles, but we always pay for our transgression.

    Nice video and Merry Christmas to you too.

  69. 69
    signage Says:

    @blue sky: Thank you. Here is another Christmas song from Jackie, a duet with the beautiful Katherine Jenkins.

  70. 70
    signage Says:

    @blue sky: Thank you. Here is another Christmas song from Jackie, a duet with the beautiful Katherine Jenkins.

  71. 71
    blue sky Says:



    Sorry about that negative vote, it was an accident.

  72. 72
    Pari Says:

    @blue sky: We continue to pay for our transgression UNTIL the point that we can TRUST in God’s mercy and THE miracle of HIS forgiveness… from ALL sides and for everyone :)

    The truth though is… that, ONLY HE can tell, IF we ARE INDEED honestly, deeply sorry for our transgression… :) HE WAITS for us to reach that core repentance point, so that HE can begin HIS part of the work on+in us, from there… :) THAT will also become THE END of any worrying over “paying for transgression” from us, an END to the blocks between God and us… :) It will then be a BEGINNING of a refreshing new hope, new energy, new everything… IN HIS WAY… the way of HIS PLAN… :) HE will be IN CONTROL and will help us in preventing a repeat of the old… :)

    Thank you for your notes “blue sky”… my apologies if I got sermonizing :) Thanks also to the others who have replied to me :) Ta…

  73. 73
    signage Says:

    @blue sky: Glad you liked the song. That’s okay on the vote. I’ve accidentally clicked on the wrong one before myself.

  74. 74
    blue sky Says:


    Sermonizing?, no worries. It’s good to have your opinion hear,
    it’s good for the soul, it helps define who you are and I agree with you :)

  75. 75
    no one Says:

    Paristan is a big fake. Notice he chose to post a song that’s not a Christmas song and one with a Jewish singer. Merry Christmas anyways, Scrooge, I mean Stan.

  76. 76
    Fleur Says:

    He loves her and she loves him. They both know. And she trusts in his love as he has proven it for many many times.

  77. 77
    Cupkin Says:

    @Yellow Journalism:

    He is certainly becoming pathetic in the past year or so, with these chronically idiotic stunts and these women he’s been carvorting with. He’s nothing if not attracted to the cheap, but he’s looking increasingly pathetic, third verse, same as the first. He looks geriatric in that pose in the golf cart.

  78. 78
    Freudian Slip Says:

    @Marj: #60.
    –>who’s looser?
    1. the cheap women selected for to play publicity girlfriends for George?
    2. Elisabetta’s orif*ices?
    3. did you mean “loser.” In which case you are, as you have no grasp of pre-elementary school vocabulary.
    Oh, and if it’s a reference to someone, well, honey, you don’t have a fraction of my aptitude…

  79. 79
    Ghost of Ronnie Says:

    @Pari: from one great tiny bald man, to a shifty one of equal stature….
    Words of wisdom:
    “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.”
    -Mahatma Gandhi
    Happy Hanukkah

  80. 80
    Little Lost Shepherdess Says:

    @Marj: besides….
    I’m not driven by insatiable hunger for fame & fortune.
    Progressing my projects. Not aiming for posthumous glory, but masterpieces need time to be perfected…
    Many received recognition long after they left this world.
    Think about it…

  81. 81
    mary Says:

    looker @ 12/21/2011 at 9:36 pm

    you have this idea that George is being led around like a dog by his publicity people. the fact is that he, for good or bad, chooses the women he wants to be with. it should be obvious that George likes to have a much younger woman around him. George is like the playboy of the western word; he doesn’t want to get married, doesn’t want children, and doesn’t want women his own age. when he’s in his 70′s he’ll have women in their 30′s around him. that’s just how it is.

  82. 82
    Au Contraire Says:

    @mary: no, keep spinning… You’re part of his corrupt PR team that the affable buffoon accepted.
    If he wanted much younger women around, they’d bore him out of his mind after 15 mins….. & in any case the last few borderline much younger women have been detrimental to his health. The ravages of time have accelerated rapidly due to the lack of feeling happy. Plus he’s drinking more.
    He needs beautiful people. And beauty is timeless in some :-D
    Like Angie. Rare beauty.
    Not the fugly gutter trash you select.
    You don’t care about his wellbeing. Just how to make more profit.
    Riff Raff!!!!!
    While you pimp the dispensable hookers, he just accepts whatever you select. If he sleeps with them, as one missing link told me he does, then he’s probably blind drunk. Oh, well….
    Let’s face it, these last two are really plain. And they look old & used up. Both like they’re in their mid-40s.

  83. 83
    signage Says:

    Keibler is going to share her plans with George for New Year’s Eve and her tricks for staying slim on Rachel Ray this Friday Perhaps they have plans to get dual high colonics. Somehow I don’t think cleanses are a polite topic for a cooking show. Of course when Rachel actually asks Keibler what her plans with George are, she will give her usual “I don’t want to talk about my personal life” response, to which Rachel should say “I’m not asking you about your personal life. I’m asking you whether your publicity agreement with George involves any New Year’s Eve activities together, such as posing for another staged photo op involving a visibly miserable George and you in another hooker dress.” The two liars (Keibler and George, not Rachel Ray) ought to be ashamed of themselves. This is your fault, George. You created this monster. Yes you can buy yourself a hooker for New Year’s Eve if you want, but you can’t buy back the trust of the people you’ve betrayed. Why don’t you put your friends and fans ahead of your big ego for a change, stop the lies, and admit the truth.

  84. 84
    blue sky Says:


    What is the truth, and wouldn’t that be part of his private life that he doesn’t want to talk about? Just saying :)

  85. 85
    signage Says:

    @blue sky: No he doesn’t need to talk about his private life at all to stop the lies. He just needs to put a stop to the lies. He and Keibler are involved in a charade of deception and manipulation. It’s not that hard to stop telling and enabling lies, at least for most people.

  86. 86
    signage Says:

    The truth could be anything, and let me tell you I’ve run the gamut of possibilities through my mind, everything from the possibility that his equipment doesn’t work since Syriana to maybe there is something to the gay thing to maybe he’s celibate for spiritual reasons. I don’t care what it is anymore. I do care that his lies and charades involving trashy famehos are harming our culture and women everywhere, something about which George obviously doesn’t care. I also care that Keibler is associated with people who have tried to physically harm people. If George were helping a nice person, it would be completely different, but he is helping someone who is not a good person, and that was also the case with Canalis.

  87. 87
    signage Says:

    @blue sky: Let me clarify further. By admit the truth, I simply meant admit that he and Keibler are a fake couple.

  88. 88
    signage Says:

    I know it’s useless, as he clearly has no real conscience and just pretends to be a good person. It’s just that when I come across more lies from Keibler it’s extremely annoying. It’s impossible to get away from. There are certain channels on TV that I can’t turn on at certain times because of the possibility of yet more mention of the b.s. I can’t get a haircut without the magazines containing mention of the b.s. We have to deal with enough garbage already without having more unnecessarily added to it.

  89. 89
    blue sky Says:

    Wow! that was a mouth full, but are you sure about the malicious intents on part of these girls.

    In my opinion, if George is not been intimate with these girls (specially with these last one) why should he care who they are.

    I understand what you are saying about ruining the reputation of women
    when seen with them, but he didn’t make them like that, they selected that life style before been with George.

