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Gisele Bundchen: Brentwood Home Nearing Completion

Gisele Bundchen: Brentwood Home Nearing Completion

Gisele Bundchen heads out of her place on Thursday (December 22) in Boston, Mass.

The 31-year-old Brazilian supermodel said goodbye to a friend and gave her pal a big hug before leaving.

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The Boston Herald reports that a home that Gisele and hubby Tom Brady are building in Brentwood, California is nearing completion!

The palatial home features an estimated 22,000 square feet and is expected to have eight bedrooms, a garage big enough to hold six cars, and a lagoon shaped swimming pool.

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  • jess
  • jess
  • pickles

    These people really are ridiculous. Who needs a 22,000 sf house!

    If they are moving to L.A. I guess that means Brady will not be playing football, at least not for the Patriots. Wonder what he’ll do after he retires. Probably do TV sports on Cable. He sounds like a girlyman.

  • maria

    @pickles: The players do have an off-season, from January to July, and he is from California. He is not leaving the Patriots, nor retiring anytime soon. He’s simply building a home close to his parents, and other son.

  • Mary

    she seems such a nice person:) love gisele

  • Charlie

    @pickles: You express sour grapes when you put down something you can’t get: “winning the lottery is just a big headache anyway.”

  • Jessi

    I flag every comment that is nasty so don’t waste your time “ladies” (yes we know its u females doing the hating…) Merry Christmas!

  • Marieme

    WTF? Is she opening up a school on this property or what? Why does she need a palatial estate? I’ve seen pics and it’s gonna be massive. Disgusting.

  • JL

    ewwww, i thought Giselle was better than that. 22,000 sq ft house for THREE PEOPLE? And in Los Angeles? Why would they need a palatial house in a city that they don’t even work in? Does her husband plan on quitting football and becoming an actor?

    What a disgusting woman.

  • Kat

    LMAO, Giselle, the patriot of eco and sustainable green living….and she building a 22,000 sq ft house? What a fcuking hypocrite!!! WHY WOULD ONE SOOO CONCERNED WITH THE ENVIRONMENT BUILD A 22,000 SQ FT HOUSE….AND ONLY FOR THREE PEOPLE?

    And no i’m not jealous. The price doesnt matter — ‘t it were a 20,000,000 dollar 8,000 sq ft house I wouldn’t care. I don’t care about the price, it’s the size thats so stupid!!

  • mar


    Um. Tom’s son doesn’t live in LA anymore. Bridget and the kid moved to New York City long ago. Tom’s parents don’t live anywhere near LA. They live all the way up in Northern California. Tom simply wants an LA house because he’s a famowhore and wants to be famous since his career is almost over. He’ll probably be a broadcaster or an actor.

    The house is pretty gross too. Even Brangelina with all their kids and all their wealth don’t even live in a house half the size of 22k sq ft. Giselle should be ashamed of herself. I used to think she was a down to earth person but I guess not!

  • obvious

    This woman is a phony and I think she was another Leo sex toy. I dont like models nowadays.

  • Laura

    oh please this couple didn’t sit around and complain about their lives, they did something about it. Who cares what they do/ They live in nothing but apartments since they’ve been married. they deserve a nice home.
    The house is the NORM in their neighborhood. Tom Gisele last time I checked, were Forbe’s richest couple in Hollywood. They do alot of charity work. Gisele donated the most money to Japan,Haiti,and Joplin MIssouri natural disasters. Half the proceeds made off her sandals (which rake in about 30 mill a year) go to green causes. She plants trees in Brazil, with her families “Aqua Limpa” (clean water) project seeing progression of a NEW forest. She aids and funds whole Indian tribes in Brazil clean drinking water ( a problem in Brazil). You nut jobs most of her green efforts (water/forestation) are aided towards her home-land which has different problems than Americans. what did you do? and not 3 people she has 5 sisters and a mom who stay with her ALOT. they probably all get their own rooms.

  • IMG

    She’s done alot and the house is made from 80% reused materials among other things.

  • sad

    @IMG: thats just a stupid excuse, and the amount of energy she will use in 1 week is how much? also getting on a range rover i see… i dont mind gisele but sometimes i think she is just so dumb

  • sari

    Why do people care so much how celebs live their lives? lol. They aren’t harming anyone. They didn’t just get rich from making se* tapes, or daddies money like many spoiled celebs today. I know how many guys building that house it employed in this bad economy. and as a daughter of a construction worker, a project like that made very happy Christmases for many. Its not all bad, there is good in it too, but of course everyone likes to pick apart the negatives.

