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Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Sydney Sightseers!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Erin Heatherton: Sydney Sightseers!

Leonardo DiCaprio escorts Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton to the Vaucluse House for an afternoon out and about on Wednesday (December 14) in Sydney, Australia.

The 37-year-old actor, who is in Australia filming The Great Gatsby, and Erin, 22, spent the sunny day exploring the gorgeous museum mansion.

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Leo and Erin have reportedly been spending time together in Australia since early December! The two were first spotted together on Friday (December 9) at a martial arts demonstration, and recently went out to dinner together at Barrio Chino, according to the New York Post.

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  • Rini

    Here we go again…

  • Polly

    Omg, now Erin. If there ever was a guy with a type …

  • ha ha

    saw the trailer for 3D Titanic at the movies. didn’t realized how much Leo has aged, wow!!

  • Cristina

    Anyone who dates Leo just comes off as desperate, right?

  • 43

    Why do girls continue to date this child? Have they no self respect?

  • sweetness

    Leo and another young model….never thought I come to believe it, but he has a problem…or issue with women who are his own age. I suspect he’s stunted in the maturity department and a young model is easy prey not threatening and certainly no challenge. He and Ashton Kutcher should trade notes of behaving like man boys.

  • may

    at vaucluse House? – as someone from sydney i just rolled my eyes. And congrats 2 erin H. for getting on the gisele/bar/random model train..

  • Creed

    Seriously, those girls need to learn self respect. THEY NEED TO REALIZE THAT THEY ARE ONLY LEOS’ “SCREW TOY”!!
    They all look exactly the same.

  • Joy

    Another young, tall, boney, bland faced blonde..seriously Leo has the worst taste in women…he looks stupid and old now.

  • It

    His acting peaked in 1993- Gilbert Grape.

  • Cristina

    Exactly, it’s slightly creepy. How do these girls keep embarrassing themselves like this?

  • kathryn

    he’s such a dog…

  • d

    @Cristina: its true, they do not have self respect, but they will famous and on every magazine covers and in every gossip site in no time, look at bar and blake

  • d

    Oops, correction, i mean they will be famous and on every magazine cover,

  • viv

    out of all the “angels’he picked the least attractive one.I mean,cmon leo you can have any of them.Why did you go for the least attractive and least interesting one.He will be on to someone new next month.

  • adam60

    These girls are so desperate its scary.Just another 22 year old ho hoping and praying he can help make them a “household name” and further their “modeling”career.You would think at 37 he would have better radar by now.

  • VioletRose

    It’s like he ordered his girlfriends from a catalogue. Tall, blonde, model. Checkout.

  • Amy

    Please hire him a stylist – all that money and no class or style!

  • Lorelei

    Leo with a new flavor of the month! It’s getting a little pathetic for a 37 year-old guy who wants to be taken seriously.

  • Miss Ellie

    I wonder how many more of these siliconed post-teenagers he intends to sleep with before he becomes a senior citizen? C’mon Leo, you’ll be 40 in three years from now.

  • l0nely-girl

    These pictures are a week old! I guess Jared just wants the viewers! He knows any Leo tread will bring them!

  • Naomi Fan

    LOL, LOL, LOL!!!! I have nothing against the girl, she must be quite naive or innocent. Flying to Sydney to meet Leo… I just wonder if she came across previous models who slept in the bed right before her. This is how she looked before she got botox on her upper lip.

  • Isabella

    @Naomi fan – she was pretty. Did you know she did nude photoshoots?–Erin-Heatherton-by-Russell-James-NSFW-8223-119938.html

  • taylor

    hes 37 and shes only 22 – for some reason i find the age diff’ a little sick. im sure theres worse blabla! but i find it disturbing anyway. He just needs to grow up.. but im sure he’ll be doing this for another 10-20 yrs… and she might have low self-esteem but i imagine his isn’t any better

  • YAYA

    Damn…Leo can you give brunettes a chance LOL

  • YAYA


    So you think he’s George Clooney??? lol

  • Michele

    Whats’ wrong with a woman in her 30s?

  • wow

    I sense a problem here. A new young tall blonde every other month. Leo has some serious issues he needs to deal with or else he will end up old and alone. I thought it was a phase of Leo just having fun but it’s been over 10 years. Dude needs some counciling and stop preying on young girls and these girls need to have some self respect!