  90. 90
    blue sky Says:

    sorry about the misspelled words, it’s late and I’m tired.

  91. 91
    signage Says:

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but George and Keibler are effectively raping our consciousness with this unwanted trash parade. But I guess that’s the current state of our civilization in decline, an endless parade of trash forced upon us. It’s beyond impolite.

  92. 92
    signage Says:

    And yes I’m certain she is associated with someone who tried to physically harm me. Too many coincidences for them to be coincidences.

  93. 93
    blue sky Says:


    Yes, you are right and when the media brings attention to these type of life styles it sends a wrong message to our younger generation.

    But we should let the media educate our youngsters, education begins at home.

  94. 94
    signage Says:

    I’ve said before that I would take a polygraph, and I will. But the truth doesn’t seem to matter.

  95. 95
    blue sky Says:

    “But we should not let the media educate our youngsters, education begins at home.”

  96. 96
    signage Says:

    @blue sky: What lifestyle? I’m talking about lies and enabling someone like Keibler.

  97. 97
    blue sky Says:

    well, you just said it, “someone like SK”. what’s wrong with her, she is not ugly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the thing about she trying to hurt people is just an assumption if you don’t have proof.

  98. 98
    signage Says:

    @blue sky: What’s wrong with her? Are you serious? She’s trash. She used to dress up in school girls’ outfits and flash her butt to teenage boys while “wrestling,” or hadn’t you heard? She’s dishonest and manipulative. And I don’t have to prove what happened to me to tell the truth about it. She would have to prove I’m lying to stop me, and she can’t, not even with a polygraph.

  99. 99
    blue sky Says:

    Look, don’t get me wrong, I understand what you are saying about the fake relationship , pretenting to be in love and its obvious no one likes SK’s life style. But don’t grow an ulcer over it, is not worth it. It all be over before you know it. (just saying)

  100. 100
    signage Says:

    It’s evident you’re here to play games. It won’t matter if it’s over if he doesn’t tell the truth, just as it didn’t matter when the fake relationship with Canalis was over because he didn’t admit the truth. Keibler will continue to lie and to benefit from his deceptions and enablement, and women everywhere will continue to be harmed because of his deceptions and enablement of Keibler.

  101. 101
    signage Says:

    And I was right about Opus Dei.

  102. 102
    blue sky Says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t play games. I don’t do things like that, that’s for deceivers. I’m just giving you my opinion.

  103. 103
    blue sky Says:

    Opus Dei?

  104. 104

    Well from what I have been told is Stan is wanting to make Stacy a client. Ty Pennington’s Extreme Home Makeover got the boot. If she is appearing on Friday with Kelly Ripa that is no suprise. Kelly Ripa is Stan’s client. Also heard that these goons had a woman call “Anna” under the guise of a free psychic reading. Trying to convince Anna that George is deeply in love with her. Heard she laughed so hard that she practically peed her pants. Also heard that she was sent a email requesting her to donate to the American Jewish Committee recently. Guess Signage or whomever said her emails and phones are tapped was right. Also heard that over the weekend/recently she was being encouraged to go spend her money and time to see “The Descendants”. Yeah I bet that went over well. Lol! Last I heard she is looking for like a Palestinian/ Palestinian Muslim organization equivalent to the American Jewish Committee to donate money in Stan’s name and honor. Does anyone have any ideas? I could pass them along, I know she would get it. Lol! What idiots! Just when you think George has sunk to his lowest, he invents something lower. Lol! Man needs to really grow a pair in both places in my opinion.

  105. 105
    blue sky Says:

    OMW! I almost wet myself reading this (hilarious)

    and whose phone is not tapped these days? :))

    I like signage, she is onto something, smart person

  106. 106
    blue sky Says:


    Somethings are better said than done, don’t you think

  107. 107

    @blue sky- It is hysterically funny isn’t it? I don’t know which was funnier to me, the psychic reading or the donating in Stan’s name and honor. Sounds like this woman is waaay above the pay grade of what these goons allow around George. Sounds like they got a taste of medicine. It smells to me that nothing was not told by George himself. Signage, looker or one of them talked about cowardice. Yep, and mind f*u*c*k*i*n*g* too. Actually more from the goons around George than George himself. Also heard she had a holiday message relayed to him to basically use his brain or control his own life versus being controlled. All of this was just probably revenge on their part. Idiots! Lol!

  108. 108
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: I don’t know whether she is appearing on Kelly, but she is scheduled to be on Rachel Ray, and the blurb for the show states that she will share her New Year’s Eve plans with George. She led the show to believe that she would do that, but the fact is, the statement is patently false, since she has no New Year’s Eve plans with George.

  109. 109
    blue sky Says:

    Someone told me they were using black magic to have her fall deeply for him.But I don’t think it is true or if it works

  110. 110
    signage Says:

    They really tried to convince Anna to go see The Descendants? LOL. She MIGHT see it and and she MIGHT watch Ides of March if and when the Keibler nonsense is definitely over.

  111. 111
    signage Says:

    @blue sky: Black magic only works on people who have compromised their souls. People who are surrounded by the light of Christ are impervious to black magic. Actually from what I’ve been told, bad things have happened to people who have attempted such things on her. Good things have happened to people who have helped her and protected her.

  112. 112
    blue sky Says:


    So true, everthing you said!! but how do you know so much, you have me scracthing my head!

  113. 113
    blue sky Says:


    So true, everthing you said!! but how do you know so much, you have me scracthing my head!

  114. 114
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: Regarding an organization to donate, The Rachel Corrie Foundation comes to mind Obviously not all Jewish people are bad and I’m sure Anna knows this. But Stan clearly has issues, including problems with Christianity, as he mocks it with his sockpuppet IDs.

  115. 115

    @Signage- I am pretty sure she wants to do the donation just to jab back. From what I am hearing she has a wry sense of humor. It explains why George looks so haggard. The black magic bouncing back on him and those goons. Tsk… Tsk when will these boil weevils ever learn? I got the shows mixed up unless Rachel Ray is Stan’s client too. You never know with these boil weevils. Shows what these idiots know about true love doesn’t it? One cannot control, or manipulate love like this. Doing this garbage sounds like just an extension to control, and continue with these farces. Oh well, George is only damaging himself with this nonsense. Like I said, she sounds like she a few hundred pay grades above this idiot troop. They are going to lose the farm if they keep up with these hijinks. 2012 is no joke. They are going to find out that they bit off far more than they can chew. Well at least a portion of Stacy’s fans are getting a realization of what a true dung beetle she really is. Lol! Priceless! I agree about Anna not watching his films. I heard she paid for Russell Crowe’s films but not George. Is that a statement or what?

  116. 116
    blue sky Says:

    ” Like I said, she sounds like she a few hundred pay grades above this”
    “a few hundred” I think you are under estimating her. I hear she is very clever and allows certain things to slide through so people wont feel dominated by her.

  117. 117

    @bluesky- Oh no I am far from underestimating her. What I am hearing she is highly intelligent which lends to the cleverness mixed in with street smarts, and savvy. People like that are secure and do not have the need to control, dominate, or manipulate. It is those idiot boil weevils that we all have to look out for. Interesting George and Co. According to rumors used black magic. Sign of fear and weakness that always ends badly. Sheer smarts to jock Stan with that donation idea. Serves him right. Sounds like to me George is far, far, far from any honorable intentions. Makes him look unttractive and sordid. Just my opinion.

