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George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Cabo Couple

George Clooney & Stacy Keibler: Cabo Couple

George Clooney and girlfriend Stacy Keibler enjoy some R&R on Tuesday (December 20) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The 50-year-old actor and Stacy, 32, enjoyed some drinks before hopping in a golf cart.

George will be starring in the West Coast premiere of 8, the stage play about Prop 8, which denied gays and lesbians in California the right to marry.

THR reports the one-night showing, directed by Rob Reiner and written by Dustin Lance Black, will take place at L.A.’s Wilshire Ebell Theatre on March 3.

“It is astonishing that gay and lesbian Americans are still treated as second-class citizens,” George said. “I am confident that, very soon, the laws of this nation will reflect the basic truth that gay and lesbian people – like all human beings – are born equal in dignity and rights.”

FYI: Stacy is wearing a tunic by Love Sam.

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  • blue sky

    Incomplete information becomes destructive rumors createing a chain reaction that affects everyone around it.


    Blue sky if you see yourself as a doormat so be it. Do you have hair extensions too? I wrote what I heard with my opinions. Blue Sky and Pari you guys are cracking me up! People draw their own conclusions, are smart, and have good bulls*h*i*t* meters. It is all over the internet people saying that they are over George’s pr, oscar and relationship games/charades. It is clear as transparent tape. That’s okay play those games and actually think people are blind as bats. Fear is cruising through your veins and it is detected miles away. God bless you too.

  • blue sky

    Hair extensions? No, I’m not there Yet, maybe in a year or so, lol! :D

  • Pari

    Is that you Prefer??? Prefertoremainanonymous from IMDb??? Wowwieeee la!!! I love to recognize my friends especially from a masquerade party!!! hahahhahahhaaa
    Love you lots… and sending you “Merry Christmas and New Year” hugs once again my dear… Also to Signage (Silverscreen???) Hmmmm…
    No FEAR!!! No DOUBT!!! I am pretty clear… about what I should be clear about :) YES You MUST and EVERYONE MUST voice their thoughts, opinions, feelings etc… TO CONSTRUCT, to build, to make something good… Anything else is destructive and wrong… for the soul, for the senses, for everything we do… :)
    YUP!!! God bless you and namaste too, my dears :)
    PS: IN the event that the two of you are NOT Prefer / Silverscreen, I offer my profound apologies… Because, besides all else, I am also aware, that there are enough “imposters” who “impersonate” other writers/posters… very well as well :) God bless everyone — lots!!! :)

  • signage

    @blue sky: Instead of worrying about incomplete information, how about you worry about blatant lies, such as those told in press releases by “sources.” There are no “sources,” just a deceptive, manipulative fameho and a deceptive, manipulative publicist.


    What makes you think I am prefer whatever? Obviously there are more people who can see through the bs. Games are games. Try chess, monopoly or checkers. Much more progressive don’t you think? Signage I agree with your last statement, however it is more than Blue sky. They should buy the book Ethics, truth, and common sense for dummies. Lol!

  • signage

    @TIMEKEEPER: I agree with you. Just ignore Pari, he’s prone to conspiracy theories ;-)

  • signage

    @Pari: I usually ignore you as a rule, but I will address you this time. The last I heard of silverscreen, she took a job teaching English in South Korea. She only uses the internet at internet cafes there, which is probably for the best so she can avoid seeing much about George’s ongoing charades. Before she left, she said the US is going to be a war zone soon anyway, so it didn’t matter where she lives. Looks like she was right.

  • Pari

    Thanks Signage! For sharing that Silverscreen is now into that noble profession… Teaching! Real mighty happy for her!!! I offer my apologies once again, especially IF I have mixed up names / IDs… :)

    Prayer is sometimes, the ONLY hope… It can change direction, for the best… war to peace, wrong to right, meaningless to meaningful… all miracles… :)

    Thanks for putting up with me :) BEST as always… :)

  • Bill Shakespear

    “If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us… shall we not revenge?”

  • Pari

    “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”
    Mahatma Gandhi, Indian political and spiritual leader (1869 – 1948)

    Bapu got for us our Independance… for the first time, through a different path… the path of non-violence…

    A “wrong” does not have to be answered with “revenge”… but with the “right”… and without the feeling of “revenge” in it…

  • PR

    “Prime Minister: Your Majesty, I take it this is one suit of clothes that will not be in the museum.