  • shakeit

    okay- u Gisele “critics” go on and on about her judging but look at YOU ALL! Calling her dumb and such. haha what hypocrites really! She and Tom have expressed they want a big family. Maybe they plan on working on it alot in their new home.

  • Luca

    @sad: I think you are just jealous . Why don’t you go work and focus on yourself maybe then you ca have nice things as well.

  • Luca

    @Laura: Well said Laura, they both have been working hard for years now and deserve to have a nice house if they chose to . They do already donate so much money to charities I wonder what this people who are judging them do for anyone . I bet NOTHING!

  • kiki

    why does the woman always get bashed? lol oh yes bc men aren’t sitting around hating on Tom, lol. That’s a catty woman thing. What if Tom wanted this HOME too? Its not all Gisele’s doing! They are both rich and powerful and can have anything they want. At least they are private, not doing all photoshoots together or floating around on EVERY red carpet together,showing off, they don’t talk about their se* lives or share personal pictures on twitter etc, so if they want a huge home so be it! Everyone who works hard deserves a dream home.

  • ali

    she needs room for the nanies / cleaning ladies /
    trainers / chefs / gardners etc LOL

  • Carol

    @ali: Please get a life! This negative energy you put out only harms you !

  • Wallace

    They deserve it! They worked hard!



  • reality check

    Gisele and Tom seem like decent, hardworking people, and I know that Gisele has made serious efforts to improve the environment. However, no matter how “environmentally conscious” you try to be when building a new house, it still not an environmentally conscious choice. Think about the electricity, gasoline, and other gases and chemicals it requires just to PRODUCE AND MOVE the materials needed. The trucks guzzling gas and spewing carbon monoxide, all of the saws, drills, and other electrical stuff that are being used day after day for a couple of years. (do you think the noise pollution doesn’t bother the birds, animals and neighbors?)The DEMO of the old house, which is was likely made with very toxic stuff, whose dust fills the lungs of the workers, the neighbors, everyone near and far,and leaches into the soil before being hauled off by huge truckloads to the DUMP to be thrown away! I could go on with more, but I don’t think I need to.

    Keeping and updating an existing home is FAR better environmentally, and there are plenty of great mansions for people to buy in LA.

  • See the stars

    Gorgeous Gisele has three major campaigns. Three. Her star doesn’t keep rising, it soars. Versace, Givenchy and now Salvatore Ferragamo. I’d say GO Gisele but I don’t think it’s necessary. haha

  • Wallace

    @ENNIS: You are ridiculous. Gisele has German ancestry as well as many Brazilians, but she is not German. It isn´t only the genetic code that tell us who we are. Culture, religion, family education, nationality are more important factors to determine the identity. She is actually a 6th-generation German Brazilian, she doesn´ t speak German, she is not German, she is Brazilian

  • merryxmas

    I think we are hypocrites, who are we to judge when I’m sure she’s done more for the environment than any of us have. Just breathing and living “pollutes” the earth. If you look up green sites right now, they will tell you the biggest misconceptions people have, and how its impossible to be 100% green in a modern society. She’s not perfect as anyone is not. I hate when people expect celebs to be these perfect beings that never make mistakes or mess up! If a celeb is seen with a drink in their hand one time out of the 364 days, they get called partying drunks. lol. Its just ridiculous how some act like they are better than ourselves. They’re just normal people too.

  • Mary

    maybe should just live in a cave that would make all the haters happy

  • Carol

    @reality check: The lot was empty , no lola house to be demolishPlease check the facts .

  • Carol

    @merryxmas: You couldn’t have said it better .

  • realty check

    Sorry, Carol, that I didn’t research Gisele Bundchen to find out every detail about her house. Good for her that she didn’t demolish an existing house. However, the rest of what I said is undeniably true. I don’t hate her or think I’m better. I’m just sayin’ it like it is. Negative comments are not always about hate, as positive ones are not always about love. Don’t hate me for expressing my opinion, people. That is being a “hater”.

  • realty check

    oh, and also…Gisele is a beautiful Brazilian, German, American, Human. I am a “hater” of these subtly racist comments about a person’s beauty being based on their ancestry. We can see right through them!

  • Carol

    @realty check: You are just saying how you see it. That is just your opinion and your truth? not everyones. You don’t know her so how can you judge ?

  • Pete

    Always beautiful even if the pics are out of focus. :)