  118. 118
    blue sky Says:

    and after all that, at the end of the day she is still in love with him
    (I’m assuming, of course) Maybe they do really have feelings for each other. No one knows the affairs of someone elses heart.

  119. 119

    @blue sky- Yeah I would think it was an assumption. Let’s face it, George had/still swarmy in his actions. These women are pathetic, and he has the gall to have his team make sure he is noted as the most charitable of Hollywood. Lol! I guess so, considering how many low class women he has spent his money, time and effort to whitewash their image. He is just as if not a bigger famew*h*o*r*e*. No matter how you dress it up, it is still trailer trash pure and simple. Anywhere else, this would be exactly what you call this. If nothing else he has been a distasteful, toe hag, motherf*u*c*k*e*r*. Anna should kick his trashy a*s*s* on principle but what I hear about her, why should she get her foot soiled. Roll in the dirt with dogs, you will get fleas. Obviously in his diluted alcohol haze if it is true about his drinking, he is classy with Stacy. To each its own. Just my opinion.

  120. 120
    signage Says:

    Charity donations can be simply for public relations. Some corporations will only make charitable donations if they get their name publicized in some way, such as in a program or on a website etc. Hard to say for sure in George’s case. There are people who do charitable stuff and remain anonymous.

  121. 121
    signage Says:

    I should add that it is possible that he does stuff anonymously as well, that we don’t know about. The Sudan stuff receives more publicity by having his name associated with it, but there may be a point at which that starts to do more harm than good unless he stops the trash mongering and cultural harm towards women everywhere. In fact I think that point has already been crossed, so hopefully he will stop the trash mongering and cultural harm towards women everywhere or recuse himself from roles with the UN or in Sudan.

  122. 122

    Agreed. It just seems it is pushed and publicize to balance his whacked taste in women. Devito donates a lot of money and does wonderful things but keeps it quiet. Maybe it is a unconscious need for attention. Hard to say anymore.

  123. 123

    Another thing where do those goons get off suggesting Anna go pay for a movie ticket to see his movies? WTF? Is these fameho’s and golddiggers buying tickets to see his movies? What is wrong with these idiots? Blue sky, yes I would say if one would assume anything that there is something very messed up in certain people’s heads. If I was Anna I would tell him to f- off asking for her to pay for his damm movies. I would think she paid enough from what I have heard about the problems his goon squad has done along with his cooperation. There is no excuse period. Charitable cad perhaps except for the gold digging bimbo? Something to think about.

  124. 124
    signage Says:

    BTW, if you’re looking for a good movie to see, “War Horse” is great. I saw it the other day. I couldn’t decide between that one and the new Matt Damon movie. I’ll see the Matt Damon movie next.

  125. 125
    blue sky Says:

    I heard she doesn’t mind helping and giving as long it doesn’t affect her well being. It’s all worldly material things, no harm done. She doesn’t mind casting out blessings. She doesn’t think she is better than anyone
    else.When it comes to flaws we all have them, in different forms no need to pass out judgment is not for her to do so, but her creater. (so I heard)

  126. 126
    signage Says:

    @blue sky: If ur fishing for infos, as it seems thats what u’ve been doin, i can’t help u. I get my infos secondhand myself and don’t know much.

  127. 127
    blue sky Says:

    so I guess you wont tell me who told you :))

    It’s alright :) it would of been nice to know who the spies are :))

    other then the ones she knows of :)

  128. 128
    blue sky Says:

    you know, your info sometimes is a little off :)
    you are not all there

  129. 129
    looker Says:

    @blue sky: Interesting name you picked. Keibler shills crap on a place called Open Sky, for some kind of commission.

  130. 130
    blue sky Says:

    sometimes you hit the nail right on the head and other times I cant make heads or tails of what anyone is saying, it just makes me laugh :) but its alright, I guess is better that way

  131. 131
    Anna's passion play Says:

    Ann: You mock my pain.
    Farm Boy: Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.

  132. 132
    blue sky Says:

    let me get this straight, I am not her or anyone you know!!!


  133. 133
    signage Says:

    @blue sky: Anna doesn’t have spies. She doesn’t need them. You think if you can figure out how she knows things that you can figure out a way to control, deceive, and manipulate even more. You don’t have a clue. The forces at work are beyond what a human being can comprehend, let alone control. Anna doesn’t control it. She’s just a part of it.

  134. 134
    blue sky Says:


    I was refering you thinking I’m Sk
    and I never said anna had spies!! I said she knows who spies on her but wanted to know how you know because I don’t think you are member of the Elite World.

  135. 135
    signage Says:

    @blue sky: There is no spoon.

  136. 136
    blue sky Says:


    I feel sorry you, some of your info is way off. your info is like you said “second hand” the powers at be are not from this dimension something that you cant comprehend. I only came here to see if what i heard was true, out of curiosity.

  137. 137
    blue sky Says:


    I feel sorry you, some of your info is way off. your info is like you said “second hand” the powers at be are not from this dimension something that you cant comprehend. I only came here to see if what i heard was true, out of curiosity.

  138. 138
    Anna's passion play Says:

    Short Bald Man: You’ve beaten my giant, which means you’re exceptionally strong, so you could’ve put the poison in your own wine, trusting on your strength to save you, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you. But, you’ve also bested my Italian, which means you must have studied, and in studying you must have learned that man is mortal, so you would have put the poison as far from yourself as possible, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me.
    Anna: You’re trying to trick me into giving away something. It won’t work.
    Short Bald Man: You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders – The most famous of which is “never get involved in a land war in Asia” – but only slightly less well-known is this: “Never go against a Sicilian publicist when death is on the line”! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha…
    Short Bald Man stops suddenly, his smile frozen on his face and falls to the ground dead.
    Farm Boy: And to think, all this time it was your wine that was poisoned.
    Anna: Did he actually think I was going to drink Merlot? LMAO!
    Farm Boy: “LMAO?”
    Anna: I’ll explain later. You’ve been away a long time.

  139. 139
    blue sky Says:

    @Anna’s passion play:

    Reading things like that is what kept me here. You all are a piece of work
    I can’t stop laughing, this is too funny!!!

  140. 140
    signage Says:

    @blue sky: Why are you so hung up on the infos and how much is accurate? It doesnt make any difference. Maybe you could share the correct infos since you claim to know it.

  141. 141
    blue sky Says:

    your info is not all correct or you are not telling in it correct.

    why don’t you ask me something that no one knows or is out in the public but you know about. Test me.

  142. 142
    signage Says:

    George is probably overloading on the vodka about now, so I will stop posting for the night.

  143. 143
    blue sky Says:


    OK, I was willing to enlighten you with special info that it wouldn’t harm anyone, simple things but you couldn’t think of anything. Instead, once again you wrote things that are not all accurate. I hate to leave on a sour note. so, if you can think of something safe to ask, I will be 100% truthful

  144. 144
    blue sky Says:

    You know what I like about you all, the sense of humor

    “George is probably overloading on the vodka about now, so I will stop posting for the night.” lol! you crack me up :D

  145. 145

    Blue sky blessings and money are two very different things. They have to be differentiated. What I said and hear clearly that they are full of it in my opinion wanting Anna to pay for a movie ticket to see his movies. That is screwed up messed up thinking. He parades trash on carpet and they are clearly paying so why would she? It clearly shows they including George are bigger a*s*s*e*s than previously thought. Now I understand why things are the way they are. He and company have baggage and issues. Also I heard she has so many others that support and love her and she does have a need or space in her life for doormat syndrome, low self esteem syndrome, and ego maniac association that these idiots and George pay membership fees so willingly. If it is non talent and trampy it fits the bill right Stacy? George? Stan? Lol!

