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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Late Night Getaway with Suri!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Late Night Getaway with Suri!

Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes make their way out of the Greenwich Hotel with daughter Suri on Tuesday (December 20) in New York City.

The 49-year-old actor and his family were on their way to catch a helicopter ride out of town.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Suri Cruise

Earlier in the evening, Tom stopped by Rockefeller Center to tape an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol officially hits theaters nationwide today!

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and his family leaving their hotel…

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tom cruise katie holmes late night getaway with suri 01
tom cruise katie holmes late night getaway with suri 02
tom cruise katie holmes late night getaway with suri 03
tom cruise katie holmes late night getaway with suri 04
tom cruise katie holmes late night getaway with suri 05
tom cruise katie holmes late night getaway with suri 06
tom cruise katie holmes late night getaway with suri 07
tom cruise katie holmes late night getaway with suri 08
tom cruise katie holmes late night getaway with suri 09
tom cruise katie holmes late night getaway with suri 10

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  • Laci

    Not again.

  • kel

    Buh bye.

  • kizbit

    Halleluia! Good riddance!

  • kizbit

    HAHA! Katie looks like she’s headed off for a day at Catholic School!

  • Annabelle

    OMG what is she wearing? you know it cold by night! a little girl shouldn’t be dressed like that AT ALL!

  • Rocky


    Remember she does what she wants and they follow. That’s the SciFi religion way.

  • kari

    Does anyone else find it odd how Suri is waving to the paps???

  • martha

    That’s an unbelievably inappropriate outfit for a young girl. She looks like a little street walker.

  • kizbit

    @Kari…I think she is putting her hand up to block her face. Look at the progression of pictures. I don’t think she’s waving.

  • Johanna

    That kid is not normal for sure. Nobody can tell me seriously that a 5 years old wearing high heels, make up, a dress like this, plainted nails, is normal. She should be in bed at that time, not always around at night because she wants so.

    Oh course if she wanted to jump from a bidge they would let her. That is just weird, and you should stop posting pictures of her, her “dear daddy” uses her already too much as a promotional object.

  • life

    Suri is dressed like a hooker on the stroll. Pitiful.

  • Diaz

    odd job……

  • Lex

    I don’t know what’s worse: the kid in high heels witk bare legs and feet, schoolgirl mom or lumberjack dad.

  • tish

    That’s shameful. I don’t like ppl talking about celebs children but TC and KH’s have put themselves in a position that they are asking for negative replies on their precious little girl.

    Cmon!!! High Heels and full makeup on a 5 yr old when for 1 she should be in bed in cozy pjs. They are absolutely ridiculous.!

    Good luck when she is in her teens. You Mr. and Mrs. Cruise will pay for that one., BIG TIME and not in a good way either.

  • OOPS

    The parents are pathetic stars who are not able to raise a child !
    They have much money so they indulge to Suri’s whims, that’s all they do, spend money for high feels, fur coat, make up. As result, at 5 she’s dressed up like a bitch. At 10, what will she wear ?
    At 14 she’ll be toxicoman, at 16 she’ll get marry etc…
    The worse thing is they seem to be proud of their daughter ! They just think it’s totally normal I guess…


  • Gigi

    My first pair of heels were for my junior high graduation. They were lower than Suri’s.

  • Nic is better

    It must be all Katie. Bella wasn’t dressed whored out like this. Katie is living vicariously through Suri. Pathetic!

  • Disrespect
  • “not on drugs”
  • Bane

    I heard Scientology is bubbling over with joy because MI:4 will be a hit..

  • Pretty Please

    I hope that Tom and Nic will get back together. They’d be good now, Plus, Suri and Sunday could play together. Bella and C-Squared would be happy too.

  • lio

    Tom and Katie should be forced to go bare legged in the cold.

  • C

    Interesting to compare how Suri is dressed to they way Sunday Urban was dressed in photos.
    Clearly they have very different standards.

  • josie

    Are these people normal????????????????

  • ClearPerspective

    @josie: If you had just landed on this earth yesterday then yeah, they would appear to be perfectly normal humans.

