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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Home for the Holidays!

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: Home for the Holidays!

Miranda Kerr lands at the airport with husband Orlando Bloom and their 11-month-old son, Flynn, on Wednesday (December 21) in Sydney, Australia.

The trio jetted into the 28-year-old model’s homeland from New Zealand where they had been enjoying some R&R.

“Hey Everyone, I just wanted to share this video with you. Having a gay brother myself, It’s something that is very close to my heart and which I totally support in every way. It’s time for Marriage Equality. This time next weekend, delegates at the ALP National Conference will be voting on whether to make it their policy to end marriage discrimination,” Miranda wrote on her Kora Organics blog late last month.

“This video has already reached nearly 1,000,000 people – but a national TV campaign this week would reach double that again, and really put the pressure on!” she added. “Please share this video with everyone you know and End Marriage Discrimination.”

FYI: Orlando is using his Ergo baby carrier!

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  • kel

    They are such a cute family!

  • CanD

    Dammit i hate it when Orlando carries Flynn he’s always covering up that little cuties eyes and adorable cheeks. Miranda never does that. And here i wanted to see the little munchkin before Xmas.

  • Suri

    Flynn is a pretty boy.

  • Isis Lara

    Help,…… my dad is smothering me. I can’t see and wearing leggings! – Flynn

  • fugg

    wow a couple weeks without chipmunk I was loving it! here we go again …ugh.

  • @fugg

    ??? If you suffer so much reading about her, don’t do it.

  • zoe

    Wow Miranda always looks so effortlessly chic. Such a beautiful mother son pair. Go away Mr. Bloom. You look like an ugly old monkey besides them. Bloom’s getting uglier and uglier everytime I see him. YUCK! How could Miranda bear to see that face everyday?

  • wow

    So since you delphites have run out of insults, and/or have been proved wrong AT EVERY TURN, you are now turning to homophobic attacks on her brother?
    You should be banned. Banned from this site. Banned from the internet. And banned from any contact with humanity,.
    You sad, pathetic creatures are a cancer on society.
    Are you proud of your fellow haters, sighs? What about Wanda? Or Mystic?
    You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  • sara

    Such a beautiful family!

  • izzy

    I could do without seeing these two for a looooong time.

  • @10

    OMG!! I see Miranda’s personal freakzoid is off her meds again. Go away troll.

  • Appletini

    Since marriage is a legal contract (meaning that if the government doesn’t recognize it then it’s not legal), I don’t understand why it matters if both parties are the opposite sex or not.

  • kimber

    He must be breast feeding. He should NEVER go shirtless again.

  • Anonymous

    @the future: You have absolutely no sense at all to say such a ridiculous thing.

  • YU Can’t Deny It

    Miranda is a beautiful girl. I watched some of her video clips online. She is so adorable — like a doll. That pale complexion, dark hair and sparkly, pretty blue eyes never fails to get attention. It’s just a good combination anyway in most people. In one video, Mirand had her hair in a ponytail and I just thought she was so pretty. She also seems to be very down-to-earth and a genuinely nice person who likes to smile. Her smile is radiant!

  • @13

    It wouldn’t if laws and lawmakers were not so influenced by conservative religion.
    In the US, where church and state are supposed to be seperate, the laws are made by people who think that a legal contract is also a religious contract.
    Marriage is a civil union. Many religious people forget that little fact.

  • @kimber

    Lol I agree with you. He looks disgusting, with or without the shirt on.

  • eww

    Orlando looks nasty. Miranda looks kinda pale here, but still a gorgeous young woman. They don’t really look like a couple actually…more like father and daughter.

  • Dear Miranda

    You really don’t need to waste your precious time on a man whose career has obviously been dead for a long long time. You can definitely do better, don’t you know?

  • ta

    LOL! Could you sockpuppets be any more obvious?
    Pathetic loons!

  • terri

    They’ve had that thing for a year now shouldn’t it be walking?

  • mwannir
  • whatanidiot


    Elena, you really are stupid. There are more people in this world who hate Miranda than populate one message board. Also, gay or straight, Randa May’s brother is a disgusting pig and deserves and ewwwwww no matter who he’s shtupping.

  • whatanidiot


    Elena, you really are stupid. There are more people in this world who hate Miranda than populate one message board. Also, gay or straight, Randa May’s brother is a disgusting pig and deserves an ewwwwww no matter who he’s shtupping.

  • x

    @Dear Miranda:

    Naw, a sk@ank like that deserves a washed up has been for a husband, so she is exactly where she should be.

  • @whatanidiot

    Can’t you tell that “wow” is not Elena? Completely different writing style.

    And why do you say Miranda’s brother is a disgusting pig?

  • @27

    Because supposedly he got pretty pissed off when these ladies were calling terrible names to her sister, as usual. Big supposedly, as it could be her brother or anyone else.
    If it was him, I do think he shouldn’t have taken part in a pointless cyber battle with the haters, but having said that, if someone called those things to my brother, I wouldn’t react very well either.
    The so called “disgusting pig” reacted -bad- against a PERSONAL attack against his family. The haters’ attacks on MK and his family are just because. So I have my own opinion about who are the worst people here.