  146. 146
    blue sky Says:

    Are you saying that I’m a doormat?

  147. 147
    blue sky Says:

    Oooops, was thinking of something else, Who is a doormat? Don’t get it.

  148. 148
    blue sky Says:

    Oooops, was thinking of something else, Who is a doormat? Don’t get it.

  149. 149
    Pari Says:

    Interesting indeed!!! How come all ye “George and Anna” philosophers, have so much FREEDOM to write all of them stories about a people who care so much about their “private lives”???

    Oh Wait!!! Are you advertising your Anna… kind of “selling it”??? I haven’t read so much about any other human being… not even about George himself… as much as I read about your Anna!!! A VERSION UPGRADE EVERY QUARTER??? WHY??? Is that because she DOES NOT EXIST??? Or are you being paid to paint up these stories by some one working against George??? Or, do you DISLIKE George so much, that you want to desecrate him AND his works???

    You talk about his movies… that you WON’T watch his movies… I remember those notes from IMDb… Are you sending messages to people… asking them NOT TO watch his movies then??? WHY???

    You talk about “blessings” and “Christ” and everything “holy”… but you have NO qualms what so ever, to pull down another lady (IF she really exists that is… your Anna???) HOW can you crush another person like that, with so many confusing chaotic stories??? WHAT are you trying to prove??? You think you are bringing about an “awakening in George’s conscience”??? Like this??? WHY??? Is all this really Christ like then???

    IF you have a problem, it might help a whole world, to go reconcile with it first… Take that head on… “Come to terms” where you must, “Accept” what you must… DON’T RUN AWAY from any of it… Because your notes show exactly that… YOUR RUNNING AWAY!!! I wouldn’t have to be telling you any of this… BUT, you are confusing George’s fans with your rants… especially about people you get your “second hand information about”… and it is very clear that you care even less about the after-math you leave behind… For Christ’s sake, do something about your fears first my dear… And yes, prayers go for you… Love, Pari

  150. 150
    Pari Says:

    And NO!!! You are NOT lunatic or looney or whatever it is that people call you… That might be an “excuse” (legal or medical or any other) you use, to get away with everything you say… Clearly, any scientific analysis will tell… that your notes are “planned”… that you have an “Agenda”… or someone with you / in your team does!!! Which is why, I insist… as I have done earlier on IMDb and elsewhere as well… that you work things out with yourself first… Too much time has been lost with these games… and I cringe to believe that George’s posters will have to go through this for however long you believe that they will have to endure… My question will always be – WHY???

  151. 151
    blue sky Says:

    Incomplete information becomes destructive rumors createing a chain reaction that affects everyone around it.

  152. 152

    Blue sky if you see yourself as a doormat so be it. Do you have hair extensions too? I wrote what I heard with my opinions. Blue Sky and Pari you guys are cracking me up! People draw their own conclusions, are smart, and have good bulls*h*i*t* meters. It is all over the internet people saying that they are over George’s pr, oscar and relationship games/charades. It is clear as transparent tape. That’s okay play those games and actually think people are blind as bats. Fear is cruising through your veins and it is detected miles away. God bless you too.

  153. 153
    blue sky Says:

    Hair extensions? No, I’m not there Yet, maybe in a year or so, lol! :D

  154. 154
    Pari Says:

    Is that you Prefer??? Prefertoremainanonymous from IMDb??? Wowwieeee la!!! I love to recognize my friends especially from a masquerade party!!! hahahhahahhaaa
    Love you lots… and sending you “Merry Christmas and New Year” hugs once again my dear… Also to Signage (Silverscreen???) Hmmmm…
    No FEAR!!! No DOUBT!!! I am pretty clear… about what I should be clear about :) YES You MUST and EVERYONE MUST voice their thoughts, opinions, feelings etc… TO CONSTRUCT, to build, to make something good… Anything else is destructive and wrong… for the soul, for the senses, for everything we do… :)
    YUP!!! God bless you and namaste too, my dears :)
    PS: IN the event that the two of you are NOT Prefer / Silverscreen, I offer my profound apologies… Because, besides all else, I am also aware, that there are enough “imposters” who “impersonate” other writers/posters… very well as well :) God bless everyone — lots!!! :)

  155. 155
    signage Says:

    @blue sky: Instead of worrying about incomplete information, how about you worry about blatant lies, such as those told in press releases by “sources.” There are no “sources,” just a deceptive, manipulative fameho and a deceptive, manipulative publicist.

  156. 156

    What makes you think I am prefer whatever? Obviously there are more people who can see through the bs. Games are games. Try chess, monopoly or checkers. Much more progressive don’t you think? Signage I agree with your last statement, however it is more than Blue sky. They should buy the book Ethics, truth, and common sense for dummies. Lol!

  157. 157
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: I agree with you. Just ignore Pari, he’s prone to conspiracy theories ;-)

  158. 158
    signage Says:

    @Pari: I usually ignore you as a rule, but I will address you this time. The last I heard of silverscreen, she took a job teaching English in South Korea. She only uses the internet at internet cafes there, which is probably for the best so she can avoid seeing much about George’s ongoing charades. Before she left, she said the US is going to be a war zone soon anyway, so it didn’t matter where she lives. Looks like she was right.

  159. 159
    Pari Says:

    Thanks Signage! For sharing that Silverscreen is now into that noble profession… Teaching! Real mighty happy for her!!! I offer my apologies once again, especially IF I have mixed up names / IDs… :)

    Prayer is sometimes, the ONLY hope… It can change direction, for the best… war to peace, wrong to right, meaningless to meaningful… all miracles… :)

    Thanks for putting up with me :) BEST as always… :)

  160. 160
    Bill Shakespear Says:

    “If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us… shall we not revenge?”

  161. 161
    Pari Says:

    “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”
    Mahatma Gandhi, Indian political and spiritual leader (1869 – 1948)

    Bapu got for us our Independance… for the first time, through a different path… the path of non-violence…

    A “wrong” does not have to be answered with “revenge”… but with the “right”… and without the feeling of “revenge” in it…

  162. 162
    PR Says:

    “Prime Minister: Your Majesty, I take it this is one suit of clothes that will not be in the museum.

    The Emperor: Wrong! This suit of clothes will have a place of honor in the museum, to show that even a PR Emperor can be wrong.

  163. 163
    ICU2 Stanwepari Says:

    “Abstract truth has no value unless it incarnates in human beings who represent it, by proving their readiness to die for it.”. – Mohandas Gandhi

  164. 164
    Prune Chutney Says:

    “An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody will see it.” Mahandas Gandhi

  165. 165

    Prune Chutney? Oh that is too funny! ICU2 Stanwepari? Lol! Never a dull moment in the Clooneyland! Lol! Lol! Lol!

  166. 166
    Au Contraire Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: no there isn’t a dull moment, is there Kirstie/ PreferToRemainAnonymous.
    And yes… arrogant little Elmer Fudd is too lazy & too uncreative to reinvent progressive PR changes.
    His business acumen is restricted to subterfuge, deception & ultimately destruction of brand…

  167. 167
    believeinlove Says:

    Well if he is hiding somebody it is hilarious to talk about her here.
    Probably they both have pretty much fun posting things nobody does believe.

