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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Send Joint Christmas Cards

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Send Joint Christmas Cards

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are spreading holiday cheer together by sending out joint Christmas cards!

The red card greeting reads, “We wish you and your family a holiday season full of happiness and joy,” Lainey Gossip, which obtained a picture of the card, reports.

“A donation has been made in your name to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Best Friends Animal Society. With warmth and love, Jen and Justin,” the card adds.

Click inside to see a pic of the couple’s Christmas card

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jennifer aniston justin theroux christmas card

Credit: Eric Charbonneau; Photos: Wire Image, Lainey Gossip
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  • hey777

    they make a cute couple. jen looks great.

  • Great

    Love that they made donations instead of buying expensive gifts for their already rich friends

  • Yolanda

    Too much too soon IMO. I hope he’s for real and doesn’t break her heart like the others that prceceded him. Oh how I wish she could really be and feel independent and happy as a singleton ( to borrow from Bridget Jones).

  • Manny

    How annoying… next JJ headline… JA and JT take a sh!t together…

  • Joey

    I need to vomit!

  • Cher

    They look good together but something tells me that he’ll get tired of her soon enough. They always do…i hear she’s high maintenance and he doesn’t look like a guy that can put with girls like that for long.

  • LL

    Wonder what Jen got Courtney for Christmas?

  • Christmas Spirit

    Sorry, we really don’t wanna waste precious time buying gifts for anybody. We could just make a donation to the hospital anyway but when we do it this way, we get to tell everyone we know and the media what generous, giving people we are. Basically, what we would like everyone to take from this is that we’re phoney fameh*s who would do anything for attention, even at the expense of “friends” and family. How do you like me now?
    “Merry Christmas everyone! How does my hair look? Are my nips perkier than ever? HoHoHo, as Santa would say.”

  • someone

    I think its sweet, they are still together and appear to be very happy..nice of them to donate to St Judes, Jens been affiliated with that charity for years…

  • Jazlene

    LL @ 12/22/2011 at 4:02 pm Wonder what Jen got Courtney for Christmas?
    *Read the card. And if their lack of photo-ops togeher is any indication, they may no longer be friends.
    I wouldn’t mind receiving a donation to charity in place of a gift but I would really prefer to choose which organization to donate to -in my name-.

  • i like gray cats

    joint xmas cards. sorry but that is adorable.

  • lilooo

    reminds me that FRIENDS episode where chandler leaves his job and comes back to the gang giving evryone a card that says : a donation has been to your name to the new york city ballet LMAOOOOO

  • Hermione

    Lovely, warm and giving couple!
    That´s the Christmas Spirit!
    How could anyone ever complain about that?! Or maybe it´s just that you who do, complaine about everything Jen & Justin does.

    I love them and wish them all the happiness in the world! <3

  • Hermione

    By the way. They are a couple, why shouldn´t they send a joint x-mas card? Most couples do. The only thing weird about it it is in the mind of the critics!

  • Intentions are no good

    I like how full she is of herself. She went ahead and capitalized J and A – her initials – in that *heartfelt* written card. Psshh. That is so low, J, so low!

  • KC

    Wonderful idea sending donations to such wonderful charities!

  • Sophia

    There really a lot of haters in this world,,so sad :(( just be happy for Jen since she deserves it. And as for them sending Xmas cards and donating to charities,as a couple, be grateful that there are still good-hearted people who help others in need.

  • I’m Skeptical

    I hate to criticize anyone who donates money to these two great causes, but why don’t they just go ahead and do that . . . and not advertise it to all their friends and possibly have their agent leak it to the press?

  • Lia

    People just can’t stand that jennifer finally has found a guy who she loves and he loves her.
    And it is not so strange that they have a joint christmas card.

  • Grinchy

    Personally, it’s not really a gift to me if someone donates to their favorite charity in my name. If they really want to give me a gift, they should know me well enough to know what my favorite charity is and donate money to that in my name, otherwise, it’s really kinda self serving on so many levels.

  • Marieme

    Love the donation thingy (it’s the very least she can do). But this pathetic need to advertise, announce and be constantly glued to Justin’s side is so fcuking annoying. Do they spend even one minute apart?? Or does she demand constant 24/7 shadowing as part of her contract? Stupid fugs. No wonder Mayer peed and split.

  • Larenjen

    HO , HO, HO !

  • Larenjen

    HO, HO, HO !

  • briela

    good job!! they’re cute!!

  • Jesus

    Nice to see you type the word CHRISTmas and not use xmas like those other people who probably celebrate for the gift. greedy people.

  • alexia

    I agree it is selfserving. Also i wonder what kind of Christmas Heidi Bivens is having this Christmas? Afterall Justin was with Heidi in a loving relationship for 14 yrs before he met it . Lied about meeting it and having sex with it. I was her fan but am disgusted with it.

  • Laranjen

    I am the the real Laranjen so ignore the other 2 imposters who copied and misspelled my name. This is a great idea to donate to charities because most of their friends are in the business and already have so much money and everything they want. These two charities are perfect choices because they benefit kids in need of costly treatments and I’m sure the other is to honor the memory of her dog.