  • GeeWhiz

    Ah, Leo photographed AGAIN with a pyt. I thought he’s soooo private and soooo elusive. Isn’t that what folks were saying when he was snapped with Blake on a regular basis? She must have been the one to call the paps! And yet, here he is, with Erin for the THIRD time in less than a fortnight. Hmm, fancy that. Let’s face it, Leo plays the game like the rest of them, he’s no saint when it comes to courting publicity. And what number are we on now, Model #769? Dude certainly has a type but it’s not flattering him anymore.

  • llws88

    LOL at this guy…and to think I wanted to see him and Kate Winslet together…yikes! She is way to much woman for this guy….he needs to grow up…but hey…if George Clooney can do it…why can’t Leo…I guess

  • dasda

    I’ve met Erin before…the girl’s dumb as a rock. Definitely not trying to hate on her. I actually have a worse opinion of Leo now. I’m a fan of his but jeeze, I’m starting to get over it. Any tall 20-something blonde will do it, huh?

  • Selena

    IT amazes me this woman/girls line up for men like Leo/George when they clearly KNOW it isn’t going to last. What do they think they can change these guys? She’s just another notch on his bedpost and he’ll be at it with a different woman in the next 6 months.

    P.S. He hasn’t exactly aged well.

  • Shannon

    I remember being 12 when Titanic came out (now I’m 26)… just kinda weirds me out that I’m 4 years older than Erin would of been when Titanic came out (she would of been a young 8 year old girl!!). Leo I respect you as an actor so much, but you need to change it up with the women….flings with young 20′s models isn’t going to ultimately make you happy in life

  • Selena

    Kinda gross to think she’s 2 years older then I am and is sleeping with a middle aged man. She she be getting with a young 20 something guy…………….not a guy who’s 15 years older then she is.

  • innocent

    Can’t he just stop having sex and make love?

  • Ka simply

    I like Leo ☺

  • redhead

    @sounvf: Are you serious? Not every man is the same. Remember that beauty is only skin deep and that is stronger than physical appearance to have a serious relationship. So your marrige is based on looks. Excuse me but lol

  • l

    he’s classless and an average actor too.. Sooo overrated!!

  • New Barbie

    Sydney is far but who would have thought it takes over a week ( for some bloggers ) to post some pictures taken down under? Interesting that Leo is not even trying to hide so `GeeWhiz` actually has a point. He plays the PR game but eventually it`s going to backfire for him. It is OK to have a type but at the same time it is OK for a guy to grow up. Even if he is rich, famous and has everything on earth. There are beautiful, tall and blonde women over 25 who are not just the next up-and-coming, naive, generic looking bubble gum ( dummy ) models. Clearly they don`t want commitment and they will let him be but this is getting boring and beyond disappointing. How can you take him seriously when you see him chasing the exact same type of girls at his age? He is getting older but they are still the same age…

  • indoeuropeanlol

    @Jamie: Bar was israeli with with russian ancestry. What about Blake?

  • kissmybutt

    Leo is cool

  • Crystalballfan

    leo’s next gf would be dakota fanning

  • Grow up Leo

    @d: Wrong. Amazing Bar 5 years. Fakey Blakey 5 months… Find the differences

  • Playboy

    Check in check out… what’s new

  • molar

    She’s just 22 years old. I can’t believe it.

  • Preach

    @Gee Whiz
    Thank you for your common sense!
    Leo stans have nothing to live for but to attack his girlfriends!
    Watch JJ stans go on rin
    I say good luck to him
    For the record Blake was on magazine covers ( Vogue, W, Marie Claire) long before Leo.

  • @Crystalballfan

    LOL! I doubt Dakota will be interested though. She probably has more self-esteem.

  • O

    He just dates blonds. I think he’s gonna marry a brunette. IF he gets marry…

  • @Grow up leo

    ‘Amazing Bar’ who pathetically stayed as Leo cheated on her left, right and centre, and broke up with her how many times during their 5 years.
    Hoping to become the next Gisele withgHigh Fashion and 5 years on?
    Still a panty catalogue modelat age 26.

  • lil

    ok, this is getting beyond pathetic! He’s going to the victoria secret events as we’re going to supermarkets to choose a doll! no wonder he only gets young girls (and i’m their age) I’m sure a older stunning girl would not want him!