  168. 168

    @Au Contraire- I am not your precious Kirstie/Prefer. Good try though. Just because you guys read IP addresses does not dictate who is doing the messages brainiacs now do it?

  169. 169
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: I don’t think the dimwits have heard of proxies. IP addresses mean nothing.

  170. 170
    Whipped Honey Says:


    for you, Toots:

  171. 171
    Annabella Says:

    I see, he’s celebrating New Year’s Eve with Keibler.
    We all chose to be with our loved ones on symbolic days.
    Time to paint the town too then. Quid pro quo.

  172. 172
    signage Says:

    @Annabella: George is not with Keibler. These pics are old and George wouldn’t get near her in any of them. Keibler has been hiding out pretending to be with George.

  173. 173
    Annabella Says:

    @signage: yes, of course…
    As far as I’m concerned, while he’s in this “agreement” with Keibler *fake or otherwise* it means that he opted for this scenario.
    Perhaps he chose to put his own private life on a shelf once again because he’s afraid of his own emotions & excuses it as work.
    But he cannot keep doing this and expect that the status quo remains the same…

  174. 174

    @Whipped Honey- So you are into chocolate salty balls? Is this you George making a homosexual joke dear? Tsk tsk Lol! Lol! Dimwit….

  175. 175
    signage Says:

    @Annabella: I completely agree with that.

  176. 176
    mika Says:


  177. 177
    Grande Finale Says:

    No, Keibler isn’t ugly. Looks very plain, strong & healthy.
    She’s not beautiful in the way that captivates our senses.
    But she’s what George Clooney prefers.
    I hope they’re happy.
    He obviously chose her to be his girlfriend. That means a lot.
    And if they’re spending the holidays together, attending his red carpet events, well, she’s who he wants to be his girlfriend.. Might even be the one for him. After all, she did Tweet she knew it was love a few weeks ago…
    All the best to them.

  178. 178
    Jose Says:

    @Grande Finale:
    are sure for This grande finale
    he know she is very well for
    nurse he is going to need is a strong young woman

  179. 179
    Grande Finale Says:

    @Jose: oh, my, what a practical man. He prefers a nurse/ bouncer as the chosen girlfriend.
    To take care of him in his fast approaching old age. To change his diapers, pacemaker, wheel him a long, and even keep the odd autograph hunting fans along..
    Yes, for sure he chose practicality.
    Pfff… who needs true love?! Soulmates & destinies —> that’s all fantasies for romantic fools.

  180. 180
    Hasta La Vista, baby Says:

  181. 181
    POTER Says:

    @Hasta La Vista, baby:
    ok baby SUR ….
    Now holidays come and then they got’s nothin’ new today…
    And for cocaine tongue…Hmmm Shut Up behind the curtains..I

    Cause I think we’ve seen that movie too…
    film industry, Mexico


  182. 182
    no one Says:

    George has repeatedly humiliated Anna. I don’t see how she can forgive him.

  183. 183
    Roll credits. Says:

    Not a romantic comedy.
    Just a tragedy.

  184. 184
    looker Says:

    @Grande Finale: I’m not so sure she’s healthy. She looks very fake to me. Also she is all about fakery what with wrestling and her bogus tweets and such, so she probably has has more than botox done.

  185. 185
    Unchanced Melody Says:

    God Speed George.

  186. 186
    signage Says:

    @blue sky: He wasn’t talking about you, Cray Cray.

  187. 187
    signage Says:

    Two years, and then you agreed to do six more months? Two years and six months? You shouldn’t have done it, George. It was wrong, and you know it. You’re a coward. Take your ugly ***** to all the awards shows and pretend to be happy. Don’t forget to fill your flask up.

  188. 188
    signage Says:

    Just stay the f*ck away from Anna. She hates cowards.

  189. 189
    Barb E. Clue Says:

    Zwischenzug Jorj.

  190. 190
    blue sky Says:

    @Barb E. Clue:
    :)) beautiful!!

  191. 191
    Fork in tha' road Says:

    Seminary Ave vs. Ave of the Outdated PR Tricks

  192. 192
    4G Says:

  193. 193
    Cogito ergo sum^^ Says:

    “He can f as many people as he wants – he isn’t hurting anyone and he is honest – ”
    Oh, yes, he is hurting somebody and he seems to be as honest as his hookers.

  194. 194
    checkmate!!! Says:

    With a word or a sign New Year Bells are ringin for ya George.

  195. 195
    Annabella Says:

    Spiteful, draining, hateful people who post here (George’s PR gnomes, Kirstie Alley, Stan, and other corrupt deranged individuals), keep your games up & entertain each other
    I hope George is happy however he chooses to lead his life.
    Maybe he’ll find true love & happiness one day. Maybe not.

    To sever his ties with manipulative forces like you would do him good.
    I’m sure he agreed to be with Kiebler & this scenario will linger on. As did the previous one. He looks unhappy.
    It’s what you’d like too.
    One of resolutions is to not post here again, & to ignore the subject matter. You’re a waste of time & energy.
    Keep entertaining yourselves with your profound negativity.
    You’re all so pathetic.
    That’s all I’ve noticed here this last year.
    Except for some beautiful poetry which obviously was never sincere.

  196. 196
    Talking Mirror Says:

    @Annabella Imagine that. Negative PR campaign- NEGATIVE responses throughout the year to the NEGATIVE DECEPTIVE PR CAMPAIGN.

  197. 197
    Talking Mirror Says:

    You want positive discussion and responses? Then promote a TRUTHFUL PR CAMPAIGN that isn’t manipulative, destructive, and hostile, advocating LIES, DECEPTION and BLATANT manipulation of the public!!!

  198. 198

    Guys calm down. Someone posted that George was humiliating Anna. Come on! Anna is not the one. Think about this. She is living her life, happy, healthy, and surrounded by people who love her dearly. The one that is humiliated is Stacy. She tweets you know it’s love…. Goes on talk shows on Stan, George, and company’s orders. Meanwhile, George has very publicly, not privately she will never be Mrs. Clooney, nor bear his child. Well actually no one for that matter. Do anyone really think there is love? Yes, she is banking bucks big time, but now her image of a sweetheart, and not wanting anything from George has been blown to bits. George, well I thought I would never say this, but looks bad in these pics. He looks like he is driving around with his nurse. Another thing, the man cannot stay in one place for any period of time. He is not fulfilled and it shows. I was told this so I do not consider a rumor. Anna is golden. A true angel. Past couple of weeks someone tried to set her up to take her down, but the tables are turned on these flunkies. I believe the word that was used to describe George’s latest menage a trois to Anna is inconsequential. She got the better end of the deal. I thought Stacy loves her family. If so, then why is she trekking to Mexico and not dragging George to Baltimore? Why is it that she is trying to look buddy with cindy after it has been posted about him having a thing for Cindy. Why is he photographed holding hands with Stacy after all the talk about Anna? Now who is humiliated and looking stupid here? Not Anna. Guys laugh. It is a farce. Anna from what I have been told is having a beautiful holiday season. Someone that loves herso much apparently paid for a huge luncheon today for her and her friends in her honor. Even street criminals do not walk near her but walk the other way. Another thing, Stacy is a alcoholic lush. She talks about being healthy and trying to give health tips, but guys; she drinks like a fish. Is that really health conscious? Apparently Anna viewed all the photos showing all the alcohol these idiots are consuming it about made her vomit. It inspired her to have a non-alcohol New Year’s. I don’t know you guys, and I am not a betting person to be honest. My money is on Anna. Happy New Year!!!