  • josie

    @clearPerspective – lol! :)

  • Shannon

    I don’t care how much of a tantrum she throws…..Katie and Tom need to step up and be parents…for goodness sakes put pants and close toed shoes on her!!! It’s freezing in NYC…this child will end up with pneumonia sooner or later if they continue to allow her to dress like that

  • Pony

    I think Suri isn’t going through the best moments in her little life. Give her a break!!!!!!

  • sara

    They deserve ever bit of negative postings on here….they have to know what is said about them. Can’t stand Katie’s smirk, and for Pete’s sake, bare feet and legs in NYC????? My daughter is Suri’s age and has to bundle up if it’s cold out, she know this if she wants to leave the house. Suri looks like she’s trying to shrug her coat off in some of the pics. Very bizarre family. And, I must add that Tom is NOT Suri’s dad. That will come out someday down the road………

  • camillus

    Tommy Girl is a douche bag, regardless of MI4 gets people to go see it is still a douche movie. Katie must be brain dead to let thae child go with out socks, heels & makeup, Why isn’t she in preschool kindergarten wheres his other kids? How come they don’t want to go out with the Douche? Where are the people who are going to say their good parents they aren’t why can’t Social Services investigate.

  • de Cosmos

    Totally creeps me out!

  • martha

    Why isn’t Suri ever with children her own age? She’s emulating adults because the scientology weirdos won’t allow her to be a child, playing childish games, dressing like a child, or enjoying the company of child playmates.

    The Cruises will never have to answer to child welfare authorities, but they should. Anyone else who dressed their little girl like a street walker would be investigated.

  • josie

    Suri should be wearing jeans, socks, boots, a sweater and an appropriate coat for a little girl.

  • Xenu

    They are creepy — even for Scientologists.

  • Joxe

    I absolutely loved Mission Impossible 4. It’s long I didn’t have such a good time at the movies. It’s a blast!

  • themissnayariveralover

    damn they dont now how to raise a child she must sleep in that time and her legs she’s freezing poor kid

  • Again

    Rather than repost and repeat what all of you have said, I ‘ll just say I agree with Anabelle, Opps, martha, camillius, sara , shannon, C, tex, Gigi, and so sorry if I left anybody out.

    I agree.

  • mwannir
  • susan

    first off; have Tom and Katie never heard of a babysitter? there are times when it’s best to leave the little one at home. katie, it’s winter in New York. no little girl should be allowed to wander around with bare legs. Suri’s coat and dress are both fine but put some tights, leggings, pants on those little legs. ever hear of a arthritis? as for the sandals; those are summer, not winter, shoes. Suri should be wearing proper shoes or boots that completely cover up her feet. the child is 6 years old you are the adult Katie, act like it.

  • murray

    I have no interest in MI4. Period. Tom Cruise needs to grow up and evolve, but he’s stuck in his “glory days” and doesn’t know what else to do. Running fast and staring intently for several minutes is not acting.

  • susan

    to Murray

    Tom Cruise is not hurting financially at all. actually, he’s making money hand over fist. the man is worth something like 275 million. he owns United Artists and various properties. add to that the residuals from all of his films. Tom has the money to do any project he wants.

  • ng

    #40 @ Susan: I’m not defending Tom Cruise but look at the number of posts/comments any pictures of Suri get on Just Jared VERSUS the pictures of Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes when they are photographes alone. Suri is what draws curious fans, haters, likers, etc. Being photographed with Suri the first 5 years of her life meant people were going to see their picture whether they like you or not. After a backlash from the public (for jumping on Oprah’s couch, lashing out at Matt Lauer, Brooke Sheilds debacle, the Scientology leaked YouTube video, etc), possibly has changed the tide with Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol he needed to make sure he did everything possible to promote the movie. That is the right thing to do because Tom Cruise has a lot riding on the movie (comeback). He is afterall the REAL BREADWINNER in the Cruise/Holmes household. If you look at Katie’s last movies and where she went to film those movies (Australia, New York, Beverly Hills, etc.) it would have cost her more in housing expenses than what she probably was paid and still she has not been very successful. Cruise on the other hand was once one of the biggest movie stars and commanded and brought in millions of dollars. That changed in 2005 to the present. Now he needs to prove he can bring that magic back. Suri is a paparrazi magnet and you better believe he will be seen with her at the gym, eating ice cream, playing in the park, shopping, eating late at night, etc Tom Cruise has too much riding on this movie to not do everything possible to promote this movie.