  • frank

    @28 He is a disgusting freak who calls himself PooStain and makes death threats to anyone who dares not bow down to his most holy sister.

  • @28

    The family has put a muzzle on the little freak but don’t be fooled. They may say that he works for Kora and have someone who signs Matt’s name to emails that come from their offices but he is still the man behind Poo Stain’s disgusting tirades and no matter what the Kerrs try to say he’s a pig who cannot speak in complete sentences and was an utter disgrace to his family until they shipped him back to OZ.

  • @whatanidiot

    Such an appropriate name for you, BTW…
    Anyway, that post is not from Elena. That person has perfect English. Elena’s is good, but far from perfect.
    You keep insisting that not all haters come from one board, yet you are quick to call all of her fans ‘Elena’.
    Hypocrite? Oh, heck yeah.

  • @28

    Shut up, Elena.

  • whatanidiot

    @31 What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If the “shippers” can assume that all of the anti-Kerr comments come from a handful of “haters” than I think it is only fair to assume that all of the pro-Kerr comments come from one delusional freak.

  • whew…

    I’m glad to see that Orlando is covering its face because I am sick of looking at it. Now if he would just put a bag over the head of that thing walking next to him…

  • @30

    So you think that a young man (what was he? 18? 19?) overreacting to personal and hateful attacks on his sister by idiots on the internet makes him a freak? If anything, that makes him more ‘normal’.
    Grown women hating, stalking and obsessing over a total stranger are the true ‘freaks’ here. Delphi and Delphi-lite are full of them.

  • @whatanidiot

    The big difference her is that these anon haters all seem to use the EXACT same insults that are tossed around on delphi. Too much of a coincidence to be ignored.
    Whereas the people that you are calling Elena sound NOTHING like her. Calling them ‘Elena’ just makes you look like an idiot.

  • @30

    Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and stop defending every disgusting thisng the Kerr family does, from the famewh@ring to PooStain making death threats on the internet, they are nothing but white trash and you “fans” are nothing but morons for falling for the crap her PR people spew out. Also, want to see stalking? Check out any and every Twitter or blog that Elena runs and you will see some serious, and dangerous, stalking.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Orlandos looking good. Im gald Orlando has Flynn he keeps him away from the paps more than Miranda does.

  • i

    I just hate my life… I wish I would live a life like Mirandas! :(

  • ?

    So I have a few questions. How do you know that this person you call PooStain is her brother? The same way that you “know” that Miranda Kerr reads your lunacies and takes all her decisions in life depending on what you goddesses of wisdom say? The same way that you “know” that I and many other people are called Elena? I remind you that you have this bad habit of being proved wrong.
    What kind of death threats are those and do you really believe he’s making plans to hurt you or are they just a juvenile reaction from an angry brother who feels personally attacked?
    And last, why the heck would you care if he works for Kora or not?

  • @37

    Disgusting things like raise money for charity? Or speaking out against discrimination? Or raising the self esteem of young girls by reminding them that they are beautiful?
    What horrible people they are!!!!
    Or how ’bout disgusting things like writing fake blogs that portray Sonia as an abusive mother? Or that claim that Orlando is a druggie? Or posting hate on EVERY THREAD about Miranda or Kora on ANY site across the web? Or by being such extreme stalkers that fans can actually go to the haters sites for breaking news because they have it even before the fan sites? Hmmm?
    Seems to me the ones that are truly DISGUSTING and STALKERISH are the haters.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Why does it get to others if Orlando works or not. I think its good he takes time out to be with Family. I love seeing hes films when he does them.

  • @33

    A glance at her FB site or her ratings at popularity polls should tell you that there are many delusional freaks

  • @Jayne

    Well, he is working right now.
    But be that as it may, he has earned enough money to retire completely and live off of his residuals if he wanted to.

  • Ghulia

    “Hey Everyone, I just wanted to share this video with you. Having a gay brother and husband myself, It’s something that is very close to my heart and which I totally support in every way. It’s time for Marriage Equality.” …. xD As if I would care because SHE writes this…omfg…

  • @Ghulia

    Wow, I bet you earn prizes for your fresh wit. Geez

  • @45

    But it does make a difference when a celebrity speaks out about something so personal to them. That’s why it pays to have celebs endorse charities.
    BTWm It doesn’t matter what you may think of her, because a LOT of people admire her.

  • @30

    I tended to assume that Poostain was a crazed fan rather than her brother, because it’s just more likely considering how many crazed fans there are out there. Was there any evidence that Poostain was her brother?

    Why do you say Matt can’t speak in complete sentences? Why do you say he was a disgrace to the family? Is this based on the assumption that he wrote the Poostain posts, or do you have other evidence?

  • @45

    LOL! Mystic? Is that you?
    You’re just about the only one left that thinks that Orlando is gay. You don’t care that there has never been a shred of evidence that he is gay, you just keep on going in your wonderful delusions.

  • @48

    What evidence have they ever had to base their opinions on? Their specialty is IGNORING evidence, because the truth just tends to get in the way of their insane theories.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    @44 I know and i cant wait to see Orlando in that film again. Loved him in the other ones.