  199. 199

    She drinks like a fish, and do cleanses all the time. Too much of anything is not good for anyone. So guys just laugh. Take this in with a grain of salt. When George and her part ways it will be like the rest.

  200. 200
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: Better end of a deal? Money on Anna? Did she agree to any of this? I can’t imagine she would even want to see George after he entered into yet another publicity charade right when the last one ended. He can’t buy her affection with a luncheon or with any material item. That might work on one of the easily bought bimbos he’s used to dealing with, but not on Anna. Anna is a person, not some pawn to be moved around on a chess board whenever George feels like it, and she doesn’t even like him right now and hasn’t liked him for the last two and a half years. Happy new year to you, too, with the hope that it’s a genuinely happy year and not another sickeningly fake one like the last three.

  201. 201

    @Signage- That’s my point. She had nothing to do with his choices. This is George’s crap. Done for his and company benefit. She is not the one looking stupid or humiliated. All she has to do is be her pure, natural self. This garbage is not her problem unless she chooses it to be which I would think would be very slim. As for seeing him, knowing what I have heard/rumored she is protected and the elements that George has chosen to do and be surrounded it is a natural flow that they are not around each other. George is looking haggard and like he wasting away. The life is sucked out of him. She is not adding to that energy, he is doing well all by himself. Now he is full on pimping his life out on talk shows by Ms. Stacy Diahrrea Mouth. He has made it blatantly obvious what his priorities are. His whole life is now a full pr show which is the opposite of Anna. It shows there in this pr for Cabo. A bunch of pretense, and bs. I wouldn’t wish that on Anna, or any authentic person. It is better in the long run. It has become painfully obvious George is inauthentic. If he wasn’t he would not look so old, and bad. So like I said before who really looks stupid and humiliated? My how far someone has fallen from grace…

  202. 202
    blue sky Says:

    How do you delete posts here?
    Please, anyone.

  203. 203
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: When I said humiliated, I was referring to his behavior and how his behavior made her feel. I wasn’t referring to looking stupid or looking humiliated. And yes the garbage has been her problem for two and a half years and not because she chose it. It fell upon her as a result of caring about George and as a result of her intuition and empathic abilities. If among other things George does these publicity charades partly for a diversion so he can go visit family or whatever without being bothered, there are other, better ways of diverting attention. The way things are currently being done is incredibly stupid and counterproductive. I don’t understand what you are saying about not wishing the pr show on Anna. That doesn’t make sense to me because it wouldn’t be a pr show if Anna were involved, as it would be based on reality if she were involved. Authentic people do pr stuff, too, so I don’t quite understand what you meant by that.

  204. 204
    signage Says:

    @blue sky: You could try flagging your own posts and asking for them to be deleted. I’ve never tried that, but they might do it if you explain that you posted them and want them deleted.

  205. 205

    No idea Blue Sky. Maybe say something highly offensive and the pr buffoon squads will do it for you. Lol! Well 2012 has firmly locked itself in. I had the honor of being part of a phenomenal New Year’s celebration. Anna planned it. I am impressed with her. It is split into two days ending in a carefully planned feast to accentuate whatever each participant desires for 2012. Gotta go! Energy here is intense, loving, and beyond anything I ever experienced.

  206. 206
    blue sky Says:

    Explain that HERE? I don’t want to explain, it’s personal.
    But, I will flag them. I want to end my note by saying you all
    have been very insightful. Sometimes it takes a hard blow to the heart to
    make someone understand.

  207. 207
    signage Says:

    I know I shouldn’t let the garbage continue to bother me, as it’s like watching the same movie over and over and expecting it to be different. It was just depressing and disgusting to see yet another staged, fake photo op released. I guess part of the problem is that it’s shoved in our faces so there’s no avoiding it. If I hate a movie, I just don’t watch it again, but the pr charades are unavoidable. The garbage is forced on us. It’s possible that George actually has very good, not pr related, reasons for the garbage. I’m probably wrong about that, but I hope I’m right. Sorry for rambling on. Happy New Year.

  208. 208
    signage Says:

    @blue sky: I meant explain it when you flag the post. When you flag a post, it asks you your reasons for flagging it.

  209. 209
    blue sky Says:

    Happy New Year’s to all of you.

    Please pray for me that I may pull myself together, and find
    my journey in 2012.

  210. 210
    blue sky Says:


  211. 211
    signage Says:

    @blue sky: YW. Happy New Year.

  212. 212

    @Signage- Hey! That’s my point. Anna is in charge of Anna. If she allows his pr baggage affect her then she has no power over her life. She transcended all of it. Why do you think he looks so bad physically? It has taken a toll on him. Anna is responsible for Anna. Anna is responsible for Anna’s well being. This is a reflection of what he has chosen, and actions he has taken. So the idiots who has worked real hard to jerk Anna’s chain, now has the chain wrapped around their throat squeezing the life out everything George Clooney. Not her war. You don’t understand because you are being consumed with maytrdom and victimhood. She is protected. You are making her out to be a total buffoon at the mercy of it all. Get real. Cut out the drama. You are way more bent out of shape than she is. She has a good life and your overdramaticism is painting a untrue picture. Just an FYI. George is the one looking sickly and feeble in these pics not Anna.

    @Blue Sky- Good luck

  213. 213
    blue sky Says:

    Thanks for the ‘Good Luck’. I have survive heart aches in the past.
    I might be petite, but with the charisma of a giant.
    I believe that if you fall into a pothole just get up and out, dust yourseft off and learn to jump over it next time. The more potholes you learn to jump the faster you can outrun your enemies.

  214. 214

    Anna is sending a huge shout out for a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to STANLEY WILLIAM ROSENFIELD AKA STAN THE MAN. Yep guys today a certain number of years ago, Stanmeister was hatched! Hope you have an absolutely beautiful day. No matter what, everyone deserves recognition on their birthday.

    Also Blue Sky and all others this is fact. She does not consider George her enemy. She may hate his choices and actions though, however not his enemy. Just SOMEONE(S) (and they know EXACTLY. Who they are) has done some pretty s*h*i*t*t*y* things to bring damage, and whatever it takes for the sake of money. Looking how grey and sickly George looks, and at times unhappy these individuals have overshot, and are overzealous. Greed, unbalance, and so on will do that to you. George is in charge of George, and obviously he has/is doing well a s*h*i*t*t*y* job. Anna is suprised to where his life has led thus far. Not to disrespect another woman, but Stacy is a laughing matter that grows more and more. Anna desires a more positive, balanced as well as healthier 2012 for George. She wishes love, peace, and good health. He has enough s*h*i*t* in his life in the form of people, arrangements, and environments. She wishes to contribute positive.

  215. 215

    These situations including certain people are KILLING HIM mind, body, soul, and spirit. However it is George’s choice, and UNTIL AND ONLY UNTIL George makes up his mind to change his life, and flush all this s*h*i*t* down life’s toilet bowl then all anyone can do is sit back watch, observe, and send good intentions. All one has to do is look at these pictures and see the effects it is taking on him.