  • ng

    I’m not defending Tom but they expect Suri to take a hit for Cruise team. Katie on the other hand could walk outside with Suri and get her name and picture on the celebrity blogs but her pictures or projects still failed to be blockbusters at the boxoffice. Is it right that Suri is out without proper clothing? No, but they (Cruise and Katie) don’t want to have her throwing tantrums or crying in public and Suri loves the cold weather (whether she has issue senory issues or not) she loves to go out without warm clothes. Tom and Katie probably think so much goes into getting a movie made and promoting it is the easier part. Suri guarantees your pictures will be on the celebrity blogs and people will be reminded you have a movie out right now, “lets go see it.”

  • gugo

    super ugly Suritard

  • ng

    If you look at the different pictures that are posted on Just Jared, the pictures where the three of them (Tom, Katie, and Suri) are together get more comments then if they are alone. And even when the three are together, the celebrity blog will always crop pictures to just have Suri in the picture alone. Tom alone is boring. Tom with the cast of Mission Impossible IV a bit more interesting especially where he is photographed with Paula Patton. Katie alone might be more interesting if she is wearing an interesting or ridulous outfit. Suri is the more interesting of the three and these days the goal is to promote Mission Impossible IV. Suri helps in that department by attracting the paparrazi. Those are the facts.

  • ng

    I don’t know Tom Cruise personally but the last few years he has made some expensive purchases (a 35 million mansion and a movie studio) all of this was reported in the media and real estate industry. I really began to pay a bit more attention to him and Katie Holmes when they had Suri (but not right away) because in the beginning they did not dress Suri stylish. In the year 2007 they began to dress up Suri in beautiful designer clothes all though the filming of Valkyrie in Germany to Katie promoting her movie Mad Money which bombed. In late 2007 going into 2008 Suri’s clothing began to change. She continued wearing expensive clothes (Bonpoint, Juicy Couture, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs), but also clothes from the Gap. But it was around 2007 & 2008 that Tom Cruise bought a very expensive mansion for 35 million and also renovated. As you know the real estate market took a hit from 2006 through 2010 so Cruise paid too much for that house. And then he bought United Artists with others and that also cost millions and has not produced box office hits and it was around this time that there was a HUGE PUBLIC BACKLASH that Tom Cruise appeared on Oprah Winfrey to try to MEND his public image but that was going to take YEARS all the way until now Dec 2011. And Tom fought to appear in this movie Mission Impossible 4. Paramount was thinking he was box office poision but he relented and won and appeared in this movie. Tom knew this movie MI – 4 would be a better vehicle than Valkyire (which bombed), Lions for Lambs (which also bombed) and better than Knight and Day (which did so so at the box office). The Mission Impossible franchise movies have been good for his career and number 4 appears to be doing well. This was the movie he needed and now I bet he KNOWS to keep his mouth shut about promoting Scientology or what he says about Prozac, etc.

  • mia

    @tish: In which picture is she wearing an ounce of makeup? That’s her face…shes 5…of course she is going to have paper-white perfect skin. she has no makeup on here.

  • uh oh…

    @Lex: “I don’t know what’s worse: the kid in high heels witk bare legs and feet, schoolgirl mom or lumberjack dad.”

    HEY NOW! The tiny-hooker, matronly Catholic schoolgirl and lesbian lumberjack have done nothing to you!

  • Mr Apricot

    Joxe at #35 is Joxe Arkaitz, one of the Scientologist who patrol the net , that’s why he likes the movie.

  • Its meee

    Tom Cruise does not own United Artists, which by the way is pretty much DEAD. He got a small percentage (he shared 30% – that’s 15% for him – with his ex partner) of just the releases AFTER they were brought in which was exactly ZERO. He never owned anything other than a tiny percentage of movies that were never made. He had no part in the catalog or movies that were there before he came on board. Bottom line is UA is pretty much dead. Whatever was already made is just now releasing (2 movies) after years because MGM stepped in to release them. UA is not making movies at all and Tom Cruise now owns 15% of nothing. Those are the facts. Before people spout ignorant info, they should do some research.