  • Ginger

    As much money as she got, they should donate to the charity themselves instead of putting people’s name on it… Sorry, Christmas, is great but if I want to donate to a charity, I will do that with my own money. You can give me a gift for Christmas instead…. Christmas is about giving AND receiving. tehehe

  • yep

    Love it! Their friends will have plenty of money and really don’t need anything but sick children and homeless animals certainly do! Strange how ANYONE could think that this is being selfish. Hate to hate even at CHRISTmas! Lovely for everyone for the giver and receiver. Everyone heart feels better knowing that some one is being helped!

  • BellaZ

    naww they are soo cute!!!!

  • Joy and A

    I don’t understand why they donated to the charity organizations of their choice and not of their friends’ if the gifts are for them. It looks like this donation “thingy” is forced down their friends’ throat, my charity or nothing! That subtle capitalizations of Joy and A is so transparent. I use to like Jen a lot, but this Christmas card really proves how pathetic she is. and sorry to say that Norman was in a better place than Justin. At least Norman was loved and not ingnored while Justin looks lost.

  • k

    Great card. Really nice idea. And cute couple!

  • NYC

    Class Act….
    St Jude’s helps kids in an excellent way.

  • Ms Pooter

    # 25- don’t like Xmas? Get over it!

    You can’t be so wrong about the reason people spell Xmas instead of Christmas. I spell it that way cause its easier to type….no other reason.
    Also…not everyone”celebrates” Xmas for religious reasons.

    Besides….look up the word Xmas…..

    now…don’t u feel stupid?

  • Macy

    Still trying to shove this relationship in everyone’s face. I also feel sorry for Heidi. This is so insensitive. He is a db cheater. Why don’t she give a big donation of her own money and shut up.

  • guest

    great to see the best-looking good-hearted couple donated for their friends! shows that some other couple are not the only one who can advertise their donations.

  • imo


    Throwing their relationship in Heidi’s face? At least Jen isn’t pregnant before the divorce papers are signed!

  • imo

    IMO, this is a wonderful idea. Everyone benefits, especially the kids at St Jude’s.

  • me me me

    some people are just unbelievable. do you call each and every one of your friends and family members before christmas and ask them exactly what they want, and then buy them that? is that the point? or do you think about what they would like and buy them what you presume would be appropriate? because that’s exactly what they did choosing this particular charity. or is it that people no longer have the right to choose what they give their own circle for christmas? i’m sure their friends were happy, and if they do support another charity what’s keeping them from donating themselves. i guess even sick children are not good enough anymore…

  • Joy and A

    If I want to give my FRIEND a “charity” gift, I should know what is his/her favorite charity. If I want give donations to St. Jude Children Hospital, that would be my personal gift to the children and i don’t have to involve my friends especially if I don’t know their favorite charities and won’t take time asking them as a courtesy. I feel it is a no brainer and lazy way to give and also a way to show off.. Just my opinion.

  • imo

    Hey a-holes–who cares what your opinion is–the gift was Jen and Justin’s to give–not yours. This is a wonderful way of saying Merry Christmas, and I gave a donation to someone who needs it in your name. I think it is a beautiful gesture. What would you JA haters prefer–that she send a fruit cake?

  • imo

    Hey a-holes–who cares what your opinion is–the gift was Jen and Justin’s to give–not yours. This is a wonderful way of saying Merry Christmas, and I gave a donation to someone who needs it in your name. I think it is a beautiful gesture. What would you JA haters prefer–that she send a fruit cake?

    I’m sure if AJ and BP did this, you would be praising them as if they were saints, and you would be saying how everyone should be as generous as they are.

  • Joy and A

    IMO: Your argument is full of holes like you. and you will never understand anybody’s point because you are so in love with JA. Just because you called me name you might believe you are better than me, but I will NOT stoop to your level.

  • Meh


    actually someone took a pic of the card at a person’s house and sold it to lainey gossip to make a quick buck.

  • Rucker

    What a cool thing to do.

  • ladys

    Yeah, sorry… this just seems really calculated to me. It’s like they couldn’t be bothered to go Christmas shopping for other people, so they donated some money to charity and told everyone it was a “gift” to them, knowing that: a) it would make them seem like the big generous philanthropists that their PR agents keep telling them to be; and b) it’s not like anyone could complain about what a lousy gift it was, could they?

    I would never donate money for someone as a present unless that person expressly TOLD me to donate money in lieu of a present. And then I’d make sure it was one of their charities, not my own pet project. Otherwise, I’m making their present “all about me” instead of “all about” the person I’m giving it to.

  • Joy and A

    It became a lousy gift when JA used it to promote herself. If you believe she or her friends have nothing to do with the release of their card, then you should be the one who need to grow up.

  • ladys

    @Grow Up Folks: Oh, sure… a “recipient” released it. Just like all those “anonymous tips” that send the paps out to snap photos of them being all snuggly together. (rolls eyes)


    I think donating to sick children is fantastic, but doing something YOU want to do and then calling it a “gift” to someone else is completely thoughtless. It’s like a husband who spends $3000 on Superbowl tickets as a “gift” to his wife. It’s generous if the wife actually WANTS the tix, but if it’s *really* just the hubby who wants them, they’re a lousy gift.

  • kris

    since when did doing something good and nice become pathetic and stupid? leave them alone.

  • One Go

    I wonder if she sent one to Heidi?