  216. 216
    blue sky Says:

    VERY WELL SAID!! (post #114) Happy Birthday, Stan!

  217. 217
    signage Says:

    @Timekeeper “You don’t understand because you are being consumed with maytrdom and victimhood.”
    That was a very ignorant statement. You are very wrong and obviously don’t know a thing about me or refuse to see. One thing I am not is a martyr or a victim. If I were those things, I would not have stood up to the bullies and put them in their place. As usual you only see what you want to see, whatever justifies your choices in your own mind.

  218. 218
    signage Says:

    I imagine George is feeling a bit guilty at what Anna has been put through, hence his need to lay it all on her as her fault, blame the victim. Yes she was a victim in that she was targeted by the bullies associated with George, but she did not accept it, she refused to be victimized and stood up and fought back. She told the truth about what happened instead of running away scared as they wanted her to do. So now just because she didn’t do what the bullies wanted, that makes her a martyr and a victim? Talk about twisting things around. George needn’t feel guilty if he has very good reasons for having continued the publicity arrangements, reasons that have nothing to do with promoting himself and his Oscar campaign. Anna is fine, as you said. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and he is a very strong person. She feels badly that George may actually have hidden reasons for the charades that he can’t reveal and doesn’t want him to feel bad about them if that is the case. She is not perfect and sometimes needs to consider whether what is shoved in our faces is actually the truth despite her inner knowledge otherwise. A person has to consider all of the possibilities, including the unpleasant ones. So in that sense she sometimes failed George, and she has her own guild about that. She lost her faith at times and got very angry at him. Everyone loses their faith at least once in their lifetime, even Jesus Christ lost his faith in one moment. We all have to forgive each other and ourselves and move forward to a new beginning filled with faith, love, and light.

  219. 219

    @blue sky- Yep I think she said it perfectly. Her and Stan apparently are like nitro glycerin and dynamite. She still thinks he is a Class A schmuck, but it is his birthday, and she knows that she wants to be remembered , and positive energy on her birthday. That’s the right thing to do. She knows exactly how old he is, but not telling anyone. Hmmm….. Does anyone have any ideas?

    Food is cooking for tonight’s end celebration, and it smells good! The events that she planned for this special time was intense. Everyone is in a good place, feeling optimistic, and that 2012 is great. Also too, besides being Stan’s bday, this day totals up to the number seven. in Christianity, seven is the number of completion, and there are other meanings as well. Yesterday on New Year’s Eve the date totaled 11. Another highly evolved number. She says Stan is going to have a ummmm “interesting” year, but needs to take special attention to circulatory, and blood. Something about iron levels. He needs better quality drinking water, perhaps less alcohol, and invest in some meditative cd’s to play at night to help his sleep. I trust he will get this message.

  220. 220
    signage Says:

    I imagine George is feeling a bit guilty at what Anna has been put through, hence his need to lay it all on her as her fault, blame the victim. Yes she was a victim in that she was targeted by the bullies associated with George, but she did not accept it, she refused to be victimized and stood up and fought back. She told the truth about what happened instead of running away scared as they wanted her to do. So now just because she didn’t do what the bullies wanted, that makes her a martyr and a victim? Talk about twisting things around. George needn’t feel guilty if he has very good reasons for having continued the publicity arrangements, reasons that have nothing to do with promoting himself and his Oscar campaign. Anna is fine, as you said. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and he is a very strong person. She feels badly that George may actually have hidden reasons for the charades that he can’t reveal and doesn’t want him to feel bad about them if that is the case. She is not perfect and sometimes needs to consider whether what is shoved in our faces is actually the truth despite her inner knowledge otherwise. A person has to consider all of the possibilities, including the unpleasant ones. So in that sense she sometimes failed George, and she has her own guild about that. She lost her faith at times and got very angry at him. Everyone loses their faith at least once in their lifetime, even Jesus Christ lost his faith in one moment. We all have to forgive each other and ourselves and move forward to a new beginning filled with faith, love, and light.

  221. 221

    Signage you are the one that have twisted all of this. You were the one going on and on to the point that made her a maytr and victim. She did not fail George. George failed George. You are the one who see it one way and one way only. This is why you have been accused of being paoid poster. Nothing ignorant in my statements. The ignorance lies in your thinking. Of course that possibly cannot be true in your thoughts that is clear as can be. You also failed yourself in so many ways. It is obvious who is strong, or stronger in this situation, but you are going to peddle s*h*i*t* to balance it the way you want to see it. In 2012, why don’t you try to really acknowledge and see truth a bit more balanced instread of crusading it under courage when in all reality you pushing it as George the victim, George the buffoon. Now I think we will all see that now you are going to go on your tyrannical, frothing rages to preach the truth. Now on that note I am going to stop posts today, so you have all the space to rant and froth.

  222. 222
    signage Says:

    I didn’t realize that today is Stan’s birthday. “No matter what, everyone deserves recognition on their birthday.” Yes, I agree. Happy birthday to Stan.

  223. 223
    signage Says:

    @Timekeeper, that was really nasty and uncalled for. Can we please stop the nastiness? Today is New Year’s Day.

  224. 224

    @Signage- Not nasty at all. This is how you are being perceived. If you had that strong of a reaction, then you need to explore that a bit further. Yes it is New Year’s and you had nerve to say Anna failed George when it is very well known that there are far many circumstances, and it requires balance on both sides. You have not only behsaved disrespectful, but just as much of a schmuck to. Been reading your posts for weeks, and you can be tyrannical, and froth. Happy New Year’s!

  225. 225
    signage Says:

    I never thought of George as a buffoon and never called him anything like that. I think he’s very intelligent and made what he thought and felt were the best choices. Not knowing the reasons for his choices made it difficult to accept those choices, and it still makes it difficult, so I sometimes got angry about the choices. The fact is none of us know whether he has good reasons for the choices and have to go by our inner senses about those things. Some people promote only what is shoved in our faces as being all there is, while other people sense there is more to it. Every person has a role to play in life, and those people who dare to suggest that the emperor has no clothes don’t have an easy time of it. Maybe I should try very hard to imagine that the emperor does in fact have clothes, and maybe it will work this time.

  226. 226
    blue sky Says:

    Correction: post# 214. I’m going to say something but as a speculation/guessing about Anna. We all have a weakness, a soft spot in our life for something. I’m guessing the weakness on Anna’s part is George. Some how he has found a cozy little spot in Anna’s heart and he is there to stay :). I hope that they can figure out how to work this mess out.

  227. 227
    signage Says:

    @Timekeeper, well call me a fool, and a tearful one, because I had thought perhaps the nastiness would stop with the new year. Happy new year anyway.

  228. 228
    signage Says:

    @Anna, yes, I think you are right.

  229. 229
    signage Says:

    If prefertoremainanonymous reads here, you have a couple of pm’s on IMDB.

  230. 230
    signage Says:

    @Blue Sky “I’m guessing the weakness on Anna’s part is George. Some how he has found a cozy little spot in Anna’s heart and he is there to stay :). I hope that they can figure out how to work this mess out.”
    I agree.

  231. 231
    blue sky Says:

    I’m on IMDB if anyone is interested.

  232. 232
    signage Says:

    I only posted about the IMDB messages because sometimes the messages are delayed for days at a time. Nothing personal but IMDB is so strange and has so many shills that I only interact with the people I’ve gotten to know over a long period of time.