    The Emperor: Wrong! This suit of clothes will have a place of honor in the museum, to show that even a PR Emperor can be wrong.

  • ICU2 Stanwepari

    “Abstract truth has no value unless it incarnates in human beings who represent it, by proving their readiness to die for it.”. – Mohandas Gandhi

  • Prune Chutney

    “An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody will see it.” Mahandas Gandhi


    Prune Chutney? Oh that is too funny! ICU2 Stanwepari? Lol! Never a dull moment in the Clooneyland! Lol! Lol! Lol!

  • Au Contraire

    @TIMEKEEPER: no there isn’t a dull moment, is there Kirstie/ PreferToRemainAnonymous.
    And yes… arrogant little Elmer Fudd is too lazy & too uncreative to reinvent progressive PR changes.
    His business acumen is restricted to subterfuge, deception & ultimately destruction of brand…

  • believeinlove

    Well if he is hiding somebody it is hilarious to talk about her here.
    Probably they both have pretty much fun posting things nobody does believe.


    @Au Contraire- I am not your precious Kirstie/Prefer. Good try though. Just because you guys read IP addresses does not dictate who is doing the messages brainiacs now do it?

  • signage

    @TIMEKEEPER: I don’t think the dimwits have heard of proxies. IP addresses mean nothing.

  • Whipped Honey
  • Annabella

    I see, he’s celebrating New Year’s Eve with Keibler.
    We all chose to be with our loved ones on symbolic days.
    Time to paint the town too then. Quid pro quo.

  • signage

    @Annabella: George is not with Keibler. These pics are old and George wouldn’t get near her in any of them. Keibler has been hiding out pretending to be with George.

  • Annabella

    @signage: yes, of course…
    As far as I’m concerned, while he’s in this “agreement” with Keibler *fake or otherwise* it means that he opted for this scenario.
    Perhaps he chose to put his own private life on a shelf once again because he’s afraid of his own emotions & excuses it as work.
    But he cannot keep doing this and expect that the status quo remains the same…


    @Whipped Honey- So you are into chocolate salty balls? Is this you George making a homosexual joke dear? Tsk tsk Lol! Lol! Dimwit….

  • signage

    @Annabella: I completely agree with that.

  • mika
  • Grande Finale

    No, Keibler isn’t ugly. Looks very plain, strong & healthy.
    She’s not beautiful in the way that captivates our senses.
    But she’s what George Clooney prefers.
    I hope they’re happy.
    He obviously chose her to be his girlfriend. That means a lot.
    And if they’re spending the holidays together, attending his red carpet events, well, she’s who he wants to be his girlfriend.. Might even be the one for him. After all, she did Tweet she knew it was love a few weeks ago…
    All the best to them.

  • Jose

    @Grande Finale:
    are sure for This grande finale
    he know she is very well for
    nurse he is going to need is a strong young woman

  • Grande Finale

    @Jose: oh, my, what a practical man. He prefers a nurse/ bouncer as the chosen girlfriend.
    To take care of him in his fast approaching old age. To change his diapers, pacemaker, wheel him a long, and even keep the odd autograph hunting fans along..
    Yes, for sure he chose practicality.
    Pfff… who needs true love?! Soulmates & destinies —> that’s all fantasies for romantic fools.

  • Hasta La Vista, baby

    @Hasta La Vista, baby:
    ok baby SUR ….
    Now holidays come and then they got’s nothin’ new today…
    And for cocaine tongue…Hmmm Shut Up behind the curtains..I

    Cause I think we’ve seen that movie too…
    film industry, Mexico


  • no one

    George has repeatedly humiliated Anna. I don’t see how she can forgive him.

  • Roll credits.

    Not a romantic comedy.
    Just a tragedy.

  • looker

    @Grande Finale: I’m not so sure she’s healthy. She looks very fake to me. Also she is all about fakery what with wrestling and her bogus tweets and such, so she probably has has more than botox done.

  • Unchanced Melody

    God Speed George.

  • signage

    @blue sky: He wasn’t talking about you, Cray Cray.

  • signage

    Two years, and then you agreed to do six more months? Two years and six months? You shouldn’t have done it, George. It was wrong, and you know it. You’re a coward. Take your ugly skank to all the awards shows and pretend to be happy. Don’t forget to fill your flask up.

  • signage

    Just stay the f*ck away from Anna. She hates cowards.

  • Barb E. Clue

    Zwischenzug Jorj.