  233. 233

    @Signage- It is not nastiness. You have good intentions, but yet fault everyone but George’s percentage of responsibility. You just posted that Anna failed George. People can do but so much. It is not Anna’s fault if George chooses his path like he did. You are crying because deep down you know there is some truth in my words, and what Anna’s messages. The world does revolve 100% around George or anyone else for that. Signage your words fail to convey that. You are crying nasty when it is only what someone is trying to get through to you. Please listen.

    @blue sky- Hmmm…. Soft spot for George. Well definitely for Einstein. Lol! She has never met him obviously, but she is in love. She calls Einstein a hunk of burning love, Daddy’s Little Angel. What is eerie is that she has a pet and the name is Emily Rose. Both select pets with similar temperaments, and first name begins with E. She rubbed tuna all over hands to get her baby to bond with her. Bizarre isn’t it?

    From what I heard yesterday, and today I would not call it a weakness for George. Not a good description. I would say it is a place in her heart where he can make her angry, but yet its love there. A special love that is warm and fuzzy all over like newly born puppies and kittens. She talked about George rubbing the turkey meatballs on his shoes and laughed. She liked that. Also like he had turkey meatballs that means it is a slim chance he is eating healthier. There is a sparkle in her eyes, and a special smile on her lips when she talked about him. She is rooting for him to break free of this nonsense. It is something he must come to terms with, agreement with himself, and take the first steps. She also knows looking at him right now, he is a shadow of the man she first met.

  234. 234
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER-MESSAGE FROM ANNA: I’m not crying, just teared up and felt sad for a moment. Okay, you are right. Have a blessed day and a blessed New Year. Give my best to Anna.

  235. 235
    signage Says:

    To whoever gave me a thumbs down for that post, I feel sorry for you.

  236. 236

    @Signage- Nothing to feel sad about. Your heart is in the right place. Nothing wrong with that. Ignore the thumbs down. They are just trying to upset you.

  237. 237
    blue sky Says:


    Ignoring the things that upset us is hard. I know the feeling, and like Timekeepeer said “your heart is in the right place” don’t worry about it.

  238. 238
    signage Says:

    @blue sky: I have no trouble ignoring things that should be ignored, and I am not easily upset. Nice try. Please take your patronizing manipulative self elsewhere.

  239. 239
    signage Says:

    I knew all along you were a snake, and I know how snake operate. Pretend to be nice only so they get the opportunity to stab you. I’ve seen through you all along, “Blue Sky.” You’re no different than any of the other lying, manipulative snakes.

  240. 240
    signage Says:

    Yeah we’re not gonna be IMDB friends or any other kind of friends, Blue Sky. Hope that doesn’t upset you too much or you have trouble ignoring it.

  241. 241
    blue sky Says:

    Sorry you feel that way.

  242. 242
    blue sky Says:

    You seem to know quite a little bit. Did you now that I navigate with a small touch screen phone and did you know how small and close together the icons are. It’s very hard to not make a mistake.
    This is why I don’t give anyone any points to avoid giving the wrong one. But today I wanted to give you a possitive one, but my finger covered both icons at the sametime. Giving you a negetive point. I don’t need to tell you this I can just change my ID. I think is the right thing to do, to let you know how it happen. I never said it wasn’t me, I said “don’t worry about it” I’M SORRY!!

  243. 243

    @blue sky- Anna considers George precious far more than gold, jewels, or material possession one could have. That is why she does not view it as a weakness. It’s something that is strengthening, harmonious, and grows more and more beautiful each passing day. The s*h*i*t* that comes from the interference, the nasty rumors spread about her, degfaming, and host of other things done to her detracts from that feeling, and the place she has for George in her heart. Also the negative and nasty kills the spirit. You can see it in all the recent photos of George. Einstein is an extension of the beauty of George’s spirit. This Hollywood s*h*i*t* has brought more harm than good. He is looking sickly, and drawn. So yes it is a very soft spot she has for him, but it is hard and tougher than Teflon. That for her is what is very important to her at the end of the day.

  244. 244
    blue sky Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER-MESSAGE FROM ANNA: yes, you are right. If people think the destructive rumors against him don’t affect her,”yes, they do”.

  245. 245
    blue sky Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER-MESSAGE FROM ANNA: I didn’t mean weakness as a flaw, but as a good thing, as George having a permanent residence in her heart :))

  246. 246

    @ROMBA- Lol!
    @Signage- If it is Einstein then he is a genius. George needs to enroll him in Harvard asap! Lol!

  247. 247
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: Yes, he’s a genius doggy!

  248. 248
    signage Says:

    How weird that my post asking if Romba was Einstein got deleted, and it looks like Romba’s post was deleted, too.

  249. 249
    ROMBA Says:

    Filters, parental(dog) control, … censorship
    wouf wouf

  250. 250

    Poor Einstein! He is a smart doggy and he will prevail! After all he is Harvard material. Anna’s Emily Rose is a Yale girl.

  251. 251
    signage Says:

    @ROMBA: LOL! Daddy is only trying to protect you from bad influences.

  252. 252

    Lol! Anna did mention New Year’s Einstein is Daddy’s Little angel baby. Daddy’s Baby Boy was another description. Also she said that Einstein’s baby feet should never touch the dirty ground. She said George should sing lullabies to his little angel, but if George is tone deaf that might not be good thing. Lol! When I think about it, Anna believes animals are precious and must be spoiled rotten. She is the kind of woman that would buy Einstein a big, fat steak for him at least once a week. The gal is smitten for Einstein! He could do no wrong in her eyes. Lol!

  253. 253

    Oh this just cracks me and my friends up! George has dear Ol’ Stan pushing that these two started dating in July. Stacy poop took this off her Facebook for awhile, and one of my friends noticed she put it back up for view. Is someone miffed about Anna’s words New Year’s. Lol! Anna speaks from the heart, and not from her butt crack like Stacy. Well it looks like she is speaking from her butt crack due to her exposing it for so long. Oh this kind of crap that she does keeps Anna laughing for days. Stacy is the punch line that keeps growing.

    Stacy Kiebler is in a relationship.

    March 3, 2011 at 2:24am.!/profile.php?id=100002187036052&sk=wall

  254. 254
    signage Says:

    @TIMEKEEPER: Isn’t that during the time that she was with her ex, actual boyfriend? Or was that boyfriend also a fake boyfriend? Forgive me if I don’t bother keeping track. LOL. Anyway, last winter through the spring, George was very busy filming Ides of March. The unfortunate publicity contract fake relationship with George didn’t start until last summer, when Stan Scumbag Rosenfield had that marketing survey published in People magazine asking how people felt about the possibility of George dating Keibler. Someone on Celebitchy is saying that she was actually Stan’s girlfriend, though, so maybe that was the relationship she meant. Or maybe she meant her relationship with her dog, if she had one at that time prior to getting her imposter dog, or maybe she meant her relationship with her parents. Who knows. The chick is nutso.

  255. 255

    Stacy Stan’s girlfriend? Hmmmm….. I stumbled across an old article talking about Stacy suffering a seizure while DWTS. She discussed going through a long battery of tests. Also a old article a long, long time ago talking about Stan meeting his girlfriend in the hospital. Oh man! This would be so trippy if it’s true.

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