  • blue sky

    @Barb E. Clue:
    :)) beautiful!!

  • Fork in tha’ road

    Seminary Ave vs. Ave of the Outdated PR Tricks

  • 4G
  • Cogito ergo sum^^

    “He can f as many people as he wants – he isn’t hurting anyone and he is honest – ”
    Oh, yes, he is hurting somebody and he seems to be as honest as his hookers.

  • checkmate!!!

    With a word or a sign New Year Bells are ringin for ya George.

  • Annabella

    Spiteful, draining, hateful people who post here (George’s PR gnomes, Kirstie Alley, Stan, and other corrupt deranged individuals), keep your games up & entertain each other
    I hope George is happy however he chooses to lead his life.
    Maybe he’ll find true love & happiness one day. Maybe not.

    To sever his ties with manipulative forces like you would do him good.
    I’m sure he agreed to be with Kiebler & this scenario will linger on. As did the previous one. He looks unhappy.
    It’s what you’d like too.
    One of resolutions is to not post here again, & to ignore the subject matter. You’re a waste of time & energy.
    Keep entertaining yourselves with your profound negativity.
    You’re all so pathetic.
    That’s all I’ve noticed here this last year.
    Except for some beautiful poetry which obviously was never sincere.

  • Talking Mirror

    @Annabella Imagine that. Negative PR campaign- NEGATIVE responses throughout the year to the NEGATIVE DECEPTIVE PR CAMPAIGN.

  • Talking Mirror

    You want positive discussion and responses? Then promote a TRUTHFUL PR CAMPAIGN that isn’t manipulative, destructive, and hostile, advocating LIES, DECEPTION and BLATANT manipulation of the public!!!


    Guys calm down. Someone posted that George was humiliating Anna. Come on! Anna is not the one. Think about this. She is living her life, happy, healthy, and surrounded by people who love her dearly. The one that is humiliated is Stacy. She tweets you know it’s love…. Goes on talk shows on Stan, George, and company’s orders. Meanwhile, George has very publicly, not privately she will never be Mrs. Clooney, nor bear his child. Well actually no one for that matter. Do anyone really think there is love? Yes, she is banking bucks big time, but now her image of a sweetheart, and not wanting anything from George has been blown to bits. George, well I thought I would never say this, but looks bad in these pics. He looks like he is driving around with his nurse. Another thing, the man cannot stay in one place for any period of time. He is not fulfilled and it shows. I was told this so I do not consider a rumor. Anna is golden. A true angel. Past couple of weeks someone tried to set her up to take her down, but the tables are turned on these flunkies. I believe the word that was used to describe George’s latest menage a trois to Anna is inconsequential. She got the better end of the deal. I thought Stacy loves her family. If so, then why is she trekking to Mexico and not dragging George to Baltimore? Why is it that she is trying to look buddy with cindy after it has been posted about him having a thing for Cindy. Why is he photographed holding hands with Stacy after all the talk about Anna? Now who is humiliated and looking stupid here? Not Anna. Guys laugh. It is a farce. Anna from what I have been told is having a beautiful holiday season. Someone that loves herso much apparently paid for a huge luncheon today for her and her friends in her honor. Even street criminals do not walk near her but walk the other way. Another thing, Stacy is a alcoholic lush. She talks about being healthy and trying to give health tips, but guys; she drinks like a fish. Is that really health conscious? Apparently Anna viewed all the photos showing all the alcohol these idiots are consuming it about made her vomit. It inspired her to have a non-alcohol New Year’s. I don’t know you guys, and I am not a betting person to be honest. My money is on Anna. Happy New Year!!!


    She drinks like a fish, and do cleanses all the time. Too much of anything is not good for anyone. So guys just laugh. Take this in with a grain of salt. When George and her part ways it will be like the rest.

  • signage

    @TIMEKEEPER: Better end of a deal? Money on Anna? Did she agree to any of this? I can’t imagine she would even want to see George after he entered into yet another publicity charade right when the last one ended. He can’t buy her affection with a luncheon or with any material item. That might work on one of the easily bought bimbos he’s used to dealing with, but not on Anna. Anna is a person, not some pawn to be moved around on a chess board whenever George feels like it, and she doesn’t even like him right now and hasn’t liked him for the last two and a half years. Happy new year to you, too, with the hope that it’s a genuinely happy year and not another sickeningly fake one like the last three.